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Dirk Diggy – Six Figure Inc

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When you purchase “Six Figure Inc”, you will also get instant access to the exact webinar and webinar slides that have generated in excess of six figures for one of my digital products for you to model for your own business.

Having someone create a webinar for you can literally cost thousands of dollars, just look at this conversation I was having to have a new webinar created for me and was quoted $15,000:



Dirk Diggy - Six Figure IncDirk Diggy – Six Figure Inc

January 31st, 2009 was a day I will never forget. At just 20 years old it would be the last time I (hopefully) ever had to call someone “boss”.

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I had just quit my job in South Africa and moved back home to Newcastle, England.

While I love England, having the freedom to go anywhere in the world meant that I didn’t want to stay there too long.

In South Africa I had made friends with someone called Dirk who was also building websites, and told him I planned to move to Amsterdam in a few months.

“Sweet. I’ll come with you.” he replied.

Since then we’ve been best friends who built websites and programs together and discussed internet marketing literally every single day. I even coined the name you may know him by – “Diggy” – as I couldn’t say Dirk properly with my Geordie (Newcastle) accent.

Today is quite special because for the first time since I’ve known Diggy, he’s releasing his own training course on the sales funnels and strategies he uses to build and grow profitable websites from scratch.

During the last week he has given away three free training videos to site visitors, with today being the day his program actually opens.

That program, is Six Figure Inc.

In an industry that is full of products that offer the world but fail to deliver, I was worried the name of the course would get associated with them, but it’s grown on me now that I’ve seen the branding for physical items and his memorable ‘6’ logo.

I’ll be honest upfront with a very clear disclaimer: While I will try to be completely objective in this review, I have an incredible bias for recommending anything of Diggy’s.

His new program has a simple aim: To help you build a six-figure online business from scratch, by revealing the funnels and tactics Diggy has used to do the same.

This isn’t a program from someone who just wanted to make a program. Diggy has been building websites for as long as I’ve known him (at least eight years) and as he mentions on his sales page, has failed more often than he’s succeeded.

As I’ve often said about him, he’s not someone who gets stuck in a thought-bubble of “this is the only way that works”, but continually tests new ideas and enters new industries.

Six Figure Inc (SFI) is not a get rich quick program. Diggy is very open that it takes work to succeed with what he’s sharing, but that there are steps you can follow to dramatically speed up your progress.

When you first register for SFI you are presented with a related upsell. This is for something that Diggy calls the ‘Inner Circle’ which promises two monthly live coaching calls and access to a private Slack group.

The Inner Circle is priced at $67/m.

While I think the Slack Group would be a nice addition for normal members, Six Figure Inc does come with a Facebook group for its once-off price, so you certainly aren’t left without support.

I’ve found some ridiculous upsells on my internet journey, but this one is fairly standard. If you want more personal direction from me – me being Diggy – then that’s an option.

If you skip the offer you’re taken straight to the training.

The initial page is a welcome video from Diggy, thanking you for joining him and helping you get to know him a little better.

From there, there are two videos on the ‘concept’ of the entire course.

You’re not thrown in at the deep end and asked to choose a niche or anything like that. Two 10-minute videos prepare you for all of the content that’s about to come and the business model you’re looking to follow.

After that, in Module 1.4, Diggy talks about the mindset you need to approach the program in the right way.

When we launched Marketing Inc together, we had dozens of pages on mindset and motivation but took them down as we thought they could be better. Someone recently found the pages in our forums and members gave us some really great feedback – the vast majority was written by Diggy – so he clearly knows how to get people motivated.

Another accurate name for this program could have been Funnels Inc.

Funnels – the path that you take first time visitors to your website through via ads or search traffic – are a huge part of this training.

Explaining and giving examples of marketing funnels is a big part of the program

Diggy wants you to be able to take his concepts and apply them to any kind of online business you’re looking to start.

So it’s not about him saying “enter this niche” but rather him saying “Got your niche in mind? Here’s which marketing and conversion tactics you can try.”

From there the course gets you up to speed on a number of different topics including:

  • Niche selection
  • Tools for spying on your competition
  • Facebook retargeting
  • Affiliate marketplaces with offers to promote
  • Automated webinar funnels (with actual examples)

If you’ve been around the internet marketing world for a while I’ll be honest, you won’t need a lot of Diggy’s training.

If you already know about setting up email responders and promoting offers as an affiliate, you might find yourself skipping the videos on the topic.

For me personally, I was much more interested in a specific aspect of his training, and that’s Diggy’s personal case studies.

There are four separate case studies in the course which can best be described as:

  • Building a $10K/m digital product from scratch (not using his name or influence)
  • How he outsourced his first ever iPhone App for that business
  • The exact funnels he used to convert customers
  • Buying & Flipping an online business for a 250% ROI (in less than a year)

I’m often asked for advice on buying existing websites so I’m sure that last one will be really popular.

Diggy goes into massive detail on a site he recently purchased on Flippa, made back his money from, and then sold for a very tidy profit.

The case studies are no doubt going to be the most watched videos on the site so it’s a good thing they’re ‘meaty’ and don’t just get a fleeting mention.

The first case study comes in at 31 minutes, with the three videos on buying and flipping an online business coming in at just shy of 40 minutes.

If watching isn’t for you, then there are also transcriptions available for every single video in the course.

Get Dirk Diggy – Six Figure Inc at the Course Farm

What’s the difference between SFI and Marketing Inc?

Marketing Inc is the program that myself and Diggy have built together over the last four years. It’s a program we’re really proud of which has resulted in countless success stories.

As I wrote earlier, Diggy is much more open minded about trying new angles than I am. If I find something that works I’m pretty stubborn about sticking to it (or trying to).

His own experiences are far more than just about running an SEO agency and working with clients; he has built numerous personal projects from scratch and succeeded with them.

In simple terms, Marketing Inc is about building and succeeding with your own marketing (primarily SEO) agency, while Six Figure Inc is about niche-focused websites and the funnels you can put in place to profit from them.

Marketing Inc is something we built together, while Six Figure Inc is 100% owned by Diggy.

Is Six Figure Inc for You?

If you’re just starting out online and you’re looking for some direction to speed up your journey, it’s fair to say Six Figure Inc would help put you on the right path.

That said, and I’m sure Diggy would agree with me, this is not some magic bullet. There isn’t any one sentence which has been hidden from you all of this time when learning about online marketing.

What Diggy’s course does very well is show you all of the different angles you can take when converting visitors into customers and motivate you to try them for yourself.

At $297 it’s one of the cheaper offerings in this space, and has hours and hours of value you can act on.

If you’re already familiar with building funnels, email autoresponders and buying ads, you’ll likely skip a lot of the SFI training and be more interested in the case studies (as I was).

I often get people emailing me about our program, Marketing Inc, saying they already have a successful marketing agency pulling in $XX,XXX per month and they want to know if the program is for them.

It always surprises me as in my view, even if you only learn one little thing, it could do a lot for your revenue or processes if you’re already successful.

If you’re skimming this article and want to know my final thoughts, here they are in bullet-form:


  • Step-by-step program that’s easy to navigate
  • Facebook Group so you can communicate with all other members
  • Free program updates for life
  • Three live group coaching calls for all members
  • Private, successful case studies that will inspire you to take action


  • Would be nice to have a progress indicator so you can select which modules you’ve already completed
  • Experienced internet marketers might only find the case studies relevant to them
  • Lack of student success stories as it’s the first version of the program

Attn: Anyone who wants to make more money and quit trading time for dollars…


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