Kenji Kumara – Immersion in the ocean of bliss


Kenji Kumara – Immersion in the ocean of bliss

Kenji Kumara – Immersion in the ocean of bliss


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Kenji Kumara - Immersion in the ocean of bliss

Kenji Kumara – Immersion in the ocean of bliss

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Kenji is in private practice and is a contemporary energy medicine specialist (CAM), metaphysical technician, trans-dimensional visionary and inspirational teaching channel for ascended energies. He travels to teach anywhere.

He serves as a messenger, catalyst, awakener, facilitator and networker for transformation beyond healing

His gift, Quantum Lightweaving, is a next step in planetary evolution, spiritual awakening and emergence, and serves as a Bridger between worlds

The power of this gift comes through the presence of Grace and embodies the oneness of Love and Compassion, surrender, receiving and stillness

The purpose of the work is awakened in-light-in-men-t in everyday living

The goal of the work is bringing souls into the unified field of many possibilities

The scope of the work is training the young quantum leader-generation of Indigos, Goldens and Crystal young adults
The cumulative and on-going effects of the work are embodied christed awareness in simplicity

The work is offered on many dimensional levels and is received according to the trust and belief of the recipient
The work is given for all Eternity

(Live Event) Recorded November 2012  in Des Moines, IA
2 Audio Files
Total Length- 72 Minutes

This Live Group Healing event was recorded in front of a large audience in Des Moines, IA. In the first activation, you will receive deep cleansing in all bodies and release all energies that are not your own. You will let go of emotions such as grief, loss, and sadness, which no longer serve you, and you will release the need to fit in to tribal Consciousness.

The second activation invites you to receive the New Earth energetics as you merge with the heartbeat of all Creation. This is a powerful re-birthing experience, and an opportunity to remember who you are, coming face-to-face with your Creator, and merging with Love.

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