Lisa McElmurry – Lucrative Launch Blueprint


Lisa McElmurry – Lucrative Launch Blueprint

Lisa McElmurry – Lucrative Launch Blueprint

Lisa McElmurry – Lucrative Launch Blueprint


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I loved my Life Coaching – helping people overcome obstacles to manifest their dreams was amazing, and I was grateful every day. I got clients fairly organically, often from referrals – plus, of course, I was keeping my practice to only a certain size so that I could get pregnant


Lisa McElmurry - Lucrative Launch Blueprint Lisa McElmurry – Lucrative Launch Blueprint

Dear Passionate, Soul-Centered Entrepreneur,

Have you ever created a Program, a Workshop, or even an awesome Private Client Offer and burst onto the scene with total enthusiasm, and… (crickets chirping)… nobody buys?

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There is nothing more painful than trying to launch something new that… flops. Especially because you were counting on that money – even needed that money NOW for critical expenses.

Plus, you were on the edge of your seat to present this material… and now you have no participants to share it with.

Listen, doing a formal “Launch” to fill your Group Program (or even Private Client Spots) can be one of the best and most lucrative approaches there is… as long as you know how to use the strategy effectively!

And sadly, I didn’t know how to use this strategy “correctly” myself, before I was taught…

Let me tell you a little story…

When I started my Life Coaching practice in 2000, it was a brand new field with lots of promise. And it really suited me. Tim was the primary breadwinner at the time (he had his own company), and that was by choice – we wanted to start a family!

So I had been seeking a career that would allow me fulfillment, but also the freedom and flexibility to have (and mother) a couple of kiddos.

I loved my Life Coaching – helping people overcome obstacles to manifest their dreams was amazing, and I was grateful every day. I got clients fairly organically, often from referrals – plus, of course, I was keeping my practice to only a certain size so that I could get pregnant and have my two beautiful daughters who came in 2003 and 2006.

But then our lives took a devastating turn.

In 2009, when the economy crashed, my husband Tim’s thriving 14 year-old business folded literally overnight.

Like gone. No income. Nada. By that time we had a 2 ½ year old and a 4 ½ year old and a mortgage and bills to pay… Meanwhile, Tim kept beating his head against the wall, trying to drum up some business but no one was hiring.



So we did exactly what so many around us did at that time….

We panicked.

Then we went into debt.

Big time.

We were burning through our savings faster than a Colorado wildfire doing that “low interest introductory offer credit card dance” and getting deeper and deeper into the hole by the thousands.

I tried every trick I knew, but things my biz was moving at a snail’s pace. And we needed to at least double my practice in short order.

So I decided to get some expert help – which can be pretty scary when you’re running up the credit cards. I can still remember the deafening silence when I told Tim I wanted to hire a business coach for over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! (I think he actually may have fainted.)

But we knew I had to do something drastic and different than what I was already doing. And Tim believed in me. So I started learning the cutting edge tools and strategies for business building AND executing what I was learning. And it worked! Once I implemented new marketing strategies, I redefined my packages, raised my fees, and booked client after client. (Thank God we were no longer “in crisis”).

 But Then We Found Out That My Daughter Needed Surgery And We Needed A Big Spike Of Income PRONTO!

Given our circumstances, my wonderful (and wise) coach at the time said that I simply HAD to launch a program. Yep – I had to create and launch a program where I could leverage my time working in a “one-to-many model, rather than solely one-on-one.

THIS would create credibility and authority. THIS would create pent-up demand. And this would get me a BIG spike in clients and income all at once!

But I was skeptical. My ENTIRE list was only about 600 people! Aren’t you supposed to need a big database (list) in order to get enough “takers” for a group program?

Plus, the last time I had tried to do a group program years before, it had been truly painful to try to fill it. There was no such thing as a “mailing list” back then, or social media, or half of the methods we have available today! (What I DO remember was calling one person at a time and posting flyers on the Community Boards at Whole Foods and Starbucks – NOT effective!).

But… I knew that I trusted this coach. And what she gave me was a step-by-step roadmap of every single thing that needed to happen to pull off a highly successful launch campaign. The tasks… the sequence of events… how to calendar it all out… what to offer in the first place.

Get Lisa McElmurry – Lucrative Launch Blueprint at the Course Farm

 It Was A Step-By-Step Roadmap That Was Proven And Foolproof. And Guess What Happened…

I booked 27 people into a $500 program.

A segment of those 27 people, over the next two years, purchased other programs and services from me totaling $48,200.

I grew my list by hundreds of people, increasing it’s size by 50%!

It was a Godsend… my daughter, Kelsey, had her needed surgery at The Children’s Hospital – now we could afford the best. (she’s fine now, by the way)

…and since that time I’ve done launch after launch after launch of new products and programs with even better results, and I’ve PERFECTED what works (gotten it down to a science).

Now I’ve taught tons of my own clients how to do successful launches to create a rush of new clients – and not ONLY for Groups, Programs, and Products, but ALSO how to use a launch campaign to quickly fill their most expensive Private Client Spots!

So, here’s the real question:

Do You Want to Know How to Quickly Sell Out Your Programs and Private Client Packages Using Proven Launch Strategies…
– Even If You Don’t Have a Big List?
Creating Successful Launches Is the Answer!
Why is Learning to Create Launches So Important?
  • Launches create a RUSH OF NEW CLIENTS
    • You maximize your time and effort by enrolling multiple buyers in one fell swoop
  • Launches create a BIG MONEY SPIKE
    • Several people buying all at once results in a quick cash infusion
  • Launches create PENT-UP DEMAND
    • You give them tremendous expert value in your “preview” call or webinar, and then they want MORE of you
  • Launches create URGENCY
    • There’s an immediate time-frame to buy or the client will miss out
  • Launches create immediate CREDIBILITY and AUTHORITY
    • A well promoted launch gets your name out there and “puts you on the map”

But here’s the problem…

  • Most Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs are very CONFUSED about doing launches. And while the upside of Lucrative Launches is tremendous, trust me, you don’t want to botch this. There are some vital pieces of the puzzle that you need to know in order to make them work
  • The Internet marketers and big gurus who are regularly cashing in on launches aren’t really TEACHING in detail exactly how to do them.  But, with my step-by-step instructions and tons of templates, samples, calendars, and scripts to follow, this is truly a roadmap for a successful launch.
  • Most people think of only using launches for programs and products – but I’ll be revealing how to fill private client spots using this SAME quick-results system!  You can use launches to fill PROGRAMS, PRODUCTS, and also PRIVATE CLIENT SPOTS just as effectively.
That’s Why I’m So Excited to Share With You How You Can Learn Everything You Absolutely NEED to Know to Quickly Sell-Out Your Next Program, Product, or Private Client Spots!
This info-packed training is unprecedented in that I am going to give you every single step –no stone unturned – for doing a profitable launch, complete with templates, calendars, planning documents, sample emails, and more.

And, I’ve designed it with people like YOU in mind: soul-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to receive great income for the work you truly love.Now of course launches work for gurus who have been in the business for years, have gigantic mailing lists, and have influential pals who can promote for them… but in this program, I’m going to “open the kimono” and show you what truly works and will make YOU money (and what I repeated again and again, even when I had a teeny list)!

Booked 35 (!) Participants Into My Group Program for a Total of $37,000 in Revenue

“I just had my biggest, most successful launch ever in huge part because of Barb’s mentorship.  Let me get to the results first – I booked 35(!) participants into my group program for a total of $37,000 in revenue!  And at this point, 2 have already signed up for the next, higher-priced step (and I expect more will do the same!).

I would sum up Barb’s brilliance in this area in four segments:  Strategy, Plans, Templates, and Guidance.  First, she’s brilliant at designing and explaining launch strategy – how to hook people’s interest and lead them to take direct action to solve their pain and unmet hunger for what you’re offering.  In terms of planning, Barb has a detailed calendaring sequence of exactly what has to be done when, with explanations of why, with nothing falling through the cracks. 

Then, when it came to implementing everything, I was floored by her samples, templates, and done-4-you materials.  She gave me examples of everything to follow (yes, I wrote them into my own “voice” and content – but having the roadmap each time was priceless).  And finally, guidance.  Barb gave feedback throughout the launch based on how things were going – and we made empowering tweaks and changes in the moment as needed.

What I’m most excited about is now my upcoming big launch this fall – which will also be built upon everything I’ve learned from Barb.  And this time we’re adding an even more advanced component.  More than even the significant income boost, I love how my work is reaching more and more people – that’s the intent underneath it all.  Can’t wait to see what happens!”

Joanna Kennedy
The Passion Expert
HappinessLoveAndPleasure com

Let’s Look At What You Get In This Incredible Program:

  • Module 1: Positioning What You’re Selling, Creating Amazing Content, And Offering Irresistible Pricing
  • Module 2: Critical Scheduling, Calendaring, Tracking Tasks, and Securing Partners
  • Module 3: Killer Copywriting, Scripting, and Messaging
  • Module 4: Free Teleclasses/Webinars, Sales Pages, Strategy Sessions that SELL – The Art of Influence
  • Module 5: Laser Coaching, Questions, and Answers!

Here Are Some Of The RESULTS You Can Expect When You “Play Full Out” With What You Learn:

  • Knowing you’ve created the RIGHT paid offer – that your clients will clamor for
  • Surefire strategies for PRICING your offer, plus using BONUSES and INCENTIVES to drive sales
  • Knowing how to create a magnetizing FREE TELESEMINAR / WEBINAR that converts buyers
  • Understanding the art of influence – exactly how to SCRIPT your UPSELL (OFFER)
  • A step-by-step ACTION PLAN and LAUNCH CALENDAR for your entire promotional sequence
  • How to approach and engage INFLUENTIAL PARTNERS both online and off
  • Mastering how to write EMAILS, OPT-IN PAGES, SALES PAGES, and PROMOTIONAL COPY that are crucial elements of your success
  • Often-overlooked MARKETING STRATEGIES to drive ideal clients onto your launch sequence
  • Finally enjoying EXPONENTIAL INCOME in LESS TIME
  • Everything you need to LAUNCH your first or next Program, Product, or Private Client Spots this fall!
When you claim your place in Lucrative Launch Blueprint today, you will be taking the first step in having full confidence that you can finally fill your programs and client spots.

Here’s a Complete Rundown of What We Cover in The Course:

Module 1: Positioning What You’re Selling, Creating Amazing Content, And Offering Irresistible Pricing

In this session, you’ll understand how to create a program or package that is EXACTLY what your ideal clients are desperate to buy. You’ll learn not only how to create extraordinary content for your clients, but you’ll learn SPECIFICALLY how to design the content of your “Free Teleclass or Webinar” such that it creates pent-up demand for your listeners to want more, and to want more NOW.You’ll also determine the irresistible pricing for your offer based on your END-GOAL numbers and your intentions for attendance/participants, including what Bonuses to add – and when – to trigger decisive action-taking on the part of your clients. Plus, we’ll be reviewing how to create Program and Preview Teleclass/Webinar Titles that are magnetizing!

  • The elements you MUST have in place for a successful launch, and how to choose the right offer so you don’t waste time launching something nobody cares about
  • How to be 100% sure – in advance – that your “tribe” desperately needs and wants this particular expertise from you
  • How to determine the layout and design of your unique group program
  • What to consider in determining the content for your ever-important Free Teleclass/Webinar that will lead the listeners to buy your paid Program or Product offer
  • How to determine the content for your ever-important Free Teleclass/Webinar if you’re offering the listeners “strategy session” spots
  • The #1 thing you must include in your Free Teleclass/Webinar to make the number sales you desire
  • How to set your Money Goal for your launch – and make sure it’s reachable (we’ll do the math – don’t worry, it’s easy!)
  • If you are offering strategy sessions for Private Client spots, how to create urgency for people to take them, and how to pre-screen that you’ll only be talking to viable candidates (no more tire-kickers)

Handouts, Templates, Scripts, and Done-For You Goodies:

  • Design Guide For Free Teleclass/Webinar
  • Paid Course Content Guide
  • Logistics Decisions for Paid Course
  • “Money Goal” Attendance, Pricing, And Incentives Worksheet
  • How To Create “Titles The Rock”
Module 2: Critical Scheduling, Calendaring, Tracking
Tasks, and Promotion

In this module you’ll learn exactly how to track each “piece” of your launch sequence in a simple and easy format (no more overwhelm or missed items). In fact, I’ll be showing you specifically how to “calendar out” every single Key Date – including dates for your Opt-In Page, Sales Page, Shopping Cart (if relevant), ALL emails to particular, differing Groups, Social Media Posts, Pre-Written Promo Copy for Partners, and more! (This section is PRICELESS and will save you HOURS of time and errors!).

In addition, we’ll be covering the types of support you can receive through varying types of partners, how to brainstorm those perfect partners, exactly how to approach them and invite them to help, and ways you can make this opportunity worth their while.You’ll learn:

  • The exact tasks that need to occur – in sequential order – from the start to finish of your launch (you’ll chart these in a color-coded fashion and assign the responsible party for each if you have team members helping).
  • How to lay out your launch CALENDAR, meaning the specific dates each thing must happen, without error or miscalculation (we’ll go through a color-coded date-specific calendar that you can model your entire launch right after!),
  • An understanding of how you’ll market differently to varying sub-groups of potential clients you have (i.e. not all messaging is created equally), and how to easily track “who” gets “what”
  • When to approach potential Partners so that they’re most likely to be able to help you promote – and the specific windows during which you’ll want them to promote (and why)
  • Various ways to make it “worth it” for Partners to jump on board (how various types of affiliate programs work, AND other ideas that generate Partners, too)
  • When Promotional Copy has to be written, when Bonuses occur and are taken away, exactly when to use Limiters, when to calendar any Price Increases, etc.

Handouts, Templates, Scripts, and Done-For You Goodies:

  • Launch Key Dates Worksheet
  • Color-Coded Launch Tasks Template
  • Date-Specific “Calendar Of A Launch”
  • Multi-Faceted Promotion Planner
  • Promotional Partners Brainstorming Template
  • Script For Inviting Potential Partners
Module 3: Killer Copywriting, Scripting, and Messaging

In this module, you’ll learn the importance of being psychologically influential at every step of your launch – because there’s a specific action you want your ideal client to take at each point of communication. Therefore, all written and verbal correspondence has to be nothing short of stellar with a very clear call to action.

And as there are many points of communication in a launch, this module clarifies every one with ample examples (don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as you think with the tools and samples I’ll be giving you).

You’ll learn:

  • How to write compelling emails that entire your audience to grab a spot for your Free Teleclass/Webinar
  • How to craft action-generating emails promoting your paid offer that inspire the “clicks” to your Sales Page we’re looking for
  • The exact sequence and copy to use if you’re using a launch to offer and fill Strategy Sessions
  • How to write a savvy application/questionnaire (if you choose) so that you don’t waste your time on those who won’t buy
  • How to promote your Program, Product, or Strategy Sessions through OFFLINE methods such as phone calls, networking, speaking engagements, and other communications (these are extremely effective – and so many people forget to do this!)
  • What specific promotional copy you need to send to Partners with examples
  • A bunch of often overlooked places to promote both your Free Teleclass/Webinar, Paid Programs, and Strategy Sessions
  • How to write Social Media posts that capture attention and again generate clicks

Handouts, Templates, Scripts, and Done-For You Goodies:

  • Sample Promotional Emails For Free Teleclass/Webinar AND For Paid Offer
  • 3-Email Sequence For Launching Strategy Sessions
  • Screening Questionnaire to Pre-Qualify Candidates
  • Scripts For Direct Invites (Personal Contacts, Network Meetings, Speaking Engagements, Etc.).
  • Sample Promotional Copy For Partners
  • Often Overlooked Promotion Options

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