Michael Neil – Experiencing God Program


Michael Neil – Experiencing God Program

Michael Neil – Experiencing God Program


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Michael Neil - Experiencing God ProgramMichael Neil – Experiencing God Program

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International teachers and bestselling authors Anita Moorjani and Michael Neill invite you to join them for or a fascinating and surprisingly light-hearted exploration of what it is to experience God in your daily life!Over the course of 21 videos and audios, you’ll join Anita and Michael as they explore what it is that allows us to live in and from a real-time embodied experience of God on a consistent basis.

Because of the nature of trying to put words around such a seemingly intangible topic, each session is designed to spark your own insights and give you your own personal experience of God – the state of being Anita discovered during her near death experience and which Michael sometimes describes as “pure consciousness, uncontaminated by our individual thinking”.

Order today for just $195 and receive instant access to the program, featuring over six hours of exploration organized into 21 easy to follow sessions.

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