Andrej Ilisin – Blog Accelerator


Andrej Ilisin – Blog Accelerator

Andrej Ilisin - Blog Accelerator

Andrej Ilisin – Blog Accelerator


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The beauty of building a business that’s centered around email is that your business is continuously growing. As your traffic grows, your email list grows. And as your email list grows, you have bigger and bigger sales.

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Andrej Ilisin – Blog Accelerator

Andrej Ilisin - Blog Accelerator

Learn how to rapidly grow a 6-figure blog with email marketing.

Three years ago, on January 2015, I launched RankXL. I bought the domain, slapped up a fresh WordPress installation, and started writing.

Fast forward one year to January 2016, RankXL was a 6-figure business bringing in just over $130,000 in sales.

Fast forward 6 more months after that, and it broke the $180,000 mark.

I love telling people this.


Not to boast. But because they start making assumptions.

They immediately think I had tons of traffic.

They assume that RankXL just took off and grew into this massive brand. That all the marketing blogs were writing about me, or that I was ranking for a ton of big keywords overnight.

They’ll say: “How else can you grow that large in one year!? You must have built up a ton of traffic somehow… I’m guessing SEO.”

But the truth is, I didn’t even think about SEO for RankXL. I barely paid attention to growing the blog for the first 6 months, and I only published a blog post around twice a month.

It was truly a hobby side project with very little priority.

As a result, when I launched my first product, my blog was only getting 80 to 100 visitors per day.

Most people are shocked when I tell them this.

By the end of the first year, it was only getting around double that, 200 visitors per day.

That’s tiny…

Not millions of visitors per month. Not hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Not even 10,000 visitors per month.

So how does a blog with such minimal traffic numbers generate $100,000 in sales in the first year?
By mastering monetization and maximizing the revenue you get out of each individual visitor that comes to your site.

If there’s one thing that differentiates blogs that makes a few thousand per month, and blogs that make hundreds of thousands per month, it’s this: The big players know how to maximize revenue.

And there’s one monetization channel, one business model that far outperforms any other:
The Email + Product Blogging Engine

I’ve been building and growing sites for nearly 10 years now. And I’ve been doing it full-time for the last 5 years, day in and day out.

That means that pretty much every growth strategy out there, I’ve tried it. Every monetization strategy, I’ve tried it.

And putting a prime focus on email marketing has been the most successful decision I’ve made.
I’ve used this same exact model for 2 new blogs outside of RankXL.

One crossed $50,000 in sales in 16 months.

The other hit just over $10K in year 1. Then had a massive $76,000 month.

How? Email marketing.

Like RankXL, these weren’t huge blogs that “took off” and drove millions of readers.

After 16 months, this site is only getting 300 to 400 visitors per day.

RankXL, or any of these other blogs, was never a huge blog. They still aren’t. I didn’t have huge traffic numbers. They don’t get millions of visitors per month.

I simply carved out my own little targeted niche, grew an audience, and boosted revenues through the use of email.

And that’s exactly what Blog Accelerator is going to teach you. It’s going to show you that you don’t need millions of visitors per month to make a living from your blog.

It’s going to teach you how to carve out your little niche blog, grow a targeted audience, and build it into a profitable business.

I’m not saying traffic is unnecessary.

This course will teach you how to accelerate any blog’s REVENUE path, so that you’ll be generating MORE money with LESS traffic.

Traffic is simply how you scale. It’s how you go from 5-figures to 6-figures to 7-figures and beyond. My entire marketing career is revolved around SEO and building a lot of traffic to websites.

But you must learn how to maximize the revenue of that traffic. So that actually putting in the time to scale will generate 10x more results for you.

It’s the difference between needing 100,000 visitors per month to generate $10,000/month, and only needing 10,000 visitors per month to generate the same amount.

Get monetization right, and the difference really is that huge.
Introducing The Blog Accelerator Process

Blog Accelerator will teach you the step-by-step process of growing blogs into profitable businesses focusing on email as a growth catalyst.

Email truly is a growth catalyst. It allows you to hit those bigger revenue numbers without ginormous traffic numbers.

Email is now the #1 priority for all of my sites.

Whether my monetization method is selling products, affiliate marketing, or Adsense – my email list can double or triple the monthly generated revenue. As a result, email list growth is the most important metric I focus on.

And I’ll show you how to do the same.

After struggling to break the $100/month point with my blog, I hit my first $1000 month ever using what Chris taught me in his course. The course is so hands on and you get to see what Chris’ methods are directly on your screen and just copy it. Would definitely recommend this course to anybody.
– Victor Bal
A truly behind the scenes look.

Blog Accelerator is like an all access backstage pass to the backend of RankXL.

You won’t just be learning from slides and presentations. I’ll show you through ALL of my internal processes. From how I collect emails, my settings preferences, why I use the opt-in incentives that I use, what emails I send to my subscribers to keep them engaged.

And also…

How I set up my automations, how I organize my list into tags and segments, how I create automated sequences to make sales on autopilot, how I create products from scratch, how I price them and sell them, and my exact word-for-word product launch sequence. The same product launch sequence that I used over and over again to grow this blog to 6-figures in sales in just a year.
You’ll get an inside look and step-by-step breakdown of:

1. My entire email marketing strategy: How I build my email list, my super simple strategy of keeping my list engaged, what emails I send them, and how I use email to turn cold traffic into raving fans.

2. My product launch strategy: A product launch done the right way can be a huge revenue driver for your business. My first big product launch produced $40,000 in 7 days. My biggest product launch after that was $75,000 in 4 days. Those are crazy numbers! I’ll take you through the entire launch strategy/schedule and show you how to implement it into your own business. PLUS: I give you my exact word-for-word emails that I used to produce these results.

3. My evergreen sales funnel strategy: Want to make sales on autopilot? An evergreen sales funnel is the most profitable way of monetizing a blog that I have ever tried. Whether you’re using ads, affiliate marketing, selling services, or launching products, an evergreen sales funnel can work for you. Right now, all sales on my blogs are through evergreen sales funnels. I’ll walk you through my 6-figure evergreen sales funnels and teach you exactly what goes into building them effectively.

The new lessons on automations and making money are exactly what I needed and what I thought was lacking in the first version. This is stuff you simply can’t learn from reading blog posts.

Chris shows you his exact set up which was so helpful to me. This part of the course is worth the price alone.
– Thomas Perry
The course is separated into 5 modules.
Module 1: Foundations

The Foundations lessons are meant to give you an overview and background on the blogging model and growth strategy you’re going to learn.

PLUS: I take you behind the scenes of my first product launch on RankXL to show you how even with minimal traffic numbers, I was able to get close to a $10,000 first launch.

It’s the perfect intro/ice-breaker before diving into the actual strategy lessons.
Module 2: Advanced Content & Traffic Strategies For Accelerated Blog Growth

If you’re struggling with niche selection, I’ll show you a new way of targeting niches that I’ve been using recently. It’s extremely effective in building highly engaged email subscribers who are interested in purchasing whatever you sell or recommend as an affiliate.

We’ll also go into creating content. How to create content custom-tailored to build subscribers. It’s a really unique way of approaching content that can drive you a lot of targeted traffic and subscribers.

Next, I’ll teach you the step-by-step traffic generation strategy that I use for every blog I start. The traffic strategies focus on the early stages of a blog’s life, where our goal is to build traffic quickly to build our email list. I’ve found that this is the area that most people struggle with. I’ll take you through my entire step-by-step process of kickstarting a new blog into a popular resource.
Module 3: Essential Email List Setup

In this module, we go through basic email list setup. This is mainly for people who have never worked with an email list before, or those who have tried but haven’t really seen success.

I’ll teach you how to create high-converting opt-in incentives, maximize your engagement with new subscribers, and how to build your email list quickly.

PLUS: I’ll teach you how to use your list. What emails to send, when to send them, why you should be sending them. It’s the simplest and most effective strategy I use for nearly all of my blogs, including RankXL.

If you’re experienced with email already, you’ll still want to check out this module since I take you through my own backend and show you exactly how I have everything set up.
Module 4: Sending Emails, Automations, And Making Money

Module 4 is where it gets exciting.

You’ll learn how to use email to make money.

First, I’ll show you exactly what kind of emails you should be sending to your email list. This is the exact method that I use on RankXL and every single one of my other blogs. It’s an absolute must, and should never be ignored.

Next comes the automations. This is the really fun part, and the reason why email is so effective. Learn how to set up everything on autopilot.

I’ll show you through how you can build highly successful funnels and email sequences that turn new subscribers into consistent buyers of your products and affiliate products.

PLUS: Get a behind the scenes look at a 6-figure sales funnel: I take you through my own sequences and show you how I have everything set up to make sales every single day on autopilot.

You can literally just copy the exact format I have it on.
Module 5: Behind The Scenes Of How I Build And Launch Products

Yes, another behind the scenes module. If you’ve noticed, everything about this course is about you learning directly from my own successful campaigns.

We’ll go into some very deep lessons on how to build products. If you’ve never built products before, or tried but wasn’t successful, I’ll show you the exact method I use to build products quickly that maximize revenue EVEN in niches where I’m not an expert.

We’ll also learn how to create sales pages that convert, and how to set your site up for collecting payments and automating the delivery of your product so it’s all done behind the scenes.

Get Andrej Ilisin – Blog Accelerator download

PLUS: I’ll also show you how I run product launches. It’s one of the easiest, and most effective, product launch methods to use for your first product. It’s also the exact way I launch products on RankXL. You’ll get a complete step-by-step breakdown of what to do before, during, and after the product launch.

PLUS: Get all the word-for-word product launch emails I used on RankXL for my first product that generated 6-figures in revenue.
Module 6: The Blogging Business Roadmap

In the closing module, I always love giving step-by-step break downs of everything you learned. I’ll give you an overview of how everything you learned in the course comes together into one complete strategy that you can implement.

PLUS: I go through my own exact process for building out a new blog using everything you’ve learnt. You’ll be able to get an inside look at the exact method (and timeline) of how I approach growing blogs.

If you ever wanted a complete step-by-step strategy of what to do (and when to do them), this is your blueprint.
BONUS SERIES: Building A Six-Figure Evergreen Email Funnel From Scratch (LIVE)

A brand new masterclass / live video series

Watch over my shoulder as I build a complete email funnel from scratch. You’ll get to follow along every step of the way from building out the opt-in incentive to creating the landing page and evergreen email funnel. You’ll see exactly how I run the evergreen launches, scarcity, and get access to all the tools I’m using as well.

If you’re interested in building automated email funnels, just copy everything I do in this video series.

I bought Chris’ first course a few years ago, and he has proven time and time again to have the best support I’ve ever experienced online. When I joined Blog Accelerator, it was no different. Chris is so attentive and eager to help you get the most out of this course. It’s why I trust in his products so much.
– Carlos De Jesus
Learn the most effective method of growing a profitable blog quickly

90% of blogs fail within 12 months. And that’s because the early stages of a site’s life (the first year) is the most difficult and challenging for most people.

The Blog Accelerator Process will solve that problem.

It makes building out new sites fun again. While the course teaches you the solid fundamental strategies behind using email to grow your business, it also gives you a step-by-step roadmap on how to get results quickly for brand new blogs.

You won’t be waiting around a year for SEO to kick in. You won’t be lost working on everything and anything that MIGHT work. You’ll learn how to work effectively, and focus all your efforts on the few key important things that you need to get right.

Build a sustainable, long-term business

My favorite business models are ones that get stronger and stronger over time.

The beauty of building a business that’s centered around email is that your business is continuously growing. As your traffic grows, your email list grows. And as your email list grows, you have bigger and bigger sales.

In Blog Accelerator, you’ll learn how to set these systems in place to continuously grow and scale your business over time.

As the owner of Chris’ first ‘Niche Site Course’ I was expecting a lot when I purchased ‘Blog Accelerator’ – and I wasn’t disappointed. Chris has a great knack of distilling down often difficult concepts into easy to understand action steps, and this is what you get in this excellent new course.

In Blog Accelerator, Chris takes you through his proven blog marketing model from start to finish, including laying the right foundations for your blogging business, to content creation and traffic generation, building your email list and creating/selling your first product. He brings it all together with some valuable examples of how he launched his own successful products using this very model – and also provides a ‘Blogging Business Roadmap’ to help you take action in the final module.

I’ve spent thousands on marketing, SEO and blogging courses in the past – and with Blog Accelerator Chris has produced one of the best.


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