Angela Giakas – Art Of Online Courses


Angela Giakas – Art Of Online Courses

Angela Giakas - Art Of Online Courses

Angela Giakas – Art Of Online Courses


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Learn how to create, market, and successfully launch your very own online course from the ground up.

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Angela Giakas – Art Of Online Courses

Angela Giakas - Art Of Online Courses

Learn how to create and sell your own online course on autopilot & generate passive income

The Art of Online Courses

Your ticket to Passive Income

Picture this:
You’re sipping a margarita on a beach in Bali, your phone pings, bam – it’s another sale.
  • •Getting paid whilst on vacation, shopping, grabbing brunch or watching Netflix.
  • •Building a 6 or 7 figure business whilst working a few hours per day (yes, seriously)
  • •Finally being free and living life on your terms, not chained to a desk or bound by a 9-5 schedule.

Imagine returning from vacation with more money than when you left…

In 2 months, I made over $200k from selling an online course.
The only thing I thought to myself: “WHY didn’t I do this sooner?!”

Who is this course for?

“This program was created to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the high-income skills and provide the knowledge needed to establish and run a thriving online business”
If you are…
  • •An aspiring educator eager to share their knowledge online.
  • •A content creators & professional looking to diversify their income streams
  • •A business owner who is tired of 1:1 work.
  • deeply passionate about creating an online business
  • •Wanting to break away from the norm and forge your own path with the power of passive income

The Art of Online Courses

You’re SO ready to…

→ Build a business that gives you financial & location freedom.
→ Stop trading time for dollars and earn beyond work hours.
→ Establish passive income by generate revenue around the clock, freeing you from the constraints of a 9-5 schedule.
→ Help others and make a real impact in people’s lives.
→ Create a course that sells itself, turning your one-time effort into a continuous income stream.
Complement other business ventures or services you offer and create a more stable and diversified income.

That’s why I’m here to help you every step of the way.

so… how do create a highly profitable course & sell it on autopilot?



Online Courses

Learn how to create, market, and successfully launch your very own online course from the ground up.
Whether you’re an expert in a particular field or have a passion to share knowledge, discover the essential steps to not only develop your course content but also effectively market and sell it to a global audience…
Scale your Online Course FAST 
In a single year, I saw an a +676% increase of my income as soon as I setup the right funnels in place… and that was just the beginning.
Email funnels are one of the quickest and best ways to start creating NEW generational wealth.
…and it’s possible for anyone

your curriculum

Module 1: Prepping for online course creation
Success in any field starts with the right mindset and this is where we will learn to prep your mindset for high cash months, and overcome any limiting beliefs surrounding money. Set revenue goals for your course launch and I’ll hand over my entire course creator toolkit, so you’ll know every single program and software I use and recommend.
  • •Prepare you mindset for high $$$ months
  • •Overcome limiting beliefs around success
  • •Set your revenue goals
  • •Grab my entire course creator toolkit

Module 2: Choosing your course topic
We’ll explore how to choose a topic that’s not only aligned with your expertise and interest but also has a market demand. We’ll do some market research together, find your ideal student and craft a name for your course that sells.
  • •Choose & validate a profitable course topic
  • •Align your course with your expertise
  • •Conduct market research around your topic
  • •Find the perfect student for your course
  • •Craft a course name that sells

Module 3: Building the hype
Although you haven’t created your course yet, we’re going to start building the excitement and anticipation for it so it has an audience of potential students once you launch.
  • •Start building your email list
  • •Create your first mini funnel
  • •Create your magnetic website
  • •Learn strategies to grow your audience & what you should be posting on social media
  • •Craft a powerful brand identity to make you stand out
  • •Social media & email launch planner

Module 4: Creating your course
By the end of this module, you’ll know how to price your course, create, record and edit it… I’ll be sharing my screen and walking you through step by step how to do it all.
  • •Price your course
  • •Outline your course
  • •Create, record and edit your course in the quickest and most efficient way possible
  • •Set up your course host platform (aka your “school”)
  • •Create a high converting sales page (including what to write!)
  • •How to deal with refunds

Module 5: It’s launch time!
Time to launch your course! We will craft an irresistible launch offer, write your launch emails together and schedule them as well as master the perfect launch strategy.
  • •Get ready to launch your online course
  • •Grab my launch planner
  • •Craft an irresistible launch offer
  • •Write your launch email sequence w/ my plug & play templates
  • •Social media strategy
  • •Master the perfect launch strategy

Module 6: Post-launch
Let’s discuss your life post-launch and how you can make your course even better and attract even more people and how to cultivate 5-star social proof and testimonials.
  • •Evaluate metrics & improve your next launch
  • •Setup affiliates for your course
  • •A look into my launch
  • Get prepared for the next phase…

The Passive Pathway

Turn your launch into an evergreen funnel (aka make sales 24/7 – forever!)
  • •Learn all about evergreen funnels (and choose the best one for you)
  • •Craft an irresistible webinar or masterclass with ready-to-use templates
  • •Record and edit your webinar
  • •Create your entire funnel from start to finish and put it on autopilot
  • •Set up email automation so you’ll be making income 24/7
  • •Set up all tracking and analytics to increase conversions
  • Includes a library of tech tutorials


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