Barney Davey – How to Find & Connect with Art Buyers Workshop


Barney Davey – How to Find & Connect with Art Buyers Workshop

Barney Davey - How to Find & Connect with Art Buyers Workshop

Barney Davey – How to Find & Connect with Art Buyers Workshop


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Available”Perhaps you’re entertaining thoughts of having top notch galleries sell your work, or having a stellar art agent who handles everything for you.File Size: 1.5 GB

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Barney Davey – How to Find & Connect with Art Buyers Workshop

Barney Davey - How to Find & Connect with Art Buyers Workshop

How to Find & Connect with Art Buyers Workshop

The Artist’s Guide to Building Relationships with Patrons that Makes Selling Art Easy

What Makes You So Sure?

You have the right to know and should be skeptical when anyone makes claims about helping you in your business. My name is Barney Davey. I’ve been helping artists discover the best ways to get their work to market for 30 years. Art Business News magazine ranks my blog as the #1 art business blog. Published since 2005, it has more than 600 posts to help artists succeed at the business of art.
My six books on art marketing have all been bestsellers. Recently, I was thrilled to find four of them ranked in the top 16 spots on the Kindle “Business of Art” bestseller list at the same time. You can see a screenshot and learn more about me below. As one of my artist followers said to me the other day, “You know some stuff!” I’m not ashamed to say that’s right. What gives me the greatest pleasure is being able to share what I know in a way that helps artists.

Three Irrefutable Truths about How to Succeed in the Art Business

Here are three truths I know about how to succeed in the art business. This advice is neither theory nor speculation. It comes from decades of experience, common sense, and best business practices.

1. Straight Lines Get the Best, Fastest Results

A straight line is the shortest distance between two points. When you learn how to connect with qualified buyers and start communicating with them regularly, you create a shortcut to sales that maximizes your margins and minimizes the problems that often occur with galleries and other distribution methods where you have no control. Shortcuts to your buyers removes useless extra work. When you deal directly with them, you control the sales process and cut out middlemen from your profit stream.

2. Direct Patronage Is the Key to Your Success

Imagine making most of your sales to people who know you. Then take it a step further. Realize the people who know, like and trust you – and who love your art – are the ones most likely to buy multiple pieces and refer your art to others. These people can buy as much as half to two-thirds of all the originals you make. (Keep reading and you’ll learn how this is possible.)

3. Repeat Buyers and Referrals Are Golden

Repeat sales and referrals can make an enormous impact on your art sales and your career. They remove or drastically cut down your cost of customer acquisition. When you split sales with a gallery, publisher, or licensor, pay for social media or other advertising, send direct mail pieces, or invest in shows, you’re incurring costs to find and acquire buyers.

What They Don’t Tell You in Art School… or in Any Other Art Marketing Training

The smoothest most certain path to long-term success and career fulfillment is through building relationships with patrons and buyers. I get that at first such a concept sounds complicated, or maybe even a little scary. You wonder how can it be easier or better than making sales online. Perhaps you’re entertaining thoughts of having top notch galleries sell your work, or having a stellar art agent who handles everything for you.
The problem with those scenarios is the average online art sales are in the low hundred-dollar range. And, there aren’t enough galleries to go around. It’s nearly impossible to make a living strictly from gallery sales. And, finding a worthy art agent to rep for you is as mythical as getting found. It just doesn’t happen.

You cannot lose with this program because making connections with highly targeted, ideal buyer prospects is a winning strategy.

Please understand making connections and personal relationship in this context simply means getting people to know you, or at least know who you are. In some cases, it might go all the way to personal friendship. More likely, it will be a case of slight celebrity. That’s where your buyers and fans know you while you are not aware of each of them personally.

This Training Is Loaded with Great Benefits

  • You’ll get private, exclusive access to my complete advanced level art marketing information. Almost like downloading my 25 plus years of wisdom directly into your brain so you can start using it immediately to begin selling your art and living your dream lifestyle.
  • Learn how to get started fast with easy-to-use techniques that remove the stress and guesswork of finding qualified art patrons and collectors. (It’s so effective you can start building your fan base – even without a prospect or current buyer list.)
  • Previous experience not required. It doesn’t matter if you have not had success or done any real marketing before, when you put these methods to use you will get the results that have eluded you until now. Putting your desire to learn and acting is how you will grow your art sales.
  • Realize there is no substitute for the pure satisfaction of steady sales success. You cannot put a price tag on that kind of joy.
  • Get the inside track on how to create a failsafe system to connect with your best art buying prospects. You will lower your sales costs while making your marketing budget more effective.
  • Find increasing motivation to master this program. As you see how every improvement—even small ones—lowers your marketing costs, fattens your wallet… and gains you precious time for other things.
  • Piece of mind from growing your patron buyer list. You can relax knowing your relationships minimize the problems of galleries closing, or third-party sales outlets dropping you.
  • Because there is zero customer acquisition costs, your “second and third sales to the same buyer” may be 10 times more profitable than your initial sale. Easy sales, with low to no sales costs = HIGH PROFITS & LOW STRESS!
  • Discover the single most important tool you have to grow a profitable art business—it’s a simple routine any artist can use. Unfortunately, few do it because they never knew it was possible or how it works. (This gives you a huge competitive advantage over most artists trying to sell their work.)
  • Learning how to schedule and perform daily small tasks makes achieving your highest goals easy. It gives you confidence and peace of mind only those with clear career goals and well-constructed systems to realize them get to enjoy.
  • How to make your easiest sales first. There are easy sales and referral opportunities you are missing. Learn the best, most efficient ways to take full advantage of them.

Want to Know a Secret?

I annually made more than $150,000 for 25 years selling print magazine and trade show space. But, I will be completely honest… I was (still am) a lousy salesperson. I could never make the hard close and get those high-pressure one-time sales. I just didn’t (still don’t) have it in me.
So, how did I earn such a nice income? It was all about relationships. I got tons of repeat business. Sometimes it drove my competition crazy. Some of them had better stats about their readers, or slicker graphic designs, or compelling, or they made lowball offers, and I still got the lion’s share of the business. It was the fact I took the time to get to know my customers that made the difference for me.
What amused me was it wasn’t that hard, and my desperate competitors never could figure it out. They tried pressure, tricks, and all kinds of things. But, it often backfired on them. especially when they made it personal.
Here’s the secret. People like doing business with people they like. Your art might be higher-priced, not the optimum size, or even not as good or appropriate in some other way. But, if you are close to meeting the objective, you will still get sales if you have a relationship. It’s all about taking the time to show how you value your customers and prospects. And, it’s just little things, and thoughtful things that make the difference.
You don’t have to take them to dinner. A random note card to hello. Remembering anniversaries or birthdays. Handwritten thank you notes, or other kind, attentive gestures make huge deposits of good will for you. Those things engender endearment that gets you repeat sales and multiple referrals from your patrons. And, in this training, you’ll learn how to do these things. You will tailor them to your business and personality.

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