Becoming Love in Action with the faculty of HeartMath


Becoming Love in Action with the faculty of HeartMath

Becoming Love in Action with the faculty of HeartMath

Becoming Love in Action with the faculty of HeartMath


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“Available”Applying these new understandings to practical, daily life will allow us to thrive in the current and new, emerging world.File Size:271.9 MB

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Becoming Love in Action with the faculty of HeartMath

Becoming Love in Action with the faculty of HeartMath

Module 1: Acceleration and The
Planetary Shift
(July 7)

We are living in an era of unprecedented change. Extreme chaos and expanded consciousness are taking place simultaneously. Life is moving faster and faster. More events are taking place in less time than ever before.

This acceleration provides a tremendous opportunity to advance individually and collectively. However, as the speed of life keeps accelerating, our mind and emotions can become overstretched from having to make decisions and choices too quickly, resulting in feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. So, how do we cope better in this rapidly evolving new world?

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to harness the speed of change by actively engaging states of greater awareness and peace and actually freeing up time and energy
  • The Power of Patience and how to reduce the drain of frustration
  • How to find “the flow” through the cultivation of the State of Ease
  • Steps for activating the emergence of heart-connected living

Module 2: Raising Your Vibratory Rate
(July 14)

The present global situation is not the same as a storm where we hunker down and wait it out – and then get back to business as usual. We must become responsible for our energy so that we can raise our vibration and the vibratory rate of the collective energy field to make it easier for us and others to connect with higher potentials and deal with the many crises at hand – and from here, move through these transformational times with much more clarity, ease and grace.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The higher vibrations inherent in the qualities of the heart
  • The nuances of higher and lower vibrations and how you feel when you’re not coming from a vibration in alignment with what’s occurring in the moment
  • How to adjust the internal “how you’re being” so that you can move from feeling bad to feeling better
  • How to strengthen your awareness and decision-making skills using Vibratory Rate Raising Practices

Module 3: It’s All About Frequencies
(July 21)

Modern science is beginning to accept that we indeed are all part of a vast web of connections that encompass not only life on this planet but the solar system and beyond. We also know that improving the connection between our heart, emotions and mind offers a key for improved health and increased awareness. Applying these new understandings to practical, daily life will allow us to thrive in the current and new, emerging world.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of the energetic connectivity between all living things from a scientific perspective.
  • Learn that we all operate at different frequencies throughout the day and how to operate at a higher rate by being conscious of this.
  • Find techniques to increase heart coherence – the foundation for elevating your vibration and regulating your frequency.
  • Understand the heart/brain/body communication needed to regulate your frequencies for increased awareness and greater well-being.
  • Discover the practical energetics and frequencies in the air that are all part of the current cultural dynamic, as well as those that can take cultures to higher octaves of expression when we learn to tap them.
  • Learn how to connect with and catch the momentum of the emerging world and move through life with greater awareness and engagement.

Module 4: Connecting with your
Soul’s Wisdom
(July 28)

Each day we process countless frequencies through our mind, brain and heart, including thoughts, feelings, intentions and emotions. These energetic frequencies are created and directed mostly by memories, beliefs, choices and environmental influences. Sometimes we operate in a higher frequency, sometimes a lower. Our moods, attitudes and behaviors are reflections of the frequency we are operating in day-to-day and moment-to-moment. And when our vibrations are higher, we naturally generate higher frequency feelings. We are kinder, more gracious and we genuinely connect with others.

Our soul’s expression vibrates at a higher frequency of consciousness than our normal human awareness. Through life’s lessons and practices (prayer, meditation, caring for others, etc.), we raise our personal vibration, heightening our intuitive sensitivity to our soul’s wisdom and unconditional love. These lessons and practices offer us ways to listen to our heart’s inner guidance. They can also increasingly bring our mental, emotional and physical nature into alignment with our soul vibration. This strengthens and expands our love and compassion to become more inclusive of the whole. As we integrate more of our soul’s essence into all of life’s interactions, we increase our coherent alignment with the love and intelligence of universal source.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to achieve greater stillness to help raise your personal vibration and heighten sensitivity to your soul’s wisdom
  • How to distinguish between your mind and heart frequencies
  • Ways to listen for the tone and quality of your personal vibration and discern whether or not it is in alignment with your soul’s essence
  • Discover your “inner prompter” and learn how to follow its lead
  • Gain valuable insights by working with the Head-Heart Worksheet, which will help you to distinguish between what your head has been saying and what your heart is saying

Module 5: Reducing Fear and Insecurity (August 4)

Fear is one of our biggest collective challenges. It’s important to remember that we always have the choice to practice balance and objectivity navigating through waves of fear triggered by personal or global concerns, such as terrorism, civil unrest, viruses, and formidable weather patterns. While it can be difficult to practice calm and balance when enmeshed in fear and worry, each time our “self-security” increases, even a little, it gets harder for fear to exist in this higher vibration.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to reduce emotional intensity in the face of fear, using practices that increase your sense of balance and objectivity
  • Ways to cultivate “intelligent concern” and come from a higher vibration, versus fear and worry, which keep you at a lower vibration
  • How to find your self-security, a place of calm and balance from which you can increase your vibration and diminish your fear
  • How to use heart-based practices to reduce fear
  • A practical process to uncover the love at the root of all fear so that you can move your love into action

Module 6: Building Happiness (August 11)

As long as our mind is doing the searching, the peace and lasting happiness we seek will elude us. Our hearts are more qualified to provide these emotional qualities. Opening your heart more in your interactions with others is a higher vibrational practice and a fundamental step toward personal happiness and fulfillment. As we practice raising our personal vibration via our heart, rather than chasing after happiness by seeking people, places and things to fill us, we discover that our happiness can increase naturally just by showing up with an open heart.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to find your true purpose – the one your heart can see versus the one your ego wants
  • Ways to bring your ego desires into heart resonance
  • How to more effectively manage expectations and disappointments
  • Why appreciation equals happiness
  • How to take out the “pout” and bring more joy into your life
  • The keys to making peace with “what is”

Module 7: Rewriting the Future (August 18)

Every moment of every day, we are co-creating our own reality. And the time between what we see as the positive future we want to step into and where we are now can be shortened – in many ways, the clock depends on what we choose. Every time we shift an attitude, break an old pattern or activate a positive emotion, we are performing a high level of service. We are not only helping ourselves, we are rewriting the future for all. As each one of us does our part, exercising our co-creative potentials to make this shift a kinder, gentler process for everyone, we contribute to the creation of a new and better world.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • What it means to “feed the field” and how you can contribute in meaningful and transformative ways
  • How to use the Power of Heart-based Emotion to help make the inner and outer shifts needed to co-create a healthier and more harmonious world
  • How to establish a new Coherence Baseline – a higher frequency vibration from which positive shifts can more easily manifest
  • The Power of Collective Consciousness and your ability to connect with others through the higher vibrational frequency of the heart

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