Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System


Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System

Bernadette Doyle - How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System

Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System


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(Download available within 12-24 hours)I’m offering you my complete, proven system that makes you visible and attractive to corporate clients, gets them calling you, and then shows you exactly how to turn that face-to-face opportunity into paying business.

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Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System

Bernadette Doyle - How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System

How To Attract Corporate Clients

How Every Coach, Consultant Or Trainer Can Attract And WIN Consistent Paying Business From BIG COMPANIES – No Matter WHAT Is Happening In The Economy And Even If Budgets Are Being Slashed Left, Right And Centre!

‘£20,000 of additional revenue as a result of this programme!’
‘At a rough and conservative estimate I’d say that so far we’ve generated somewhere around £20,000 in additional revenue as a direct result of using Bernadette’s methods.’

Hannah McNamara, HRM Coaching

Dear Independent Consultant, Coach, Trainer or Solo-Professional,

If you’re serious about winning business from large companies, then you should read every word of this page. If you’re getting feedback like ‘not right now’ or ‘the budget has just been cut’ then that’s all the more reason why you should study every last syllable. Because what I’m talking about here is a way to consistently attract paying business from large companies, no matter what ‘doom and gloom’ is being spouted and no matter what’s happening in the economy.

Yes – really!

And of course, I don’t expect you to take my word for this right off the bat. That’s why I’m going to PROVE it to you.

But before I do, let me ask you, are you…

Frustrated that despite glowing testimonials from clients you still don’t have enough consistent, paying business? Are you tired of juggling uncertainty and feast and famine? Do you have a nagging sense that you are just one ‘job’ away from disaster?

Are you tired of the treadmill, feeling that you’re ‘doing lots’ to market yourself – attending networking events, trying to set up alliances with other consultants, trying to make sense of websites and online marketing? Feeling frustrated because despite all you already ‘know’ about marketing, you STILL don’t have a proven system in place for attracting clients?

Do you feel that the clients they do have came down to luck, referral..and that if the client base disappeared tomorrow, you would be starting from scratch all over again?

Are you tired of having to hide the feelings of being intimidated, confused, frustrated – because ‘putting on a good show ‘ is so important in this environment?

I can help. I promise that what I’m offering on this page will help you solve these problems once and for all. But before I explain how, let me give you a bit of background…

‘So who am I to tell you how to win business from large companies…?’

I’m Bernadette Doyle, and since 1996 I’ve specialised in winning new business and attracting new clients. I appreciate there’s nothing that special about that, and there are lots of people that will claim to help you fill your calendar with consistent, paying work.

The reason you should pay attention to what I have to say, however, is because what I’m covering here isn’t ‘theory’, but a road-tested, proven system that works for time-pressed consultants who DON’T have hours for prospecting, networking or cold calling.

This is the system I developed when I started out as a consultant and was forced to quickly figure out effective, time efficient methods of marketing so I could spend more time delivering the paid work and less time selling. For example, this system helped me win business from companies like Sony, Norwich Union, AIG, Tesco Personal Finance and BT – and everyone of those client relationships started with THEM calling me.

And I achieved this in just a few short months, even though I started out with almost every conceivable disadvantage.

No track record. No network. No marketing budget.

Helped me win business with Lloyds TSB!

‘I am using your ideas and already someone I invited from Lloyds TSB has come back and asked me to quote for an in house presentation of this workshop!! I am now running a series of events for this client.’
Mary Pearson
Stress Solutions

Yes I know that this may sound a little too good to be true, and I understand that reaction. After all, given that so many consultants struggle with ‘feast or famine’, are battling with gate-keepers even to get their foot in the door, it IS incredible that doors were swinging open for me.

So I started to wonder…

Get Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System download

Here’s What You’ll Get in

Bernadette Doyle - How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System

Why WERE other consultants working so hard to get the attention of business leaders, while I had a waiting list of clients? Why were the very same people who were calling to hire me, refusing to even take a call from the struggling consultant down the road?

It wasn’t talent. I recognised that many of these consultants were more talented than me.

It wasn’t experience. Many of them had far more business experience than I did.

It wasn’t time. The bulk of my time was spent serving clients. I didn’t have time to go to networking meetings or make cold calls. Meanwhile those consultants had far TOO much time on their hands, yet they couldn’t get enough paying clients.

It wasn’t hard work. Some of those consultants were working really hard to try to get seen by the key decision makers. Frantically making cold calls, sending introductory letters, even spending money they couldn’t afford on glossy brochures. (I’m pleased to say I never had a glossy brochure!)

It wasn’t technology. I attracted a great deal of this business WITHOUT having a website, or even an email newsletter. Most of the enquiries I was generating were coming in by phone.

So what was the difference between us?

The main difference between us was that I had developed a marketing system that made me visible to those people who could most benefit from what I had to offer. And then encouraged and rewarded those same people for contacting me.

And made it possible for those people to become paying clients without me having to spend hours in meetings, writing proposals or haggling over fees.

So whilst people with more talent and experience were being kept out in the cold, I was attracting enquiries from motivated buyers who were pre-sold and keen to hire me.

When I realised that I had ‘cracked the code’ of winning consistent, paying business from large companies, I knew it was too good to keep to myself

So I started documenting every technique, strategy and resource that I had used to stand out from the crowd, attract enquiries, and most importantly convert that initial interest into paying business – QUICKLY
One of the challenges of trying to teach others something that comes naturally to you is that often you don’t know the significance of what you know!

Psychologists describe this as ‘unconscious competence’. This is where the skill becomes so practised that it enters the unconscious parts of the brain – it becomes ‘second nature’.

The challenge is that after sometime being unconsciously competent, the person might actually have difficulty explaining exactly how they do it – the skill has become largely instinctual. That was certainly the situation I found myself in.

So after months of struggling to wrestle my own notes and lists into some kind of order, I hired a consultant who is renowned for pulling ‘secret formulas’ out of experts and paid him top dollar to drag the knowledge out of me.

It wasn’t as painful as it sounds, in fact it was an eye-opening experience for both of us.

But it was a lengthy process. All in all over 20 hours of phone conversation so that no stone was left unturned, no vital element left out. We worked together for over 7 months before this programme was complete.

I sweated for months to put a complete, foolproof, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system together for you

By the time we were done with the audio recordings, both of us were surprised by the sheer volume of material I had to share on the subject of Attracting Corporate Clients. We had documented 11 years’ worth of the strategies, systems and formulas for attracting corporate clients. We needed to add checklists and action plans just to make all this material manageable. That’s when I realised just how many ‘hidden gems’ I had in my filing cabinets.

Things like:

Why ‘How do I get through to the decision maker?’ is the WRONG question, and what you should be asking (and doing) instead. You’ll leave your competitors in the dust when you know and apply this the right way.
The ‘Customised Magic’ technique that allows ANY consultant to eliminate price objections for good. Others will marvel at how you routinely secure the best paid engagements with ease while they still struggle and get caught up in demeaning price haggling.
How to find the head-turning hook that gets senior decision makers dropping everything to get YOU on the phone. I’ll show you how to be the one thing your prospect discovers today that demands his attention and makes him crave what you’re selling.
How to nail the passionate ‘sweet-spot’ of your customer with masterful selling. (You’ll gain instant trust because he feels that YOU ALONE truly understand his business and can give him what he REALLY wants.)
The number one mistake that 99% of consultants make at the very first meeting (that in many cases kills the sale before it even gets started). And a simple sentence you can use instead which will ensure you NEVER make this fatal error again.
Very simple tactic for eliminating marketing costs once and for all. (An astonishingly simple technique well-used by the highest paid consultants…but overlooked by virtually everyone else)

‘The programme is an absolute necessity for those professionals who are serious about signing up new corporate clients. Bernadette rewrites the traditional assumptions on how corporates work and has created a new dynamic process model, that if you follow, you will get results too. Buy it and use it before you waste any more time.’

Michael Lister

28 proven ways to establish credibility and stand out from the crowd that you can use immediately…
Real life examples of winning proposals that you can model (no matter what business you’re in)….plus a PROVEN TEMPLATE for your own mega-successful sales proposal. (An 6-point ‘how to do it yourself’ action plan.
Instantly learn the ‘insider’ techniques that put an end to the internal politics that can derail your project if left unchecked. You can even use this one to revive sales proposals that have been on hold for months because of ‘budget’, ‘other priorities’ or any of the other nonsense reasons prospects tell you when they’re simply too scared to go ahead.
The one word which you are almost certainly ALREADY using in your company literature, website, and sales conversations that is SCARING AWAY 99% of your potential clients (I promise this one will surprise and shock you)…and over 19 magnetic, client-pulling words and phrases you can use instead.

Get Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System download
How to form a special instant bond with decision makers and key influencers – even if you don’t get to meet them in person. This is the one little-known and under-used technique that will get companies clamouring to do business with YOU – while keeping your competition out in the cold.
45 powerful sales questions that will help you ‘unlock the key’ to winning business from the client and ‘sell without selling’…plus the one question you MUST ask before you spend any time writing a sales proposal.
Move like lightning through the 3 stages of winning business with large companies: from ‘we’d like to know more about you’ to ‘let’s get started’ in just a few short days… (You’ll be delivering paid work for the client while other consultants are still struggling to even get the decision maker on the phone!)

Yes, it’s huge. And it delivers meaty content all the way through.

But it’s NOT just a bunch of random ideas thrown together. You get a complete system for attracting corporate clients…that will help you bypass traditional, time consuming prospecting techniques like cold calling and networking, so that instead of YOU doing all the chasing, qualified buyers are contacting YOU. Then I’ll walk you every step of the way from initial interest to paying client, so you’ll close the sale FASTER.

‘Bernadette Doyle has created an exciting new package to help any solo professional attract those corporate clients that we all crave so much. The course turns many an old idea on its head, and delivers a tremendous insight into how to focus one’s efforts on what really matters in the corporate world.

This course is jam-packed full of creative thought, and stimulating ideas and backup materials. I would highly recommend the course to all solo professionals who are serious about attracting corporate clients into their portfolio. ’
George Williams

What makes this system unique is that it combines expert positioning with some specific action steps that will help you convert that expert positioning into actual paying business. For example, lots of people talk about expert positioning, nothing new there, but very few will show you the actual practical mechanics for turning that expert status into money in the bank.

I can show you, in step-by-step detail, right down to the actual words and phrases to use, how to attract attention and enquiries from serious, qualified, buyers.

Then I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how to convert that initial interest into paying business pointing out every pitfall, roadblock and obstacle that brings many sales opportunities to a standstill and stops in their tracks the consultants who aren’t privy to this insider information- even revive opportunities that you thought were lost forever.

You’ll finally start building the client list you’ve always dreamed of and have the confidence of knowing that you are delivering great results for your clients while building a solid pipeline of new opportunities so that ‘feast and famine’ will be a think of the past – it will be ‘feast and more feast!’

And the great news is this works no matter WHAT is happening in the economy because it starts with you aligning what you’re offering with what people are ALREADY looking for and buying. (Don’t worry about how to do this yet, I’ve got the exercises and processes to make this ABSOLUTELY FOOLPROOF for you). That means that instead of encountering indifference or ‘so what?’ prospects are EXCITED about what you’re offering and want find out more about you.

But after all that, I STILL wasn’t satisfied….

Now, you would think that was enough, wouldn’t you? Well, when I got the final package I still wasn’t completely satisfied that I was providing you with everything you need to attract corporate clients, that’s why I decided to throw in the following extras:

Bonus #1

SPECIAL REPORT: ‘Inside the mind of the corporate buyer’
($97 Value)

Have you ever wondered what your prospects and clients really think about you? Have you ever had a meeting that goes really well then the prospect disappears, fails to return your phone calls, or the project is mysteriously put ‘on hold’? Ever wondered whether they’re telling you the truth, or if you did something wrong? Well wonder no more. This Special Report will answer all of your questions and more, as you get taken ‘behind the scenes’ and get to find out what your corporate contacts are really thinking. But it doesn’t stop there. I persuaded one of my long standing clients, who is a department head at multi-national that employs 158,500 worldwide (we’ll call him ‘Mr X’) to agree to this revealing interview where he spilled the beans on what corporate buyers really want.

I asked the questions you’ve always privately wondered about, some of his answers you won’t like, some will surprise you. Here are just a few of the things he revealed in this frank, no-holds barred interview…

•The type of openings that can be available to external consultants
•Why smaller companies may actually have the advantage over big companies when it comes to winning his business,
•How he has been able to over-rule head-office ‘preferred supplier’ arrangements to get the provider really believes in
•The things that turn him off as a buyer and grind the sale process to a halt
•How he sometimes asks people to write a proposal even though he has already ruled them out as a supplier…(ouch! You’ll want to know how to avoid this….)
•…..and so much more
This interview will help you identify mistakes you have been making accidentally, what you can do now to get the competitive edge, and want corporate buyers really want from you. The message of this call was, as a smaller external supplier, the doors are NOT closed to you. In fact they will swing wide open if you know how and where to press. If you are serious about attracting corporate clients…you must get hold of this interview.

‘It translates very well to the US market. I thought most of it would, but I wasn’t sure about the “inside the mind of the corporate buyer” part. But, having previously been a corporate buyer, it is completely accurate’.

Jule Kucera
Jule Kucera Learning Solutionst

‘Particularly useful, and a complete revelation, was the section on getting inside the head of the corporate buyer. We had no idea how we had been self-sabotaging with our marketing efforts and have now re-written our material in light of what we have learnt’.

Hazel-Ann Lorkins

‘Really enjoying the ‘How to attract corporate clients’ pack and CD’s
that I recently purchased from you. I’m steadily working my way through
– all fabulous – thanks a bundle !’

Karen Dandridge

‘I reached out for Bernadette’s advice and materials almost out of desperation when my business was struggling. Since that time we have never looked back and we continue to absorb as much of Bernadette’s input as possible’

Matt Somers

‘The “How to Attract Corporate Clients” is, without a doubt, the best investment I’ve ever made to help attract clients to my coaching business. I followed all the techniques taught by Bernadette and within days closed over £10,000 in business with a NEW client! With the inspiration that Bernadette has given me, I have since developed my own Information product to help managers get the most out of their staff, and quickly gained expert status in my field.

I have enjoyed the marketing aspect of my business so much since discovering Bernadette that I now help other coaches get clients for their business. Thank you Bernadette for this fantastic insight!’

Yvonne Bleakley

‘I worked through Bernadette’s programme ‘How to Attract Corporate Clients’ in 2007. This has been an investment that has repaid itself several times over. My marketing and positioning know-how increased quickly and I enjoyed listening to the CD’s in the car –I couldn’t find the time to attend marketing courses. The analogy of holding out bird seed and letting the birds come to you rather than chasing them with a net has stuck in my mind. I focused my marketing energies on a niche- my Contact Centre training offering.

I published articles in contact centre topics online. I was approached by new clients. This led to being voted the 2nd most respected person in the Contact Centre Industry in 2009 by Call Centre Helper magazine. Today I have been interviewed on BBC Radio Lancashire. So much more effective than peddling around networking events offering the same courses as everybody else. Thank you for giving me this focus Bernadette.’

Carolyn Blunt

Bonus #2

How to Charge What You’re Worth
and Get The Fees You Deserve

Get Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System download
($97 Value)

Most independent consultants or solo-professionals agonise over setting their fees at the right level. Set your fees too high and you could price yourself out of business, set them too low and you could miss out on profits – or even worse – lose money. Some people are so afraid of rejection that they keep their prices artificially low.

And if that weren’t complicated enough, if your prices are too low when approaching corporates, that may be perceived as a ‘red flag’ that you don’t know what you are doing.
This programme is 2 audio CDs and an 80 page manual that helps you identify the lowest cost you should charge, how to move to value-based pricing, and how to overcome psychological blocks to raising your fees. I used to sell this programme separate product, but it’s such an important part of your overall positioning that I simply had to add it to the finished course.

Bonus #3

4 “Feet To The Fire” Q&A Sessions
($399 Value)

You’re in a very fortunate position…

You see, I didn’t just create my Attract Corporate Clients system one weekend and then decide to sell it the next. No way! I actually offered this training FIRST as a coaching program to a very small group of people in 2007. This let me see where all the holes were in my system so they could be completely plugged before I officially released the training.

But that’s not all…

In addition to getting feedback about the course itself (so it could be reworked and improved), I also held live Q&A calls with participants so they could ask questions specific to their businesses.

And you get to eavesdrop onto each and every one of them!

That’s right, I recorded every one of these Q&A calls so that you can listen in to the types of questions that people had for each section of the system. So chances are if there’s an area that’s a bit unclear to you on CD2, for example, someone else has already asked that same question and my answer is just a few minutes away.

By going through the system and then listening to these Q&A calls, I can assure you that virtually all of your questions will be answered. Of course, if for some reason you still have questions, you’ll have access to my support department and we’ll make sure you get squared away. (The last thing I would ever do is leave one of my students hanging…)

Bonus #4

Personalised Critique
($374 Value)

If after listening to the CDs and using the accompanying exercises and action plans you still have specific questions about your situation, then I’m here to help you one-on-one. After you’ve immersed yourself in the material you still won’t be alone because you’ll get a critique coupon you can use with me anyway you’d like. Use them for a second opinion on whatever you need! I won’t pull any punches with you and I won’t give you a “canned” response – each one is personalized.

These critique coupons are especially valuable because I no longer offer one-to-one coaching AND this is the only way to get my personal input on your business.

I have just reviewed the my critique and I am really impressed with the insights. What I wanted to say was how useful I found the advice given a big wow! Clearly a lot of work for me to do but please pass on my thanks to Bernadette.
Shekhar Varma

Thank you so much for the critique. As you were speaking I kept saying, “Of course!” “Why didn’t I see that?” And, “How can she tell I hide my light under a bushel?” …
Jule Kucera
Learning Solutions

And as well as the critique, I’m also going to make sure you have ongoing support and advice through my….

Bonus #5

30 Days Complimentary Membership in my Marketing Mastermind Group!

($97 Value)

Once you receive your “How to Attract Corporate Clients” system, I’m not leaving you high and dry! I want to make sure you have ONGOING support and updated information on regular basis. That’s why I’m also offering you 30 FREE Days in my *ALL NEW* Marketing Mastermind Group! This exciting new programme delivers…
•monthly LIVE phone meetings with me and my hand-picked experts in the areas of seminar marketing

•online digital recordings and written transcripts of each and every call

•CD recordings of each and every call shipped direct to your door

•plus quarterly BONUS private one-on-one coaching days with me, personally!

You’ll connect with a powerful group of 200+ people just like you who are using my methods for winning business with large companies – (Imagine how much quicker you’ll progress when you are able to compare notes with others who are already using my system!) After your FREE 30-day membership, your credit card will be charged the lowest member rate of $97 per month unless you decide to cancel. (Please note that this bonus applies to NEW members only)

Okay, I bet by now you might be thinking…

“The Price Tag on This Thing Has Got To Be Staggering, Right?”

Look, this isn’t going to be cheap nor should it because this deals only with a very specific and specialized topic. This is strictly advanced education that is NOT for everyone so it merits being pricey. I hope you’re thinking about a giant number. You should be. This isn’t some ‘el-cheapo’ ebook on marketing with nothing more than rehashed ideas from books you could easily get hold of on Amazon.

As a comparison – I’d make a big fat wager with anyone (and win hands down) that the ability to attract and win business is the most important and valuable skill in any business. Think about it. Nothing happens until someone buys. You may have already spent thousands developing your professional skills, but they are essentially useless to you unless you can persuade someone to hire you and your expertise.

That said, once you master the system for attracting large business contracts you can literally ‘write your own ticket’.
So How Much Should I Charge to Disclose Absolutely All My Insider Secrets For Attracting Corporate Clients?

As you recall, I already shared the fact that I’ve included in this system several PROVEN examples of business winning documents and proposals. One of these documents generated over $373,100 in business, others brought in training contracts of up to $75,000.

Private clients have paid as much as $11,125 to get my personal help with their marketing. One colleague tried to convince me that I should charge a similar price for this programme because I am essentially delivering nearly the same “how to value” here. I seriously considered it. However, I am not greedy and didn’t want to put this critical information out of reach for a lot of people. As I mentioned earlier, part of my motivation in putting this system together was to help other independent consultants and solo-professionals.

Get Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System download

So I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that, but I’m also not going to put this material into the hands of anyone who doesn’t see the immense value here. I’m not going to let it go cheaply – because, frankly, I know exactly how what this wealth-building information is worth and how much I sweated to put such a comprehensive package together for you.

Up until last year, I would not have sold or shared this information at any price. I wouldn’t have wanted it getting into the hands of my competitors. But since starting a family, I am less active in the corporate arena (the travel and overnight stays don’t fit with my lifestyle any longer), so I have decided to make this information publicly available.

Remember that included in this system are real-life examples of ads, brochures, letters and proposals that I used to pull in clients ‘on demand’, material which up until now has stayed safely tucked inside my filing cabinets.

Let’s be honest. If you use just ONE of the strategies in my system to attract just ONE new client, the course will more than pay for itself.

Frankly, if you’re someone who “gets it” you’ll immediately jump at this bargain and order right away! However, if this price seems like a stretch for you let me mention a few points to consider…There’s no doubt you’re going to spend way more than $1997 this year in your business anyway. It might be for a new ad campaign, mailing or even a new computer. In fact, I just bought a new laptop that set me back over $2,200 and the thing will be obsolete in less than 2 years but this marketing and sales system will give you years of freedom and a competitive edge in your business.

‘£20,000 of additional revenue as a result of this programme!’
‘Buying the ‘How to Attract Corporate Clients’ initially seemed like a big investment. I wanted to test the materials out to see how they worked before committing money to a campaign so I did a dry run with HRM Coaching. We wrote the outline for a course, I emailed the brochure to a segment of my list – about 200 Marketing professionals in London.

‘Within an hour of the email going out we had the first booking and over the next 2 weeks, more came in from companies such as AXA Insurance, a Magic Circle law firm and many others.

‘At a rough and conservative estimate I’d say that so far we’ve generated somewhere around £20,000 in additional revenue as a direct result of using Bernadette’s methods.’

Hannah McNamara, HRM Coaching

Look, you’d almost have to screw up everything I show you. Plug your ears and fall fast asleep while listening to the audio CDs not to get several (probably hundreds of) multiples of your investment.

My prediction is you’ll easily make back your tuition (and more) with the very first client you land using my system. Apply just one of the strategies I cover in this system and you’ll recover your investment.

I’ve done everything I can to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on this life and business-transforming information. Now it’s up to you to grab this opportunity with both hands!

‘Effortlessly getting more sales’
‘I invested in the Attracting Corporate Clients program in December 2008. Based on the easy-to-implement techniques in both of these programs, I’ve grown my list by over 1500 people since January 5th. We’re averaging between 50 & 75 people opting into our system each week. And these are interested people who are “raising their hands” as Bernadette says and requesting our information.

‘This has translated into such an increase in traffic to our website that we’ve had to increase our bandwidth. My stats show that our weekly traffic has more than doubled. Best of all, this month I marketed one of our products for purchase and got over $4000.00 in orders for this targeted product in just 8 hours! Now that’s the power of relationship marketing! I’m effortlessly getting more and more sales!

‘Thanks, Bernadette. I’ve purchased several programs that promised to make me money in the past, but yours is the only one that’s actually delivered. Your techniques are simple, sensible, and easy to implement. You’ve truly changed my thinking and the way I do business.’

Julie Ann Jones

So let’s wrap this up….

I’m offering you my complete, proven system that makes you visible and attractive to corporate clients, gets them calling you, and then shows you exactly how to turn that face-to-face opportunity into paying business.

So much of the hard work is already done for you – proven examples for you to ‘swipe’ and model. I’ve taken out the guesswork and made it absolutely FOOLPROOF for you to start attracting lucrative, corporate contracts.Just imagine, in a few short weeks from now receiving the phone call or email saying, ‘We’re going ahead. We want to work with you. How soon can you get started?’

I promise, it WILL happen, when you follow my system. All you need to do is choose which one of the easy payment plans suits you best.

Pay in Full Now for Only $1997
(best deal)

Get Bernadette Doyle – How To Attract Corporate Clients Home Study System download


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