Bob and Miles – Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking (Basic , Advanced)


Bob and Miles – Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking (Basic , Advanced)

Bob and Miles - Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking (Basic , Advanced)

Bob and Miles – Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking (Basic , Advanced)


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Your ability to measure and steer on real business results will set you apart from your competitors.

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Bob and Miles – Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking (Basic , Advanced)

Bob and Miles - Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking (Basic , Advanced)

Google Ads tracking is a huge mess.

It’s becoming increasingly harder to properly track conversions.

People are using ad blockers, browsers block third-party cookies, and privacy regulations + lack of user consent can lead to gaps in conversion data.

On top of that, there are huge data discrepancies as ad platforms process and report data differently.

The current landscape causes a huge problem because, without proper conversion tracking, you will never get your desired results.

Conversion tracking is the foundation of Google Ads. But many PPCers mess it up.

It’s shocking how often we see suboptimal setups.

Basic Google Ads conversion tracking won’t do the trick anymore. You can forget it it if you’re only importing conversion goals from Google Analytics.

If you want to succeed with Google Ads in 2024 and beyond, you must go beyond the basics and step up your tracking game.

The problem: most specialists don’t know what they don’t know.

You need to implement a wide spectrum of advanced conversion tracking techniques if you want to maximize your results.

How many of these have you heard about but never really used?

Offline Conversion Tracking (OCT), Enhanced Conversions for Leads, Consent Mode, Profit on Ad Spend (POAS) Conversion Adjustments, Server Side Tagging, New vs. Returning Customer Data, Conversions With Cart Data?

These are just some examples.

You need to implement these to measure more and get more insights.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge in 2024 and beyond, double down on data & conversion tracking.

Introducing Conversion Tracking Mastery

Advanced conversion tracking is one of the core pillars of our Google Ads Masterclass curriculum.

Our students were blown away with the quality of the workshops, and had no idea there’s so much that goes into proper conversion tracking.

Now, for the first time ever, we’ve bundled everything we know into our new on-demand course: Conversion Tracking Mastery.

This will be your biggest competitive edge in 2024 and beyond:

Your ability to measure and steer on real business results (aka qualified leads, sales, and actual profit) will set you apart from your competitors.

Whoever has the most high-quality data wins.

Whoever has the most high-quality data, wins

With Conversion Tracking Mastery, we can help you measure more, and steer on REAL business results (aka qualified leads, sales, and actual profit), not just cheap leads from bots and low-value consumers (pMax, anyone?).

Your value as a Google Ads Specialist will significantly increase, simply because you can measure more.

Advanced conversion tracking setups are crucial for:


Better Smart Bidding

The more (high-quality) data you have, the better Smart Bidding can optimize towards your goals.

Better Decisions

Advanced conversion tracking setups will help you make better decisions to grow your accounts.

Better Reporting

Go beyond the basics and unlock new insights that will significantly improve your reports. Absolutely crucial!

Who is Conversion Tracking Mastery for?

Conversion Tracking Mastery is a complete course to help PPC Experts measure more, high-quality data in Google Ads:

  • It shows the easiest and fastest way to implement basic and advanced Google Ads conversion techniques (with GTM, GTAG or plugins/apps).
  • It includes step-by-step, over-the-shoulder implementation videos.
  • The teachings in this course are applicable to 90% of all client types.
Conversion Tracking Mastery is designed for Google Ads Specialists with at least a basic understanding of conversion tracking.

Who is Conversion Tracking Mastery NOT for?

Conversion Tracking Mastery isn’t for everyone.

  • It’s not suited for ultimate beginners.
  • Although we have some Tag Manager implementation videos, Conversion Tracking Mastery is not a complete GTM course.
  • Although some implementations are technical, it’s not a course for developersWe won’t go into API implementations or custom platforms.

If you’re completely new to Google Ads, we recommend you get familiar with the basics first.

You’re good to go if you’re a Google Ads Specialist with a basic understanding of tracking and want to implement basic + advanced techniques for regular clients without highly custom integrations/platforms.

Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking.

Here’s how it works:

  • Measure more, high-quality conversions, get better results
  • Master basic and advanced Google Ads Conversion Tracking with best practices for Ecom, Lead Gen & SaaS accounts
  • Theory + over-the-shoulder implementation videos
  • The easiest and fastest way to implement advanced tracking techniques (Enhanced Conversions, Consent Mode, Offline Conversion Tracking, Server Side Tagging, POAS, and more!
  • [Bonus]: Email templates with instructions for technical implementations (copy-paste and share with your developer)

Enroll now to instantly increase your value as a Google Ads Specialist!

Part 1: Master the basics – conversion tracking best practices.

Create a competitive edge by mastering the basics

  • Step-by-step implementations of basic Google Ads conversion tracking for EcomLead Gen & SaaS accounts
  • Deeply understand the entire spectrum of Google Ads conversion tracking with our new Measurement Maturity Models for Ecom, Lead Gen & SaaS accounts
  • Conversion tracking best practices (when to use what, attribution, micro vs. macro, GA4 vs. Google Ads tracking etc.)

Part 2: Measure more conversions.

Simple implementations to simply measure more

  • Learn how to measure more with Enhanced ConversionsConsent Mode and Server Side Tagging (including implementation videos)
  • Bonus: how we measure up to 15% more Ecom conversions with 1 simple tool

Part 3: Measure real business results.

Go beyond the basics and measure REAL business results

  • Lead Gen & SaaS: forget spammy leads and measure real business results with Offline Conversion Tracking, and Enhanced Conversions for Leads
  • Ecom: how to measure profit, not just revenue

Part 4: Enrich & correct your dataset.

Advanced techniques to improve the quality of your data

  • Unlock New vs. Returning Customer Data (why are most specialists not using this yet?!)
  • Implement product-level sales data in Google Ads with this new, unknown feature (unlock epic new insights!)
  • Unlock new conversion segmentation reports with Custom Variables
  • Data messed up? No problem! Fix them with Conversion Adjustments and Data Exclusions!

[Bonus] Email templates.

Plug & play email templates to share with your developer

  • Some implementations can get really technical. Share our email templates with technical implementation instructions and save yourself a lot of time and frustration (copy-paste)

Unlock your biggest competitive edge for 2024 and beyond and master Advanced Google Ads Conversion Tracking!


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