ConversionXL (AJ Wilcox) – Linkedin Advertising


ConversionXL (AJ Wilcox) – Linkedin Advertising

ConversionXL (AJ Wilcox) - Linkedin Advertising

ConversionXL (AJ Wilcox) – Linkedin Advertising


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No PPC ad strategy is complete without analysis and optimization. Learn how to integrate your LinkedIn Ads with Google Analytics and your existing CRM. Then pull meaningful insights from your reports.


ConversionXL (AJ Wilcox) – Linkedin Advertising

ConversionXL (AJ Wilcox) - Linkedin Advertising

Confidently generate huge ROI from your LinkedIn Ads

Demystify the most expensive paid ad channel once & for all.

Squeeze the best performance out of your LinkedIn Ads, even if you’re brand-new to the platform.

Learn how to unlock the power of LinkedIn so you can target smarter, create more compelling offers, fine-tune your funnel and generate insane ROI.

After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Know how to craft an offer that stands out
  • Be able to create & manage killer ads and audiences on LinkedIn
  • Scale your audience, avoid your competition, and build wildly effective retargeting audiences
  • Troubleshoot & test your funnel for optimal performance and efficient management — so you waste zero time
  • Craft irresistible offers that drive high-volume clicks & conversions

Finally leverage LinkedIn Ads for your business

You’ve probably considered running LinkedIn Ads in the past… and then discovered that they’re incredibly expensive. Hoping to avoid costly mistakes, you’ve put it off till now.

But you can’t afford to wait any longer to put LinkedIn’s powerful platform to work for your business.

Instead of blowing your ad budget on newbie mistakes, skip straight to a high-performing ad strategy.

In this course, LinkedIn agency partner AJ Wilcox shares the tips, tricks, and methods he’s created over years of creating and managing high-revenue-generating LinkedIn ads. You’ll learn exactly which pitfalls to avoid, where the high-value opportunities lie, and how to strategically target your most valuable prospects.

In addition, you’ll discover

  • How to select optimal audience sizes — which is crucial to generate the right mix of hyper-targeted data
  • The types of offers that drive interest and conversion — without appearing sleazy or scammy
  • How to systematically test offer variations — so you’re always improving performance
  • How to renew interest in your offers over time — to avoid fatiguing your prospects & continually generate results

Finally, you’ll learn how to effectively monitor and manage A/B tests, analytics, tracking, and closed-loop reporting… without stumbling around and wasting hours inside LinkedIn’s ad manager.

This course is right for you if…

  • You’re in B2B marketing
  • Your customer lifetime value is $15k+
  • Your prospect can be defined by their professional facets
  • You have experience with paid ads, but haven’t gotten a handle on LinkedIn yet

This course is probably not for you if…

  • Your customer lifetime value is less than $15k
  • Your prospects can’t be defined by professional parameters or spend little time on LinkedIn
  • You have zero previous experience with paid ads (ex. AdWords, Facebook, or Instagram)

About your instructor, AJ Wilcox

LinkedIn Ads Pro / Speaker / Founder @ B2Linked

AJ Wilcox is the founder of, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency started in 2014. As official LinkedIn partners, they manage among the world’s most sophisticated advertising accounts worldwide.

B2Linked provides both account management and consulting services around LinkedIn Ads. They’ve managed over $100m in cummulative ad spend on the platform.

AJ lives in Utah with his wife and their 4 kids. When he’s not generating enormous LinkedIn ROI for his clients, he competes in triathlons and races go-karts.

Jacob is a web developer who’s passionate about creatively solving real-world problems.

He develops cutting edge projects that impact the world and challenge his expertise.

Jacob’s background lies in finding innovative ways to improve user experience, program efficiency, and team performance.

Your full course curriculum

Main module

Lesson 1

The basics of LinkedIn Ads

Get oriented with the LinkedIn Ads platform. You’ll discover which types of businesses perform well with which types of offers — and who shouldn’t be advertising on LinkedIn.

Topics covered

  • Chapter 1 – Intro to LinkedIn Ads — Get an overview of the pros and cons of the platform
  • Chapter 2 – Audience targeting — Find out who you should be targeting (and who’s not worth the spend)
  • Chapter 3 – Message (LinkedIn’s Ad units & the art of ad copy) — Learn about LinkedIn’s Ad units & discover the art of writing effective ad copy
  • Chapter 4 – Offer (what you need to get their attention) — Define an irresistible offer that grabs your prospects’ attention

Lesson 2

Advanced LinkedIn Ads

You’ve got the basics down and locked in your message. Now learn AJ’s tricks to become a LinkedIn Ads ninja.

Topics covered

  • Chapter 1 – Advanced targeting — Target only the right prospects
  • Chapter 2 – Advanced bidding — Spend less & earn greater ROI
  • Chapter 3 – Advanced structure — Set up a clear, intuitive Ads structure
  • Chapter 4 – Advanced retargeting — Stay in front of your prospects
  • Chapter 5 – Advanced tagging — Put the power of personalization to work for you

Lesson 3

Putting it into action

Get ConversionXL (AJ Wilcox) – Linkedin Advertising download

You’ve got the theory down for mastering LinkedIn Ads. Now let’s put it into practice by implementing our knowledge into a real LinkedIn Ads account. Find out exactly where to click and which options to include.

Topics covered

  • Chapter 1 – LinkedIn Ads account walkthrough live — Navigate smoothly through the interface & avoid fruitless, frustrating searches
  • Chapter 2 – Campaign creation live — Develop your first campaign & set goals
  • Chapter 3 – Ad creation live — Launch your strategically crafted ad set

Lesson 4

Analysis, analytics, and closing the loop

Topics covered

No PPC ad strategy is complete without analysis and optimization. Learn how to integrate your LinkedIn Ads with Google Analytics and your existing CRM. Then pull meaningful insights from your reports.

  • Chapter 1 – Google Analytics integration — Get a complete picture of your prospects
  • Chapter 2 – CRM system integration — Keep your pipeline up-to-date
  • Chapter 3 – Analysis and strategy for performance optimization — Tweak & improve based on data


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