Dapp University – Blockchain Mastery University

Dapp University – Blockchain Mastery University

Dapp University - Blockchain Mastery University

Dapp University – Blockchain Mastery University


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Smart Contract Liquidity Pools Explained: From Theory to Practice. Understanding EIP-4626: The Future of Vaults in Ethereum.

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Dapp University – Blockchain Mastery University

Dapp University - Blockchain Mastery University

Course Curriculum



Welcome to Blockchain Mastery University! Watch this first. (3:04)

How to Set Up Your Computer for Blockchain Development (25:24)

Masterclass Replays

The Trading Bot Masterclass Replays (582:11)

The Flash Loan Masterclass Replays (694:36)

The Airdrop Hunter Masterclass

The NFT Masterclass Replays (500:43)

The Chainlink Masterclass Replay (224:40)

The Yield Farming Masterclass Replay (158:37)

The DeFi Masterclass Replays (201:39)

The Staking Masterclass Replay (154:19)

The Career Building Masterclass Replay (90:45)

The Video Vault (Updated Every Week)!

Smart Contract Liquidity Pools Explained: From Theory to Practice (21:44)

Understanding EIP-4626: The Future of Vaults in Ethereum (24:32)

Inside MakerDAO: Unraveling the Mechanics of DAI and Decentralized Finance (18:17)

Mastering Transaction Analysis on Ethereum: A Comprehensive Guide with Tenderly (24:01)

Upgrading Smart Contracts Safely: Transparent Proxy Pattern in DeFi Protocols (28:20)

From Votes to Decisions: Understanding DAOs and Governance Structures (25:20)

Navigating DeFi: A Comprehensive Guide to the Supply and Borrow Dynamics (27:36)

Deploying Your Own Fork of a DeFi Protocol on Ethereum (20:06)

Phishing Alert: Detecting and Preventing tx.origin Exploits (25:19)

How to Perform Differential Testing on Smart Contracts with Hardhat (23:24)

Smart Contract Security: Navigating External Call Exploits (26:08)

Mastering Smart Contract Auditing: Techniques Every Developer Should Know (27:01)

Security Spotlight: Rounding Error Exploits in Smart Contracts (18:42)

Securing Smart Contracts: Detecting and Preventing Gas Griefing Exploits (28:00)

A Comprehensive Look at CodeHawks for Bug Bounty Hunting (24:46)

From Bytes to Insights: Reading and Analyzing Raw EVM Calldata (27:30)

Decoding the Blockchain Maze: A Comprehensive Analysis of Multichain Protocol Exploit (26:43)

Vyper Essentials: Introduction to Vyper Programming Language (31:50)

Decoding DeFi Math: A Tutorial on Blockchain Math in Smart Contracts (10:30)

ERC20 Tokens Explained: A Comprehensive Crash Course for Beginners (21:52)

Blockchain Developer’s Arsenal: 20 Tools You Can’t Do Without (29:42)

Cracking the Solidity Interview: 100 Must-Know Questions Answered (35:27)

Mastering DeFi Fundamentals: Essential Knowledge for Blockchain Developers (32:55)

Unveiling Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Exploring Cryptographic Magic (17:27)

Getting ed with Hardhat V3 and Ethers v6: An introduction to the latest features (22:50)

Comprehensive Guide to Ethereum’s Storage System (29:24)

Smart Contract Survival Guide: Protecting Against Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks (30:53)

Smart Contract Security: Understanding Call Attacks and Mitigation Strategies (27:25)

Replay Attacks on Smart Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide (32:42)

Ethernaut’s Ultimate Test: How to Solve the Hardest Challenge (28:34)

Getting ed with Ape Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Tutorial (21:48)

Tenderly Unleashed : The Complete Guide to Maximizing its Feature Set! (30:31)

How to make Bitcoin Crypto – BRC-20 Token (21:43)

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Solidity Concepts and Features (27:56)

The Art of Deception: Tips to Avoid Oracle Manipulation (22:48)

Foundry Framework for Smart Contract Development: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices (32:12)

Frontrunning Attacks: What They Are and How to Protect Your Investments (23:22)

A Deep Dive into Solidity Security Best Practices (23:32)

Navigating Web3 Wallets: How to Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe (23:00)

How to Audit Protocols Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide (27:15)

Understanding the ERC777 Reentrancy Bug: How to Stay Safe (21:05)

Accelerate Your Blockchain Development with Chat GPT: Tips and Techniques (29:08)

The Complete Guide to Block Stuffing Attack (19:40)

How to Gas Optimize using Assembly (25:36)

How to Perform a Read-Only Reentrancy attack (25:08)

Develop Social Media app with Lens Protocol (14:44)

Secure your Private Key with JSON Keystore (11:37)

Trade Test Ether for Real Ether on Atomic Swap Marketplace (23:50)

Improve Your Foundry Workflow with Debugging and Fuzz testing (25:31)

How to Code Blockchain Apps With Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) (12:15)

Develop an NFT on chain on Opensea (22:55)

How to Find Hacks with Slither and Echidna (33:57)

Supercharge Your Coding with Solidity Assembly (34:05)

How to build Cryptocurrency Slot Machine with Chainlink VRF (20:11)

Learn Gas Optimization using EVM opcodes (27:44)

How to perform oracle manipulation attack (26:51)

How to develop Opensea NFT Visualizer (25:50)

Improve your Blockchain Dev workflow with these tools (24:36)

Moralis Escrow Vault governed by DAO (40:56)

Build ENS Domain Marketplace (28:30)

Let’s Build A Beginner Friendly App With Solana (23:27)

How to code Dex Aggregator like 1Inch (25:48)

How to Supercharge your contracts with ABI Encoding (22:49)

Foundry Development Toolkit Overview (25:00)

How to use Call, DelegateCall and MultiCall (26:33)

How to Code a Dapp with Uniswap V3 (27:02)

Upgradable smart contracts – UUPS, Diamond, Transparent (29:33)

How to Audit Smart Contracts (41:51)

Swap tokens on Avalanche using Trader Joe (22:20)

Create Eth App Package Overview (32:38)

How to Save Gas when Coding Smart Contracts (Gas Optimizations) (27:58)

Code a DeFi Token Index like S&P 500! (41:19)

How to Hack Smart Contracts with Flash Loans (33:44)

Do Flash Loans for FREE with DODO (Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum & More!) (26:37)

Create Scheduled dApps with Chainlink Keepers! (50:33)

Create Gaming NFTs with ERC-1155 Tokens! (40:07)

Code a Real Estate App With Smart Contracts (37:09)

Create a Token-curated Registry! (28:28)

Create a Cross-Chain Token Bridge! (28:04)

How to code a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) (27:16)

Create a Coin Sniping Bot! (29:56)

How to code Fractional NFTs! (24:25)

Create NFTs with Royalties! (25:50)

Build Blockchain Apps FAST with scaffold-eth (27:55)

Introduction to Blockchain Development with Solana (36:02)

Create an NFT Auction! (23:56)

Create an NFT Minting Bot! (25:28)

Build Dapps FAST with Use Dapp! (20:16)

Code a DeFi Yield Aggregator with Solidity & JavaScript (33:34)

Supercharge Your Dapps With Functional React.JS (24:06)

Code a Multisignature Wallet (26:47)

Introduction to Ethereum Digital Signatures (24:39)

Smart Contract Development With DappTools (22:07)

Create Your Own Flash Mintable Token! (24:56)

Intro to Ethereum Push Notifications Coding (15:41)

Gaming Tutorial: Raffle Dapp with Chainlink (23:05)

Code a Flash Loan Finder App! (24:47)

Intro to Layer 2 Scaling With Arbitrum  (27:50)

Layer 2 Scaling Pt II: Optimistic Rollups With Optimism & Hardhat (23:17)

Intro to EIP-1559 Coding (33:00)

Intro to Layer 2 Scaling With Optimism (28:59)

Launch Your Blockchain App on Polygon (Polygon Intro Pt II) (25:08)

Introduction to Blockchain Development with Polygon (26:06)

Introduction to DeFi Development with Aave (31:20)

Power Up Your Blockchain Apps With BItQuery (20:52)

Intro to Blockchain Analysis With Google Big Query (18:26)

DeFi Coding With MakerDao & Dai (24:17)

Create A Custom Arbitrage Trading Strategy With Flash Loans! (17:48)

How To Upgrade Your Dapps For 2021! (23:20)

Build Your Own DeFi Savings App! (28:05)

How to Code Real World DeFi Projects (Ganache Fork) (28:15)

How to Deploy Your Dapp to Binance Smart Chain (18:17)

Layer 2 Scaling With Optimistic Rollups (25:35)

Advanced Dapp Development With Web3-React (19:57)

Intro to Vyper & Brownie Smart Contract Development (27:20)

Build a Full Stack App with Hard Hat! (22:04)

Smart Contract Development with Hard Hat (26:48)

Introduction to Uniswap V2 (26:54)

How to earn PASSIVE INCOME with Yearn Finance Strategy Development (21:22)

Etherem 2.0 Is Here! Here’s what you need to do. (19:39)

How to launch an ICO in 2021! (31:22)

Discover Streaming Payments with Sablier Finance (22:44)

How to earn PASSIVE INCOME with Chainlink! (24:40)

Every PRO Dapp NEEDS Wallet Connect! See how to use it. (19:07)

Code a REAL WOLD Dapp Wallet! (19:39)

Register your Decentralized Domain Name with ENS! (21:32)

Deploy Your FULLY Decentralized App w/ IPFS + Ethereum (31:00)

Create a D-WEB App With IPFS! (17:50)

Why you MUST Learn To Code Your Own NFT! (24:15)

How to Create a Custom Arbitrage Trading Strategy with 0x (20:00)

Upgradable smart contracts with The Diamond Standard (40:48)

Build a Realtime DeFi Analytics Dashboard with The Graph (19:56)

How to earn PASSIVE INCOME with Flash Loans (Pt 2) (26:42)

Steal my PASSIVE INCOME app! (PT 1) (28:19)

Create an arbitrage price bot for Flash Loans (25:33)

Intro to Ethers.js! (25:52)

Flash Loans with Furocombo [DeFi #14] (21:09)

Is DeFi About to EXPLODE!? State of DeFi in 2020 [LIVE] (55:40)

Yield Farming With Compound Finance [DEFI #11] (22:16)

Intro to Aave Flash Loans! [Defi #10] (19:57)

Intro to DyDx [Defi #9] (55:02)

Steal My Supply Chain App! (21:30)

See How YOU Can Perform a Flashloan Step-By-Step! [Defi #8] (21:34)

Introduction to 0x Exchange Protocol [Defi #7] (19:49)

Introduction to Arbitrage Trading [Defi #6] (19:08)

Forking Ethereum Mainnet With Ganache CLI [Defi #5] (22:00)

Intro To Money Leogs [Defi #4] (17:26)

Intro To Uniswap Protocol [Defi #3] (23:36)

Intro To Chainlink Oracle Network [Defi #2] (18:28)

DeFi for Developers [DeFi #1] (21:51)

Flash Loans: A Hands On Introduction (20:14)

Week #2: February 5, 2020 (30:51)

How To Implement Ethereum Main Net Token Authentication (34:02)

Blockchain Mastery University is LIVE on Mainnet! (20:35)

How to Implement Blockchain Token Authentication (26:56)

How To Land Your 1st Blockchain Job (41:44)

See How to Claim Your Tokens! (20:43)

Week #1: January 29, 2020 (33:49)

Printing Unlimited Money Hack in Alchemix Protocol Explained (19:53)


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