Dr. DeMartini – Path to Power


Dr. DeMartini – Path to Power

Dr. DeMartini – Path to Power

Dr. DeMartini – Path to Power


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This course is available and delivery within one day! How can you make your life easier? ‘thinking’ Your prefrontal cortex is a part of your brain. It’s your executive center. File Size: 799.22 Mb, Format File 9 MP4 + 9 PPD


Dr. DeMartini – Path to PowerDr. DeMartini – Path to Power

LIVE Online Seminar With The World’s Leading Human Behavior Expert
To achieve your highest life mastery, you need to increase your mind mastery Power
The NEW is open to Dr John Demartini Path to Power Seminar and Learn Why Expanding Yourself-The Key to the Governance of Executive Function to Creating Everything in Your Life You Envision You’d Love to Be, Do, and Have
* Online in 3 Time Zones: CDT – N America (UTC-6) | Europe/Africa (UTC) | AEST Australasia (UTC+9)

Mind Mastery Is the Most Direct Path to The Art of Living Mastery
My brand new Path to Power Online seminar designed to These 9 steps will show you how to do it. to Increase your self-confidence-You can start by governing the executive function to Instead of letting the outside world dictate your life, you can run your world from within.

You can live with the masses in a reactive world or you can turn on your own. Power If You Take the First Step in The Path Self-care-Mastery of the Mind
The most important realization of the 21st century is that your mind can be controlled by your perceptions. That gives you control over your life.

It’s your choice where you play in the game of life. If you’d love to Dr John Demartini will help you master your life. to These are the steps to Mind and life mastery

▶️ At the ‘Path to Power’ online seminar you’ll:

  • Learn the universal laws that you are able to use to empower your life
  • Dr John Demartini will coach you at the LIVE Path to Power online seminar
  • Be aware of the symptoms and signs of a governed or ungoverned mind
  • Learn the principles of life empowerment
  • Learn how to Manage your emotions and overcome challenges
  • Get trained on how to to Live an authentic life by integrating your perceptions
  • Register now to You can master your mind with these powerful exercises to Expand your self-Executive governing function
  • All this can be done from the comfort of home

Mind Mastery is both The Source and The Pinnacle for All Human and Life Empowerment.
In our collective evolution as a species on earth we’ve built upon existing structures and so too our brain is built from more primitive to Advanced brain function

Although our subcortical brains are vital for survival, they get in the way for the more strategic functions that are necessary for life mastery.

Subcortical brain areas have faster neurons that are designed to fight and flight, seek out and avoid, pleasure, and pain. These instincts and survival instincts are vital for us to survive when we seek food and avoid predation.

When we see an event as ‘good’ Oder ‘bad’Polarizing it causes us to activate our subcortical areas of our brains and REACT. We seek out the perceived pleasure, and we avoid the pain.

Because the subcortical neurons work faster than the more advanced cortical areas of the brain, you’ll REACT before you can think.

In life, it’s obvious that that can get us into all sorts of ‘trouble’ In our day to day life where we’re required to THINK before we act if we’re to Human society is a place where you can flourish.

How can you make your life easier? ‘thinking’ Your prefrontal cortex is a part of your brain. It’s your executive center.

That’s where the Path to Power This is where the magic happens. You can use mind mastery exercises to accelerate your own development and expansion.-Executive function.
Here’s an example of one such mind mastery exercise: to We can help to take a past event that’s driving you to You should react to it and then process it so that it does not trigger a subcortical response if you are reminded. You will stop reacting the more you practice this. to AFFECTING the world.

Instead of reminding you to the event triggering a more primitive subcortical involuntary response, you’ll be able to Your prefrontal cortex is the most advanced part your brain that gives rise to strategic and controlled actions. to Yourself-Executive function that is controlled.

To the extent you can develop your executive function to It is the extent to which you achieve leadership, power, and value in the global community. It’s the source of your clearest vision, genius, innovation, creativity and potential.

It’s what makes you truly human. It’s where you become your most authentic self and lead your most powerful, inspired and meaningful life.

Your self-development-One of the most powerful things you can do is manage executive function. to Master your life, and you will be able to open the door. to Real life satisfaction and achievement.

Come join me at Path to Power Online seminar to learn how to Strategic mind mastery is the key to unlocking your inner power.

Find the most important steps to master your life

  1. Register to the Online Path to Power Seminar
  2. Explore the Power Self-Function of the Governing Executive
  3. Clear the air Path Strategies to Empower Your Life

▶️ Mind Mastery Is Life Mastery

Dr John Demartini Shares 9 Aspects that’ll Help You Increase Your Self-Accelerate Your Career by Governing Executive Function Path to Power

  1. Mind Mastery – Learn the value of yourself-Your life’s executive function is to manage your life.
  2. The Neurology and Power – Overriding the faster neural subcortical cortex brain and developing slower neural cortical/prefrontal cerebral cortex. Executive function is the result.
  3. Amygdala dominance – Signs and symptoms of living with your survival brain
  4. Prefrontal Cortex Dominance: The signs of living inside your thrival brain
  5. Authentic Power How? to Living your most authentic life
  6. Psychology of Power Balance your perceptions and see both sides to increase your self-worth-Controlling executive function
  7. The Values Power – Linking values to achieve congruency, productivity, and greater success –
  8. The Power Vision – How to Define your most inspiring vision, mission and purpose
  9. Executive Function Development Exercises – An introduction to You can also accelerate your journey with the Demartini Method (a series of 22 mind mastery exercises). to power

Get Dr. DeMartini – Path to Power download

▶️ Your Presenter: Dr John Demartini
Dr John Demartini specializes in human behavior, is a philosopher, polymath and international speaker.-The best selling author. His work is a collection of over 264 disciplines that have been compiled from the best economic, philosophical and scientific minds.

His vast curriculum helps people master their minds and live a fulfilled life. His tools and processes are beneficial to individuals to Enhance the quality and quantity of their lives, empower every aspect of their lives and realize their dreams and goals.


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