Foundations of demand generation


Foundations of demand generation

Foundations of demand generation

Foundations of demand generation


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If you’ve ever wondered how HubSpot, KissMetrics, or even Salesforce are such powerhouses when it comes to sales in their industry, it’s because their marketing team has built a demand generation engine.

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Foundations of demand generation

 Foundations of demand generation

Build a demand generation engine and win 10x more sales

This course will show you how you can build a predictable, scalable and repeatable lead generation machine for your company.
Online course:
Foundations of Demand Generation course

By Ramli John, Demand Generation Specialist and Founder of GrowthX.Agency
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Course length: 6h 30m

Some of the companies that train their teams at CXL Institute:
Win 10x more sales with half the effort by building a demand generation engine for your company

If you’ve ever wondered how HubSpot, KissMetrics, or even Salesforce are such powerhouses when it comes to sales in their industry, it’s because their marketing team has built a demand generation engine.

Join marketing expert Ramli John as he walks through the essentials of creating a solid demand generation pipeline that will support your business for years to come.
Introduction video (5 min)
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In today’s information-rich world, buyers have more resources, information, and options than ever before. By the time you connect with them, they’re often well informed on you and your competition.

With a demand generation program, you can create interest in your company’s products or services and stand out from the competition. This 8-class course will equip you with practical strategies and techniques for building and delivering a best-in-class demand generation program. Specifically designed for B2B businesses, you will learn how to convert leads into long-term customers. Learn how to:

Evaluate and set business goals and KPIs that align with sales and marketing
Create content that entices your target audiences
Leverage landing pages, social media, and keywords to convert prospects into leads
Set the stage for the purchase process just right to transform leads into customers.
Monitor your customer’s experience after the sale and measure your program’s performance.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the tools and action plan needed to keep optimizing your lead generation strategy and expanding your customer reach.

I was at my wit’s end for my company, when Ramli came to the rescue. Most of the time, when I ask business coaches/advisors, I get vague answers to even the most targeted questions, but Ramli was quick to mention 3 key metrics (% expected conversion rate, # weeks involved, time it takes for each interview) that helped set our expectations for the next month at our company.

Janet Chang, Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker
Janet Chang
In just 8 sessions, you’ll be able to

Put together a successful demand generation strategy that will help your company generate predictable, qualified leads for years to come
Leverage landing pages, social media, and keywords to compel your target audience to give you access to their email inbox and, eventually, their wallet
Avoid some of the most painful bottlenecks when it comes to implementing a demand generation program that aligns sales and marketing

Ramli is sharp, dedicated and really wants to get to the bottom of “why” things happen. He’s a true “test and learn” marketer. I continually ask Ramli to take on a variety of tasks that are, frankly, outside of his job description – he handles them all with effectiveness.

Bob Frady, CEO at HazardHub, former CMO at Maropost
Bob Frady
This course is right for you if…

You have a product or service that requires you to generate new leads each month – example: SaaS product, accounting firm, agency, consulting, niche e-commerce products, etc.
You want to generate more qualified leads for your company and “warm them up” so they’re ready to buy your product or service
You understand the importance of aligning and enabling sales and marketing revenue goals and vision

This course is probably not for you if…

You have enough leads in your sales team pipeline this quarter to hit your revenue goals
You’re satisfied with the number of leads you’re getting each month using the demand generation tactics you’re using right now
You aren’t curious or willing to take the risk to try new demand generation tactics

Ramli is the definition of a superstar full stack marketer. With amazing technical skills, lots of creative solutions, and a very pleasant personality. I was amazed by how much I have learnt from him about Digital Marketing and Demand Generation in a short period of time.

Aseef Khan, former Marketing Manager at
Aseef Khan
Skills you should have before taking this course

The course is suitable for everyone, but it helps to have:

A base-level understanding of digital marketing
Worked or currently work in a lead generating business in marketing and/or sales
Basic understanding of inbound marketing

About your instructor, Ramli John

Ramli is a digital marketing consultant with over 10 years of marketing experience in a wide-array of environments from in-house, freelance, agency, multi-sided market and B2B. In the last five years, he has built his career helping VC-funded B2B companies in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto to generate more leads and sell more online.

One thing he’s proud of is putting together a webinar series for a marketing automation software company that generated $4.8M in the sales pipeline of new qualified leads. For another company, Ramli managed a demand generation campaign that resulted in a 210% growth of their email list from 1,293 to 4,017 in a couple of months.

When not generating more leads for his clients, you can find Ramli on a motorcycle riding along a winding road or rock climbing at the closest gym.
Your full course curriculum
Demand generation
The foundation of demand generation

There’s a saying that wise builders build on a firm foundation. Those who build a house on shaky grounds risk losing everything they’ve worked for. In this class, you’ll learn the foundation behind a demand generation engine.

Marketing and sales alignment and enablement
Entering the mind of the ideal buyer
The law of attraction – crafting the perfect content to attract leads to your business
From attraction to demand – turning eyeballs into leads
Fuel for your demand gen engine: content promotion
Targeting your perfect lead with outbound marketing
Nurturing your leads using email and Facebook Messenger bot workflows
Office hours
Show off your new skills: Get a certificate of completion

Once the course is over, pass a test to earn a CXL certification.

Add it to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or just get that well-earned raise you’ve been waiting for.

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