GMB – Mobius – Agility and Coordination for Athletic Movement


GMB – Mobius – Agility and Coordination for Athletic Movement

GMB - Mobius - Agility and Coordination for Athletic Movement

GMB – Mobius – Agility and Coordination for Athletic Movement


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Rewire Your Body for Fluid, Responsive Movement in Any Athletic Environment
Mobius Martial Artist Backroll
Mobius is an 8-week guided program in physical re-education. Over 24 sessions, you’ll develop the kind of dynamic agility that leads to confident grace in virtually any athletic environment.

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GMB – Mobius – Agility and Coordination for Athletic Movement

GMB - Mobius - Agility and Coordination for Athletic Movement

Rewire Your Body for Fluid, Responsive Movement in Any Athletic Environment
Mobius Martial Artist Backroll
Mobius is an 8-week guided program in physical re-education. Over 24 sessions, you’ll develop the kind of dynamic agility that leads to confident grace in virtually any athletic environment.

No Equipment
Clear Instruction on Any Device
Adjusts to Your Schedule
Mobius is designed to work alongside your current training, whether you’re focused on strength and performance or practicing a specific sport or discipline. You’ll learn to move with more agility, confidence, and ease in everything you do.

$95 – Build Agility and Confidence

Or make 3 payments of $35
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If you’ve already done our Elements program or you want to boost your agility and control for your martial art, CrossFit, or strength training, you’re ready for Mobius.*

Want to improve your performance in your sport, martial art, or other discipline? Use Mobius alongside your usual training to develop better responsiveness and control in dynamic situations.
Looking for something to complement your strength training? You can use Mobius as a warm-up or active recovery to boost your athletic awareness and coordination.

* If you’re just starting out with this sort of training we recommend Elements.
Mobius is an online program you can access on your own schedule. Each day of training is clearly organized with expert video instruction, so you always know exactly what to do. Here are some helpful details:

Training Schedule: You get 8 weeks of structured programming with 3 sessions per week. Clients usually set aside 15–30 minutes per session.
Lifetime Access: Once you get Mobius it’s yours for life, so you can go at your own pace and revisit the program as many times as you want.
Equipment: None. All you need is a little open floor space.

Mobius helps you wire your body for better agility and coordination in athletic situations.

It’s not a workout. There are plenty of ways to get tired and sore. Mobius is the only program on the market that uses transitional movements to help you improve your spatial awareness, proprioception, and dynamic responsiveness so you can move with more fluidity and confidence.

Scroll down to learn more about how Mobius will help you move better.
Greg Woods
Greg Woods
Gave Me Confidence for Jiu-Jitsu

I first tried Jiu-Jitsu in 2016, and it terrified me. Soon after, I started training with GMB and eventually became a GMB trainer myself. When I went back to Jiu-Jitsu a couple years later, the fear was incredibly reduced. I credit much of that to the diverse movement training over at GMB.

Just knowing how my body can move between all kinds of different positions and loads keeps me feeling safe and resilient. Now I feel more safe and capable on the mat. And maximally open to learning.
The Myth of the Natural Athlete

When you see a top athlete, martial artist, or dancer “effortlessly” doing their thing, it’s easy to think it just comes naturally. But that’s not how they see it.

Top performers spend countless hours drilling different combinations of things like rotations, twists, and changes of direction, trying to get it all into muscle memory. They know that in the rush of athletic competition you don’t have time to stop and think.

So if you want to be able to respond quickly and smoothly to all the action, you have make it second nature.

But you don’t have hours every day to do drills, so we’ve boiled agility training down to a few fundamentals to help you move more efficiently and fluidly in virtually any activity.

And like everything, it starts with the basics.
The 4 Basic Attributes of Athletic Agility

Lots of people would love to move with more intuitive confidence and grace but don’t know where to start. Mobius makes it simple. We broke down athletic agility into four underlying attributes that the program helps you build.
Ryan Agility in Shoulder Roll
Agility in All Directions & Angles

Most “athletic” training is focused on strength and explosiveness, usually in straight lines. But real sports, martial arts, etc. happen at all angles. We’ll help you prepare your body to move in whatever ways the situation demands.
Ryan Strength While Balancing on Arms
Dynamic Strength & Responsiveness

Real life comes at you fast. Knowing how to do something perfectly in isolation only goes so far when you have to adapt quickly to other people and complex environments. We’ll help you build resilience and confidence to respond quickly to unexpected factors.
Spatial Awareness While Rolling
Spatial Awareness & Proprioception

When someone says they’re “clumsy” they mean they don’t know how their body is moving in relation to their environment. We’ve chosen specific movement patterns to help you build your sense of body and spatial awareness.
Ryan rotational movement
Fluid Linking of Complex Movements

Great athletes aren’t just good at sport-specific skills like shooting a basketball or doing an arm bar. What sets them apart is how they move between skills quickly and smoothly to accomplish their goal. We’ll help you develop the body control to move fluidly between complex skills.
These attributes might not sound sexy—which is why most people never work on them outside of higher-level athletic coaching—but they’re your foundation for feeling more confident and controlled in dynamic situations.

And it actually doesn’t take that much to start improving them. The key is focusing on one of the most neglected areas of movement skill: transitional movements.
Fundamental Transitional Movements

There are thousands of YouTube channels where you can learn sport-specific skills, but what’s harder to teach are the skills between the skills that make you better in all your sports and activities. We boiled it down to 4 classes of transitional movement that develop your body’s athletic attributes so you can move with more grace and agility in everything you do.
Rotations & Twisting

Unless all you care about is the 100 yard dash, chances are the activities you enjoy don’t happen only in straight lines. We’ll help you build mobility and control in rotational and twisting movements so you can adapt to whatever life throws at you.
Getting Down & Up

getting down and up

Something you hear in virtually every activity is some form of, “Bend your knees!” We’ll help you build strength and confidence through the whole range of bent-knee positions, from standing, all the way down to the ground, and back up.
Falling with Style

Rolling on shoulder

If you’ve ever pushed the edges of your athletic abilities, you know that sometimes you end up on the ground. And fear of falling is one of the biggest barriers to giving your all. We’ll help you get comfortable with rolls and other ground movements so you can fall with style.
Ground Mobility

ground mobility movement

In a lot of sports, the most you have to do on the ground is get back up. But we’ve chosen ground transitions that will develop your shoulder strength and stability and improve your hip mobility, to make you better in all your activities.
Make Complex Movements Feel Second Nature with Smart Programming

In a dynamic athletic environment you don’t have time to think about which skill to use, or where your arms and legs need to go. You need your body to just know what to do. The programming in Mobius will help you progressively master and internalize these skills, so they’re ready for you when you need them.

1. Skill Acquisition

You start with the fundamental progressions of each skill, training your body and brain to get the basics right before moving on to more advanced variations.
2. Skill Progression

As you master the basics, you’ll practice progressively advanced variations to build competence and confidence in each movement.
3. Skill Combinations

As you get more coordinated, you start linking moves together in fun, challenging combinations that teach your body to adapt in more complex scenarios.
4. Creative Play

By the end of the program you’ll be ready to start linking the moves together in your own creative ways, and incorporating your skills into all your activities.
Introducing “Praxis” — Our Brand New Online Training Platform for Physical Autonomy

It’s trivial these days to make an app that streams workout videos to your phone. But delivering great teaching over the internet is still extremely rare.

That’s why we spent the last year and a half diving deep into what’s most helpful for our clients, then distilling that into a custom online training platform to help you efficiently teach your body the capabilities you want. It’s called Praxis. And Mobius is the first program to use it.
Get Results on Your Schedule

• One of the biggest questions clients ask our coaches is, “How do I adjust this to my schedule?” Praxis does it for you automatically.

• Even on days when you’re short on time and can’t fit in a full session, Praxis will tailor a session to fit the time you have.

• Customizable email reminders help you train more consistently.
Praxis App on Mobile
Quicker and Easier to Start Making Progress

• Built from the ground up to work great on your phone so you can train virtually wherever you want. You can even add a button to your phone’s home screen.

• Praxis always picks up right where you left off—no matter which device you’re using—so you always know exactly what to do.

• Our coaches and support team are always just a click away.
We’ve put a ton of thought into how to structure Praxis to help you make more efficient progress in your training. Way more than we could summarize here. So we wrote a whole article about it. If you’re interested in learning more you can find it here.

Brent McLaughlin
Brent McLaughlin
Miami, FL
This is a Breakthrough for Me!

I started Mobius 7 days ago. On the day the swipe was introduced, I would say that I really couldn’t do it at all. My attempt was ‘broke.’ So I’ve been playing with it pretty much all week and this evening when I began my movement practice, I just decided to do whatever felt right in the moment. The next thing knew, I was more or less doing the swipe with near total control??!! I couldn’t believe how easily it all of a sudden started to happen. I know it’s a simple movement but this is a breakthrough for me!! Looking forward to the next sessions in Mobius!
Move With Effortless Grace and Agility

Mobius—and the Praxis platform—are the distillation of many decades spent learning how to teach people to move better, and it only takes you a few weeks to start reaping the benefits. Mobius costs less than a couple sessions with a trainer, but teaches you agility and confidence that will stay with you for life.

$95 – Build Agility and Confidence

Or make 3 payments of $35
Click here to see bundle options
Mobius will help you move better, guaranteed.

After the first four weeks, if you’re not moving and feeling measurably, noticeably better, we don’t want your money. Send us an email, and we’ll give you a full refund that you can put towards a gym membership or a weight set. You can see all the details here.
Jenn Pilotti
Jenn Pilotti
Makes Life Easier and More Fun

Transitions create strength, control, and coordination. They improve balance and confidence, giving you options for everyday activities you may not have had before.

A client was recently doing a home improvement job that required an awkward angle. “I thought it was going to suck because of how I was going to have to angle down to reach,” she told me, “but because of all the work we do, it was easy to get down to the floor and get into a position that worked.” Practicing transitions as part of your workout makes life easier and a little more fun.
Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also taken the liberty of including the answers here, since the questions aren’t very enlightening on their own ?
Lifetime Access
You’ll never lose access to your programs. If you have to take time off, pick right back up where you started. Your training materials are always available.

Free Updates
Every few months, we update all of our programs based on client feedback and new things we’ve learned. You’ll never have to pay for the most recent version.

Brilliant Support
If you ever get stuck or need help, you can easily send a message and get expert support from one of our coaches. We’re here to help.
What equipment is required for Mobius?

No equipment needed—just a little bit of floor space. And you’ll probably want to start out on a softer surface like a carpet or a mat.
What’s the difference between this and Elements or Vitamin?

Mobius is a structured program for building transitional skill. It’s designed as a next step after Elements for people who want more agility.

Vitamin is an exploration of various movement types for developing general motor control and building practice habits.

They have completely different exercise selections and practice styles to carry out their purposes.
Is there an app for this program?

It’s built from the ground up to work great on your phone. You can even add a button to your home screen for easy access. You just use it through your browser instead of downloading it through an app store.
Is Mobius okay for women?

Get GMB – Mobius – Agility and Coordination for Athletic Movement download

Absolutely. The movements you learn in Mobius will help anyone move with more agility and confidence.
Am I too old or fat or (fill in the blank) to do this program?

It all depends on your current capability level. Mobius isn’t a beginner program. If you’re just starting out or coming back to training after a good while away, we’d recommend starting with our Elements program. It’ll help you build the foundation you need to do things like Mobius with confidence.

But if you’ve been training consistently and have a solid foundation, Mobius will help you take your agility to the next level.
How long do the workouts take?

Mobius sessions are adjustable depending on how much time you have that day. So if you have 15–45 minutes two or three times a week, that’s enough to get good results.
What kind of results can I expect?

Mobius will help you build agility, coordination, and responsiveness for all your activities. What that feels like is being able to move with more confidence and grace, especially in dynamic environments like sports fields, martial arts mats, or games of tag at your kid’s birthday party.
Will I lose fat or gain muscle by going through this program?

Mobius is designed to help you build athletic agility, not change your body composition. So while you’ll probably build some strength and muscle, don’t expect big changes in the mirror just from doing this program.


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