Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking The Arm Bar


Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking The Arm Bar

Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking The Arm Bar


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Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking The Arm Bar

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Revolutionize Your Ability To Attack and Finish With The Most Effective Armbar Variations Under The Guidance Of Grappling GOAT Gordon Ryan!

  • Gordon Ryan teaches you to systematically attack the armbar in his masterclass 8-part instructional spanning 7+ hours of content, coupled together with rolling footage and commentary!
  • Get a complete introduction to armbars, also known as Juji Gatame, including differences between top Juji vs bottom Juji, types of grips, Juji variations, escape options for your opponent, and more!
  • Shift your mindset when attacking armbars with Gordon Ryan’s championship level tactics that allow you to gain a systematic understanding of attacking the armbar and its most effective variations.
  • Learn Juji variations like quarter Juji, full Juji, three quarter Juji, Pillow/Scissor Juji, as well as complimentary attacks that present themselves during the Juji process.
  • Discover one of Gordon’s favorite Juji variations, the Shoulder Sankaku, and how it can be an integral part of your Juji game for both bottom and top positions!
  • Troubleshoot common escape tactics and how to blend between Juji variations to always have a path to finish.

Course Content
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Volume 1
Intro To Armbars 0
Top Juji Vs Bottom Juji 1:13
Central Problems 2:45
Types Of Juji’s 5:05
Types Of Grips 9:50
Top Hand Vs Bottom Hand Post 11:54
3 Escaping Directions 15:19
Dilemma Game 18:16
Overview 19:56

Volume 2
Quarter Juji – Intro To Quarter Juji 0
Ways To Escape 1:25
Top Hand Vs Bottom Hand Post Theory 2:39
Initial Stabilization 6:26
Long End Of The Lever 10:46
Elbow To Hip Rule 11:59
Falling Towards The Legs – Kipping Hands Apart 14:27
Proper Gripping 18:58
Finishing Mechanics 22:54
Peeling Thumbs 28:41
Ten Finger Grip Break 31:52
Palm To Palm Grip Break 36:59
Wrist To Wrist Grip Break 41:55
Countering A Hamstring Grab 44:05
Falling Towards The Head Separating Ten Finger Grips 45:44
Separating Palm To Palm Grips 50:44
Separating Wrist To Wrist Grips 54:45

Volume 3
Lat Juji 0
Using Kimura To Stop A Roll 3:23
Countering A Hitchhiker Escape 6:30
Countering A Back Roll 10:10
Switching To Other Systems 14:00
Roll Them Through 18:43
Entering Legs 25:07
Opponent Stacks – Knee And Ear Rule 26:51
Separating Hands 28:49
Lat Juji 38:09
Returning Opponent To The Mat 40:49
Returning Standing Opponent To The Mat 45:34
Enter Legs 49:23
Addressing A Figure 4/ Moving To Full Juji 53:05

Volume 4
Intro To Full Juji 0
Ways To Escape 1:28
Top Hand Vs Bottom Hand Post 2:57
Initial Stabilization 5:29
Falling Towards The Legs Grip Breaks 7:52
Falling Towards The Head Grip Breaks 8:43
Far Shoulder Trap 10:27
Countering Hitchhiker 16:51
Countering Backroll 21:33
Switching To Other Systems 23:30
Rolling Through 28:29
Countering An Ankle Elbow Wedge 29:56
Stacking Differences 38:27
Addressing A Figure Four-Thumb Posting The Wrist 46:33
Over Wrapping The Leg 52:18
Figure Four Top Lock 59:30
Armpit Wedge 1:03:04
Countering An Inside Knee 1:06:49
Moving To Mount 1:09:15
Entering The Legs 1:16:37
Moving To Three Quarter Juji – Over The Knuckles Under The Arms 1:18:13

Volume 5
Intro To Three Quarter Juji 0
Ways To Escape 3:04
Top Hand Vs Bottom Hand Post 5:57
Initial Stabilization 7:15
Dilemma Game 8:50
Falling Towards The Leg Grip Breaks 10:21
Triangle Dilemma 13:29
Falling Towards The Head Grip Breaks 16:06
Countering Hitchhiker 20:30
Countering A Backroll 22:25
Switching To Other Systems 23:12
Rolling Through 26:57
Stacking Differences 29:24
Returning Standing Opponent To The Mat/Enter The Legs 33:47
Falling Towards The Legs-Addressing A Figure Four 34:54
Falling Towards The Head-Addressing A Figure Four 38:32
Enter The Legs 42:37

Volume 6
Intro To Pillow/Scissor Juji 0
Ways Of Escaping 2:03
Initial Stabilization 3:56
Separating Hands 7:40
Countering A Hitchhiker 10:23
No Back Roll 11:18
Countering The Initial Stack 12:27
Finishing From Bottom Juji 14:59
Rolling An Opponent Through 18:33
Transfer To Omoplata 21:12
Enter The Legs 24:15
Intro To Scissor Juji 28:13
Ways To Escape 30:21
Top Hand Vs Bottom Hand Post 31:54
Initial Stabilization 34:28
Falling Towards The Leg Grip Breaks 35:59
Falling Towards The Head Grip Breaks 36:36
No Back Roll 37:07
Countering A Hitchhiker 37:53
Countering A Stack 39:56
Enter Legs 42:07
Addressing A Figure Four Falling Towards The Legs 44:38
Addressing A Figure Four Falling Towards The Head 48:01
Enter Legs 51:07
Pillow/Scissor Juji Combos 51:58

Volume 7
Intro To Top Side Shoulder Sankaku 0
Ways To Escape 2:48
Initial Stabilization 6:24
Countering A Hitchhiker 8:52
No Back Roll 9:50
Countering A Stack 10:42
Enter Legs 19:20
Rolling An Opponent Through 20:35
Switching To Omoplata 25:56
Enter Legs 28:17
Intro To Bottom Side Shoulder Sankaku 29:20
Ways To Escape 30:36
Initial Stabilization 32:06
Countering A Hitchhiker 33:56
Countering A Back Roll 37:46
Countering A Stack 41:04
Enter Legs 45:11
Rolling Opponent Through 46:09
Switching To Omoplata 50:32
Enter Legs 51:54
Switching Jujis And Advanced Sequences 54:23
Outro 1:01:55

Volume 8
Rolling – Juan 0
Rolling – Reese 4:57
Rolling – Luis 10:00
Rolling – Fernando 14:53
Rolling Commentary – Juan 19:51
Rolling Commentary – Reese 29:34
Rolling Commentary – Luis 37:06
Rolling Commentary – Fernando 45:26

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