Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self Hypnosis System


Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self Hypnosis System

Igor Ledochowski - Ultimate Self Hypnosis System

Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self Hypnosis System


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“This course is available and delivery within one day!”How you’ll know when it’s time to “upgrade” your beliefs and reach for a BIGGER and more ambitious goal (this will happen sooner than you think!)File Size:11.504 GB Format File:86 MP4, 85 MP3, 14 PDF


Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self Hypnosis System

Igor Ledochowski - Ultimate Self Hypnosis System

Turn Into That Rare Individual Who Paves Your Own Path In Life Attracting Endless Opportunities As People Look On and Wonder:

“What’s Their Secret? ”

The NEW 5-Step “Mind Recalibration” Formula Lets You “Step Inside” Your Unconscious Mind… and Free Yourself from Decades of Self-Imposed Limits, Brakes & Hurdles…

You could:

  • Bring more magic and spontaneity into your life
  • Restore your mental and physical energy and vitality
  • Resolve conflicts and inner disturbances as they arise
  • Eliminate toxic stress, worry and panic.
  • Unlock pathways to greater success, love, wealth and purpose
  • Reclaim your attention instead of giving into constant distractions
  • Heal painful memories or trauma so they no longer hold you back in the present or future
  • Gain zen-like control over your emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviors

And in a moment I’ll reveal a Simple 5-Step by step This makes it possible to make lasting changes – at the psychological, physical, and deeper levels. “energetic” levels… in as little as 5 minutes per day

First, let’s take a moment and consider why so many people are completely satisfied with their lives. Closed off from the depths and magnitude of their mind’s potential in the first place.

The simple reason is:

Most People Live In A State Of Constant Distraction

Why is it so?

For starters, Your brain gets overwhelmed by information from the moment you wake up…

You are surrounded by family, friends, colleagues and devices. Your thoughts, feelings, thoughts, and emotions are all calling for your attention!

Factor in the fact that corporations spend billions of dollars on ways to grab your attention and direct it where they want it to.

The result?

Instead of concentrating on what truly matters to you in life…

Your Focus gets scattered all over the place.

No wonder nearly 75% of adults report regular anxiety, lack of focus, fatigue, exhaustion, lack of motivation…

Not to be missed “heavier” You may experience symptoms such as depression, headaches, or stomach pain.

The worst part?

Chronic distractions you from accessing your mind’s vast resources.

How can you do that? Attain higher levels of creativity and motivation and energy (let alone heal negative thought patterns, create better beliefs or go after your life’s dreams)…

Everything in your environment should be designed to wrestle your attention away from you…

You point it in the WRONG way?

Get Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Download

Over time, you will end up You keep your mind from the most fundamental parts of your brain that make life feel like an exciting adventure…

Instead of a daily grind.

Because if there’s Human beings are a simple fact. that’s been known and accepted for thousands of years, it’s this:

The Human Mind Can Do Extraordinary Things

It’s the greatest known source of wisdom, knowledge, creativity and energy that we know of in the entire universe.

And make no mistake – all the tools and resources you need to live a full, vibrant, and balanced life are ALREADY inside you.

It’s that easy!

There’s just one problem:

The majority of people don’t know where to start!

No one can show you how to regain focus and attention.

No one can teach you how to. “explore” your unconscious mind.

No one can tell you how to get rid of your limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

Of course Some people are driven to expand their minds and explore the world around them. Meditation, hypnosis and all types of psychedelics.

These can be great tools.

They often fall short of expectations during the day.-To-day moments when you feel like you’re getting pulled back into familiar fears, troubling thought patterns, and negative beliefs.

Or they don’t equip you with a way to ACTIVELY make changes instead of just sitting back and hoping for the best.

Don’t worry. There’s a solution.

And in a moment I’ll reveal just how easy it is to gain access to the deeper parts of your mind So that you can make lasting, profound changes.

But first…

I’d Like To Share An
Incredible Story with You

It’s about a man I’ll refer to as John.

John and I met for the first time years ago through a mutual acquaintance.

John was a salesman at a Silicon Valley tech company. He was also married to his high-achieving wife.-He was a school sweetheart, and had two daughters.

It looked like he had everything.

But inside, John was plagued with anxiety and stress..

He’d spend hours lying awake at night, unable to sleep, worrying that he wasn’t doing enough at work and that he would get You will be replaced by someone with more drive, energy and determination.

To make matters worse, John’s wife started to lose her patience as he became more and more disconnected, He spends hours glued to his phone.

She complained that he was always in the same place as her and the children even though he was in the room together. Never really There are.

It was obvious Something had to be changed.

John started by trying to meditate for 10 minutes each day, taking a jog in the fresh and writing his thoughts.

It helped for a while, but as the weeks went by, John still felt like he couldn’t get a grip on his stress and anxiety.

Later, he described how it felt like he were being held captive. “on a never-ending roller coaster ride.”.

Here’s A Breakdown Of The Exciting Tools, Techniques And Content You’ll Discover In The New Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System Training:

Get Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Download

Main Training: Module #1

The Principles Of Classical Self Hypnosis, How Focus & Attention Are At The Core Of HypnosisUnderstanding The Metaphysical Concept Of Self, Demos (1) “Collecting Attention”, (2) “Corner Scans”, (3) “Peripheral Vision”, (4) “Long Inhale/Exhale”

  • How to Focus in 60 seconds to sharpen your focus — use this technique Anytime, anywhere!
  • Why you’ve You lost control of your attention… and how to start reclaiming it right away!
  • How Self-Hypnosis Gives you the best tools Your own mind, your mental systems, and your internal life can be managed
  • The “essence” This is Self-Hypnosis… boiled down into 5 simple words!
  • How to stop letting it happen Negative moods, worries and dark thoughts Do not let your life stop you from living what you want
  • The classic 4-Part Self-Hypnosis Formula – you’ll discover a “new and improved” Version of this!
  • How to focus your attention and keep it there Key to success with Self-Hypnosis… and many other areas of your life, too!
  • How to create the Best mental health “posture” For Self-Hypnosis To work
  • The surprising difference between looking… and Really SEEING!
  • This fun exercise will make your environment more positive. More vivid and vibrant colors In seconds!
  • How to Increase mental clarity Focus your eyes on objects around and focus them.
  • These simple exercises can help you get started. Get rid of mental fog and naturally sharpen attention
  • Control your awareness anywhere, anytime These are some of the easiest ways to do it!
  • Create the Ideal conditions for Self-Hypnosis… In just one minute


  • Demo (1): How to grab attention using the “Relax & Focus” Method
  • Demo (2): Use Corner Scans To sharpen focus and grab attention
  • Demo (3): Activating your peripheral vision Inner calm
  • Demo (4): Sharpen your focus with the Long Inhale/Exhale

Main Training: Module #2

How To Channel Your Attention & The Power Of Selective Attention, Importance Of Full Body Autogenic Relaxation In Self Hypnosis Using Specific Statements & Demos (5) “Long Exhale & Heavy Arms”, (6) “Warm & Calm”, (7) “Slow & Pleasant”, (8) “Soft & Warm”, (9) “Free & Limp”

  • How to use language to channel attention It is time to get rid of social media, news, and TV
  • The 3-Step Hypnotic Feedback Loop — Use these suggestions to strengthen the connection between your mind & body
  • Why the Law of Attention How you think, feel and act in your life will determine how you live.
  • The Secret to avoiding internal conflict during Self-Hypnosis
  • How to make suggestions Naturally, confidence will grow Self-evaluation-Belief
  • The reason most affirmations are a? Wasting time! (Do THIS instead!)
  • These are the words you should use to describe yourself as you enter a state of relaxation… and see how your mind turns your words… into reality!
  • Enjoy the Power of real affirmations… once you try this, you’ll realize why most people are wasting their time with “positive thinking”
  • How to Enter a state where you can relax and let go of tension in every area of your body, one step at a time… in just a few minutes!
  • Get a rock-Solid foundation For your Self-Hypnosis journey…you’re now ready to go onto the next step… it’s exciting!


  • Demo (5): Using the Long Exhale & Heavy Arms To activate autogenic relaxation
  • Demo (6) : Warm & Calm – Temperature suggestions to increase relaxation and create positive feedback loops
  • Demo (7): Slow & Pleasant – To promote relaxation in the most emotionally charged part of your body, watch and guide your heartbeat
  • Demo (8): Soft & Warm – Relax the areas of your body that are prone to fear and tension
  • Demo (9): Free & Limp – Use these suggestions to relieve tension from your shoulders

Main Training: Module #3

Seeing v Mentalization, How To Evoke Details From Your Memory, Understanding Mental Representations & Veil Of Consciousness, How To Expand Your Attention With Mentalization & Demos (10) “Visual Memory Recall”, (11) “Mental Representation Of The Future”, (12) “Auditory & Kinesthetic Memory Recall”

  • Start with Improve your visual memory recall… so images inside your mind become sharper and many times MORE vivid!
  • The must-Know the difference between visualizing… and… mentalizing (it’s like going from 2D… to 5D!)
  • You want to Make a NEW and more beautiful reality. Here’s how to detach from the old stories holding you back
  • Why? You can’t force your mind to think. Visualizing a goal or desire is a common mistake.
  • How to Troubleshoot your mentalizations so they work for you – it’s easier than you think!
  • This is what you can do Have fun “breakfast memory” exercise to access your visual memory… (this gives you all the resources you’ll need for Self Hypnosis Work!
  • Fear trappings: How attachments can trap you and keep you from living an amazing life (don’t worry — you’ll start to let go of them now!)
  • How to You can amplify your visual, auditory and/or kinesthetic skills Modes for mentalizing
  • The secret to adding For ANY memory, intensity, vividness, and detail
  • Use this simple method to improve your visual processing system – you’ll become a pro at visualizing images in your mind’s eye!
  • Why let go of attachment This is the key to achieving lasting, real change in your life


  • Demo (10): Visual Memory Recall – This is an easy way to sharpen your skills “tonal” Images
  • Demo (11): Mental Representation of the Future To visualize future experiences, use sensory details
  • Demo (12): Auditory & Kinesthetic Memory Recall – Use the sensory overlap technique to increase mental flexibility

Main Training: Module #4

The Ultimate Self Hypnosis Formula & The ‘Selective Attention’ Game, Understanding Attachments In Self Hypnosis & Demos (13) “Facing Attachments – Polar Opposite Memories” & (14) “Removing An Attachment”

  • You are about to discover the 5 Steps to Ultimate Self-Hypnosis… summarized in 10 simple words… hear it once and you’ll remember it forever!
  • Start identifying and letting loose of attachments (your life won’t be the same after you release these areas of emotional tension!)
  • You can test your focus and selective attention skills The Selective Attention Game
  • Find out how you can Two different types of vision are activated (both come in handy during Self-Hypnosis!)
  • How to let go emotions and stories Without becoming “detached”
  • How attachments and stories can lead to negative stories Influence your thoughts and behaviors… without you even realizing it!
  • Why are traumatic memories so hard to forget? from realizing your true potential in the present… you’ll find out how to “reshape” These are some of the best experiences
  • How to recognize attachment problems (and how you can dissolve them)
  • Practice “setting the scene” For Ultimate Self-Hypnosis so you’re mentally and physically ready to go!
  • Your amazing way of thinking unconscious mind lets you know it’s ready Accept your changes and suggestions


Get Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Download

  • Demo (13): Facing Attachments Use “polar opposite” Memories
  • Demo (14): How to Remove an Attachment

Main Training: Module #5

The 5 Steps of Ultimate Self Hypnosis Explained: How to Free Yourself from the Stories That Trap You. Exploring Core Techniques Self Hypnosis & Demos (15) “Explore A Strange New World”, (16) “Link & Split”, (17) “Increase & Decrease”, (18) “Physical Projection & Memory Projection”, (19) “Removing Attachment To Fear”

  • How to explore a “new world” Your unconscious mind created it all (get ready for a mind).-It was a wonderful experience!
  • Reviewed the Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Formula… and dive into the most powerful step of the entire process!
  • How to prime your brain To AUTOMATICALLY make better conscious or unconscious choices
  • How to develop your intuition “reprogramming” your unconscious Your mind will seek out the most important things in your life.
  • Find out the amazing connection between Self-Hypnosis… and Being a “lucky” person!
  • Here’s the simple way to explore your unconscious mind — you’ll be amazed to see what “surfaces” into your conscious awareness!
  • Establish the right framework to access your unconscious mind… then… you’ll be ready to interact with it!
  • Practice stabilizing your attention… this is one of the most useful skills you can master!
  • Learn the new rules “logic” you can use to work with your unconscious mind… This is some amazing stuff!
  • This is what you should do-bending exercise… you’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland!
  • How to Give your unconscious mind the opportunity to be creative to spontaneously present new information to you… that contains deeper meanings!
  • How to get “unstuck” A fixed perspective
  • Specific techniques There are many ways to CHANGE or TRANSFORM your unconscious mind
  • Overcome the limitations of the physical world… and start to manipulate your internal environment using Hypnotizing symbols


  • Demo (15): ExploRe A Strange New World Follow these steps to access your unconscious mind directly!
  • Demo (16): Using “Link & Split” technique Transform elements in your unconscious world
  • Demo (17) – How to Increase and decrease symbolic objects In Your Hypnotic Landscape
  • Demo (18): Physical Projection & Memory Projection Start to see “in-between” You can experience a shift of perspective by removing layers of reality
  • Demo (19): RemoviAttachment to ng Explore a different angle on your story

Main Training: Module #6

Exploring Additional Core Self Hypnosis Techniques, How To Get Unstuck & Remove Stories & Attachments That Limit Us, Demos (20) “How To Project, Associate & Dissociate”, (21) “Create An Object”, & (22) “Destroy An Object”

  • Find out How to shift your outlook and change your emotional state… In seconds!
  • Find out 4 different ways to make your own. “creating” Symbolic objects in your inner environment — you won’t believe the power of your imagination!
  • Why do you get stuck If your attention gets caught up! (Stay tuned to learn how to get there! unstuck!)
  • Feel how your emotional reactions change Your structure and size will determine the type of your property. Hypnotizing symbols
  • Learn more about the stories you tell yourself. Break free from stories These are no longer relevant!
  • The surprising reason destruction It can be a healthy part in life
  • Enjoy being comfortable Shifting and directing your attention It will go where you want it to!
  • You want to Change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors The first step in controlling your environment is to learn how to do it (find out how!)
  • How to make your life a success so it becomes happier… healthier… more vibrant… and WAY more exciting!


  • Demo (20): Project, Associate & Dissociate How to dissociate and associate with objects in your hypnotic landscape
  • Demo (21): Create an Object Discover how to create new symbols in your hypnotic landscape using different methods
  • Demo (22): Destroy an Object How to get rid of unwanted or irrelevant feelings and behaviors in your unconscious mind

Main Training: Module #7

Core: Metaphorically Projecting Transformations Self Hypnosis Techniques & Demos (23) “Destroying To Transform”, (24) “Transforming By Copying & Linking”, (25) “Transforming By Evolving”, (26) “How To Get Unstuck In The Story Of Our Problems”, (27) “Transforming With Energy”

  • Find out 4 core Self-Hypnosis “Transformation Tools” You can use your imagination to solve real problems in your life
  • Why? The key to success is shifting your focus to changing your memories, feelings, behaviors… even your personality!
  • How to identify fear Don’t let life get in the way of living your life to its full potential
  • Discover the ultimate techniques for healing… generating positive energy … finding recourses… and much more!
  • How to take ANY problem… and It can be made into a resource!
  • This fun exercise is for you Increase your health and vitality in your life
  • How to troubleshoot in case you get stuck or confused using these techniques… plus Q&A sessions so you never get lost or confused!
  • How to use it “X-Ray Technique” To find the parts of you inner landscape that you would like to heal or remove
  • Get a potent Self-Hypnosis Toolkit you’ll be able to use to heal, transform and evolve ANY problem!


  • Demo (23): Destroying to Transform Learn how to remove “unhealthy” Parts of a larger whole
  • Demo (24): Transforming By Copying & Linking – The ultimate tool to heal
  • Demo (25): TranEvolving – sforming Turn a problem into an opportunity
  • Demo (26) – How To Get Unstuck The Story of Our Problems
  • Demo (27): TransformEnergy – How to bring healing energy to your symbolic landscape

Main Training: Module #8

Explore More Transformation Tools Self Hypnosis & Demos (28) “Transforming By Framing & Merging”, (29) “Transforming With Timeline”, (30) “Transforming By Zooming”, & (31) “Transforming By Tweaking”

  • Explore the Final 4 core transformational tools Self-Hypnosis! To feel happy, refreshed, and wonderfully energized, you can immediately start using them
  • The “Enhanced Reality” Technique – Use this whenever you want to take an unhealthy part of your reality or anything holding you back… and transform it!
  • How Your mind and your body Tell you When your problem is solved, there is no room for doubt!
  • How to use the concept framing “contain” Your problems and solutions Make them easier to solve
  • Gain complete trust in your unconscious mind – It will begin to SHOW you what you need to heal!
  • What is most people interested in? Misunderstand about willpower
  • Change your perception of time You can use the tools in this module for transforming events from the past
  • Unconscious levels of your problem can be solved in new ways
  • Do you want to change your past relationship? Try these suggestions. fascinating “Timeline” Technique!
  • Learn how to “point” your mind It will go in the direction you want!


Get Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Download

  • Demo (28): Transforming by Framing & Merging – Instead of focusing on a negative reality, turn it into a positive one!
  • Demo (29): TransforTimeline – mingle with Timeline Heal painful moments from the past
  • Demo (30) – Transforming by Zooming: Create healing at subatomic levels!
  • Demo (31): Transforming by Tweaking Increase your vitality, and let the positive outweigh the negative.

Main Training: Module #9

It all comes together, Demos on How To Metaphorize Any Abstract Data, Demos On The Use Of Projection To (32) “Get Information”, (33) “Scan Internal Organs”, (34) “Improve Relationships”, (35) “Create Abundance” (36) “Removing Doubts & Attachments”, (37) “Overcoming Mentalization Difficulties”

  • You have All 5 steps of The Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System at your fingertips… Now the real fun begins!
  • Check out All 10 trance tools, 8 transformation tools You have in your Self-Hypnosis toolkit…. You’ll see the real power of this system as you start to combine them in infinite ways to achieve Anything You can have what you want
  • How to translate real-Transform life’s problems into symbols You can work with unconscious levels (even the most complicated problems)
  • Use the amazing “Internal Scan” technique To bring more health and vitality to any part of your body
  • This is the simple way to get started turn ANYTHING into a metaphor — this is the key to transforming ANY part of your life!
  • Take a look at these examples How to handle attachments Work through inner fear to dispel doubt
  • The entire article is available here Self-Hypnosis Formula Step-By-step so you’re crystal clear on each phase before you dive into the practical applications
  • How to improve your relationship By releasing hurtful memories or emotions towards someone you love,
  • You want to Adopt a new mindset  “rewrite” Your story? Do this and you’ll feel like you can overcome any challenge in your life!
  • How to Don’t be afraid to let go of the scarcity mindset Attract more wealth and abundance to your life!


  • Demo (32) – Use Projection to Get More Information How to extract a metaphor from ideas and concepts
  • Demo (33) – Using projection to scan internal organs – How to improve your health and emotional well-being
  • Demo (34): Removing Doubts & Attachments – How to dissolve inner stories
  • Demo (35): Overcoming Mentalization Difficulties
  • Demo (36) – Projection for Relationships
  • Demo (37) – Using Projection to Abundance

Main Training: Module #10

Apply Self Hypnosis Techniques To Achieve Health & Vitality & Demos (38) “Body-Sculpting For Fitness”, (39) “Removing Hidden Attachments”, (40) “Applying Trance Techniques To Achieve Vitality”, (41) “Removing The Blocks”, (42) “Removing Interference”

How to Increase your fitness, strength, flexibility Use the uplifting Body-Sculpting Technique

  • Explore How to get rid of any beliefs that may be holding you back So they don’t stop you from achieving what you want in your life
  • The GOLDEN RULE for creating goals You can make your dreams a reality in your daily life
  • What to do Do not doubt your ability Follow these easy steps to reach your goal
  • This is Why so many people fail with Self-Hypnosis — you’ll find out how to easily side step this common pitfall
  • This is an inspiring technique You can fill every cell with vitality and energy that will make you feel alive!
  • Dealing with Intrusive or nagging thoughts? Here’s how to banish them for good
  • What to do if your symbols and metaphors are unclear or fuzzy?
  • How to Apply the Law of Success To your Self-Hypnosis journey so you create bigger and bigger transformations in your life… every single day!
  • How you’ll know when it’s Time to “upgrade” Your beliefs You can reach for a greater and more ambitious goal sooner than you think.


  • Demo (38): Body-Sculpting for Fitness – Step into your ideal self!
  • Demo (39) – How to Remove Hidden Attachments & Mental Blocks
  • Demo (40): Applying Trance Techniques To Achieve Vitality
  • Demo (41): Removing Blocks – Get rid all that holds you back Self Hypnosis
  • Demo (42) Removing Interference How to get past intrusive thoughts

Main Training: Module #11

Ultimate Self Hypnosis Techniques To Fix Various Problems & Demos (43) “Curing Phobia With Self Hypnosis”, (44) “Self Hypnosis For Financial Issues”, (45) “Self Hypnosis For Obsessive Thoughts”

  • Are you having financial difficulties? Use this technique to “tune” Find solutions for financing by yourself-Similar problems
  • Be free from a scarcity mindset So you can finally bring more wealth to your life
  • How to remove obsessive thoughts… Once and for all
  • Why suffering is caused a Conflict between your subjective truth and objective truth (you’ll bring them back into harmony!)
  • How do you find the right symbol? You can use it to represent a fear/phobia and transform it through Self-Hypnosis
  • How metaphors create a bridge Between your subjective and objective truths
  • The easiest way to Any problem, goal, or thought can be transformed into a metaphor
  • How to Face painful problems — you’ll find out a simple method for working through any issue!
  • How to “unpeel” Layers of a problem Use Self-Hypnosis To work through more complicated issues
  • Why you can trust your subconscious I will be happy to point you in the right direction. Self-Hypnosis (you’ll get to see a powerful demo to see this in action!)
  • Learn how to use Self-Hypnosis To Overcome phobias and trauma memories


  • Demo (43): How to Cure Phobias Self Hypnosis
  • Demo (44): How to Apply Self Hypnosis Financial Issues
  • Demo (45): Apply Self Hypnosis To Get Rid of Obsessive Thoughts

Main Training: Module #12

How to Use the Ultimate Self Hypnosis System For Goals & Projects & Demos: (46) “Applying Self Hypnosis To Goals”, (47) “Mastering Self Hypnosis”

  • How to use it Ultimate Self Hypnosis System To Reach your highest goals
  • Are you stuck on a project? This step should be followed-By-Step method to finally make great progress and get rid of any blocks on your way
  • Spend time exploring your unconscious landscape – you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for your imagination, creativity and unconscious mind
  • How to spot resources that spontaneously show up in your unconscious mind… they’re there to help you!
  • This technique can be used to Increase your confidence You can make any goal feel possible.
  • Follow a step-By-Step-by-step walkthrough of how to take any goal and orient yourself towards achieving it faster… and with greater ease!
  • By now you’ll already Feel free to explore new possibilities. in life… this is your unconscious mind already starting to “recalibrate” itself!
  • How to integrate self-hypnosis system into your work as hypnotherapist… you’ll be amazed how much energy and motivation your hypnosis clients “absorb” We are here for you!
  • How to use the Ultimate Self Hypnosis System You can find more information at Fun and easy parts of your life By creating a “trigger mechanism”


  • Demo (46): How to Apply Self Hypnosis Reach Your Goals
  • Demo (47): Mastering Self Hypnosis – This final exercise will help you integrate the powerful lessons into your daily life

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