Iman Gadzhi – – Revolutionizing Online Learning Courses


Iman Gadzhi – – Revolutionizing Online Learning Courses

Iman Gadzhi - - Revolutionizing Online Learning Courses

Iman Gadzhi – – Revolutionizing Online Learning Courses


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Learn from industry titans who have made millions of dollars practicing what they preach.

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Iman Gadzhi – – Revolutionizing Online Learning Courses

Iman Gadzhi - - Revolutionizing Online Learning Courses

Launch Your High-Income Career and join the new generation of young millionaires.

Are you ready to embrace the unconventional path or are you gonna just settle for conventional results?

Access to the right knowledge

Learn from industry titans who have made millions of dollars practicing what they preach.

Access to the right people

Your success hinges on having the right people around you. Inisde Educate, you’ll have access to 15+ expert coaches and your own 1:1 success coach.

Access to the right opportunities

Half of success is knowing what to act on. Inside of Educate, you’ll have access to the latest opportunities so that you can be at the right place at the right time.

The Right Knowledge

Learn from industry titans who have made millions of dollars practicing what they preach.

6-Figure Sales Rep

Inside of Six-Figure Sales Rep, Paul Daley will teach you how to make 6-figures without having to start a business, by becoming a Remote Sales Rep for companies that sell high-ticket products/services online.


Pen To Profit

Inside Pen To Profit, Luis will teach you how to literally print money through the art of writing texts that make people take action… Even if you suck at writing. Imagine getting paid for every single email that you write. For every single text that you send. That’s what you’ll learn here.


Agency Navigator

Inside Agency Navigator, Iman Gadzhi teaches you how to start a service based-business- which is the best business model to generate cash-flow and unlock your dream life. With it you can achieve financial, time and location freedom with no prior experience.


Here’s What You’re Gonna Get Inside Each Program…

The Honorable Close

In the first phase of this program, Paul will break down who remote sales is for and show you the path to build wealth in sales. This way, you know exactly what this adventure looks like before even getting started. Here you’ll learn how it is possible to sell your way to financial freedom.

Phase length: 5 lessons (1h32mins)

Module 1: Paul Daley & Iman Gadzhi, Meet Your Instructor

Module 2: The Honorable Close

Module 3: Unmasking The Sales Persona

Module 4: The Path to Building Wealth in Sales

Module 5: The Standard of Educate

Phase Preview

The Sales Ecosystem

In this phase you’ll learn exactly how to set yourself up to success with sales. The problem with most sales training is that they jump straight into sales concepts and processes, and forget to explain the most important topics first: compensation, how to find a good sales job, what is a good offer to sell vs what offers you’ll struggle with, and things that are just as important as your sales scripts, such as your camera angle, zoom background, and lighting. Not having these elements set up properly will ensure you fail, no matter how good your sales script & processes are.

Phase length: 9 lessons



The Right People

The only way to achieve ten years worth of progress in one is by having the right people around you. That’s why we at Educate go to such lengths to provide you with the most personalized support in the industry.



The Right Opportunities

Educate has an ever-growing portfolio, with new programs dropping every 4-6 months, covering the hottest opportunities online and how you can take advantage of them. This way, you always have access to the best opportunities out there, that are working right now, before anyone else. You get access to all the new content for as long as you have an active subscription, just like on Netflix!



When You Join Educate Today, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Agency Navigator

Over 40 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency, the best business model for beginners, from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system. Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales… This program has everything covered for you. No other program in the market has generated more 6 and 7 figure earners than Agency Navigator.

6-Figure Sales Rep

Inside of 6-Figure Sales Rep, Paul is gonna teach you the best and most timeless high-income skill to go from zero to six figures in record time. He’ll give you the same proven sales process that we use internally at all of my companies and that Paul has used to train hundreds of people from all walks of life and turn them into world class Remote Sales Reps.

Pen To Profit

Inside of Pen To Profit, Luis is gonna teach you how to write words that make people take action, and get paid very well to do so. You’ll learn how even people who weren’t born with the skill of writing can still make millions with this skill, by following the proven fill-in-the-blanks copy structure Luis will provide you with. And even better, you’ll learn how to use A.I. to get all the copy written for you.

15+ Weekly Coaching Calls

This is the most overlooked aspect of Educate. You’re not only getting access to the best online programs in the world, but also access to dozens of coaches who provide with updated content every single week during their coaching calls- where you can unmute yourself and personally ask them questions. We have calls on copywriting, media buying, sales, outreach, client acquisition, scaling your business, accountability, mindset and more.

1:1 Student Success Coach

A dedicated 1-on-1 coach that will jump on a call with you and help you craft a customized action-plan to achieve your specific goals. Your SSC will check-up with you regularly in order to ensure you’re on the right track. To this point we’ve had 50,000+ candidates applying for this position and we have only hired 25. It is literally easier to get accepted into Harvard then it is to get accepted to be a coach to our students. That’s the level of people you’ll get access to inside of Educate.

Exclusive Mastermind Community

Inside our exclusive mastermind community you’ll meet students walking alongside you, starting at the same time as you, so you can walk this path together. You’ll find students ahead of you on their journey who can show you the way, as well as Educate coaches – all sharing their experiences in the same place, and helping each other with their questions and challenges.

Educate Mobile App

To give you the ultimate Netflix-like experience, we have developed a custom app from scratch for you to be able to access the Educate platform and watch all the programs from wherever you want directly from your phone. Gone are the days where you needed a computer in order to learn a high-income skill and launch your high-income career.


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