Irv Official – Credit Secrets Finally Revealed


Irv Official – Credit Secrets Finally Revealed

Irv Official - Credit Secrets Finally Revealed

Irv Official – Credit Secrets Finally Revealed


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How to fully sweep a credit report in under 90 days (remove charge-offs, collections, auto-repossessions, evictions, bankruptcies…

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Irv Official – Credit Secrets Finally Revealed

Irv Official - Credit Secrets Finally Revealed

In this course, you will learn the ins & outs of the credit world: What banks look at when approving you for credit, build a 750+ credit score, sweep a credit report in under 90 days, what banks don’t tell you, access high credit lines & borrow money from your credit cards and invest it at 0% interest

  • How to fully sweep a credit report in under 90 days (remove charge-offs, collections, auto-repossessions, evictions, bankruptcies, late payments, inquiries, etc)
  • How to properly build your credit report to virtually guarantee high-limit credit line approvals & never get denied again
  • How to hide your credit utilization, so you can borrow money from your credit cards and invest it at 0% interest and never have to make the monthly payment
  • All the templates, tools & resources you will ever need are found in here from a pro

Example Curriculum


  • Here’s What You’re Going To Learn(2:20)
  • What Is Credit?(1:18)
  • The Perfect Credit Myth…DEBUNKED(4:48)

Phase 1: DIY Credit Repair

  • The Big 3(1:37)
  • Secondary Reporting Agencies(3:37)
  • Pull Your Credit Report(1:16)
  • Dispute Process Part 1(1:07)
  • Dispute Process Part 2(1:31)
  • Dispute Process Part 3(0:56)
  • Always Do THIS With Your Letters(1:30)
  • CFPB Part 1(1:49)
  • CFPB Part 2(5:56)
  • FTC(3:11)
  • The MOST IMPORTANT Freeze(5:45)
  • The TRUTH About Hard Inquiries(2:32)
  • Late Payment Removal…This Works Like Magic(3:36)
  • Remove Hard Inquiries In 24 Hours(5:05)

Phase 2: Credit Report Structuring

  • Structuring Your Credit Correctly(1:07)
  • The Credit Score Algorithm Explained(3:26)
  • What good credit looks like(4:10)
  • Credit Stacking(3:39)
  • 3 Important Dates(1:37)

Phase 3: Credit Types, Funding & Monetization Secrets

  • The 2 Types of Credit(2:23)
  • Graduating vs Non-Graduating(3:16)
  • How To Add Trade-Lines WITHOUT Credit Checks(3:42)
  • Add This To Your Credit Report(1:02)
  • Make Money From Your Credit(2:54)

Tools, Resources & Cheat Sheets

  • Irv’s Secret Lenders List
  • Opt-Out Cheat Sheet
  • Dispute Letters & Templates Pt 1
  • Dispute Letters & Templates Pt 2
  • 24 Hour Hard Inquiry Removal Guide
  • Credit Limit Increase CHEAT SHEET

Meet Your Instructor

Irv Official also known as Irvin Peña is a Business Consultant, Author, & Speaker. Irv has worked with Nationally recognized brands & has been seen on: Complex, Bankrate, OrlandoVoyager Magazine, FoxSoul, T-Mobile, South Florida Business Journal & other companies alike. Irv is known & sought out for his knowledge in business & personal finance. He has also been invited as a guest speaker on multiple sales trainings & podcasts that hosts thousands of listeners world-wide. Apart from hosting the five-star rated podcast The Insight With Irv Show, Irv has built a highly successful Youtube channel along with other social platforms in the Business & Finance space with over 1 Million Followers.

Mainly known for his unique angles on topics & ideas. Irv’s style of speaking along with his writing will open a fresh perspective on the way you view business, relationships, health & money.


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