Jamie Rawsthorne – The YouTube Growth System


Jamie Rawsthorne – The YouTube Growth System

Jamie Rawsthorne - The YouTube Growth System

Jamie Rawsthorne – The YouTube Growth System


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Discover How Brands Like Morning Brew And Codie Sanchez Have Blown Up On YouTube Through The ‘The YouTube Growth…

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Jamie Rawsthorne – The YouTube Growth System

Jamie Rawsthorne - The YouTube Growth System

Get Access To The Exact System Your Favorite Accounts Have Used To Grow Their YouTube To 100,000+ Subscribers…

Without posting thousands of videos or wasting thousands of dollars

For The First Time Ever, Discover How Brands Like Morning Brew And Codie Sanchez Have Blown Up On YouTube Through The ‘The YouTube Growth System’ In Months, Not Years

If you’re an entrepreneur, thought leader or professional and want to crush YouTube, I’d like to invite you to an exclusive weekend training sharing the system I’ve used to scale YouTube channels to 250+million views and millions in revenue.

Make No Mistake: YouTube Is The Single Most Powerful Platform In The World

It’s becoming a dominant global platform for communication. For news. For business. But crucially for individuals to change their lives forever. It enables ‘normal’ people to achieve staggering success. To project their message, insights and offers to the world.

On the 20th and 21st of January, I will be hosting a 2-day workshop ‘The YouTube Growth System’ breaking down my never-shared-before YouTube growth and monetization secrets. You can implement these ideas right away, without being an expert content creator, and see an immediate uptake in growth and revenue.

Everyone knows YouTube is one of the most exciting platforms in the world. The smartest entrepreneurs are flocking to the space in droves.

But Why Is Youtube Special And How Can You Capitalize On It?

In short, YouTube enables everyday individuals to maximise their purpose, their profit and their potential. It enabled two 23-year-olds with nothing, to reach one hundred million people, travel the worldlive their dreams and make great money. This is what happened to me. But with no experience or prior YouTube knowledge at first, it was ridiculously tough.

Let me break it down for you…

At 23, I moved to London with my life savings to set up a channel with my best friend Zac. We were making videos on sneaking into festivals, documenting strange traditions and in general, showcasing how we are living in the best time in history to be alive.

After 6 months of relentless work, we had 50,000 subscribers. Not bad, but also not paying the bills and we had 2 months left. We were both working non stop in YouTube and made every mistake in the book.

Despite being ridiculously valuable to any entrepreneur, YouTube can be one of the toughest places to grow…And we were feeling it.

But finally, something changed. After learning more about the platform from experience and other creators, I started to solely focus on ideas, content strategy, and YouTube fundamentals.

In month 6, with 2 months of savings left, the channel blew up.

The Zac and Jay Show went from minimal growth, spending thousands a month and having no prior knowledge of YouTube to one of the fastest-growing channels in the UK.‍

We travelled the world and made hundreds of thousands of dollars. We wanted to show people what an amazing time we are living in and reached over 100,000,000 people with this message.

We even had an 8-episode TV show filmed around our ideas.

This is what YouTube enables people to do. It maximises your purpose, profit and potential.

Earlier I said YouTube is one of the hardest platforms in the world to grow. It is… if, you don’t know where to start, how to create videos or how to monetize. If you do know these things, you can grow 100x times faster AND get paid from day 1.

The Zac and Jay Show channel grew to 100k subscribers with 20 videos. Everything I learnt from this, and my 5 years in YouTube is wrapped into this workshop, The YouTube Growth System for ANYONE to use, grow and monetize.

Created from millions of views, millions of dollars and tens of channels. Since achieving my goal with the YouTube channel, I set out to help others in the space.

I’ve helped countless 9-figure entrepreneurs all the way down to the everyday creators grow and I’ve seen it all.

Most people I work with know the power of YouTube, invest time and money but unfortunately just don’t grow due to the lack of knowledge. They waste countless dollars and months posting videos that will never take off.

Morning Brew were a classic case of this. Smart entrepreneurs knowing the value of YouTube, investing heavily into the platform, but simply not growing. This is not where you want to be.

They had 17 full-time staff working on 26 different concepts. They were stuck at 52k subscribers, not even growing 2k subscribers a month.

teachingmensfashion youtube pic

I sent them over a few ideas and was hired instantly. I conducted a niche analysis for them (called The Triple C methodology – but more on that later) and outlined YouTube fundamentals they were getting wrong.

They’re now at 550k subscribers, growing 15x faster at 10% the cost. After seeing the success that’s come out of this method, we’re now collaborating on this weekend workshop to help even more people grow on YouTube. And I couldn’t be more excited.

And it’s not just Morning Brew that’s grown with these methodologies either…

Here’s What You’ll Walk Away With:

Day 1: Growth

How to Scale Your Youtube Channel to Over 100,000+ subscribers fast… even if you’re starting from zero.

On day 1, we’ll dive into cutting-edge YouTube growth secrets that you won’t find anywhere else (trust me, I checked). We’ll cover:

THE TRIPLE C METHODOLOGY: How to generate 6 months of high-performing content ideas… that work in any niche, for any level of expertise. I’ve used this to personally generate over 55 million views on my own channel.*

*This alone is what I normally charge $9,000 for

THE EXTRAPOLATION FRAMEWORK: How to create ideas that ooze with originality so you can stand out in any niche.

YOUTUBE VIDEO ANATOMY 101: Understand the crucial components of a viral YouTube video (that most people overlook) so you can crush your content repeatedly and reliably… minimizing the waste of time, money and flops.

THE ‘ASK’ METHOD MY CLIENTS HAVE USED TO 4.7X THEIR YOUTUBE GROWTH: How to convert viewers to subscribers and life-long customers in 30 seconds. This tiny piece alone is worth the cost of this workshop and is massively underutilized.

Day 2: Monetize

How to turn YouTube into an evergreen Revenue Generating Machine making $1 per subscriber per month from day 1 of posting.

On day 2, you’ll learn the monetization methods we use to make $1 per subscriber per month and how to start monetizing from day 1. You learn the strategy of how one channel made $8k with 128 subscribers and you’ll see a full detailed of how a 23-year-old makes over $10 million a year from a views/revenue flywheel.

THE SIMPLE VIEWS-TO-REVENUE SYSTEM SO YOU CAN get PAID to grow your account (from day 1). The type of offers that work on YouTube and how to sell them to grow profitably.

THE OPTIMUM YOUTUBE OFFER: How to create offers that are YouTube specific, that build your reputation, revenue and relationship with audience and are easy to create.

OLD VS NEW: The old method of monetizing on YouTube is dead. We show you the new way that generates cash from day one and puts growth on autopilot with the 1% rule and Views that Convert Framework

THE 5 CASH BLOCKERS: The 5 main mistakes people make selling on YouTube and how to avoid them. We’ll break down the mistakes on some of the biggest creators on the platform and what we can learn from them (this makes or breaks channels)

I usually charge $9,000 to implement The Triple C Methodology process for my clients, (just one of the six modules of this workshop)— this alone has been responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue, millions of subscribers.

But because it’s my mission to help motivated individuals like yourself maximise their impact through YouTube, the weekend training is considerably cheaper.

In fact, after discussing with the team at Morning Brew we’ve agreed on a special discount price that will not be available again in the future.

But note, the deadline for joining this training is 19th Jan, and if we sell out before the 19th we’ll be closing doors then. Grab your spot today and you’ll also get these bonuses, completely free of charge.

But wait, there’s more?

VIP Package

For those of you who are extra committed to growing on YouTube, we’ve designed a VIP package that covers:

CHANNEL AUDIT: I’ll personally analyse your channel and deliver an in-depth written and video report on key mistakes you’re making on packaging, hooks, ideas and more that’s stopping you get views

ONE-HOUR STRATEGY CALL: We can go through the channel audit and I can answer any questions on how you can create a money-printing YouTube Growth Machine

HOW TO HIRE: An in-depth self-paced module that outlines the simple steps to find you the right person straight away (without wasting MONTHS working with the wrong person)

VIP Package: $4,997

The button below will take you to a check-out page.

After filling in your details, you’ll get an email invitation to the live 2-day event on the 20th and 21st of January 2024.

I hope to see you there.


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