John Danaher – Ageless Jiu Jitsu: Winning When You’re Older and Less Athletic – Bottom game: Gi


John Danaher – Ageless Jiu Jitsu: Winning When You’re Older and Less Athletic – Bottom game: Gi

John Danaher – Ageless Jiu Jitsu: Winning When You’re Older and Less Athletic – Bottom game: Gi


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John Danaher – Ageless Jiu Jitsu: Winning When You’re Older and Less Athletic – Bottom game: Gi

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Revolutionize Your Approach To Fighting From The Bottom With John Danaher’s Ageless Jiu-Jitsu Series!

  • John Danaher is a legendary coach and instructor who is responsible for cultivating some of the very best athletes in combat sports!
  • Waste zero time on your feet with clear-cut methods to pull into offensive guards like ashi garami, x-guard, and double elevator guard!
  • Understand exactly how to operate from a wide range of positions and scenarios including pin escapes, open/closed guard, half guard, and MORE!
  • Develop gameplans specifically tailored to slowing down and controlling athletic/aggressive opponents and open up opportunities for low risk/high reward attacks.
  • Make masterful use of the Gi with every technique, including commonly overlooked strangle details!
  • Learn to win when you are older or less athletic with razor sharp bottom game tactics including how to fight at different ranges of guard, maximizing isometric strength, and outsmarting the opposition.
  • Submit younger/more athletic opponents with Danaher’s systemized approach to securing Juji Jime, or the cross collar strangle, from numerous advantageous positions!
  • Know more. Win more.

Course Content
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Volume 1
Intro 0
Taking It Efficiently To The Ground From Standing: Guard Pulling For Older/Less Athletic Players – Pull Into Ashi Garami 2:51
Pulling X Guard 13:10
Pull To Double Elevator 18:48
Guard Retention For Older/Less Athletic Players – Guard Retention Without Athleticism 23:35
Don’t Get Caught In Prolonged Guard Retention Scrambles-Finish Every Engagement With Secure Connection 41:07
The Knee Shield Is The Simple Most Important Concept For Guard Retention For Older/Less Athletic Players 49:49

Volume 2
Pin Escapes For Older/Less Athletic Players – A Different Pattern Of Escape 0
Elbow Escape From Mount 4:10
Side Elbow Escape 15:29
Back Elbow Escape 26:33
Turtle Elbow Escape 35:39
Front Headlock Elbow Escape 41:36
North South Elbow Escape 46:51
Knee On Belly Elbow Escape 51:09
Putting Together Our Guard Retention And Pin Escape Philosophy For Older/Unathletic Players 54:36
Beyond Technique: Tactics For Older/Less Athletic Players To Beat Younger/Fitter Opponents – The Incredible Value Of Underhooks To Older/Less Athletic Players 1:03:40
Using Your Underhooks Constructively: Ankle Grip Escapes 1:18:51
Open Guard For Older/Less Athletic Players – The Worst Case Scenario For Open Guard That Older/Less Athletic Players Face 1:24:46
Getting To Connection And Grip On A Standing Opponent: The 3 Best Initial Connections 1:28:17

Volume 3
An Equalizer For Older Athletes: Your Longest Range Weapon From Guard: The Tripod Sweep Series – The Classic Tripod Sweep 0
Reverse Tripod Sweep 7:57
Outside Tripod Sweep 12:40
Ankle Pick Sweep 18:00
The Two Best Guards For Older/Less Athletic Players To Use On Standing Opponents – Connecting And Sweeping Switch Ashi Garami 24:12
X-Guard Is The Ideal Method Of Guard Control For Older Athletes 34:31
The Best Way For Older Athletes To Enter Into X-Guard 39:20
X-Guard Is Even Better In The Gi 41:59
Heisting Sweep 46:34
2 Legged Sweep 52:59
Back Sweep 59:22
Near Cuff Sweep 1:04:52
Far Cuff Sweep 1:12:03
Cuff Tomoe Nage Sweep 1:19:30

Volume 4
Bringing It Back To Half Guard – Half Guard Is The Best Guard For Athletically Compromised Players 0
When Is Half Guard Bottom Good And When Is It Bad 4:01
First Skill From Half Guard: Recovering From Bad Half Guard Situations 10:07
Operating From Distance With A Knee Lever Sweep – Double Sleeve Knee Lever 33:19
2 On 1 Knee Lever 47:40
2 On 1 Lat Grip Knee Lever 52:03
Real World Knee Levers 55:51

Volume 5
The Tight Waist Series 0
The Roll Through Sweep 6:16
The Rolling Roll Through 13:06
Ankle Pick And Knee Pick Sweeps 17:43
Duck Under 27:01
Kosoto Sweep 31:40
Ankle Block Sweep 37:22
Elbow Clamp Knee Lever 40:59
Single Leg Sweep 47:44
Double Leg Sweep 1:01:16
Tight Waist To X Guard 1:07:48

Volume 6
Overhook Half Guard Game – 1st 2 Responses From The Overhook 0
Classic Sumi Gaeshi 9:38
Sumi Gaeshi Plus Foot Sweep 19:57
Heisting For Extra Horsepower 24:44
Switching Sides Sumi Gaeshi 29:03
Scoop And Stretch Sweep 35:55
Armtrap Sumi Gaeshi 40:24

Volume 7
Working From Closed Guard – Getting To Closed Guard From Half Guard 0
Breaking Opponent’s Balance From Closed Guard 10:45
Cross Cuff Hip Sweep 21:54
Cross Cuff Elbow Post 31:33
Cross Cuff Scoop Sweep 46:41
Leg Binding Sweep – Classic Version 56:09
Modern Version 1:04:10

Volume 8
Scissor Sweep – Classic Version When Opponent Is On 2 Knees 0
Scissor Sweep With Hiza Guruma When Opponent Is On One Knee 9:36
Scissor Sweep With Hiza Guruma On A Standing Opponent 16:26
Submissions From Bottom Positions For Older/Less Athletic Players – Juji Jime Cross Collar Strangle 19:25
Using Hiza Guruma To Improve Your Strangle 34:17
Using Double Elevator To Improve Juji Jime 38:00
The Great Key To Penetrating With The Strangle Hand 42:13
A Different Form Of Juji Jime 48:00
Spinning Juji Jime 53:04
Kata Juji Jime 57:55
Kata Juji Jime With Sumi Gaeshi 1:01:58
Juji Jime And Its Relationship With The Loop Strangle 1:04:55



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