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Native English covers our top English learning strategies while giving you all the tools and information you need to become an English-speaking superstar. I’ve taught this information to over 300 other students. However, if for any reason whatsoever you’re not completely satisfied then I will happily give you a full-refund within 30 days.

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Justin – Native English

Justin - Native English

Here’s what to expect when you enroll…


Unlike expensive monthly subscriptions, you just pay once and get access to the course for life. Study at your own pace!


Over 60+ lessons take you through every aspect of spoken English including grammar, cultural speaking, idioms, slang, reductions, phrasal verbs, expressions and real conversations with native speakers on the street!


Get access to my weekly English tips and learning strategies and contact me anytime to ask questions about learning English!
Inside the Course


Welcome to Native English! (7:50)

1. English Boost!

1. What’s this section all about? (1:21)

2. Slow down and Practice! (4:29)

3. Pronunciation (4:27)

4. Thinking in English (3:34)

5. Listen and Reflect (4:12)

6. Words vs Phrases (3:58)

2. Culturally-Focused Speaking

What is Culturally-Focused Speaking? (2:30)

1. How to pronounce years like a native speaker (5:45)

2. Describe with time, not distance! (5:13)

3. Adjectives for Men vs. Women (11:51)
4. Replacing Verbs with “To get” (4:38)

5. How to pronounce numbers like a native speaker (8:36)

3. Speaking-Focused Grammar

Introduction to Speaking-Focused Grammar (2:31)

1. Articles and Why You Need to Master Them (8:29)

2. How Question Tags Will Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker! (4:24)

3. No More Forgetting Pronouns (4:58)

4. Using “he/she” Instead of “it” (4:22)

5. How Pluralizing Incorrectly Changes Your Meaning Drastically (5:03)

6. Using “ing” Instead of “ed” (3:11)

7. Getting Subject-Verb Agreement Right

8. Figuring Out Present Perfect vs. Past Simple (4:07)

9. Ordering Adjectives Correctly! (4:42)

10. Using “since” Instead of “For” (3:19)

4. Idioms & Expressions – The Ones You MUST know!

Introduction to Idioms & Expressions (2:51)

1. Travel and Work (12:41)

2. Love and Relationships (8:13)

3. Life and Age (8:47)

4. Money and Technology (10:22)

5. Food, Clothes and General (14:52)

5. Slang – North American Style!

Mastering North American Slang (3:29)

1. American Slang You Need to Know (part 1) (7:03)

2. American Slang You Need to Know (part 2) (5:23)

3. American Slang You Need to Know (part 3) (4:46)

6. Phrasal Verbs – Let’s Master Them!

Introduction to Mastering Phrasal Verbs (5:01)

1. Phrasal Verbs You Must Learn (part 1) (8:37)

2. Phrasal Verbs You Must Learn (part 2) (6:48)

3. Phrasal Verbs You Must Learn (part 3) (10:20)

4. Phrasal Verbs You Must Learn (part 4) (8:24)

5. Phrasal Verbs You Must Learn (part 5) (8:37)

7. Reductions – Using Them Like a Boss!

Reductions and Why They Matter for You (3:56)

1. “Want to” and “Got to” (5:06)

2. Reductions in Questions (5:02)

3. Linking Reductions (5:42)

4. “What did” Reductions (5:36)

5. Top Reductions You Need to Know (part 1) (6:26)

6. Top Reductions You Need to Know (part 2) (6:04)

8. Street Speak!

1. Sports (19:04)

2. Daily Life and Routines (16:10)

3. Education (18:45)

4. Movies (19:02)

5. Travel (19:49)

6. Music (22:24)

7. Food (9:55)

8. Technology (22:11)

9. How to Find Native English Speakers

1. Finding Someone to Practice With (2:37)

2. What NOT to do when searching for English speakers! (2:47)

3. The Game-plan (5:42)

4. How to Introduce Yourself and What to Offer (6:53)

5. How to Build and Develop the Relationship (2:14)


Final words… (1:22)

Your thoughts, opinions and feedback!

About Me


Hey there, I’m Justin. I’m a native English speaker and teacher from North America dedicated to helping English-learners improve their speaking skills!

Through in person and online classes I’ve taught hundreds of students and with that experience, I’ve come to learn the most common problems students face when learning English.

So, even if you’re a total rock-star in English or you only know that “London is the Capital of Great Britain” then you’re going to find awesome value in this course!

“This course is something new for students who would like to speak English like native speakers. You will find not just grammar rules, you’ll find his big desire to make your English better. Be ready to spend your time for this course. But you surely won’t regret it!”

– Anne, Sevastopol

“When you reach a certain level in a foreign language, it is always better to continue your studies with help from a native speaker. When we speak Russian, we never think why something must be said in a particular way. Justin is an excellent teacher and he can explain all kinds of things. He doesn’t focus on that useless stuff that you are taught in school and will probably never use. Instead, through his exercises, videos, and theory materials he puts you in real life situations. You can hear how true English is spoken, you get to know slang and all that. You won’t get that in your school :) If you are thinking about signing up, my advice – do it! Sign up and see for yourself how amazing the course is.”

– Nikita, Saint Petersburg

“The Native English course is fantastic! If you don’t want to spend your time and energy searching for informal colloquial expressions in the Internet, then this course is definitely for you. I’ve found new idioms and phrasal verbs that I will use in daily communication. The course includes quizzes, it makes the process of learning more exiting. Thank you, Justin! It’s cool!!!”

– Anna, Russia

“First of all, it’s amazing! Really. I felt very comfortable while watching the videos. It is important for me. When I was trying before to learn english by other videos from another teachers or native english speakers I often felt some discomfort because of their manner to teach or introduce material. They were just like a live talking textbook, a very boring textbook. And this is entirely different than your nice and friendly manner in which you speak and explain material. You explain and teach very correctly and realistically. You are not trying to abuse your native english to dominate your students. While I watched your lessons I felt like you were an old friend of mine. It makes studying comfortable, easier, and more understandable.”

– Namik, Russia

“I found this course really interesting and useful for students of any level. I have learned a lot during the course. The information was given in an easy way so that everyone could get it. Even though some of it may seem hard to you it will definitely help you in the future. I loved learning new words and phrases, especially slang ones.”

– Diana, Russia

“This course is great! I’ve always wanted to speak like a native speaker, but if you don’t know slang, idioms and reductions – it’s impossible. These videos helped me to improve my English! Thanks very much for the course!”

– Alexander, Russia
Frequently Asked Questions

What level of English do I need to complete the course?
This course is written entirely in English. If you’re already comfortable reading some English then you’ll be fine. After all, you can always translate any words you don’t know!
Couldn’t I just find this information for free online?
You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it’s actually valuable? No sir! One of the reasons I created this course is because there is so much incorrect and outdated information online about slang, idioms and expressions. The type of information I teach in this course can’t be found in a textbook, and although some of it can be found online, it certainly can’t be found all in one place. It would take you days of searching on your own to discover all the information that’s packed into this one course :)

Get Justin – Native English download

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
What format is the course delivered in?
I’m glad you asked. The course is delivered in both video and written lessons. So whether you prefer to watch or to read, I’ve got you covered. Video transcripts and an accompanying workbook are also coming soon.
Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
Of course, I would never leave you hanging! If you finish the course in under 30 days and don’t feel like it was the right purchase for you, then don’t worry, just shoot me an email and I’ll get you a full refund.
Is this course really worth the price?
Individual lessons with a native speaker cost as much as $30+ an hour. Now think about how much information is in this course. It would take at least 20 hours to learn all this information with a teacher, that’s $600! The cost of this course is a fraction of that!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Native English covers our top English learning strategies while giving you all the tools and information you need to become an English-speaking superstar. I’ve taught this information to over 300 other students. However, if for any reason whatsoever you’re not completely satisfied then I will happily give you a full-refund within 30 days.

Readmore: http://archive.is/gTuOv

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