Katie & Gay Hendricks – Lifetime Of Love Collection


Katie & Gay Hendricks – Lifetime Of Love Collection

Katie & Gay Hendricks – Lifetime Of Love Collection


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You need to know how to handle ALL the major threats to relationship bliss and to your happiness, day to day. And you need the tools to transform the challenging moments into opportunities for your growth – individually and with a partner.

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Katie & Gay Hendricks – Lifetime Of Love Collection

Katie & Gay Hendricks - Lifetime Of Love Collection

Everything We’ve Ever Taught About Transforming Yourself AND Your Relationships: Attracting Love. Intimacy. Negative Thinking. Criticism. Passion. Healthy Living. Communication. Jealousy. Breaking Old Patterns…
All In One Place For One Low Price
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After 34 years of marriage and four decades counseling frustrated singles and struggling couples, there’s one thing we know for sure:

Relationships change over time, and are continually tested and threatened. Life throws us curve-balls and new challenges arise, making it impossible to know what’s ahead.

One year you could be single and frustrated by the endlessly promising relationships that turn sour.

Later you might be worried that your partner is going to change or leave.

You could be married and one of you may stop sharing all of your innermost thoughts, causing you to drift out of sync, or stop having fun together, or feel bored and uninspired.

Or you could just be struggling with constant feelings of sadness, loneliness, and self-doubt.

The point is, your needs will change, and it’s not enough to just fix a problem or resolve one fight to ensure lasting love.

You need to know how to handle ALL the major threats to relationship bliss and to your happiness, day to day. And you need the tools to transform the challenging moments into opportunities for your growth – individually and with a partner.

Which made us wonder, how can we give you these tools?

How do we make sure you have all the skills and tools you need… available whenever you need them… so you can ensure your life overflows with love and happiness?
Not just for today, but for years to come.

How do we set you up for a lifetime of love, harmony, and bliss… but enable you to do it without breaking the bank?
Introducing Our Lifetime of Love Collection: Full, Unlimited Access To ALL Of Our Best Advice – For Over 65% Off

A lifetime should hopefully be a long time. And we want to do everything we can to help you enjoy a life full of contentment and connection.

That’s why we came up with the Lifetime of Love Collection – a way for you to get ALL our advice, whenever you want it.

Today you might get depressed wondering when you’ll ever meet your special someone.

Tomorrow, you might get on the scale and realize you’re tired of dieting and still being overweight.

One day, you’ll be blaming yourself for a mistake you made years ago, and you want to finally move forward.

The next day, you might put off a difficult conversation you know you need to have.

Next month, you’ll want to solve a problem about money with your spouse.

Whatever issue you have, we’re “on call” for you through the Lifetime of Love Collection.

You’ll know that all our advice, tools, and skills are there for you in one handy place – without you having to pay for another program.

Because for just one upfront payment of $399, you’ll get them ALL – 8 programs and 4 eBook+Audiobook bundles.
That’s a savings of over $800.

You’ll have access to ALL of the same tools, exercises, and advice that’s helped thousands of couples reach new heights of passion, creativity, and affection with each other.

And you’ll have us there with you every step of the way, helping you nurture your love, communicate better, and showing you how to work together as allies toward your highest goals and dreams.

You’ll learn a step-by-step, whole-body approach to attracting a partner and finally creating a relationship that truly fits you.

You’ll have a proven plan for learning to love yourself and your body – even if you’ve been stuck in repetitive negative patterns for years.

You’ll learn how to wake up feeling refreshed and recharged every day, so you’re no longer dragging your feet, overwhelmed, or wondering what your purpose is.

With complete access to 8 programs and 4 eBook+Audiobook bundles, you’ll know the advice you need is always waiting for you – with hope, inspiration, and a proven plan to create the transformation you want.
With Our Lifetime Of Love Collection, You’ll Receive:
Program    Regular Price    Special Offer
Total    $1257    $399
Breakthrough To Bliss
End fights, blame and criticism to feel affection and joy again.    $137.85    Included
Attracting Genuine Love
Find the partner you’ve been longing for and create your best relationship.    $137.85    Included
Learning to Love Yourself Special Bundle
A self-guided jouney to developing self-compassion and self-acceptance.    $29.97    Included
Learning to Love Yourself Advanced Program
The accelerated path to feeling at peace with all your thoughts and feelings.    $164.85    Included
Lasting Love Made Easy
Create an unshakable foundation for continually expanding love.    $198.00    Included
Passport to Passion
Get sensuality flowing and enjoy a passionate relationship again!    $137.85    Included
Dissolving Money Conflict
Dissolve money arguments and learn how to be allies in wealth.    $137.85    Included
Manifesting Your Relationship Genius
Co-create the relationship of your dreams using your body, mind and soul.    $137.85    Included
Enlightened Weight Loss
Transform your body and your life without counting calories.    $89.85    Included
Hearts in Harmony
Discover and eliminate the fears that are holding you back from joyful love.    $25.97    Included
The 10-Second Miracle
A simple yet powerful technique that will change the dynamic in all your relationships.    $29.97    Included
Achieving Vibrance
The habits that keep you, your body, and your relationships young for life.    $29.97    Included
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Experience The Transformation You’ve Been Yearning For… Today And Tomorrow

No matter where you find yourself in life, we want you to be happy. We want to help you amplify your ability to give and receive love. And we want to help you wake up loving each day.
When you sign up for our Lifetime of Love Collection, you’ll have our best programs all at your fingertips:

Breakthrough to Bliss
All you need to permanently end the complaints, fights, blame, and criticism wreaking havoc on your love life, and create a new relationship that overflows with joy and vitality.

Attracting Genuine Love
Our three-dimensional approach helps you create the right mental, emotional, and physical space to attract the partner who will make your heart sing.

Learning to Love Yourself Special Bundle
In this special audio, eBook, and workbook bundle, you’ll learn the single most powerful catalyst for change in life and love. A best-seller for over 3 decades, this transformative program will free you from dissatisfaction, increase self-esteem, and help you finally feel at peace with life.

Learning to Love Yourself Advanced Program
Our Advanced Program is the fastest, most effective way to learn how to love yourself available anywhere. With built-in experiential exercises, you’ll feel a deep shift from the first hour of listening – learning how to love yourself in the most challenging of circumstances: loving ALL your feelings, loving your body, and loving yourself in relationship.

Lasting Love Made Easy
This program contains the most critical secrets and skills to creating an unshakable foundation for happiness, connection, and continually expanding love. You’ll have the emotional resources to handle anything that life throws at you. We’ll take you step-by-step through body language, attitudes and expressions that will magnify your love and help you through the most common relationship pitfalls.

Passport to Passion
Not “feeling it” for your partner these days? Is your sex life boring? Unless you know the five key factors that may be blocking the flow of sexual feelings, you’ll likely never solve the problem in any conscious, or long-lasting way. Find out how to get sensuality flowing again, get turned on again and enjoy a passionate relationship again!

Dissolving Money Conflict
Constantly arguing about money? Even if you won the lottery tomorrow, you’d still have the same fights about money with your partner. Why? Because money problems are never really about money. Find out what’s at the root of your conflict and how to develop a strong and creative partnership around finances.

Manifesting Your Relationship Genius
This unique, whole-body program shows you how to use your own inner genius to experience greater heights of joy, devotion, and passion with your partner. Remove the common blocks to creativity and focus on what’s important to you as a couple to manifest the relationship of your dreams.

Enlightened Weight Loss
Learn all about Gay’s journey of losing 100 pounds in a year and keeping it off through this radically different approach to having a body and life you love – without counting calories. Your excess weight is actually a clue to something within you that needs to emerge, and this program will completely change the way you think about food and your body.

Hearts in Harmony
Falling in love has the funny – and sometimes frightening – ability to make you miserable. Learn why your previous relationships have panned out as they did and what you can do to eliminate the fears that are holding you back from joyful love.

The 10-Second Miracle
A simple yet powerful technique changing the dynamic in all your relationships. Watch tension and negative feelings drop away as intimacy, connection, and good feelings are restored almost effortlessly.

Achieving Vibrance
There are certain habits you have that are creating negative effects in your life without you even realizing it. This program will teach you the habits that keep you, your body, and your relationships young for life – and a simple routine you can do that will have you feeling more alive tomorrow.
An Incredible Value You Won’t Get Anywhere Else… With Absolutely No Risk

Our dream is for singles and couples everywhere to have the tools and techniques we’ve used for the past 30+ years to feel our happiest and most in love. That’s why we priced our Lifetime of Love Collection at such an incredible value, and it’s why we’re letting you try it RISK-FREE.

We know that even at this deep of a discount, $399 is a substantial investment. You don’t want to take a chance that our collection won’t deliver as promised on helping you create the kind of transformation you want.

When you buy our Lifetime of Love Collection (or any of our programs for that matter), you get 7 FULL DAYS to listen, watch, learn, try the techniques and exercises, and start seeing results in your life. If for any reason you don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth, let us know and we’ll make sure you get a full refund.

It’s really that simple. Take up to a full week to try the collection, see if the techniques work for you, and do it with zero risk.
Transform Your Life Now And Forever – At Over 65% OFF
All 8 programs and 4 eBook+Audiobook bundles, a value over $1200 for just $399
Lifetime of Love Collection Program Display
Get Complete Access Now – Over $800 OFF The Regular Price!

We can’t possibly make it any easier for you. With Our Lifetime of Love Collection, you’ll get:

The Best Value – You’ll get 8 full programs and 4 eBook+Audiobook bundles for $399, which is like 12 programs for the price of 2!
Most Common Relationship Issues Covered – We cover the most common issues that cause relationship conflict: communication, sex, money, criticism, fighting, blame, and commitment.
How To Trade Soul-Draining Dating For Soul Mating – Dating techniques only get you dates. We want to get you your Soul Mate.
Our Best Techniques And Exercises For Loving Yourself – Because if you don’t love yourself first, nothing else matters.
What You Need Today & Tomorrow – As your life and relationship evolve, so will your needs. Feel comfortable knowing you’re prepared for what lies ahead.
Immediate Access – All of our programs are accessible online, and you can be watching them within minutes on your computer, smartphone, or other portable device.
Risk-Free Trial – You’ll have 7 days to watch, listen, and read the content of our programs and make sure it’s for you.

If you’re ready to begin a lifetime of unbreakable, joy-filled love – Our Lifetime of Love Collection is right for you. It’s by far the best value we offer anywhere for these powerful programs and eBook+Audiobook bundles, so we highly recommend you take advantage of this special limited-time offer.

These programs represent the culmination of our commitment to helping people create the meaningful and authentic love they desire, offering proven tools and techniques to help in ALL STAGES of relationship, from finding your partner, to commitment, to crisis, to re-commitment, to long-term resilience.

And you’ll learn the daily habits that keep you feeling young, healthy, and inspired for life.

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