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Kelly Roach – Growth Gateway

Kelly Roach - Growth Gateway

Kelly Roach – Growth Gateway


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The Growth Gateway is a 12-month jumpstart group program, carefully crafted to help you package, price and position your offer uniquely…

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Kelly Roach – Growth Gateway

Kelly Roach - Growth Gateway

Design your dream business and lifestyle – then develop, launch and sell a premium, in-demand offer that supports it.

Are you a coach, consultant, agency owner or service provider ready to hit consistent, $10K+ months in your online business?

The Growth Gateway is a 12-month jumpstart group program, carefully crafted to help you package, price and position your offer uniquely in the market so you can sell one-to-many and explode your business growth – without compromising your time, sanity or freedom.
You’ll learn to serve, market and sell like the pros with our guided curriculum, supported by weekly live calls, designed to help you overcome roadblocks in real time and keep you pacing toward your goals – this is NOT just another course that’ll collect digital dust on your laptop.
We’ve pulled together our most in-demand trainings to get you the best results: with no application, and no income requirement, to get access:

Most business owners get to 6-figures through trial, error, a whooole lot of wasted time and money…
…and no clue how to sustain it once they get there. Let’s save you the trouble.

The Growth Gateway is designed to help

  • Busy coaches, consultants or DFY experts who are currently taking clients on the side of their 9-5, and need a program that can work on YOUR tight schedule
  • Qualified experts who are way undercharging – you’ve been in the field for a while, but need support and validation in pricing, packaging and monetizing your skills
  • New or aspiring business owners who have a track record for success in your previous career, but are ready to work, earn and live on YOUR terms: you don’t want another “job,” you want to answer your calling in a way that can sustain your dream lifestyle
  • 6 or multi 6-figure experts who are tired of relying on referrals and inconsistent profit peaks and valleys: you need a way to create predictability so you’re not wondering where your next client is coming from.

We’ve made the mistakes and worked out the kinks so you don’t have to.

If you’re a self-motivated visionary who doesn’t just dream of making a sh*t ton of money and living a freedom-based lifestyle, but you’re willing to put in the REAL work required to get there…
The Growth Gateway is the missing link between you and your wildly profitable, globally-recognized online business.

Take a peak at what’s inside:

The 6 Steps To Clarity

This 6-part series will walk you through exercises to:
  • Identify a profitable niche in your market
  • Develop your value proposition and “one line money-maker”
  • Price, package and position your offer to engage ideal clients.

NEW: The Live Launch® Method

22 lessons (and 30+ brand-new 2024 trainings) to support your end-to-end Live Launch process, including how to:
  • Designing content pillars and positioning your launch in the market
  • Craft high quality opt-ins
  • Build community engagement
  • Understand your numbers and success metrics, and analyze performance
  • Nurture leads and drive them to sales consultations

The Social Selling Blueprint

6 steps to selling your offer confidently using social media – you’ll learn:
  • How to optimize your bio to attract qualified leads
  • How to build a multi-million dollar database that’s engaged, nurtured, and ready to buy
  • How to create content that converts qualified buyers

NEW: Conviction Marketing

15 trainings (+ 3 brand-new 2024 trainings) designed to help you:
  • Conduct EFFECTIVE market research
  • Write compelling content that converts qualified, ready-to-buy leads Effectively balance educational content with inspiration, conviction and clear calls-to-action
  • Write stories that standout and SELL
  • Create copy that translates to conversions on your landing pages, email sequences and social media posts

One Conversation Close

The simple framework to to convert 5-figure deals in 30 minutes or less
  • Master the art of objection-handling,
  • Condense weeks of follow up calls into a single conversation

Weekly 90-minute Group Coaching Call

Meet with a strategist from The Business Advisory team and your peer group each week to: discuss roadblocks, ask questions and get feedback, and keep you moving forward fast.

By the end of this program, you’ll

01. Understand how to articulate your premium offer to the market in a simple way that RESONATES, because you’re crystal clear on your ideal avatar, offer, and OUTCOME.

02. Be a content creation pro who no longer struggles with what to post, but instead tells engaging stories that get attention from the RIGHT people

03.Feel secure in having a predictable, repeatable sales process, that you can go to market with over and over and enroll clients one-to-many in a way that works for YOUR schedule

More importantly,

The Growth Gateway will get you unstuck – so you can stop wasting time chasing new tactics and trends, and gain confidence in marketing, selling and launching using aligned strategies that are sustainable, timeless, and can adapt to any industry, market, economy, schedule or lifestyle.

The Growth Gateway:

how we’re revolutionizing online business education for YOU…

  • LIVE 90-minute weekly group calls with our team to get you unstuck and keep you moving forward (plus, gain insights and clarity from other business owners in the community)
  • 11+ years of experience helping more than 75 coaches, consultants and service providers reach $1M and beyond in annual revenue, translated to our online curriculum
  • 5 comprehensive courses that walk you through offer development and positioning, content creation, and how to Live Launch® your offer to build your brand and sell one-to-many (including future updates and additions to the curriculum – at no extra cost)
  • Tactical, implementation-driven training, to guide you through not only WHAT to do, but WHY and HOW
  • Templates and samples you can use to save you time (and headache!)
Our digital content library supported by weekly Q+A sessions will give you not only a clear understanding of the strategy, but a roadmap to implement quickly and without blockers – so you can experience impactful growth without wasting time.

Hitting 6-figures in your online business doesn’t have to be a “must be nice.”

You can do it AND put your faith and family first.
You can do it AND prioritize your health, your children, your relationship.
You can do it AND give back to the world and impact hundreds in a meaningful, positive way.
Becoming the go-to expert in your market, the best in the industry at delivering EXCEPTIONAL results for your client sounds great on paper. Making it happen in actuality, is a different story. That’s why we’re here.

11 out of 12 startups WILL fail within their first few months, and here’s why…

With The Growth Gateway, we’ve created a system to hold you accountable for doing the work and getting results with weekly support calls that supplement what you’re consuming within the curriculum.
  • They’ve built an unscalable business model, and lack the training, support and resources to build sustainably
  • There’s no demand for their offer in the market, and they haven’t got clarity on a profitable niche and how to EFFECTIVELY position their offer as the solution their most urgent problems.
  • They lack consistency in implementation and are constantly chasing the newest, shiny trends and tactics instead of MASTERING what WORKS.

We’ve helped service providers in more that 50+ industries achieve explosive 6, 7 and 8-figure success that has allowed them to:

And you’re next.

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