Lahana. Vigliano – Holistic Living eCourse


Lahana. Vigliano – Holistic Living eCourse

Lahana. Vigliano - Holistic Living eCourse

Lahana. Vigliano – Holistic Living eCourse


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Lahana. Vigliano – Holistic Living eCourse

Lahana. Vigliano - Holistic Living eCourse

Holistic Living eCourse
The Basics You Need To Live A Healthy Lifestyle + Create A Healthy Family

Are you nodding your head at any of these questions?

Have you come across a new article or social media post learning about another dangerous thing in the world that increases your risk for a chronic disease? Did you become overwhelmed or consumed with worry?
Are you or a family member constantly sick and you just want to fit everyone in a bubble?
Do you ever feel that you just don’t know where to start in living a healthy lifestyle, so you don’t pursue it because it seems intimidating? Next thing you know, you find yourself eating a whole box of Little Debbie Cakes.
Have you tried things, like different diets and lifestyles, that didn’t work, didn’t last a long time, or made you completely miserable?
Does the thought of healthy living/eating stress you out because your time is already demanded at work, home, kids, and just life in general?
Do you wish there was just one place you know you could trust and go to get educated to take the beginning (or next) steps in living a healthier lifestyle?

I have two little people to take care of, along with my husband. I get the busy lifestyle. Trust me. Trying to run a household, business, in a graduate program, and still keep my sanity and live healthy. It’s possible. Above, you’ll see the other lady that runs this house. She keeps me on my toes, but I know that seeing her run around the house happy, healthy, and lively is EXACTLY the children you want to raise too!

This eCourse was created to be…

A place you can trust to get health information for your family, as we are evidence based nutrition and health.
Stopping the overwhelm of living a healthy lifestyle. We keep things simple and we focus on the most important aspects of healthy living.
Flexible. Somewhere you can come and learn at your own pace, place, and attire. (I give you permission to take this eCourse in your pajamas!)
Hand holding. Wherever you come from, maybe you already eat healthy, but you want to take it a step further or maybe you are completely new to living a healthy lifestyle – I’m holding your hand through it ALL. Videos, FB support, audio, I’m here to guide you. You can think of me as your virtual bestie.

Did I Tell You About The Bonuses?
Facebook Support Group

Life is not meant to be done alone. In addition to the eCourse, you gain access to a private Facebook group for people that are on the same journey as you! We share questions, victories, and struggles together. No judgement. We are on the same path. This is where you’ll have access to me too if you need additional support.
Thrival Nutrition’s Cookbook

If you are wondering what the heck to cook to start nourishing your body, you’ll have 50+ recipes in this cookbook to choose from! There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes! Psssst, recipes don’t end there either, more exclusive recipes will be shared inside the Facebook group!
What You’ll Be Able To Do After You Take This eCourse

You’ll be able to create healthy meals for you and your family that are simple, but nourishing to minimize sickness in your home. What you bring to the table will determine if your health struggles own you or you own your health struggles. (Hint hint: I want YOU to own your health struggles! You tell your body who is boss!)
You’ll be able to breeze through the grocery store by knowing what to purchase! (This saves so much time!)
You’ll be able to get some exercise in your day without having to spend time driving to a gym or guessing what exercise to do. You’ll gain muscle tone, lose weight, and feel energized.
You will know all the sleep hacks to take your sleeping to the next level, so you feel refreshed the next day!
You will be able to create your own natural medicine cabinet to take care of ailments, naturally.
You’ll be more organized with meal planning and prepping that no crazy circumstance will be able to take you down. This will ease the stress from your busy day!
Your family will have a clean environment to come home to with less toxins from cleaners and beauty products. When you do this, you create a lesser risk of getting chronically ill and throwing your hormones out of wack. And you can keep more money in your wallet by switching to healthy natural cleaners!
You’ll be able to reduce anxiety and stress in your life by managing it in a healthy way and creating a zen mind. You’ll find yourself happier & healthier.

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Course Curriculum



Module One

Grocery Shopping
How To Make Bone Broth
Fitness Basics
Essential Oil Basics

Module Two

Cooking + Prepping Basics
How To Soak + Sprout Grains/Legumes
Lower Body Workout
Essential Oils {Part Two}

Module Three

Meal Planning
How To Make Freezer Meals
Upper Body Workout
BONUS; Live Training On Making A Natural Medicine Cabinet

Module Four

Sugar Detoxing + Superfoods
How To Ferment
Core Workout
Cleaning + Beauty Products

Module Five

Nutrition In Traveling + Restaurants
How To Make Healthy Snacks
Yoga + Meditation
Stress Management

Module Six

Sports Nutrition + Supplements
Whole Body HIIT
Sleep Hacks


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