Lenny Rossolovski – Neurobot

Lenny Rossolovski – Neurobot

Lenny Rossolovski - Neurobot

Lenny Rossolovski – Neurobot


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These sessions will help you relax, concentrate, take a quick nap, relieve stress or will prepare you for a long and sound sleep.

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Lenny Rossolovski – Neurobot

Lenny Rossolovski - Neurobot


The Neurobot program is a set of six sessions that will help you solve the problems that you encounter in your everyday life. These sessions will help you relax, concentrate, take a quick nap, relieve stress or will prepare you for a long and sound sleep.

You will have a handy assistant that will help you out in many situations. Do you face a challenging task and need to boost productivity? Use the “Focus” 1 or 2 session and in a couple of minutes you will notice how your concentration has improved and productivity increased. When you get tired and need to recharge your batteries use the “Relax” 1 or 2 session.

Can’t fall sleep? The “Sleep” 1 or 2 session will provide the necessary relaxation for a long and sound sleep. If you want to meditate while you are on the bus or the subway track, use the “Relax 1” track, it is perfect for a quick meditation.
Install the “Neurobot” program on your smartphone and your assistant will always be there when you need it. Please use headphones (all the programs are to be used with headphones). Let’s look at each session in detail.

Relax 1

This session is designed for quick relaxation. You can use it when you don’t want to enter a deep meditative state but would like to relax as efficiently as possible. This session would be your ideal companion during a lunch break, for example.
This session contains so much needed alpha rhythm, which 99% of the adult population lack (this fact has been clinically confirmed). When listening, you can keep eyes open or closed, however, you will experience a deeper state of relaxation with your eyes closed. Stop the mind chatter and concentrate on breathing.

Relax 2

This session, since it contains theta-rhythms, will help you achieve a deeper meditative state. You can use it after work, when you need to restore your mental and physical state. The best time for this session is evening hours.
Please meditate with your eyes closed, paying maximum attention to breathing. Close your eyes and focus your attention on breath, that’s all you need to achieve a deep state of relaxation. When listening to this session, especially after a hard day, you may fall asleep or enter a dream-like state.
If you fall asleep, do not worry, it’s perfectly normal. You will feel refreshed after a short nap.

Focus 1

This session contains beta-rhythms in the 12Hz to 17Hz range. You may listen to this session in the background mode, while reading, writing, coding, etc. It will enhance your brain’s cognitive abilities, boost productivity.
It is very easy to check this session’s efficiency. Use it when working on the computer and you will see how you type faster, more accurately. This program is ideal for those engaged in mental labor, especially when you need that extra boost to get the job done.
The session will give you the necessary energy and increase your motivation. Make sure you do not to listen to it too frequently. Listen to it once, then take a 1 to 2-hour break and repeat the session if you so desire. Please note that excessive beta brainwave stimulation may cause the feeling of anxiety, nervousness to appear. Please do not abuse this session. The best time to use it is morning or afternoon hours. Do not listen before bedtime, as insomnia may occur.

Focus 2

This session is your hidden energy reserve. Use to reach the peak of mental performance.
You can use it with your eyes open. It will be helpful during brainstorming, intense mental work. Use it when you must make an important decision or solve a difficult problem.
The session contains high beta-rhythms (up to 25Hz), hence do not use it frequently. Limit your listening time to 1-2 sessions per day.
If used excessively irritability of anxiety may result, do not abuse this program. Use it in the morning or in the afternoon. Do not listen before bedtime, as insomnia may occur.

Sleep 1

This session will be useful when you need to take a short nap. It contains high-range delta rhythm, which will help you reach a dreamlike state or fall asleep. Please note that this is not a sleeping pill and you will not always go to sleep. Lay down, close your eyes and focus on your breath.
Do not make any conscious effort, then you will doze off faster. Stop the mind chatter, just observe your breathing. This session can also be used for meditation. Each person is different, some people may fall asleep for a few hours, others will just experience deep relaxation.

Sleep 2

Use this session before going to bed.
It will attune your mind to long and deep sleep. The program contains low-range delta-rhythms. Make yourself comfortable, turn the player on, stop the mind chatter and concentrate on breathing.
Do not think about the session, the less you concentrate on it, the more effective it will be.
If you have not fallen asleep while listening to this session, do not replay it. Give yourself some time. The session will continue producing an effect on your brain even after you stop it. In a little while you will fall asleep.

“Neurobot” has special features.

The program has some specifics. If you’ll observe the following guidelines, you can feel the program results after your very first session.

  • Begin the program on an empty stomach or two hours before or after a meal.
  • Headphones must be used.
  • It’s important to be well hydrated as you listen to the program. So, we recommend that you drink a glass of clear water (but no other type of liquid) shortly before the meditation.
  • Avoid any interruption as you work with the program. It could be a good idea to turn off your cell phone and any type of audible or vibratory reminder.
  • It’s important to listen to the program at a modest (medium) volume. Playback at high volume will diminish the program’s effectiveness. It’s a good idea to listen to a short meditation fragment so that you can set the ideal volume before the start of your meditation.
  • Never work with a program while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  • If you happen to fall asleep while listening to the program, don’t worry. Simply deactivate the auto-repeat function on your player before the start of the session.
  • If you meditate before going to bed your sleep may improve.
  • You can work with the program six days a week. Moreover, “Neurobot” can be combined with other Advanced Mind Institute programs as long as you take a two- to four-hour break between them.
  • Be sure you’re listening to the original program that you have downloaded from the Advanced Mind Institute website. We assume no responsibility for any third-party program.

How does one meditate?

Assume any position that is comfortable for you; one in which your joints and muscles aren’t stressed or tensed. Such a position should be one you can maintain for a reasonable amount of time. Close your eyes and cease your internal chatter. Within a few minutes–usually fewer than ten–your mind and body will relax. It’s a pleasant sensation; an experience you will learn to recognize and seek.


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