Matt Giovanisci – PageSpeed for Bloggers


Matt Giovanisci – PageSpeed for Bloggers

Matt Giovanisci - PageSpeed for Bloggers

Matt Giovanisci – PageSpeed for Bloggers


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There are other ranking factors, but speed is my competitive advantage. Larger sites I compete with don’t focus on speed. I’m smaller and more agile. Therefore, I can dominate them and blow my competitors away.

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Matt Giovanisci – PageSpeed for Bloggers

 Matt Giovanisci - PageSpeed for Bloggers

Google Wants Your Site to Load in 1 Second or Less
Google announced page speed is now a major ranking factor, especially on mobile. Good! Now you can gain a competitive advantage on Google just by increasing your site speed. I’ll show you how to crush your competitors by getting your WordPress site to load in less than a second. Let’s get started!

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Get More Traffic and Customers to Your Site
My sites rely heavily on search engine traffic. On, 75% of my visitors are on mobile devices. So my website needs to load fast on 3G or less.

There are other ranking factors, but speed is my competitive advantage. Larger sites I compete with don’t focus on speed. I’m smaller and more agile. Therefore, I can dominate them and blow my competitors away.

This allows me to rank for things that seem impossible without building backlinks.

You’ll Save Money by Speeding up Your Site
On top of gaining more traffic, speeding up my site saved me roughly $500 a month! What?! I know.

Swim University sees about 4 to 5 million visitors a year. That’s a shitload of people hitting my servers. And WPEngine charges you based on this traffic. I was spending $600 a month on hosting fees alone.

But then I learned how to use Cloudflare and aggressive caching techniques that sped up my site and drastically reduced the number of visitors hitting my server. I was able to lower my bill from $600 to $100 a month.

Now, more people can visit my site on any device and I’m not charged extra for it. Speed is so sweet.

How Important is Page Speed? Studies Show: Really Fucking Important!
You’ll Rank Higher in Google
Fast websites rank higher in Google. First, they announced page speed would be one of their ranking factors. Then, they gave page speed even more consideration, incorporating mobile site speed.
You’ll Retain More Customers and Make More Money
Online buyers are impatient. They expect your page to load within a second. According to Amazon, speeding up their site by just 100 milliseconds (a human can’t even perceive that) was enough to increase sales by 1%.
Your Visitors Won’t Bounce
A page taking more than 2 seconds to load results in 47% of visitors bouncing off your site. According to Kissmetrics, if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over 1/4 of your visitors will bounce. Ouch.
Your Website Will Load in Less Than a Second. I’ll Show You How It’s Possible.
You can make any WordPress site load in less than 1 second with the lessons in this course.

Avoid Big Speed Mistakes and Shitty Third-Party Software
Everything is trying to slow down your site. I’ll show you how to avoid these page-speed killers. And how to lay a foundation for lightning-fast sites.

Use The Right Page-Speed Testing Software
Are you getting low and conflicting speed scores with different testing tools? You may be using the wrong tools. I’ll show you the right one and how to use it. Then, how to tell Google your website is fast as shit by scoring a perfect 100!

Choosing the Perfect Hosting Company and WordPress Theme
Starting with killer web hosting and the right theme can shave a lot off your load times. I’ll go over exactly what I use for hosting and how to pick (or design) the perfect WordPress theme for speed.

What’s the Deal with Caching and CDNs?
You can dramatically speed up a site with just a few settings in Cloudflare (a free tool). I’ll show you how to set this up on your own site no matter what hosting company or theme you use.

No More Bloated Plugins and Themes
Included are my recommended plugin and theme picks for improving speed and how to tweak to the settings to speed up load times. This includes image compression, lazy loading, code minification and more!

Your Images and Videos Will Load Crazy Fast
Shave seconds off your load time by creating and compressing images the right way. Plus, load images and videos as you scroll down the page (aka lazy loading).

No Coding Required
Ok, I lied. I included FREE code snippets to improve your site speed. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to copy and paste these code bits into your site without breaking it.

Fine-Tune Your Site Speed
Finally, I’ll show you how to get a few more milliseconds of speed by optimizing email forms, Google Analytics, Google Fonts, and more!
“Well Worth The Money”
I’m pumped with the results so far from the pagespeed course and thought I’d share. I recently bought a website and it was brutally slow. Like, 5.3 seconds slow:

Made a few changes at first (like deleting crappy plugins), but the main difference was switching to WP Engine:

Then I went through more of the course and everything is even better. Installed WP Rocket and Imagify, setup cloudflare the right way, etc.

I’m still making my way through the course, and plan to install carbonate eventually but have to redesign a lot of things so it will take some time. Well worth the money!
Chenell Tull
What’s included?
25 videos 10 files
2 text files
Page Speed Fundamentals
An Introduction to Page Speed
9 mins
PageSpeed Terms You Need to Know
11 mins
Big Mistakes That Kill Website Speed
21 mins
How To Test Page Speed
17 mins
Fast Website Setup
Choosing a Fast WordPress Hosting Company
13 mins
Choosing a Fast WordPress Theme
13 mins
Setting Up Your Site with Cloudflare
16 mins
Crafting The Perfect Site Structure for Speed
12 mins
Installing WordPress Plugins That’ll Increase Speed
8 mins
Speed Settings and Improvements
The Optimal WordPress Settings for Speed
9 mins
How to Enable Minification on HTML, CSS, and JS
5 mins
How to Implement Blazing Fast Image Optimization
21 mins

How to Create and Inline SVG Images
16 mins
Lazy Loading Images and Videos
8 mins
How to Speed Up Google Analytics
12 mins
How to Load Fonts Locally
23 mins
How to Reduce DNS Lookups
5 mins
Fine-Tune The WordPress Database
6 mins
How to Add Super Fast Email Forms
10 mins
Bonus Content
How to Set Up and Code on a Staging Environment
17 mins
Case Study: Carbonate
12 mins
Case Study: Brew Cabin
26 mins
Case Study: Money Lab
37 mins
Case Study – Listen Money Matters
50 mins
Swim University Live Stream
(1h 40m 13s)
Code Snippets and Templates
Code Snippet: Disable WordPress Emojis
Code Snippet: Disable WordPress Embeds
Code Snippet: Remove jQuery Library from WordPress
Code Snippet: Remove jQuery Migrate Library from WordPress
Code Snippet: Load Google Fonts Locally
Code Snippet: Reduce DNS Lookups with Prefetch
Code Snippet: Remove Gutenberg Block Library CSS
Code Snippet: Fast ConvertKit Form
Code Snippet: Async Google Analytics
WP Rocket – Advanced Options Prefetch Domains
Become an Affiliate
How to Join The Affiliate Program
How to Get Your Affiliate Links
Your Site Can Be as Fast as These Sites
This site is the one you’re on right now, and it loads in 0.7 seconds.
I interview Andrew Fiebert as he walks us through how this massive personal finance website loads in under 1 second.
My homebrewing site sees about 40,000 visitors a month with no backlinks. How is this possible? With a site that loads in 0.7 seconds.
This is the lightning-fast WordPress theme I use for all my sites. Pages on this site load in just 0.5 seconds.
BONUS: The Site Speed Livestream
My flagship site about pools and spa sees about 4 to 5 million visitors a month. During the making of this course, I was able to speed the site up from 3.8 seconds to just 0.9 seconds. And I livestreamed the entire process.

No Coding Required
I don’t know anything about coding, but after going through your course most pages on my blog load in under a second (according to GTMetrix).  My site gets 50,000 page views a month and it’s never been faster.
Dylan Spitz –
If you don’t like the course, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.
Here’s the deal: if you don’t like the course, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Period. But do me a favor: at least give it a shot first before asking for a refund.
My Name is Matt Giovanisci and I Made This
My Twitter bio says I’m an entertaining entrepreneur, website wizard, podcast producer, music maker, video veteran, and alliteration addict. I spent a lot of time crafting that bio.

I run three websites and a software product all making mid six-figures annually.

Since 2006, I created successful online brands including,,,, and

I spend most of my social time on Twitter. Hit me up there!

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