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People always consider that, the metal bending is the most “visual” mentalism. Among which, bending forks and spoons, things that can be seen everywhere in our daily life, is the most classic one.

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Mental Tom – FFF

 Mental Tom - FFF

<FFF>, co-presented by MentalTom, TCC and Magic 8, directed by Joe Deng, and under the supervision of Penny Wu.

After 5 years of preparation and experiment, MentalTom finally reveals his most precious secret.

People always consider that, the metal bending is the most “visual” mentalism. Among which, bending forks and spoons, things that can be seen everywhere in our daily life, is the most classic one.

Right now, <FFF>, the first metal bending DVD of China is on the market. It is presented by one of the greatest mentalist of China and is sold by both TCC and Magic 8.

On this DVD, you can learn all the techniques of metal bending that used by MentalTom, inspired by Steve Shaw. All the sleights that explained on the DVD are classical but exquisite. After practice, you can make the forks bends slowly and smoothly right in front of the eyes of your audience.

The best forks and spoons (from our point of view) are also equipped on the DVD, in order to help beginners to learn quicker and easier.

If you are new in this field, you can get a full explanation from this DVD. You would also get a wonderful experience of nothing to everything.

If you have already learned and performed some metal bending techniques, you must have questions about angles and details. You must have consider about how to do it better, to make it a “real magic”. In <FFF>, MentalTom shares not only the details of metal bending and his handling about the angle, but also how to create the incredible sensation of bending. The latter one, is the key point for all the metal bending tricks.

Just imagine, you can make a normal fork transform in your hand. Not only bends, but transforms! For your spectators, this will be an unforgettable experience. It is so impressive and visual that they are going to talk about it again and again with their friends in the future.

<FFF> will be the MUST performed trick once after you learn it.

<FFF> will be the best weapon of all your magic tricks.

INCLUDING: Tutorial DVD + 3 forks & 1 spoon, all of which are imported from Japan.

“Metal bending is so unique in the magic world, because it seems so real. How to make the magic trick become something real and solid is the problem that every magician needs to solve. If you want to give your spectators the feeling of real magic, do not miss <FFF>.”

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–Joe Deng

“The idea of MentalTom is so creative and crazy, but it is also very visual and practical. I would like to use it on my TV show, and it is practical for the daily magic performance too. I highly recommend it!”

–Kailun Hu

“Metal bending is the repertoire for all the mentalists. It can visualize the mentalism performance. However, it is not easy to find the appropriate teaching material of it. But now we have <FFF>, and all the problems are solved. Thanks to MentalTom for his great ideas!”

–Xiaowo Zhang

“Metal Bending is the killer trick of mentalism. It will always shock your spectators. <FFF> by MentalTom is the best of the best of all the Chinese tutorial of metal bending I have ever seen.”

–Songyan Liang

“Use your mental power to defeat your spectators’ mind, and become an X-man. <FFF> is just like superpower. You can use it to give your spectators an incomparable miracle. Personally, I think his idea of fork breaking is so insane, it’s very easy but also powerful, you will never regret to get it!”


“The metal bending of MentalTom has a sense of power. His bending is not restricted to liquid state. All the techniques are useful and cool. No matter in daily show or commercial performance, <FFF> will be your favorite routine. It’s perfect!”


“When MentalTom is handing a fork, he can freak me out every second. Warm tips: Don’t have lunch with him!”

–Alberto de Figueiredo

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