Mike Cooch – The Chase Formula


Mike Cooch – The Chase Formula

Mike Cooch - The Chase Formula

Mike Cooch – The Chase Formula


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My local agency providing offline marketing services to small businesses around the country grew even faster than my first business, growing to over $300k in recurring revenue each month in just 18 months time – while I was still working 60 hour weeks at my old business

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Mike Cooch - The Chase Formula

Mike Cooch – The Chase Formula

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Now, Discover The Proven 8-Step Prospecting System That I Used To Build a $150k/Month Local Marketing Agency In My First Year!
This is the exact prospecting system I put in place in any new business I start…
From the desk of Mike Cooch
San Diego, California
Dear Local Marketing Agency Owners,
Everyone in this industry knows that the Local Marketing opportunity is huge. But how do you find enough clients to build a “real” business FAST?

That’s the million-dollar-question.

Search around the forum and you’ll find the same questions being asked over and over:

“Does cold calling work?”
“Should I do direct mail?”
“Should I go door-to-door?”

The far majority of agency owners I know are stuck with just a handful of clients…

…not making anywhere near the money they should be and probably still working their full-time job doing something else…

…because they don’t have a PROVEN PROSPECTING SYSTEM they can rely on.
If you want to be the 500lb guerrilla of your market you must have a
client-getting-system that is proven and predictable!
Just look around at the companies that we love to make fun of, but that are crushing the marketplace with hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars in sales!

Companies like:


Sure, their services suck compared to what you can do, but they have tens-of-thousands of customers!

Why do they have so many customers?
Because they have a prospecting system that works!
And do you know their #1 sales strategy?

“Get the small business owner on the phone to set a sales appointment.”

I know because I live in one of their biggest test markets, and I’ve hired several of their salespeople.

They send emails.
They make calls.
They set appointments.
They make money.

A simple formula. A PROVEN formula.
A proven formula that doesn’t rely on gimmicks…
Knowing that just about everyone in this market dreads prospecting to find new clients, nearly every sales system being offered to agency owners promises that you’ll never have to hunt for a client again if you’ll just use their latest prospecting postcard, email or video.

The big dream is that you’ll just send something out and the clients will come beating down your door to do business with you.

Here’s What the experts aren’t telling you, and probably don’t know  themselves…
Here’s how to make your dreams a reality:

Having a proactive, outbound prospecting system that uses a real, living, breathing human being to make contact is still the most productive way to find new clients and build your business FAST!

Small businesses are run by people that buy from other people. They value relationships and they value hearing from experts that can help them achieve their goals.

Don’t get me wrong..I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t be doing all of the smart marketing you can.

Of course you should be.

But I AM TELLING YOU that if you learn to back up that marketing with the system I’m going to teach you that you’ll get 3-5x the results and grow your revenue faster than you thought possible!
Most people think that prospecting is too difficult, but it’s not!
You’re contacting your prospect one time, with weak messaging, and without the benefit of a coordinated campaign to support your efforts, and you’re wondering why it seems to be such an unproductive slog!
You’re pushing a boulder uphill!

You are doing everything possible to make finding new business as difficult as possible.

It’s no wonder it doesn’t seem like any fun!

You need an integrated prospecting campaign that includes email and phone calls to get appointments with the least amount of effort.

If you do this correctly you will get 3-5x the results from your prospecting efforts and crush your competition!
But isn’t making phone calls lame, uncool…
Only for people that don’t understand how to market?!
You’d think so based on everything you read these days.

Get Mike Cooch – The Chase Formula at the Course Farm

I don’t think you should be making pure cold calls. That’s the most unsophisticated, brute force way of building your business.

You SHOULD be using calls as a part of integrated prospecting campaigns that includes email to get your prospects attention and warms them up to your call.

We’ve tested every marketing approach in the book over the last few years, and NOTHING works better than using email and phone calls to get business owners in a sales conversation with you.
And look…I haven’t made a sales call myself in years!
I have other people do that for me, and you can too.
I’m not suggesting you have to do all of the work yourself. Believe me, I’m all about creating a business where the dirty work is done for me.

Take this system and give it to somebody else to follow.

Outsource it. Hire salespeople. I’ll show you how.
Who am I, and why should you listen to me?
I have a track record of building businesses with focus on local/smb’s – in my experience nothing has provided more consistent results and bang for the buck than the system I’m about to show you.

My first business was a 3x Inc 5000 company that I grew from scratch using this EXACT system as our primary sales tool, and grew to millions of dollars in recurring revenue before selling it.

My local agency providing offline marketing services to small businesses around the country grew even faster than my first business, growing to over $300k in recurring revenue each month in just 18 months time – while I was still working 60 hour weeks at my old business – selling the same stuff you are selling – SEO, websites, local directory submission, etc. – and using this exact system as our primary sales tool.
My salespeople regularly pulled in $50,000 per month or more in sales!
Here’s a look at ACTUAL SALES RESULTS – from NEW CUSTOMERS – of my two sales guys:
I can assure you, these guys aren’t super-human and weren’t born with some sort of prospecting gene that you missed out on!

They have simply been taught a formula that works, and they follow it religiously.
And we close all of our deals on the phone!
We never meet with our clients in person!!!
Once you’re able to do that, “Local” takes on a whole new meaning!

Now you can sell to “Local” clients wherever they may be, which has been one of the secrets to our fast growth.

It’s the ultimate sales model!

As a result, we built a REAL business.

To prove to you that I’m not just blowing smoke, I did a quick video tour of our office and team – check it out:
And now I’m passing on my secret formula to you…
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The Chase Formula is delivered electronically via our Local Sales Lab membership website)

The content you downloaded is an excerpt from this system.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

The 8 step sequence that increases the likelihood of reaching someone by 500%, without any additional effort
How to triple the number of prospecting “touches” made in a given amount of time, all while cutting the administrative time of prospecting
The magical VIP formula that will eliminate the fear of making calls and ensure that you are a welcome guest, not a pest to avoid
How to triple the number of prospecting “touches” made in a given amount of time, all while cutting the administrative time of prospecting
How to slide through objections like a hot knife through butter

How to set up an interview process that finds you the best callers without sucking up your time
The three things your prospecting must have to create a message so powerful that your prospects are practically forced to pay attention to
The single-most-important-never-hire-a-salesperson-without-using-this-tactic interview tactic that separates the “men from the boys” in your interview process
The biggest mistake that most people make when making calls that practically ensures that they are going to fail
The 6 prospecting power boosters – you must be sure to incorporate at least one of these in every touch

How many times – and how often – to contact a prospect so that you give yourself the best chance of getting through without becoming a stalker
The simple compensation plan you should use to keep your callers motivated and make sure you aren’t spending too much
Why a salesperson should never be surprised by an objection again! There are only 4 types of objections – they should be prepared to handle all of them
The powerful yet simple tool you can use to track your activity and results to ENSURE you are getting the most productivity from your prospecting efforts

Plus, you’ll get videos, checklists and tools to get you
up and running quickly, including:

5 Modules – 5 full modules of videos, documents and worksheets you can use to develop your prospecting system and bring in new business faster than the competition
Module 1 – Power Messaging – develop the communication strategies that hook the attention of your prospects and get you a conversation
Module 2 – The Chase Sequence – the scripts and worksheets you need to build the exact 8 step sequence of calls, emails, and voicemail messages that gives you a 500% better chance of reaching your prospects
Module 3- The 6 Prospecting Power Boosters – I’ll show you how to incorporate these into every call to make sure your scripts pack a punch

Module 4 – Objection Handling – there are only 4 kinds of objections, and yet most callers are completely unprepared. I’ll teach you all 4 and how to roll past them.
Module 5 – Outsourcing – don’t want to do any prospecting yourself? No problem! I’ll give you an interview process to follow and show you where to find the best outsourced callers.
Bonus Module – Special Bonus! Some of my favorite tips, tools and resources to make your prospecting a success

When you’re done, you’ll have a complete prospecting system that you can hand over to an in-house or outsourced salesperson and expect to get results!
Here’s why the formula will work for you…
When we first launched The Chase Formula, we offered it out on the Warrior Forum, here are actual comments from our Chase Formula buyers:
I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life selling to small businesses, I’ve hired dozens of salespeople, and I’ve learned a lot in the process.

I know that the best salespeople are confident in what they are doing, have fun hunting their money, and have a system they follow to a “T” – they don’t wing it.

I’ve taken the most important lessons from my experience and boiled them down into a system that is easy to follow and gets results.

When you have a proven system, you have confidence, and dare I say…prospecting becomes fun.

Making money is fun.

Knowing that the only thing between you and your money is sending a few emails and picking up the phone…is fun.

That’s what this system will give you.
Of Course It’s 100% Guaranteed!
I know this system works. The question is will you work it?

Either way, if you don’t see the value of this system in the first 30 days you have it, I don’t want your money!

We’ll refund 100% your purchase – no questions asked.

Readmore: http://archive.li/hfMVM

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