Mike Dillard – Elevation Income Course


Mike Dillard – Elevation Income Course

Mike Dillard – Elevation Income Course

Mike Dillard – Elevation Income Course


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After you join Elevation Income and watch these 10 video sessions, you’ll literally know every crucial detail that Robert and I know for starting and running a 7-8 figure cash flow business.


Mike Dillard - Elevation Income CourseMike Dillard – Elevation Income Course

Your Journey to Creating a Profitable Cash Flow Business In 90 Days or Less Starts Like This…

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you join Elevation Income

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Video Session #1: How to Come Up with a Life-Changing Business Idea in Less Than 10 Minutes…

In this session you’ll learn the deceptively simple 3-step formula that allowed me to go from completely broke and waiting tables, to millionaire within 18 months… when I was just 27 years old. You’ll also learn…

  • How to think up 3-5 winning business ideas in any market,no matter how many products or competitors might be there already, in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Plus, I’ll hand you the top 10 markets to start a business in right now.

Video Session #2: The More People You Help, The More You Make — Finding Your Elegant Solution…

I’ll show you how I built EVG into one of the most successful financial education websites in the world within months, (which is a VERY competitive niche), even though I’m not a guru or experienced expert in that world). You’ll also learn…

  • How to get potential customers to reveal the product or service they’re most eager to buy, and are simply waiting for you to offer it to them, wallet in hand.
  • Then, I’ll show you a simple test to see if those customers really are ready and willing to buy your product, before you ever invest any time or money in the business.

Video Session #3: You Are One Skill Away from Making Your First Million Dollars. Here’s What it Should Be, and How to Get It…

Acquiring a skill is what finally allowed me to go from waiting tables, to making 7 figures within 18 months after 5 years of failure.  In this video session, you’ll learn…

  • The 1 skill I discovered years ago which changed my life forever, and where to acquire that skill quickly, and cheaply.
  • And how to identify and cultivate your hidden million-dollar skill.

Video Session #4: How to Turn Your Business into a Magnet for Customers, Clients, Employees, and Traffic Partners…

In this session you’ll discover the magic ingredient that took EVG from a simple business idea to a worldwide movement that’s touched thousands of people. You will also learn:

  • The secret to “Attraction Based Marketing” that 90% of businesses ignore … but is responsible for 90%+ of sales for my two businesses.
  • How to turn customers, employees, and even the media into raving, lifelong fans who will faithfully promote your business and literally buy everything you produce.

Video Session #5: Wire Your Mind for Money

Your life in 3-5 years will be a direct reflection of the thoughts you’re having today. So to be a successful entrepreneur, you must start thinking in a way you’ve never thought before. In this session, you will learn…

  • How to protect your mind and your dream from the challenges that may come from friends, family members, and even customers as you grow your empire.
  • I’ll reveal how to develop a “Magnetic Personality,” (even if you are extremely shy and introverted like I once was) that attracts wealth, powerful friends with connections, and more opportunities than you can possibly act on.

Video Session #6: Ready, Set, Go

Now that you’ve seen the big-picture of running a business, it’s time to dive into the nuts and bolts of starting one. Robert and I have gone through this process more than a dozen times, so we’re going to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it cheaply. In this session, you’ll learn…

  • How to choose the perfect business name and domain name (a “.com”), make sure they’re available and not trademarked, and make your business legal – including required privacy policies and the best legal entity (such as an LLC). We’ll also show you how to quickly and easily accept credit cards online.
  • I’ll show you the same resources I personally use to create websites quickly and easily, even though I’m not a “tech” person (these tools make website creation drop-dead easy)

Video Session #7: How to Create Marketing Systems That Automatically Tell and Sell for You 24/7

Building marketing tools that, once built, produce sales and money automatically like a little army of robots, are the the ultimate way to leverage your time. The Elevation Group’s automatic marketing system works 24/7, and created 8 figures in revenue within the first 12 months.  And in this session, we’ll tell you exactly how we built it.

Warning: this session is HUGE. Here’s what we cover…

  • I’ll show you why I use automated sales “Robots” instead of talking to people in person, and how you can do the same in your business.
  • I’ll show you how I acquired over 10,000 customers and made $3.2 Million in the first 10 days of business, without spending a single dime on advertising.
  • My MILLION-DOLLAR BUSINESS FRAMEWORK that allows you to easily scale your profitable startup business to a 7-figure cash cow in 12 months or less.
  • My 5-part formula for writing advertisements that have people tracking you down, begging to buy from you.  (Using these 5 steps, I’ve literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars and more, just by sending one email.  And it keeps working, over and over again).
  • Don’t know anything about generating traffic online? That’s not a problem… We’ll show you how we get other people who do know how to generate tons of traffic, to promote your products and services for you. In fact, this is how we get 90% of our sales here in The Elevation Group.
  • You’ll learn the extremely lucrative, “Big Fat Fish” marketing strategy that’s behind every successful marketing campaign we produce, and how to use it into your business.
  • Plus, I’ll teach you the most effective way to differentiate yourself from the competition. This single secret allowed me to start two separate EIGHT-FIGURE BUSINESSES, even in already-crowded markets.

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Video Session #8: How to Hire and Build an Incredible Team of “A-Players”

As your business continues to grow, eventually you’ll need to start hiring people. This is a crucial step, because making a wrong hire is the single most costly mistake a business owner can make. In this session, you will learn Robert’s hard-earned tips for building an incredible team of “A-Players” to run your business as it grows.


Video Session #9: The Financial Metrics and Statements We Use to Run Our Companies…

To run a profitable business, there are a few critical pieces of information that you must watch like a hawk.  In this session… Robert and I will share our Key Performance Indicators with you (KPIs).  These are the marketing statistics that we run our company by. They are very simple, but you can’t run a business without them.


Video Session #10: Bringing Your Business to Life: How to Set Up Your Shopping Cart, and Make Your First Sale…

I am not a techie, I can’t program, and I don’t know HTML. But thankfully, there are some incredible tools and systems that I’ve found over the years that allow you to set up an entire business for very little money, and without any tech experience. So in this session…

  • I’m going to show you exactly how I set up the technology that ran the very first version of The Elevation Group for less than $1,500…
  • Plus, I’ll show you a completely turnkey service that does just about EVERYTHING for you… It processes your orders, manages your KPI’s, finds affiliates who will sell your products, and even mails their checks for you… and it’s free.

And Much, Much More…

After you join Elevation Income and watch these 10 video sessions, you’ll literally know every crucial detail that Robert and I know for starting and running a 7-8 figure cash flow business.

But we want to make your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur as easy as possible, so we’re also giving you…

5+ Bonuses to Empower Your First Business

Here’s a list of the Bonuses you’ll get:

BONUS #1: EVG’s Top 10 Ads… I had my director of marketing here at EVG pull out our top 10 ads, along with the conversion numbers, so you can see the ads that have built EVG into an 8-figure business. You have my permission to use them as a template for your own business.

BONUS #2: My $20,000,000 Sales letter… I’ll give you a PDF copy of the very first sales letter I wrote back in 2004 from my bedroom which has gone on to generate more than $20,000,000 in revenue. This is extremely valuable because I learned to write copy that automatically makes millions of dollars by studying, and literally hand-copying winning letters just like this one. This little trick is what allows you to learn and internalize the psychology and language patterns of the best copywriters in the world, for free … and it’s exactly how I acquired this million-dollar skill when I was broke.

BONUS #3: The $3.2 Million email campaign… This bonus is something pretty special. I’m going to give you exact copies of the emails I wrote back in 2010 when I launched The Elevation Group for the very first time. Why are these emails something that you’d be crazy not to want and covet? Because they produced $3.2 Million dollars in sales in less than 10 days. And now you’ll get to see, study, and swipe the entire campaign so you can implement the same strategies and marketing techniques into your own business.

BONUS #4: How to Create Your Own Cash-Producing Information Product In Less Than 24 Hours… This is a step-by-step instruction process that will allow you create your very own information product in less than 24 hours. If you think about it, that’s all my businesses are. They are information products. Written content, videos, or audios that I’ve recorded by myself, or with other experts like in the case of EVG. I don’t even create the content in The Elevation Group. The experts do. We simply bring a camera and then summarize what the experts say. This guide will show you step-by-step, how to do the exact same thing … in less than 24 hours!

Special Bonus Feature… In addition to the above physical bonuses, I’ve also got a little surprise. I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you, step-by-step, exactly how I turned The Elevation Group into one of the most successful financial information sites in the world just a few short months after its creation. You’ll see the steps I took that turned my $1500 initial investment into a thriving 8 figure business that now employs over 20 people. I’ll reveal this special bonus material throughout the 10 Elevation Income lessons. That way you can see first-hand the value of each step you are learning, and witness how I applied it in creating EVG.

In short, this course is a FANTASTIC value, and you can Join Elevation Income right now and start building your dream business today.

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