Mike Futia – Stupid Simple SEO Advanced v5 2023


Mike Futia – Stupid Simple SEO Advanced v5 2023

Mike Futia - Stupid Simple SEO Advanced v5 2023

Mike Futia – Stupid Simple SEO Advanced v5 2023


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“This course is available and delivery within a few hours!”Have a “Domain Authority cheat sheet” so you’ll never wonder again which blogs you can compete with, and which ones you should stay away from.File Size:4.4 GB


Mike Futia – Stupid Simple SEO Advanced v5 2023

Mike Futia - Stupid Simple SEO Advanced v5 2023

For Bloggers Who Want To Scale Their Traffic & Income With SEO…
“Premier Blogging Course Reveals How To Boost Your Rankings, Pageviews, & Income With SEO…”
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Undercover Competitors

I’ll come right out and say it: everything you’ve been taught about doing keyword research is probably wrong.
If you’re sick of “brainstorming” random keyword ideas only to realize you still can’t figure out a “good” keyword vs. a “bad” keyword, you’ll love this module. After you’re done, you’ll:
Understand that great keyword research starts by knowing exactly who your search competitors are.
Have a “Domain Authority cheat sheet” so you’ll never wonder again which blogs you can compete with, and which ones you should stay away from.
Learn several innovative methods for identifying your true search competitors.
Have a spreadsheet filled with organic competitors who you can compete with in Google!
Undercover Keywords

Now that we’ve identified your search competitors, it’s time to move on to *arguably* the most impactful part of the entire course:
Keyword research.
In this jam-packed module, I’ll show you:
How to pinpoint the exact keywords that your bringing your competitors the most traffic to their sites.
How to collect and organize literally thousands of keywords into a user-friendly, searchable spreadsheet that you can refer back to time-and-time again.
How to analyze your keyword data so you’re targeting the lowest-competition, highest-traffic keywords first.
How to build out a content calendar so you can start publishing articles based on these keywords!
User Intent & User Experience

You could have the best content in the world, but if you misunderstand user intent—and provide a poor user experience—you’ll never rank in Google.
In this module, you’ll learn:
How to satisfy user intent, so searches are finding exactly what they want to find when they land on your page (something Google can measure!)
The key differences between “primary intent” and “secondary intent”, so your structuring your blog posts in the right order, and not leaving out any key information.
How to avoid having a bad “user experience” on your site, which can cause your readers to bounce off your page (and cause your Google rankings to sink like a stone!)
Strategic Content Formula

Now it’s time to move on to the most important part of ranking in Google:
Creating the best, most helpful content you possibly can.
In this content-rich module, you’ll learn:
How to determine the true competitiveness of a keyword, so you’re only targeting ones you have a chance of actually ranking for.
How to research and outline your content in an SEO-friendly way, so that when you finally sit down to write your post, most of the hard work is already done.
How to find long-tail and related keywords, so you’re making sure that your blog posts contain the exact words and phrases that Google wants to see.
Tips for writing truly helpful content, so you’re meeting and exceeding all of the latest guidance from Google!
How to set up your on-page SEO perfectly every single time, so Google understands exactly what they should rank you for.
How to do proper internal linking with your blog posts so you’re spreading SEO “link juice” throughout your site!
The Content Audit

Did you know that Google factors in *all* indexed pages on your site when determining how “helpful” your site is as a whole?
Meaning … that if you have any unoptimized, unhelpful, or poor quality pages on your site, they could be dragging down the SEO for ALL of your blog!
In this module, I’m showing you:
The five options you have at your disposal when doing your content audit.
When you should just leave the content on your blog “as-is”, because Google is already showing it some love!
When you should actually delete content from your blog! (Yes, most bloggers don’t understand that actually deleting content can HELP your SEO!)
When it’s time to update your content to make it more helpful and SEO-friendly, to increase your rankings and the overall “quality score” of your site.
The two other options you have when it comes to performing a content audit!

In the age of mass-generated AI content, what’s the *one* way you can stand out against your competition?
Yes, E-E-A-T is quickly becoming one of the most important ranking factors in Google.
In this module, you’ll learn:
Why establishing “authorship” on your site is so important for SEO, because Google wants to know who is behind your site!
Practical tips for adding “experience” elements to your blog posts, so Google knows that you’re creating content from personal experience.
Practical tips for adding “expertise” elements to your blog, so Google knows that you have some level of expertise writing about your niche.
Practical tips for adding “trust” elements to your site, because if Google doesn’t trust your a source of information in your niche, you’ll never rank!
Backlink Basics

If you’re a littler newer to the SEO scene and to backlinks, then this module is for you.
In “Backlink Basics”, you’ll learn:
Why backlinks are such a critical part of the whole blogging and SEO game.
What makes a “good” backlink … and which are the types of backlinks you should avoid!
Some expectations to have when you’re trying to build links—know that it’s a long term game!
Why “building your Domain Authority” is NOT the end goal when building links!
Build Amazing Links With HARO

If there’s only ONE backlink strategy I want you to focus on, it’s this one: Help A Reporter Out.
In fact, I’ve removed all other link building strategies from my program, and urge to you ONLY focus on HARO!
In this module, you’ll learn:
How to get set up properly with HARO so you’re not wasting any time filtering through irrelevant queries.
My “prospecting criteria” so you’re only responding to relevant queries that will help your authority!
How to properly research your HARO response so that your pitch is unique and you can save time writing it.
How to send the perfect HARO pitch so that it has a better chance of getting you a link!
How to use ChatGPT to come up with first-draft replies insanely fast!

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