Mike Litman & Steve G. Jones – The Money Mastery System


Mike Litman & Steve G. Jones – The Money Mastery System

Mike Litman & Steve G. Jones - The Money Mastery System

Mike Litman & Steve G. Jones – The Money Mastery System


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How you can earn more money than you ever imagined almost effortlessly; even in times where most people…

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Mike Litman & Steve G. Jones – The Money Mastery System

Mike Litman & Steve G. Jones - The Money Mastery System

“WARNING: What You’re About To See Here Is ONLY For Those Serious About Changing Their Financial Future”

Dear friend,

What you’re about to read on this page may shock you.

It might puzzle you.

It might even upset you a little bit.

BUT, if you are struggling with money, are starting to think that becoming wealthy just ins’t in the cards for you or are just plain unhappy with the amount of money that you have or make, then listen and listen close.

Because the information on this very page can change ALL of that just as it has for me and my partner.

This Is The Same Information
Both Of Us Used To:

Earn Seven Figures Year In And Year Out Regardless Of External Factors
Have The Freedom To Travel The World While Our Money Works For Us
Have People Come To Us (And Pay Us) For Our Expertise
Have Complete Control Over How We Choose To Spend Our Time Provide The Best Lifestyle Possible For Our Friends And Family
Constantly Stay Ahead Of The Curve So We Always Have A Financial Advantage

And Much More

In fact, the information on this page is so valuable that anyone who is not one hundred percent satisfied with their financial status shouldn’t even think about moving for the next 2 minutes.

So unless you never have to worry about money again, I suggest you read this.

First off, it’s all nonsense.

Everything you’re hearing about the economy, the financial crisis and lack of money is all FALSE.

And if you give me just a few minutes, I’ll not only prove it to you but I’ll also show you how you can earn more money than you ever imagined almost effortlessly; even in times where most people are going broke….just as my partner and I have year in and year out for the past decade.

In fact, I’m going to share 3 hidden facts about money that only the truly wealthy know about.

Sound good?


Who We Are And Why You Should Care

My name is Mike Litman and about 10 years ago, I was struggling with money BIG TIME.

I always had dreams and aspirations to become wildly successful but had no clue how to make it happen.

In fact, the only thing I seemed to be good at was losing jobs.

When I got out of college I had six jobs in six years.

My own parents would tell me “you need to get a grip on reality and keep a good paying job”.

As hard as it was to not listen to the supposed “voices of reason” in my parents, I knew there had to be a better way.

I knew that getting up every day and going to a job that I hated with no control over my destiny wasn’t for me.

Fast forward ten years later.

I now consistently earn over seven figures every year.

I am a best selling author.

I have complete financial control over my life.

Money is NEVER an issue for my family and I.

My partner, Steve G. Jones started out with a desire to become a world renowned hypnotist with NOTHING except a few dollars in his pocket and an old van that his dad gave him.

Fast forward 15 years later.

Steve now has a multi-million dollar hypnotherapy practice, is also a best selling author who travels the world and has been featured on national television on channels like BravoTv and TruTv.

Here’s The Good News

The reason I said “fast forward” is because you’re not going to have to spend the the next 10 or 15 years transforming your financial future.

In fact, they information we’re about to share with you can enable you to start seeing results in less time than you ever imagined.

Ok, so first and foremost you need to understand what money really is.

Hidden Fact About Money Number One

Money is nothing more than a commodity which simply changes hands.

It is never lost or gained.

So when you hear that money was lost, it really wasn’t. It just went from one party’s hands to another.

For example, when an employer lays someone off because they’re “losing money” what’s really happening is the money that helps that business to run (their expenses) is being handed over to the bill collectors at faster rate than the company’s customers are handing it to them.

That causes the company to fire someone. And that person thinks they’ve just lost their income.

In reality however, that income just switched hands. It was put somewhere else.

Think about this for a second. When people say things like money is being drained or lost, where it is really going?

When the media paints the dreary picture that the economy is dying because so much money is being lost, what are they really saying?

Where is this money going? Is there a bottomless pit or black hole that is sucking up all the money in the world?

Absolutely not.

The amount of money circulating is exactly the same. The only difference is whose hands it’s in.

Simply put, if you’re struggling with money right now, it’s because the money that you need is somewhere else instead of in your hands.

“So where exactly is it and how do I get Mike?”

Excellent question.

The answer lies in….

Hidden Fact About Money Number Two

The money in your mind will ALWAYS control the amount of money in your hand.

Your perception of everything in life will eventually become your reality.

And this is especially true when it comes to money.

If you subscribe to the idea that “it’s just too hard” or “it’s just not realistic” then it won’t be.

You see, everyone wants the answer the question “what do you have to physically do to become wealthy?”

But there are millions of answers to that question because there are millions of ways to do it.

Before getting to what you must do physically, you need to focus on what to do mentally for two reasons:

1.) Having the right money mind set will help you create a clear vision of what you want. Without a vision, you remain clouded. When clouded you can’t get what you really want.

2.) Having the right money mind set enables you to accept a new reality that you can actually become wealthy. Something only becomes real when you accept it as part of your reality.

3.) Having the right money mind set opens the door to creativity. When this happens you begin to develop new ideas that set you up for success.

Here’s The Proof

Did you know that the majority of people who win the lottery wind up broke all over again?

Did you also know that most self-made millionaires can lose it all and will regain it in the same time that the lottery winners lose it?

The reason why goes into the mind set.

People who have wealth given to them still hold a different belief about it.

Deep down inside, they either feel like they don’t really deserver it or they feel lucky meaning that this is something that could only happen once in a lifetime for someone like them.

Self made millionaires have a completely different out look. They actually feel like they deserve every bit of money and know that if for some reason they lose it, it’s only a matter of time before it comes back to them.

In both cases, the perception of reality dictates what really happens.

Hidden Fact About Money Number Three

Providing valuable information is the fastest, most profitable, most freedom driven way to earn money.

When money changes hands, it typically does so for one of 2 reasons; pain or pleasure.

In other words, people usually spend money to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. Whether they actually gain that pleasure or avoid that pain is irrelevant.

The point to remember is that at that very moment when money changes hands, it’s because those 2 factors are the driving force.

Information is one of the ONLY commodities that actually applies to both.

Providing valuable information is EXACTLY how Steve G. Jones and I have reached financial freedom.

We didn’t have to create a product that comes long once every decade like Windows or the Ipod.

We didn’t have to open up a psychical business with tons of overhead and employees to manage.

And we certainly didn’t have to rely on the lottery.

All we had to do is share some information that can help others…..just like we’re doing right now.

“But what if I don’t have any valuable information to share Mike?”

Well that’s where things get really exciting.

You see, most products and resources on the market today that are supposed to show you how to attain wealth miss the mark because they only tell half the story.

They either show you what you need to do mentally but give ZERO information on what to do physically or vice versa; they show you what to actually do without helping you mentally which is why most people fail again and again…..just like the lottery winners.

Today that all changes.

Steve G. Jones and I have developed something unlike ANYTHING else on the market.

We’ve put together a “no holds barred” complete interview series where we disclose the EXACT seven steps that ANYONE (including you) can use to attain true financial freedom.

What makes this different is that Steve discloses the seven mental steps that you must take and I share the seven physical steps. This truly is the best of both worlds.

Introducing The Money Mastery Series by Mike Litman and Steve G. Jones

(This program consists of approximately 2.5 hours of interviews on both Mike Litman and Steve G. Jones shot in high definition as well as a complete transcription of the interviews)

Our good friend Paul Mascetta held nothing back in asking us to get really specific on the EXACT 7 steps that we’ve used to achieve financial freedom from the ground up.

The Very First Thing You Need To Do Mentally To Become Wealthy
Why So Many People Struggle Mentally With Wealth And What To Do About It
How Our Thoughts About Money Can Be Designed To Serve Rather Than Hurt Us
The One Step That When Not Followed Can Ruin Any Chance Of Financial Success
A Critical Step That Involves Changing Something Most People Aren’t Even Aware Of

How To Get Whatever You Need From The Source of Everything In Life

A Step That Most People Always Miss Which Enables Others To Want To Give You Money
The Very First Thing That You Must Do Physically To Become Wealthy
How To Find People That Can’t Wait To Give You The Money You Need To Build Wealth
The Reason Why Even The Most Determined People Fail Financially And How To Avoid The Same Pitfalls
The Greatest Nugget Of Motivation That You Will Find Within To Push Yourself To Financial Freedom

The Key Element That Drives All Successful People

The Fastest Most Profitable Way To Get Money In Your Hands
How To Position Yourself As Someone Who Gets Paid For Your Knowledge
The Exact Seven Steps That You Must Take Both Mentally And Physical To Attain Wealth Easily And Effortlessly
And Much More!


What you have before is the “up close, no nonsense” details of how we have gone from having no money whatsoever to living a life where money is NEVER a concern.

This information is the work of over 15 years of trial, error, learning and dedication all summed up in less than 3 hours.

There is no fluff, no hype, no useless information.

In fact, these are the same steps that we typically share with our private clients who have paid thousands to access them.

Now while we know we could easily charge thousands for this information as we have in the past, our main goal here is to reach as many people as possible which is why we’re basically going to GIVE this program away.

Order in the next ten minutes and pay just $97 to transform your financial future.


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