Mike Paul – Mortgage Message Move


Mike Paul – Mortgage Message Move

Mike Paul - Mortgage Message Move

Mike Paul – Mortgage Message Move


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Discover How To Create A Prestigious Profitable Business Helping Mortgage Brokers Stack The Deck In Their Favor And Become Far…

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Mike Paul – Mortgage Message Move

Mike Paul - Mortgage Message Move

If you want to enjoy the prestige and kudos of a wealthy consultant helping mortgage brokers dramatically up their game, then this is for you…

Discover How To Create A Prestigious Profitable Business Helping Mortgage Brokers Stack The Deck In Their Favor And Become Far More In Demand And Highly Profitable

(All Without Needing To Know Anything About The Mortgage Business)

Read on to see just how easy you can become a respected consultant, helping residential mortgage consultants and brokers generate all the leads they can handle, 21st century style – STARTING TODAY!


The Mortgage Message Move

So here’s just a tiny peek at the many powerful secrets that await you inside …

  • The laser-targeted way to generate all the leads your mortgage broker clients can handle, which they will love you for (and my step by baby step instructions make it child’s play for you to do).
  • The smart way to increase your client’s Page One Google ‘real estate’ at no extra cost – multiplying the ways they can get prospect’s attention and thus increasing conversions from the same ad (and you can bet your bottom dollar your mortgage broker client’s don’t know the first thing about this brain-dead simple way to increase traffic and conversions for FREE!).
  • The little known, new and very powerful way to communicate directly with prospect’s cell phones.
  • How to quickly and easily set up Google ads accounts (and how to control multiple accounts from one place).
  • Five examples of compelling ads with a breakdown of why they are so effective.
  • 2 Powerhouse landing page resources – and how to set one up in under five minutes.
  • Adding a ‘Homes for Sale’ search function (and how to use that to start a dialogue with your prospective client).
  • Keyword mastery – and a lightening fast way to find the keywords to instantly connect your client with their best prospects.
  • 48 done for you keyword phrases – (just add your target city and you’re good to go).
  • The three key ways to Tune-Up your client’s ad campaigns – and it’s as simple as copy, paste and click.
  • The red hot secrets to creating a real killer ad.
  • Contacting your prospective mortgage professional clients the ultra-effective and easy way (and the surprising, little known, fact about B2B email)
  • How to easily find your prospective mortgage broker clients – and the two dubious sources to avoid.
  • The email sending service that lets you email hundreds for free – and could very well get you enough clients for life without ever having to move to the paid service.
  • The key secrets of sending a ‘cold’ mail that gets opened up and acted upon, right out of the gate.
  • The done for you email template you can take and use after putting your own unique spin on it.
  • Where the rubber hits the road – getting paid.
  • And much, MUCH more …

Your Investment

Because you will be in command of an ultra-powerful master plan of a completely new proven business model, I’m certain you would thank that a one-off investment of $197 would be fair.
  • Your investment will never be lower than it is, right now.
  • You’ll leave your competitors choking in your dust, because you’ll be using this cutting edge approach before they hear about it.
  • By going ahead right now, you’ll qualify for those two cool bonuses worth a total of $64.
  • What’s wrong with enjoying your new found freedom, faster?

The choice before you now could not be clearer

So you can either …
A.  Ignore the fact that I’m already using this clever strategy to enjoy a very pleasant lifestyle with very little effort and continue to search for that miracle product that promises all sorts of riches beyond your wildest dreams simply by making a few clicks with your mouse, when you know (be honest!), deep down,  life is simply not like that.
B. You can be smart and realize that this is probably as close as you’ll get to that mythical ‘push-button overnight riches business’, because – yes, it will take nominal effort on your part, but it can also generate massive prestige and a very healthy income in a highly respected business because you’ll be working smart – not hard.
And, because I’m sure you’re shrewd enough to make the right choice, I’m really looking forward to sharing my secrets with you.
Wishing you success always,
Local Marketer


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