Mona Delfino – Create the Life Your Soul Intended by Attuning to Your Intuitive Guidance


Mona Delfino – Create the Life Your Soul Intended by Attuning to Your Intuitive Guidance

Mona Delfino - Create the Life Your Soul Intended by Attuning to Your Intuitive Guidance

Mona Delfino – Create the Life Your Soul Intended by Attuning to Your Intuitive Guidance


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Are you ready to take a deeper dive into Mona Delfino’s powerful teachings…

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Mona Delfino – Create the Life Your Soul Intended by Attuning to Your Intuitive Guidance

Mona Delfino - Create the Life Your Soul Intended by Attuning to Your Intuitive Guidance

Dive even deeper into the power of perception, allies from other realms, energy, frequency, and vibration to heighten your intuition, access the soul wisdom already within you, and live your true purpose.

Are you ready to take a deeper dive into Mona Delfino’s powerful teachings and experience more profound practices to explore your soul’s eternal energy…
… and your capacity to access the profound wisdom that’s always within you?
Living in intuition is having clear, unobstructed access to your higher self, being conscious of what you’re manifesting, AND knowing how to use your manifestation powers to create the life you want.
Because the life you want is your soul’s truest purpose.
Join Mona in an immersive 12-week advanced program, where you’ll learn to understand your subconscious as past-life experiences coming forth, and you’ll discover powerful practices to clear old ways of being — to transform memories of the past into positive future desires.
You’ll explore the difference between what you’ve been taught and accepted as reality (the conditional) and all the unseen possibilities before you (the unconditional), and you’ll learn ways to jump your personal hurdles to more conscious, life-expanding ways of thinking.
During this nourishing journey with Mona, you’ll experience soul connections by delving more deeply into the powerful role that energy, frequency, and vibration play in the law of attraction. You’ll work consciously with the vibrational identities of benevolent beings, animal spirits, ancestors, and other allies on your soul’s journey.
You’ll learn more about your soul’s fascinating journey… how it travels through time and space, where it came from, where it is now, and where it’s going…
… AND you’ll explore how self-acceptance and self-allowance are means for manifesting and embodying the circumstances, relationships, and identities your soul is creating.
You’ll discover teachings and practices to help you become an observer rather than a reactor, opening your awareness to better accept and embrace change — an important skill during these tumultuous times.
You’ll also discover how trying to protect yourself from your own life can limit your wholeness, and how you can generate trust and learn to surrender to the flow of living in the moment so you can move forward with vitality and joy.
You’ll discover that you are never truly “stuck” as you become more aware of and open to the many ways your soul is constantly nudging you — especially in challenging times — to live your values instead of your old patterns.

During this profound 12 weeks with Mona, you’ll:

  • Explore what it means to live in intuition and how this accelerates your manifestation of a fulfilling, joyous, soul-led life
  • Learn to use your five senses to deepen contact with your subconscious to better understand yourself and the world around you
  • Discover how to become a Quantum Shifter of memories, perceptions, and emotions to better access the wisdom of your higher self
  • Discover the gift of stuckness (!) and how it helps you recognize new beginnings and move forward
  • Discover peace and trust as the opposite of attachment and stagnation
  • Find empowerment in discovering a new direction in your soul’s contract
  • Experience an exercise to listen to your heart — your soul’s truth — and what it wants you to understand
  • Discover the difference between conditional and unconditional living and how this wisdom can open you to a higher level of intuition
  • Experience the Ha breath to release and clear what was and transform it into what can be
  • Experience how applying intention to saying a name can uplift and transform your enjoyment of your life
  • Participate in quantum exercises that can help you understand your Akashic records
  • Practice how to pay attention to the animal spirits and other allies that are around and within you all the time
  • Learn what it means to be in soul connection
Join Mona for this exciting opportunity to find new empowerment, fulfillment, and joy in living a new direction from your soul’s contract.
This special advanced course will also include expanded Q&A time with Mona each week and greater exploration of some of your favorite topics, including deciphering the vibrations in names, connecting with spirit animals as vibrational allies, and delving more deeply into the mysteries of past lives.

What You’ll Discover in These 12 Weeks

In this 12-week transformational intensive, Mona will guide you through a profound exploration of how perception, spiritual allies, energy, frequency, and vibration heighten your intuition so you can manifest the soul wisdom already inside you… and live your true purpose.
This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Mona. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to tap into the deep wisdom already inside you… and create the life your soul intended.

Module 1: Transform Your Desires From the Conscious to the Subconscious

All of us have old memories — conscious or not — that have prevented us from truly manifesting our deepest desires. Some of these desires are far beyond what we might even imagine for ourselves, because we don’t always know what’s best for us… mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically.
This opening session will help you, from the core of your being, allow your deepest desires!
In this first module, you’ll:
  • Become more aware of your conscious desires and learn how to start manifesting them
  • Understand the difference between what you think you desire… and trusting your subconscious desires
  • Learn how to be your own best friend by accepting and allowing the true you to emerge
  • Learn a quantum exercise to help you transform old memories into new awareness and a clear vision of all possibilities

Module 2: Release Old Patterns From Your Subconscious to Discover a New Direction

When we recognize the subconscious as past-life experiences coming forth, we become able to see our patterns and detect those that have influenced how we’ve been making decisions.
In this class, you’ll discover how to clear old patterns by consciously releasing the past, so you can increase manifestation. In doing so, you’ll also reduce physical discomforts associated with these old patterns — and open new avenues for the heart to express.
Mona will guide you in listening to your heart’s knowledge through quantum exercises that can help you understand your Akashic records.
During this module, you’ll learn to:
  • Deepen your connection to intuition and subconscious content
  • Use the 5 senses to deepen contact with the subconscious
  • Find ways to tap into your new direction by listening to qualities that come from your patterns
  • Heighten your sense of empowerment based on your soul’s contract

Module 3: Live in Intuition — The Heart as a Personal Roadmap to Your Highest Potential

One of the essential gifts that can emerge out of “stuckness” is a renewed capacity to recognize a new beginning. Without stuckness, it’s actually more challenging to move forward! A challenge is a blessing waiting to be discovered. With challenges, we become more focused on what we really want in life, and when we’re grateful for a challenge, it allows the blessings to come into reality.
In this module, you’ll explore:
  • How to use attunement to your subconscious content as a way to understand yourself and the world
  • Peace and trust as the opposite of attachment and stagnation
  • Ways to become more conscious of your potential
  • What areas of your life have felt limited… and how to liberate them
  • How to live your values instead of old patterns
  • A guided exercise to help you bring conscious thought to your heart and hear the truth it wants you to understand

Module 4: Develop Trust to Evolve From the Subconscious to the Conscious

Seeing with new vision requires intention and a clear direction of perception. In this class, you’ll begin to expand by learning to change your thinking, increase your mind’s ability, and come out of old patterns.
By listening to what bothers you, inside and out, you can transmute the discomfort into trust… and when you trust in this way, you allow it to help guide your future. This is how shamans allow life to flow and to teach them how to become more aware of their connections to and abilities with the universe.
During this module, you’ll:
  • Recognize resistance, distrust, disruption, and other signs as growth
  • Experience the Ha breath to release and clear what was and transform it into what can be
  • Learn how the breath can help you reprogram memory
  • Learn to love what you’re waiting to understand, and see it as a process
  • Practice exercises to free up past discomforts and turn them into a flow of energy that you can recycle into a new intention

Module 5: Tap Into Your Own Wisdom Through Direct Experience

In this module, you’ll experience connections created by your soul’s attractions… so you can develop a higher frequency and call in what’s essential to your evolution and happiness.
You’ll develop the capacity to use your heart to transform your electromagnetic field — and change your “law of attraction.”
You’ll also:
  • Learn that experience is what creates expansion
  • Develop your ability to move forward by generating trust, surrender, and flow through conscious experience
  • Discover how the more attuned you are to your subconscious, the more conscious you can become
  • Understand how experience brings you the wisdom that already exists within you
  • Practice a meditation to recognize conscious awareness

Module 6: Amplify Your Energy, Frequency & Vibration

If you really want to know the universe you have to understand energy, frequency, and vibration.
— Tesla
You’re now ready to explore the true meaning of energy, frequency, and vibration using the applied skills of your awareness of the subconscious.
In this class, Mona will show you how vibration is the oscillation of energy working toward your highest good. She’ll guide you in an exercise to increase trust, connection, and communication… and experience a deeply exciting feeling associated with the new you that’s taking shape. And this new you is designed by YOU! You are the ultimate creator of all you see, feel, hear, adapt to, and allow.
In this class, you’ll develop:
  • A self-created sound-toning practice to amplify healing and transform feelings through intention
  • The understanding that everything is energy — and what you do with it is up to you
  • An experience of the law of attraction as frequency

Module 7: Experience the Vibration of Names

We’re all born with our names… however, you don’t have to be stuck with the energetics it casts onto your life. By understanding and attuning to the frequencies you want to catalyze in your life, you can transform your origins and meet who you want to be now.
Everyone is capable of achieving a new vibe with the name they’re already called. You don’t have to change it to consciously connect a new meaning to your name. In achieving a new vibe, you’ll help your bloodline transform.
In this module, you’ll learn how to:
  • Apply intention to your name to uplift the enjoyment of your life
  • Listen to frequency and discern patterns in energy, frequency, and vibration
  • Discern the vibration of names
  • Watch how names resonate with the waves of energy through sound
  • Change a name into higher frequency by consciously bringing it to light
  • Read names by writing one and feeling it on the paper

Module 8: Listen to Guidance From Your Ancestors & Spiritual Allies

We’re always supported and surrounded by allies… who are here to help us transform our lives into a full expression of who we are.
In this module, you’ll explore how to connect with these allies and amplify your healing powers. You’ll discover a way of listening that comes from a higher frequency… and then offer gratitude for the information you receive. You’ll awaken to a form of understanding that some call “channeling.” The most important aspect of this is the feeling of connectedness you’ll attune to. You’ll love this feeling!
You’ll discover:
  • The spirits, animals, ancestors, and other allies who are with you on your soul’s journey
  • How to work consciously with vibrational identities as a tool for changing frequency
  • Ways to attune to the connection with your allies… and allow yourself to listen to the wisdom of your guides

Module 9: Tune Into the Vibration of Space & Time

You’ve likely heard statements like “time doesn’t exist.” Have you ever wondered what that really means?
In this module, you’ll come to understand that, while time is only an illusion, it helps us stay centered so we can live our lives… and become more aware of what we love beyond space and time! To consciously create, we must stay in the moment and realize that being fully present is when the present opens.
In this session, you’ll discover:
  • The journey of the soul — where it came from, where it is now, and where it’s going
  • The illusion of time and separateness, and how it keeps us out of the moment
  • How to shift past memory into future desire
  • guided journey to see where you’re putting your energy and create new consciousness from the present moment

Module 10: Let Your Soul Guide You to Unconditional Love

There’s no doubt that unconditional love = the most masterful way of living. But how do you get to unconditional love?
Most of us experience life from a conditional-based perception, based on what we’ve learned from our environment. In this module, you’ll explore the open-minded projections that can lead you to the freedom of living without judgment or confusion.
It feels like a breath of fresh air, or a drink of the purest water from the earth when we’re handed the baton of self-awareness and full living.
You’ll also:
  • Identify what’s always been — recognizing your patterns and how you learned to accept them
  • Open your awareness to observing, accepting, and embracing change
  • Consciously and volitionally become who you are as an observer rather than a reactor
  • Learn what it means to be in soul connection
  • Experience the freedom of the soul through visualization practices that connect you with your free will and help you identify yourself as a soul

Module 11: Choose Your Experience to Create a Life of Your Desires

How you want your life to feel is up to you.
When you allow your soul to speak its truth through self-acceptance, you can guide yourself into a more conscious reality. When you recognize how you’ve perceived your experiences, you become more expansive and able to apply new realizations — as well as practical knowledge — to reflect and understand the meaning of your experiences.
In this session, Mona will show you how to:
  • Choose your vibrations and emotional experience
  • Change your emotions in a quantum second using free will, empowerment, and choice
  • Remedy your adrenals and remove blockages
  • Grasp that trying to protect yourself from your own life can limit your wholeness
  • Meditate on the phrase What doesn’t serve me will not last within me
  • Choose new intentions
  • Do a writing practice to design what your future looks like
  • Use your imagination to guide and apply your true desires

Module 12: Live a Life of Liberation, Celebration & Exaltation

It’s our allowance that creates our empowerment.
In this final session of the course, you’ll solidify and affirm your independence and power as an individual… and you’ll come to a profound understanding that when you allow everything to be, including yourself, nothing can take you down. You can then start living into your highest good, and into your wildest dreams coming true. And most importantly, you’ll know that nothing will ever have the right again to make you feel unrecognized.
In this module, Mona will guide you in:
  • Practices of deep witnessing and celebrating your true identity and chosen destiny
  • Rising above blockages created by insecurities and becoming grateful for all moments of change
  • Moving out of limitation and into liberation with your own acceptance and appreciation
  • Crafting and sharing your own empowerment statement
  • Being witnessed as you share and celebrate your growth and that of your community of participants

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If you’re serious about creating the life your soul intended, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.
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