Neil Melanson – The Filthy Kimura


Neil Melanson – The Filthy Kimura

Neil Melanson – The Filthy Kimura


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Neil Melanson is one of the most respected grappling coaches in the game today, and he brings a deep knowledge of Catch Wrestling and other forms of folk grappling that he uses to round out his skills giving him one of the most unique ground games in the world

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Neil Melanson – The Filthy Kimura

Neil Melanson – The Filthy Kimura

From The Man Who Does Everything Different – Yet All The Big Stars Worship Him: The Weirdest – Yet Most Effective Game You’ve Ever Seen: Neil Melanson’s Filthy Kimura

Blackzillians MMA Coach Neil Melanson’s Kimura Game Is More Efficient and So Much More Advanced Than Any Other Kimura Out There
Neil is one of the most detailed, thorough, and savage grappling coaches in the game today
Learn the unorthodox secrets of the most notorious grappling coach out there
Gain an entirely new perspective on the Kimura and catch all of your training partners
Transform your entire game

Learn The One Hold That Has Continually Killed The Best BJJ Guys For Over 80 Years: Time After Time

The Catch Wrestling Kimura..

The Double Wrist Lock (Kimura) Is & Always Be The BJJ Killer – Taught By Catch Wrestling & Grappling Master: Neil Melanson

Neil Melanson is one of the most respected grappling coaches in the game today, and he brings a deep knowledge of Catch Wrestling and other forms of folk grappling that he uses to round out his skills giving him one of the most unique ground games in the world

Power Kimura by Neil Melanson

Neil uses a physical, technical style that relies a lot on leverage and joint locks to move his opponents around, always threatening with a submission he’s perfected through both Catch Wrestling, and a deep understanding of Folk Wrestling, BJJ, Judo, Sambo and any other form of guys trying to wrestle each other…  Beyond that, Neil has has a deep understanding of the Kimura – as deep as anyone on the planet. Once he gets to that double wrist lock, Neil has a universe of options on how to win the fight, and he’s here to share those secrets with you!

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The Kimura is one of the oldest and most effective submissions, and it reaches across tons of different grappling styles. Once it’s locked up, it’s either game over with the submission, or you use it to get a really dominant position to finish the fight anyway. It can come on from a ton of different positions, and you can use it against much more experienced fighters with good success. Every year, kimuras are being thrown on at every level, up to world championship black belt fights. Still, so many aren’t taking full advantage of how strong a position this can be, and how many different attacks you can chain to, until you get the tap.

Neil Kimura Variation
1. Start in Side and Secure Figure Four Grip

Neil is simply securing his figure four grip from side control and keeping his opponent’s arm controlled
2. Neil Steps into Mount with his Hips Heavy

Neil has used the figure four as a distraction and advanced his position to mount.  Notice how heavy his hips are
3. Finishing Details


Neil will extend his legs to make his hips heavier and he will bring his opponent’s hand far above their shoulder line and above the head, this tightens the ligaments and tendons in the shoulder and makes the finish effortless

This 4-volume set is an encyclopedia of double wrist locks (the Catch Wrestling name for the Kimura), with knowledgeable instruction on how to make any position a fight ender, just so long as you can lock your wrists. With advice given to him by such greats as Billy Robinson, Gene Lebell and Gokor Chivichian, Neil talks his way through how you can approach each position with a finishers mindset, and points out the few key details that most grapplers are going to miss.

By mixing all of these styles, he has filtered out what is truly fundamental, and what really works. Everyone who rolls with him says he has one of the most tricky, modern, and fluid games they have ever seen, and he is always in high coaching demand.

A new bunch of submission secrets – ones that you’ve no doubt never seen are revealed: thanks to expert coach Neil. Go deep into every position, addressing common problems and counters, and stay one step ahead of the competition. Learn every attack, counter, and strategy you will ever need, across this four-volume set.

One on One to Kimura by Neil Melanson

So What’s On This Series?

Turn a 2-on-1 Into A Game Changer

-These attacks that Neil is showing are no joke! He’s not using muscle, or size, just technical leverage that he’s perfected over years and years of study. Between his regular kimura series, to his special power kimura, to his personal favorite ground marshall kimura, Neil has counter after counter ready to go, no matter what his opponent gives him! See exactly how he takes away all space, and uses every little bit of leverage he can, leaving himself in total control long before he’s secured the tap. These are the little positioning battles that make a big difference, and you’ll see exactly how to recognize and win each one.

Hook and Shoot With The Best of Them

-What makes a shoulder lock like this so dangerous is just how dynamic the attack is: it can come on in a snap, it’s available in a lot of positions, and once it is locked it can be a pain to unlock. Once Neil has shown you just how to squeeze that shoulder to get every bit of leverage you can, it’s time to see for yourself, as you move from position to position to position, learning to how break through common defenses to find your double wrist lock and start moving towards the tap. From top, from bottom, even from standing up, you’ll have a way to stay in any fight with this roadmap.

-Plus much, much more…

Reverse Figure Four by Neil Melanson

So How Much?

Well, what is it worth to learn groundbreaking secrets from a true master – someone that has brought real innovation to the sport and is spoken of so highly by some of the top fighters on the planet?

This is one of the most groundbreaking programs on the market. Neil Melanson has achieved an almost cult-like status and he is going to draw back the curtain and let you in on the secrets he’s perfected through the years.


We’d ask how much do you think it would cost to get a personal instructional from Neil but we won’t bother – unless you’re a top-flight competitor on the world stage there’s no chance.

So again, how much would you expect to pay for this kind of learning experience?

We could easily have charged $147 and it would have been a bargain. But we’re not going to do that.

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