Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Rapport Bootcamp


Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Rapport Bootcamp

Paul Mascetta - Hypnotic Rapport Bootcamp

Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Rapport Bootcamp


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Even things as objective as an apple can be perceived slightly differently among a group of people so you can imagine how differently we perceive more subjective things like thoughts, onions and behaviors.

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Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Rapport Bootcamp

Paul Mascetta - Hypnotic Rapport Bootcamp

Revealed: How To Use Hypnotic Language To Form And Instant Connection With Anyone And Make You Irresistible To Them

(Even If You Have Nothing In Common)

Discover the Secrets of Using Hypnotic Language to Quickly and Easily Build the Trust, Comfort, and Rapport With Even The Most Resistant People..

Dear Friend,

As promised your downloads are on their way.

But that’s just the beginning when it comes to creating rapport.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn:

  • The key to disarming even the most resistant people and getting them to comply
  • The one secret trait that seprates master communicators and influencers from average and poors ones
  • The central pillar of all influence that makes persuasion, selling and compliance gaining easy and painless

Then you are in the right place.

Because what I’m going to reveal here is the “golden ticket” that all master influencers focus their energy on because they know how vital it is to getting others to say “yes”.

Before we begin I want to let you in a little secret.

Here’s What You’ll Get in

Paul Mascetta - Hypnotic Rapport Bootcamp

And it has to do with perceptual positions.

Imagine for a moment that you were looking at a map.

It could be physical map or on a GPS system.

As you look at that map it represents a certain location, landscape or territory.

But if you actually drove to that location the territory would look much different than it does on the map.

The map is just a representation of the territory.

Well the same is true for people.

Each one of us has a different “mental map” of the world or of reality.

Simply put we all perceive the world differently.

Psychological Proof That We Can Look At The Same Thing & See It Differently

Psychologist Richard Gregory conducted something called The Hollow Face Experiment because he believed that our visual perception relies on something called top-down processing.

Top-down processing, also known as conceptual-driven processing, happens when we form our perceptions beginning with the big picture.

In short, we utilize expectations, beliefs, prior knowledge, and past experiences to make a best guess as to what we see.

In other words, when we see something all we’re really doing is making calculated assumptions.

Here’s how his experiment worked.

He used the rotation of a Charlie Chaplin mask to explain how we perceive the hollow surface of the mask as protruding based on our expectation of the world. Our prior knowledge of a normal face is that the nose protrudes. So, we subconsciously reconstruct the hollow face into a normal face.

Based on Gregory’s theories, we can say that:

  • Nearly 90% of what we see is lost by the time it reaches our brains. Because of this, the brain has to make its best guess based on our past experiences or prior knowledge.
  • The visual information we see is combined with previously stored information about the world, which we have built up as a result of experience.
  • Our surroundings help to provide context to the visual information we absorb.

So what does this experiment prove?

It proves that we all see things differently.

Even things as objective as an apple can be perceived slightly differently among a group of people so you can imagine how differently we perceive more subjective things like thoughts, onions and behaviors.

The most effective way to bridge the gap between the way that you see the world and the way your subject sees the world is through rapport.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • 12 jam-packed modules of information, advice, and practical techniques to use to immediately establish mutual understanding and trust between you and anyone you meet (even if you have nothing in common)…
  • Easily-applicable techniques that turn everyday conversations into engaging, paradigm-shifting moments that enable you to get across potent messages, increase your influence, and help entire audiences create positive changes in their lives…
  • Rapport VS Friendship – Do you understand the difference? If not, and you’re struggling to persuade and influence others in order to achieve desirable outcomes, then you NEED this game-changing training course…
  • Countless rapport-boosting techniques you can utilize and leverage to “get on the same wavelength” of your employer, colleagues, clients, and others who might be useful in achieving your goals…
  • Milton Erickson’s Conversational Hypnosis Techniques VS. NLP: You’ll get a complete breakdown of both of these 2 powerful perspectives and learn step by step how to implement them in your personal and professional life to influence and persuade others more effectively…
  • Hundreds of real-world scenarios and practical, detailed examples demonstrating exactly how you can use both Milton Erickson’s and NLP techniques to quickly and easily create rapport in various situations you come across on a regular basis…
  • Are you a teacher? A therapist? A salesperson? Anyone who deals with people on a regular basis? This comprehensive guide to using hypnotic language to establish rapport will allow you to make others more open to your suggestions more easily than you ever imagined…
  • The masters’ secrets of building rapport that you can copy and apply to any persuasive situation right away to negotiate for a better salary… convince your dream girl/guy to marry you… improve your relationships… communicate like a rockstar with your colleagues on big projects… and much, much, MUCH more…

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Dozens of practical uses for rapport in your everyday life… and… little-known scenarios where you might want to break rapport (This is critical if you want to avoid getting stuck at a conference with a tire kicker who’s wasting your time when you could be out nurturing your ideal prospects…)
  • How to establish an instant connection with anyone… (no matter how different from you they might be)… so that you can experience greater success in your personal and professional life…
  • The 3 perceptual positions you must first understand before you can build rapport and persuade others… and… how to use your awareness of someone else’s needs, wants, and goals to your advantage…
  • Methods of using hypnotic language to build rapport in your personal relationships and ultimately spark new friendships, increase the love and commitment in your marriage, get your kids to listen to you, and much, much more…
  • Simple, straightforward NLP techniques and psychological “hacks” you can leverage in business to nail the interview, get your dream job, convince your colleague that your process is best, and generate more sales. Best of all, they’ll believe it was all their idea…
  • How to view the unconscious mind as an unlimited resource that you can tap to turn your deepest desires and goals into reality… (This guide will teach you how to develop rapport between your conscious and unconscious mind so that you can give it the proper directions necessary to improve your life)…
  • Easy-to-follow advice for using both verbal and nonverbal communication to create a powerful bond between you and complete strangers that will increase the effectiveness of your attempts at persuasion…
  • A wide selection of research-backed linguistic patterns you can use to rapidly establish rapport and get your subjects into a trance state that connects you to their unconscious minds…
  • TONS of real-world scenarios you encounter each day and how to apply the step-by-step guidance in this bootcamp to create rapport between yourself and even the most hard-to-get-along-with people in your personal and business life…
  • Everything you need to know about Milton Hyland Erickson, American physician and psychiatrist who created a new paradigm for the practice of hypnosis… PLUS: How he used the subtle techniques you’ll learn in this training to ease his pain from polio…
  • 4 eye-opening chapters dedicated to covering Milton Erickson’s real-world tested and proven techniques for creating genuine trust and understanding between you and someone else while making them more open to your suggestions…
  • 6 comprehensive chapters dedicated to the “who, what, why, and how it works” elements of NLP… and how you can use neurolinguistic programming to get what you want in your everyday life…
  • Why you MUST establish rapport before you can ever begin to persuade or influence someone else… (This isn’t easy, but with my complete guide to mastering hypnotic language, subconscious influence, and effective communication, you can wield this powerful skill in no time!)…

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