Perry Marshall – 80/20 Masterclass 2024


Perry Marshall – 80/20 Masterclass 2024

Perry Marshall - 80/20 Masterclass 2024

Perry Marshall – 80/20 Masterclass 2024


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ONE magic bullet determines whether you win or lose most business & financial battles.

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Perry Marshall – 80/20 Masterclass 2024

Perry Marshall - 80/20 Masterclass 2024

This mysterious force runs the universe — and YOUR life. Discover the Invisible Hand behind all financial success… the law that governs the very cosmos.

“IT” can be used as an agent of good… OR evil.


IT can be used fairly or unfairly. Mercifully or mercilessly.

You can use IT to provide for yourself and your family an enviable lifestyle filled with esteemed colleagues, true friends and unchallenged respect.

Or you can dissipate your days as an ignorant, gullible, sad-sack MARK… whose bank account gets emptied out by every politician and glad-handing salesman you meet

Dear Marketing Professional,

ONE magic bullet determines whether you win or lose most business & financial battles.

IT took me from wannabe entrepreneur (desperate guy whose wife was shuffling credit card bills) to serial entrepreneur and consultant who has catalyzed the success of many people now worth tens (even hundreds) of millions and globally-influential author and thought leader in multiple fields.

IT is the Ultimate Life Hack.

If you’re armed & equipped, IT will work for you every single day of your life.

If not… IT will be used against you. Every single day of your life.

Let my own story serve as a warning:

My own desperation flotation rescue device was MLM. (For you maybe it’s copywriting or ad agency media buying or affiliate marketing. Or crypto or the trendiest hot entrepreneurial buzz.)

My wife and I were 27. Our baby girl Tannah was a year old. We were attending yet-another-motivational-rah-rah business rally in Oklahoma City, a 14-hour drive from our 2-bedroom brick bungalow in Chicago.

A cover band was playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” In a romantic moment that was rare in our frenetic struggle to exist, Laura and I were dancing together next to the stage.

I smiled at her. She looked up at me and whispered, not in an accusing or demeaning way:

“Sorry, Perry, I’m struggling with cognitive dissonance right now.”

TRANSLATION: “I’m enjoying the band, but this ‘thing’ we’ve been doing has NOT BEEN working, and it still isn’t working NOW.”

Back at home, on the rare occasions I was around to play with my little girl, she would chortle and giggle when I spun her around my head and blow mouth-farts on her neck (her leche-nourished baby skin smelled so sweet)…

I was a sales rep from 7am-6pm with a 6pm-11pm side hustle nights and weekends. Thrilled as I was to be a brand new dad, I was barely seeing my tiny family.

Every move I made dragged us backwards. Trying harder only made it worse.

MamaLaura had quit her legal secretary job 18 months before. I’d been laid off from engineering and taken a commission sales job. At 27 a few may feel invincible. But my stress was starting to bleed through the cracks.

I was waking each morning with sheets and pillow drenched in sweat.

I paid my doctor a visit. He said, “Perry, you have stress-induced mononucleosis. You’re pushing yourself too hard. You need to slow down.”

I had NO idea how… so I redoubled my efforts.

Laura would plead with me: Perry, you’re missing out on Tannah’s childhood, and those are days you can never recall. I knew she was right… but the noose around my neck was tightening.

I saw no other option, so I ran harder. We slid $1000 deeper in debt every month. The “zero interest balance transfer” credit card offers stopped coming.

I repeated mantras to myself in the mirror:

Massive action solves every problem”

“It’s just a numbers game”

“If you help enough other people get what they want, you can have everything you want”

“Winners never quit and quitters never win”

…and my cheeky affirmations tumbled to the floor along with the unpaid credit card bills.

My 13-year-old Toyota Corolla was patched together with Bondo, plastic hubcaps from Wal-mart, and muffler tape. Laura hadn’t bought a new wardrobe in years.

I had been spending each day cold-calling a manufacturer’s directory, pushing in-the-flesh appointments with people who didn’t want to see me. I concocted every pick-up line you can imagine.

Cold-calling pro tip: you can call almost any company, say to the receptionist “Can I speak to Dave in engineering?” and she will patch you through, because everybody has an engineer named Dave.

I had nearly been fired from my job, but another guy in another department had quit at the same time so they gave me his job – production manager. A pure admin job that I h-a-t-e-d.

Have you ever been so discouraged, desperate, despairing and beaten down that you acquired an impenetrable, irrational, clownish optimism – presenting to others as though your exoskeleton is so stone-like that no setback, no rejection can crack it?

That armadillo-skinned, reality-repelling guy was me. Not only that, I was trying to convince my friends they should join me in my perilous journey.

Yet, on lunch breaks and idle moments, my gears were revving 10,000 RPM. I knew if I didn’t improve my situation FAST we were certain to land in very serious trouble.

I’ll never forget a meeting in Indianapolis. Pitching a business opportunity for the 473rd time. I was three hours from home, one restaurant table booked 5 hours straight.

One prospect whom I’d cold-called after another would show up, each in sequence. I was rather proud of myself. It was my sales assembly line. I always ordered soup and I could usually get out of there for under thirty bucks.

One perceptive prospect said, “So let me get this straight. You cold-called me with a sexy line about ‘interactive television’ but you’re really just recruiting me into a multi-level. Is that correct?”

I maintained my armadillo-skinned game-face. I had been trained to “hold my posture.” After he departed, I drove three hours in my rusty 1984 Toyota Tercel back to my neglected Chicago bungalow and crawled into bed.

My wife and daughter had been asleep for hours. Three hours later the sun would come up and I’d go at it again.

Different night… 

Later that year…

Indianapolis again.

I had driven down I-65 for a Rush concert. I watched as Neil, Alex and Geddy displayed their prowess and musical magic. I’d never seen one of their shows before. My dear wife had scraped together $30 to buy me that seat. It was a revelation.

Musically thrilling and inspiring beyond anything I’d ever witnessed. Much as I relished the experience, I remained the cult-programmed motivational tape robot. I scolded myself all the way home: “You know, Perry, you didn’t really earn this. You ought to feel ashamed of yourself for taking a night off. You should be giving presentations and hustling.”

You know that old saying in poker?

“If you can’t find the sucker at the table, you’re the sucker.”


If you don’t know which side of “It” you’re playing… You’re on the wrong side.

“It” is 80/20.

It is the single most powerful force in business. Period.

I will pit 80/20 against ANY other method, technique, strategy, book, expert, guru, philosophy, approach, program, system, guideline or process in the world. It is the principle that rules them all.

And it is either working FOR you or AGAINST you.

All the time. 24/7/365.

How many 80/20 mistakes in my story can you count so far?

I wasn’t living 80/20. I was living 20/80.

I was fornicating with financial folly.

Living in sin, in perpetual violation of every single one of the Five Power Disqualifiers:

  • Begging for appointments with LITERALLY “anyone who could fog a mirror”
  • Selling to people who did not have the money
  • Selling to people who did not have a bleeding neck
  • Selling to people who didn’t buy into my Unique Selling Proposition
    [because I didn’t even have a USP!!!]
  • Selling to people who didn’t have the ability to say YES
  • Selling stuff to people that did not fit their overall plans.*

Even if the only thing you do with this letter is print out the 7 sentences above, tape them to your wall next to your desk and act on them every day… your life will be immeasurably better one year from today.

I was not “racking the shotgun.”

Not sourcing from qualified lists.

I was hawking look-alike commodity products supplied by people who were less committed than I was.

Sacrificing myself, my loyal wife and my friendships.

I was not selling from my unique Marketing DNA. Rather, I was bludgeoning, contorting and resenting myself for not sporting a shiny glad-handing Zig Ziglar sales personality. For not being a “closer.”

Working seven days a week. (Even though Laura argued and pleaded that the Guy who invented “sabbath” was probably smarter than me.)

We NEVER took vacations.

I slugged down contrived “pump you up” talks, even as I did my level best to crush every impulse of genuine authentic artistic inspiration.

Forking over 22% interest on the money I’d borrowed last year… and the year before.

The motivational speakers crowed: “You can sleep when you’re dead.”

When you’re pouring out optimism like pancake syrup, the syrup bottle eventually runs out.

One of the saddest things about that torturous, pitted and pock-marked gravel road is your trust receptors get burned out. You begin to question everything about humanity. Especially yourself, your judgment, and your very sanity.

You begin to suspect everyone is ripping you off. You become bitter, jaded and cynical.

As I began to get real with myself, I was forced to confess:

Almost everything I’ve been told about sales and marketing has been a half-truth.

Which means… everything I’ve been telling OTHER people has been a half-truth, too!

Remember that hot night in Oklahoma City, dancing in my white long-sleeved shirt and threadbare khaki pants with my cognitive-dissonant bride?

Fast forward six months. It’s January in an industrial park in Downers Grove, Illinois. Freezing cold with snow drifts outside.

It’s 7pm on a Tuesday night. I’m at work late, talking to my new boss Mike at my new job.

I’d just received the biggest sales commission check of my life. $1500.

First month in two years that our finances have not slipped backwards. Laura and I are wheezing sighs of relief. Like the sensation when you almost rear-end someone on the freeway but narrowly avoid catastrophe.

Elation. Gratitude. Because suddenly we’re not circling the drain anymore.

Mike is saying to me: “Perry, you’re a good sales guy. How do we make sure you stick around?”

He offered me stock options.

I committed to stick around and get the job done.

The next four years were a magic carpet ride. (However, do not think for a minute that it didn’t still require buckets of elbow grease, deft maneuvers, sweat and bailing wire, and crisscrossing the country with customer meetings and growing pains.)

It wasn’t pretty… but it was progress all the way. This culminated in our company getting sold to public company Lantronix for $18 million. My stock options hit pay dirt.

I didn’t yet realize it, but I was just starting to apply 80/20.


In MLM they had a time-honored tradition: “After you quit your job, send your ‘negative brother-in-law’ postcards from the beaches of the world. So you can prove to him what a dufus he is.”

I flipped the postcard tradition upside down.

When I traveled to China for the first time, I mailed my upline postcards from Hong Kong.

When I went to Africa, I sent them postcards from Johannesburg. (Joburg is hardly the poshest tourism spot you’ve ever seen… but they didn’t need to know that.)

When I visited the Middle East, I mailed them postcards from Dubai.

I wasn’t giving them the finger. Nor was I blaming them for serving up the pink koolaid. We remained friends.

But they weren’t going to Dubai. They were still in Kansas, drawing circles… going around in circles.

A point most certainly needed to be made. And I made it.


Joshua Boswell was a freelance consultant. He came to one of my 80/20 intensives, where he had an epiphany. This is the story as Joshua tells it:

The name of the client was TechnicalLead. They had been in business for 12 years. The company was a pioneer in online training courses for Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc…

They grew rapidly, being a ‘price simplifier’ in a new market with a head start. Revenues rose to around $500k a month at their peak. Then competition started cutting in.

Their offer was pure low-price play, with little strength in their copy, offer and funnel.

They eventually dropped down to around $200k in revenue, and held it there running a regular stream of discounts, promos and offers. It was a turbulent, crazy business environment. They were trying to keep their heads above water in a now very competitive market… and they were losing.

They decided to flip things around and go after the upper-end market. The CEO walked into the office one day and announced, “From now on we are going to be the ‘Apple’ of online technical training courses.”

And to him that meant raising prices. So they did. Instantly.

Six months later, I got a call.

I had done a few small copy projects for them. I knew of their downward slide and aggressive fight for life. I didn’t know about their model change… I was just a hired copywriter doing projects they handed me at the time.

One day the marketing manager called me and said, “I just got out of a meeting. The CEO informed us we are bleeding out. 3 months of operating capital left and then we’re all out of jobs. Right now we’re barely bringing in $20,000 a month, with over $120,000 a month in expenses.

“I’m hoping you can help us beef up our copy to fix some of this mess?”

A few days before the call, I’d seen a promo for Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Intensive.

I said to him, “I can do better than fix your copy. I can fix your entire sales machine. Here’s the deal. You cover my fee to sit down with Perry Marshall, plus a $10,000 one-day consulting fee, plus a 5% commission on copy and funnels that I help you create… but you only pay if I put you back in the black. Deal?”

They agreed.

I signed up for the course and brought the whole deal to your office.

In the middle of the workshop, two things happened…

First thing was I realized their funnels were all jacked up. No nurturing. No up-sell. No cross-selling. No segmenting. And no backend.

Second thing we figured out was that they had habituated their list to cheap deals… and now they were suddenly selling premium deals.

Armed with this, I got ready to fly to Dallas.

The day before I got on the plane, they called me: “Joshua, we need to cancel the meeting. We just don’t have the $10k to spare. Plus, my wife is an emotional wreck and I think she’ll leave me if we keep spending our savings. I just don’t know.”

I said, “If you don’t pay the $10k, you’ll be out of business. And she’ll leave you for sure. If that’s what you want, fine. But if I come down, you’ll be back in the black in less than 3 months and back on top of the market in 6. Your choice. Plus, if you don’t think my stuff is worth it, you pay nothing. You can listen to your fears… or we can get you back. What will it be?”

“Ok. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

I pulled in all the key decision makers. Once we were in the room, I walked over and literally locked the door. “No one leaves until we turn this company around. I want to see everything you’ve been sending out. Every offer. Every piece of copy. Everything.”

After lunch, I said, “Your problem is that you flipped from a discount company to a premium offer company.”

The CEO balked… “No way. We have a premium product. Our market knows it. We offer more than anyone out there, but our prices were lower than anyone. I got tired of being the poor kid on the block, hawking my stuff like a pawn shop. We are now the Apple of training companies.” He was red hot. Defending his burning castle.

I shrugged. “How’s that Apple thing working out for you? From where I’m sitting you’re dying. But, let’s let the list convince you.

“I’ll write an email… you have Steven here write one of his… and Steve can make the best, shiniest, hottest, Apple-style offer you can dream up.

“Before we go to bed, we’ll send both emails out in a true A/B split test. In the morning, we’ll see what happens.


They agreed.

We wrote and sent the emails.

I slept like a baby.

At noon the next day, we pulled the stats.

Steven version = $1,500 in sales.

Josh version = $55,000 in sales.

I’ve signed up for three of Perry’s 80/20 trainings.

In the first, we focused on my own copywriting business. I went from $8k a month to over $24k in 3 months. Totally saved the farm and family… literally.

The second was working on the Forex company (that I eventually submitted as a contest entry) and TechnicalLead in Dallas.

Forex dude went from $10k/month to over $250k/month… and he was definitely about to lose his shorts.

TechnicalLead had declined from $200k/month to $20k/m in less than 6 months… they unwittingly went from price simplifier to proposition simplify without changing their model/offer… just copy… shockingly, the list revolted!

We grew them to $400k/month in 7 months.

The third was focused on a guy who sold software to a particular niche of hobbyists. 6 months we took him from around $3 million annually to $5 million… he eventually hit $15 million.

There was also a Copywriter/Marketer that went from zero to $550k annually in the first year, and running ads (with Perry’s strategy) that turned a profit in under 30 days. We pushed the average buyer value to just over $850 with total acquisition costs for $65 per buyer. Small volume with amazing percentages.


One of the reasons Boswell continues to thrive is:

80/202 is carved on his wisdom teeth. If Joshua is on vacation in Mexico and you wake him from a deep sleep, he’ll mumble:

“Amigo, 4% of your clients generate 64% of your dinero. And 10% of your clients are draining your children’s piggy bank.”

If you’ve read 80/20 Sales & Marketing (even 2-3 times) but your grasp of the material is wobbly… if you have a hunch there’s far more to be mined than you’ve deposited in your bank account so far…

…not only are you right, there is a nearly bottomless well of 80/20 insights and profits to be extracted. 80/20 is like a “punch” in martial arts: A punch is a punch… but it’s not the same coming from a yellow belt as from a black belt.

Marketing is numbers & human psychology. 80/20 is the match that lights those numbers on fire.

And if you desire to, like Joshua Boswell, attain respect as the “rainmaker” who turns flailing businesses around, accelerates successful businesses into titans…

If you wish to deliver unprecedented traction and “message to market match” to your clients, their sales strategies and marketing funnels…

Know this:

  • There are legions of Google consultants, Facebook agencies and YouTube experts (both posers and legit players)
  • There are train car loads of copywriters, funnel jockeys and marketing wizards
  • LinkedIn in-mail boxes ‘round the globe are literally crawling with offers to “fix your business,” “bring you more leads,” “close more sales” and work monetary miracles…

…Yet not one person in 500 actually EXECUTES 80/20 the way Joshua, or any of my top estudiantes APPLY it. It really is the key to the kingdom. Because when you understand how to IMPLEMENT, discharge and accomplish 80/20 anytime, anywhere, to any situation…

…It becomes nearly impossible to back you into a corner or toss you a problem you can’t solve.

In fact I will make you a promise:


  • Business owner or Serial Entrepreneur
  • Web designer or programmer, copywriter, freelancer offering business services; social media manager, market researcher, admin
  • Google, Facebook, TikTok or PPC agency; lead generator, marketing automation specialist, publicist, content strategist
  • Fractional CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO, CTO; “integrator,” executive assistant, financial advisor or management consultant…

…IF you perform any of the roles listed above, and you enroll in 80/20 Masterclass


…IF you do the clearly outlined course assignments


You will increase the profit of your business while working less and selling less


You will increase your Unique Selling Proposition Score by 20 points out of 100.


IF you want to work harder and sell more, you will also spike your sales and profits, and:

If you so desire, you will be able to secure clients who pay you money for performing these same financial miracles in THEIR business – within 60 days.


Send us proof you did the homework assignments within 90 days of your purchase and we will cheerfully refund your money.

↑ Even the above is 80/20 — as you’ll soon learn.


If you don’t grasp it, 80/20 automatically works against you. The universe itself will conspire to tear more away from you and give you less. The Matthew Principle: “For those who don’t have, even what they have will be taken away.”

If you don’t master 80/20, even kind-hearted, salt-of-the-earth people will pick the meat off your bones and leave you broken and destitute. As my own Amway saga so eloquently illustrates.

The salt-of-the-earth guy whom you trusted so much says, “I’m sorry I had to cut off your hand at the wrist, but you reached for my chips.”

80/20 is fractal. That means there’s an 80/20 inside every 80/20… then another and another and another.

It almost always runs 5-6 levels deep and often much more.

Not only can it TAKE FROM YOU with alarming “confiscatory” propensity… It also delivers Bezos-sized fortunes to those who revere it.

Back in the 1960s and 70s, a handful of obscure math geeks knew 80/20 was Fractal. If you know how to use Google Scholar, you can unearth ancient evidence in forgotten scientific literature.

But nobody was putting Fractal 80/20 to use. Let alone shouting it from the rooftops!!! (And they certainly were not showing 12-year-olds how to apply it to their homework.)

I was the first human being to shout Fractal 80/20 from the rooftops and teach hundreds of thousands of people how to apply it.

It, without question, ranks as one of the most powerful forces in the history of business. And always will be. Because it’s eternal.

An 80/20 education NEVER goes obsolete. Never goes out of style, never becomes the plaid flared pants or Beanie Baby fad or MySpace or flip phone.

80/20 makes it nearly impossible for truly UN-solvable problems (of which there are many) to deceive you into dumping hundreds of hours of precious time down a deep hole with zero return.

IGNORING 80/20 is like walking around with invisible needles stuck in your arms sucking the marrow right out of your bones. (Imagine yanking those needles out and discarding them in a fierce awakening of wide-eyed clarity.)

I didn’t discover 80/20 at all until my late 20s. I didn’t truly grasp it until my 30s. Which is why I make sure my kids know it cold.

The world is designed to dehumanize us. It conspires to melt your mind into a dream-state. Society shoehorns us into mildly productive repetitive activities.

Ignorant masses are institutionally trained to ignore 80/20. Anything to keep you from burning the village down or even asking too many questions.

80/20 is one of the last things you learn in your education, IF they show it to you at all.

(Teaching 80/20, for any school or bureaucratic institution, is like teaching financial literacy. All it does is expose its own fraudulent internal chaos. Imagine how many college freshmen would not have saddled themselves with $120,000 in student loans, had they taken ONE competent money management class in high school.)

“No Child Left Behind” really means:
“No Child Gets Ahead.”

The class moves at the speed of the s-l-o-w-e-s-t student. Every statistic they see trains them to see “bell curves” – making the hidden exponential curves truly invisible.

People are brainwashed with a chronic tendency to nurture the runt; penalize the winner; and “look busy.”

The world is awash with “tall poppy syndrome”: Those who stick their head above the crowd risk losing it to some angry bloke swinging a sickle.

Everyone gets taught the same material. Takes the same standardized tests.

MOST businesses are F-A-A-A-R from optimum.

Most industries lumber their way through a waking dream.

Most professions are hobbling on crutches.

It’s a wonder the lights turn on!

Ad campaigns are awash with waste.

Humans are blind slaves in a soulless machine.

People think life is short when it is plenty long. (Yes, your life IS long enough to do the stuff you want to do.)

Most have been seduced into believing they don’t have time to do the important stuff.

So they don’t.

Have you ever been asked:

“If you were parachuted
buck-naked into an Iowa cornfield
with $100 in your fist,
what would you do to make money?”

Most folks would be scavenging morsels of food from trash bins behind a pizzeria.

Joshua Boswell would be catapulting a business from commonplace to superior for 25% of the upside… with $10,000 down.

He’d have a rental car and hotel suite by dinnertime.

Which side of 80/20 are you gonna be on when the yogurt hits the fan?

This has never been more urgent. There’s a crash a-comin’ (more on that in a minute)… the internet is converting 80/20, moderate inequality, to 99/1 – extreme inequality…

So if you don’t learn to apply this NOW you will not survive.

It’s not fair… but it’s reality.

With Russia pummeling Ukraine and China eyeing Taiwan like a Bengal tiger ready to devour a tasty lunch… supply chains in upheaval, post-covid miasma and Internet titans locking horns over “privacy” [oh, the IRONY], the world is j-i-t-t-e-r-y.

Yet even as I acknowledge the current tenuous environment, I’m sorry to report that a massive correction is coming circa 2025-2026… and the clock is tick-tick-ticking.

2025-2026 is not that far away… but it can work TO your advantage if you harness 80/20 now. 

It doesn’t take a century to build wealth if you apply 80/20 thinking… and you need to move fast ‘cuz nobody needs to tell you that debt levels and economic nonsense are at epidemic highs.

Are you frittering time and resources on things that will not survive the coming flood? Are you optimizing a business or approach that, deep down, you know is never going to pay off?

The marketing space is saturated with boys of summer who will gleefully empty your pockets and sell you cosmetically flawless, slender, curvy, lithe, sexy, nubile, brag-to-your-friends addictive tactics and techniques

…which you are forced to discard six months later (after you have spent 6X more money to figure out they’ve stopped working). Then you’re off to the next thing, and the next, and the next.

Most folks will go through five cycles of this between now and the crash, never accomplish anything, and get decimated.

Some people reading these words right now will be living in their car.

You MUST traverse the current uncertainty. Imagine using the current economic circumstances to equip yourself to weather the massive economic c-r-a-s-h that will inevitably, inexorably come ~2025-2026, when it is payback time for stimulus checks that got most people zoned out on Netflix.

Will you be living in your car? Or will you be dining on the French Riviera – and buying assets at fire sale prices from those fleeing the wreckage of a bygone economy?

“Why should I listen to you?”

I wrote the book on Google AND Facebook AND TikTok. I partnered with Richard Koch (now worth over $1 billion) who wrote THE mother of all 80/20 books that sold a million copies, and organized a $7500-per-head, 80-in-attendance seminar that minted MANY new fortunes and is still being discussed today.

You know how “Google” is a verb and “Uber” is a verb? I’m the guy who transformed 80/20 into a verb! People say “I’m going to 80/20 my weekly schedule / customer database / upsell sequence / client list / customer support tickets,” and anyone who has taken my course knows exactly what they are talking about.

80/20 is not just a “ratio” anymore; it’s an ACTION savvy people take.

I’ve consulted in 300 industries; my rate is $4,000 per hour. I topple and subvert industries, from marketing and the origin of life on earth, to evolution and cancer. It’s why world-famous scientists endorse my work. I built a career on capitalizing on tiny levers, harnessing modest resources into the largest basic research prize in the world – announced at London’s Royal Society with judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT.

I wrote THE 80/20 Sales & Marketing Book; leveraged co-authors across a half dozen titles to build a multinational brand. I’m self-taught in a dozen fields; the only person in the AACR’s Cancer and Evolution Working Group who does not have an MD or PhD.

I held my 50th birthday party in Iceland, and (to my surprise, I have to admit) 90 people showed up in Reykjavik to celebrate… including a Member of British Parliament. That’s a long way from “pastor’s kid from Nebraska who used to be an Amway distributor.” 80/20, 80/202, 80/203. Leverage, leverage, leverage.

Now, I want to help you discover how high YOU can take your life with Fractal 80/20.

Perhaps you, like me and Joshua, were for years a desperate business opportunity junkie.

Perhaps you, like me and Joshua, have a spouse who has loyally suffered through our well-intentioned stupidity spasms.

You, like me and Joshua, can become a highly paid, highly respected artist of business transformation.

You, like me and Joshua, can look through any open window, any spreadsheet, any sales team, marketing funnel or product line and see 80/20s everywhere.

You can instantly see which levers to pull – levers that move profit from the top line to the bottom line and into your pocket.

You can experience the SAME transformation Joshua Boswell experienced:

  • You can become a highly paid, highly respected artist of business transformation
  • You can stroll into companies, both big and small, and swiftly see hidden profits and invisible losses that were concealed to others
  • Even your kids see 80/20 everywhere (Last week my son Zander told me he was applying it in Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Within minutes of sizing up businesses, market changes and products, you walk away from “opportunities” that others gleefully pour their life savings into (and lose)
  • You instinctively, almost on autopilot, dodge time-quicksand “suction hoses”
  • Spontaneously attract desirable clients and repel toxic ones (before you’ve even spoken to them)
  • How to “steer any car” (so long as it isn’t parked) – with a lot less effort than you might think
  • You will spot what I call “positive feedback loops” before they even form… these are the raw material of 80/20. It’s like being able to see where the Mississippi River is going to run, before the rain comes. (Do you think that’s important when you’re trying to decide where to buy farmland… or build a town?)

THE PILLARS of 80/20 Masterclass:

We complete your transformation based on the Tactical Triangle, by giving you discernment filters in FOUR major areas: Traffic, Conversion, Economics and 80/20.

These are the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water of 80/20 selling. They encompass EVERYTHING in marketing! They form the master framework of Make Money With 80/20. This is how you experience a metamorphosis in each major area:

ONE/ Traffic: Any business starves without it; yet most people get “hung out to dry” on the clotheslines of Google and Facebook. This course will arm you with a “Master BS Filter” for traffic and all traffic pitches.

TWO/ Conversion: Once you understand the 80/20 perspective that sales and marketing is not a “convincing people” process, it is an E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N process, you immediately slash 80% of your wasted time and effort and fast zero in the 20% that is worthy of your time.

The best way to increase your income as a salesperson is to simply stop selling to people who are going to waste your time.

What can happen to your life if you replace 12 hours a day of hustling with 4 hours a day of solid traction????

THREE/ Economics: Shiny-object-obsessed amateur fools live under the delusion that “great marketing can solve anything.” Seasoned professionals know better. Superior marketing only digs your grave deeper when accompanied by bad economics.

The ECONOMICS OF 80/20 are a major focus of “Make Money with 80/20” because invisible economic factors dictate the success of your businesses, products, projects and marketing campaigns far more than your traffic sources, copy, sales pitches and offers.

FOUR/ The 80/20 of 80/20: The biggest lever in 80/20 is your hidden pockets of genius, your desires and inclinations… as well as your vulnerabilities and soft spots. Make Money with 80/20 shows you how to “sculpt your business man-cave” or “woman-cave” to showcase your brilliance…

…which informs EVERYTHING including what products you sell, how you sell them, who you sell them to, who you partner with…

…while deftly HIDING your liabilities, weaknesses and (let’s be blunt here) at times, sheer foolishness.

Perhaps the greatest thing about 80/20 is its ability to save you from your own stupidity spasms… or immature judgments… or simply “bad days.”

Make Money with 80/20 will forever break your habit of thinking in terms of averages and see the world in extremes, multiples, exponential growth and powers of 10!

Make Money with 80/20:
The 80/20 Masterclass

Notice it’s not called “77 hot new 80/20 ideas that you can use to self-stimulate on marketing porn and shiny-object bizop fantasies.”

It’s about MASTERY and MAKING MONEY. 80/20 Masterclass will drill you in basics until they are basic no more.

Alert to long-time members and people who read 80/20 Sales & Marketing 2-3 times: The purpose of his Masterclass is NOT to teach you a bevy of N-E-W riffs nobody has ever seen before.

Its purpose is to securely, permanently ground you with a rock-solid rapid execution toolbelt and mastery of the most eternal, reliable and versatile principles. So that you can walk out your front door and convert your 80/20 knowledge into cost savings, profit, paid gigs and leverage.

To move from IDEA to ACTION, IMPLEMENTATION, PROFIT and, should you choose to do so, lucrative GIGS from clients who pay on time and respect your advice.


is THE most





you can possess. Not just in Marketing, but in ALL dimensions of Wealth and Achievement.

But even those who SEE IT don’t necessarily know how to WIELD IT — and that makes ALL the difference!

Make Money With 80/20 delivers the ACTIONS that make you an 80/20 professional.

Here’s what you get in 80/20 Masterclass:

SESSION 1: 80/20 Racking the Shotgun & Eradication (Business units, marketing channels, employees, vendors, product lines)

  • A 30-minute exercise drops 4-6% of your top-line revenue into your BANK ACCOUNT with NO increase in sales. (Take your sales, divide by 20 and deposit that amount in your checking account. Will it make a difference in your life?)
  • How to graciously “fire” money-sucking, time-sucking clients and customers so that not only do they not give you a 1-star Google review, they thank you for setting them free
  • How to locate invisible “black holes” that suck your time, energy and money, don’t produce profit – how to cut fat and not touch a millimeter of muscle
  • You ARE (already) taping dollar bills to 10% of everything you sell – so, by re-orienting the way you evaluate your clients, products and services, you can make more and do less (In fact, if I fail to prove this to you in the course, you can ask for your money back and get a cheerful refund)
  • The counter-intuitive subtraction strategy for product and service planning that sharpens your Unique Selling Proposition while simultaneously cutting your hard costs by 20%
  • Not only does 20% of what most companies sell lose them money… sometimes it’s as much as HALF. In other words… it’s possible that as much as HALF of what you do and sell – HALF of what your biggest client does and sells – is not only necessary but propels them backwards
  • How to eliminate waste everywhere, without becoming “the dreaded hatchet man”
  • How to send the ONE calculated signal that most ignore, but a few respond to
  • The ONE thing that is more important than all the sales methods, copywriting techniques, and negotiation tactics in the world
  • How to identify, in advance, the entrepreneur’s worst nightmare: THE DESERT MIRAGE: The “juicy” “attractive” “sexy” prospect – or client – or market – that doesn’t have the money. Or doesn’t care…. the person who won’t be persuaded by anything… and filter them out so you don’t die of thirst!
  • The one thing you must do before you bet your time or money on any sales or business project…The sordid, embarrassing story of what happened when I was afraid to do this
  • The one thing that ALWAYS places you in the best negotiating position with customers
  • The most valuable asset you can own in marketing
  • One thing every marketer and salesperson MUST thoroughly master
  • The one thing your website MUST do – which half don’t do at all and only 3% do well
  • The #1 criteria for predicting whether your new product is going to be a hit
  • A tool that will IMMEDIATELY cut your chances of product launch failure by 80% (in other words 5X more likely to succeed). Takes 10 minutes. It’s free to use – you can sell it to clients – and turn it into a 1-2 hour consultation session that turns their world upside down and inside out
  • The absolute REVERSAL of normal sales “wisdom” that took me 7-10 painful years to grasp… and would have saved me a solid five years of misery and strain on my marriage
  • The Handy rule of thumb that will consistently attract more money to you, every day, every month, every year

Those who ignore 80/20 or are not savvy to its finer points are forced to tolerate:

  1. Cheap, fussy, nitpicky customers who mistreat you and your staff
  2. Take 60-120 days to pay your invoices
  3. Refer other lame-boy clients
  4. Drag you through dangerous neighborhoods
  5. Torture you with the most inane gossip
  6. Ignore your best advice AND expect you to pick up the lunch tab

And then, after you’ve bent over backwards to fix THEIR mistakes, give you a one-star Google review.

(Didn’t you know? That’s what you get for throwing your pearls before swine, sir. No good deed will go unpunished.)

SESSION 2: The Invisible Money-Finding X-Ray Machine

Fractal 80/20 is The Power to Predict the Future

How to sell more to, and make more from, every customer

  • How to turn ONE ordinary stat you read in the newspaper (“median 2022 home price is $428,700.00”) into a spectrum of precision market insights. I’m dead serious about this… this transforms any person who relates to numbers into a LETHAL market penetration machine.
  • How to quickly size up… people in a crowded room at a networking event (or even a birthday party) – and find bosses, chiefs, star clients, “big cheese”

You will find a new product or opportunity with the Invisible Money Curve that will sell the first time you launch it.

We will find pent up demand in your current customer database that want to buy something without being convinced.

  • X-Ray Iceberg Binoculars: How to scan testimonials or customer reviews from any product or sales page and immediately work out real  expected  typical results from the tiny morsels they give you. You can now “weigh” the entire iceberg by only spotting the tip!
  • How to run an inexpensive market test over a few days or weeks and accurately predict upsells – downsells – client behavior, even entire businesses, from minuscule amounts of data.
  • How to acquire the secret superpower of “scary accurate Wild-Ass Guesses” and “super-simple, bar-napkin arithmetic” that immediately tells you:…whether an investment pitchman is blowing smoke up your skirt
    …whether a product, company, employee, partner or vendor is ordinary or extraordinary
    …the breadth and depth of entire product lines, based on one skinny data point
    …the performance of entire sales teams and departments, based on one player

There is not a business school in the world – nor book, course or marketing guru – that will equip you with this capability.

SESSION 3: 80/20 Crowbars for Your USP (3-5 Power Disqualifiers)

  • The laser-speed shortcut to crafting compelling, “knock ‘em dead” “win ‘em over the first time out” sales messages – redefining your company, your competitive position, your offers, based on HARD deliverables and specific promises – uniquely eliminating the competition from consideration and forever freeing you from the lookalike commodity death-trap

Guaranteed: You will Increase your Unique Selling Proposition score by 20 points or more!

SESSION 4: Launch Successfully on your first attempt without going SPLAT

  • How to use tiny bits of data gleaned here and there and judge: size of market, growth of that market, the competitive landscape stackup, who the major players are, whether you should enter that market, and how much profit (or loss) is waiting for you – even in the most shark-infested waters
  • How to apply this to identify Star niches even in small markets where it would be hopelessly impossible to buy a market study
  • How to find “cracks in the sidewalk” where you can succeed where others have failed
  • Easy questions you can ask on the phone, in person, in surveys or via email, which will tell you your clients’ dream product, dream situation, for which they will happily fork over gobs of money
  • How to wrench yourself free of “psychic salesmanship burdens” that are the inevitable consequence of YEARS of books, gurus, fads and accumulated failures
  • How to know EXACTLY what leads – sales – new customers – prospects you should turn over to your sales people, and which ones you shouldn’t call (and which prospects you should erase from your hard drives)
  • Do you run automated sales funnels?
  • The counter-intuitive factor that says you should “throw money” at a minority of your best customers. How, when and where to do it.

SESSION 5: More Money for Agencies, Consultants, Web Designers, Freelancers, Copywriters and Service Providers…

How to turn 80/20 Chops into Extended Paid Consulting Gigs 

In this session, you will discover:

  • Simple questions that simply and easily set you up for effortless conversations that uncover pocket profits for clients
  • Elevates web designers, ad agencies, copywriters, upwork freelancers, gig economy folks from interchangeable “human capital” into highly strategic, well-paid business advisors
  • What you say to a potential consulting client to get them to write you a check
  • The strategy I stole from a medical doctor that professionally disposes you to glean ALL the information you need from your client (even things the client may be deeply ashamed of) – cementing your authority and enabling you to benefit them in ways others cannot
  • How to instantly add 20% to your client’s bottom line profit with near-certain probability of success the first time out
  • How to make every customer list and segment they have 10-40% more profitable
  • How to turn one $3K “trial balloon” into a $2,000 per month income stream, requiring only a few hours of work each week

The beauty of adhering to 80/20 is, the highest-paying clients also:

  • Give you the most enjoyable projects
  • Treat you with the highest levels of respect
  • Pay their bills on time
  • Take you to the finest restaurants
  • Invite you to the most desirable destinations
  • Engage you in the most fascinating conversations
  • Give you the best referrals


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