Reward Over Risk – FX Accelerator


Reward Over Risk – FX Accelerator

Reward Over Risk - FX Accelerator

Reward Over Risk – FX Accelerator


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Colt ed getting involved in this business around 4 years ago, back when he was just a teenager with nothing to lose. His first investment was only $20 and now 4 years later he’s making multiple-6 figures annually.

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Reward Over Risk – FX Accelerator

Reward Over Risk - FX Accelerator

Your Instructor

Colt Mos-Def
Colt Mos-Def

Colt Mos-def is a multiple-6 figure Forex Trader who’s been doing this for years! Over the past few years Colt has been teaching his 2,500 satisfied students how to trade Forex for a living and literally work only from your phone.

Going into the Forex Market by yourself might result is a huge financial loss, so why not take the short-cut to avoid those mistakes and going straight for what works best for you?!

Colt ed getting involved in this business around 4 years ago, back when he was just a teenager with nothing to lose. His first investment was only $20 and now 4 years later he’s making multiple-6 figures annually.

ing a business at a young age can be challenging, so why not trade currencies instead?

Fx Accelerator will give you access to trainings from multiple top 6/7 figure traders in the Forex market. We have put together our top strategies in this course that will show you exactly what works in this market and what doesn’t to overall 10X your learning curve. Over 7+ hours of training videos will be provided and proper steps to trading real money with our team. We also offer a bonus group chat where our top traders give analysis on what they’re trading everyday.
Forex is something I am really passionate about, because Forex gives you freedom! I mean freedom in the form of financial independence. Once you have that – you can do whatever you want with your life, traveling and trading from anywhere in the world.
When I ed trading, I was just like everyone else: I spent all my free time trading, making costly mistakes, and feeling confused by all the information out there. 4 years later, I’ve created a steady, passive income with advanced techniques. It’s difficult at first, but I’m 100% confident that you’ll be able to master these methods.
So join us today, and gaining the expertise you need to trade with confidence!

“Reward Over Risk is a solid program, to learn the skills necessary to be profitable in this industry. As well as allowing you to profit, while learning. Reward Over Risk goes above and beyond, bringing you only what you need to see progress in this market. Colt, the CEO, is incredibly motivating and personal. Always there to lend a hand, an ear, and solid advice.”

“If you’re serious about making money in the financial markets and building a life by design, you’re in the right place!”

“Reward Over Risk is honestly amazing, they genuinely want to help you grow and learn a skill that you can use to better your life! I’m insanely happy I bought this course and I’m sticking with it no doubt.”

“I’ve been working with Reward over Risk for over a year now. Colt the CEO, generally wants to help people succeed with his trainings I’m really glad I invested my time and money into this opportunity.”

“Super excited to be apart of the team. I’ve learned a great amount of information. If your tenacious, humble and have a open mind, this opportunity is for you. Colt is a great partner and financial mentor!”

“If you have the drive to learn and take action on what colt gives you, it is pure gold. Don’t see why people won’t take a life changing opportunity that’s right in front of their face!”

“Lots of value provided & cares about students success. Would recommend Reward over Risk to anyone getting into forex trading!”

Still not convinced?!
Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course and finish?
The course s now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Contact us in the first 3 days for a refund. All sales are final after the 3 day mark and also no refunds will be given if 15% or more of the course is completed. Your IP address will be recorded for this transaction. Chargeback fraud is a felony offense punishable by jail-time and may adversely affect your credit score if prosecuted. All sales are final after 3 days and or if 15% of the course is completed.

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Does age matter?
Not at all. You have the advantage at any age. If you’re young, you already seen someone who knows more about forex trading than the average business owner who’s 40-50 years old. If you’re older, you still have the advantage because you have more time and money to invest into this. Forex Trading gives the competitive advatange for anyone who has the knowledge. Age or Location in the world doesn’t matter.
Does this work even if I don’t have the experience?
Absolutely! Watching this course will help you know and understand how all traders really earn their money. This will help you to analyze and understand the market better, even if it’s the first time you ever heard about forex.
Can I trust the guarantee?
Of course. It’s backed by major companies like VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. There’s never been a person in history who hasn’t received their refund. The only person who can lose out on this is me.
Course Curriculum

FX Accelerator

Module 1/Intro to FX Accelerator

Module 1/Step 1 ( trading) (6:23)

Module 1/Step 2 ( trading) (5:09)

Module 1/Step 3 ( Trading) (4:29)

Module 1/Video 1 (18:15)

Module 1/Video 2 (15:59)

Module 1/Video 3 (17:25)

Module 1/Video 4 (21:43)

Module 1/Video 5 (23:51)

Module 1/Video 6 (25:17)

Module 1/Video 7 (14:59)

Module 1/Video 8 (15:58)

Module 1/Video 9 (13:54)

Module 1/Video 10 (19:52)

Module 1/Video 11 (21:25)

Module 1/Video 12 (18:01)

Module 2/Video 1 (11:24)

Module 2/Video 2 (14:58)

Module 2/Video 3 (8:59)

Module 2/Video 4 (10:03)

Module 2/Video 5 (6:25)

Module 2/Video 6 (10:52)

Module 2/Video 7 (21:10)

Module 2/Video 8 (14:04)

Bonus 1 Hour Video (52:59)


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