Rodger Bailey – LAB Profile 2.0


Rodger Bailey – LAB Profile 2.0

Rodger Bailey - LAB Profile 2.0

Rodger Bailey – LAB Profile 2.0


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Since I first trained in LAB profile I have found it instrumental in my improved communication which has lead to promotions at work and a more fulfilling life outside of work. I’m very much looking forward to refreshing my knowledge and experience and updating it to 2.0

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Rodger Bailey – LAB Profile 2.0

 Rodger Bailey - LAB Profile 2.0

If You Manage People, You Need To Predict And Influence Their Behavior.
If You Are In Sales & Marketing, You Need To Predict And Influence People.
Learn Surprising Ways To Predict And Influence The Behavior Of Individuals & Groups:
Learn LAB Profile 2.0™ Taught By The LAB Profile Developer, Rodger Bailey, MS

Since its beginnings in 1980, and throughout its many improvements, the Language And Behavior Profile (now upgraded to LAB Profile 2.0™) has remained a proven system of recognizing, understanding, predicting, motivating, and influencing behavior based on how a person talks.
LAB Profile 2.0 at a Job ExpoLAB Profile 2.0

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Since I first trained in LAB profile I have found it instrumental in my improved communication which has lead to promotions at work and a more fulfilling life outside of work. I’m very much looking forward to refreshing my knowledge and experience and updating it to 2.0

James Lawson
I remember doing this course a few years ago, and found it enlightening plus very useful when at work.

Michelle Atkin

Really looking forward to learning the new patterns. I use the LAB profile on a regular basis and it is one of the most useful tools in my toolbox.

Dirk Bansch
Have you ever been surprised by someone’s behavior and had no way of understanding how you missed that? Did you ever wish that you had a direct technique for seeing through the mist and discovering what is hidden there?
Rodger, I call you Mr. LAB Profile. I have found your method of teaching this material so effective and makes so much sense. The LAB Profile is the key to harmonious relationships. It is not just a great tool for business!

Susan Stageman

Are you ready for a transformational leap in your communication skills and in your understanding of yourself and others?

Imagine knowing who is there and what you can expect from them after a few minutes conversation.
Imagine knowing what to do and say to motivate and influence the behavior of this person.
Imagine knowing more about yourself and others and knowing what makes each of us ‘tick.’
In our LAB Profile 2.0™ training program, we are focusing on more than the patterns. We are focusing on practical projects for using LAB 2.0 to solve business problems and improve business results. And you learn practical ways of solving your own personal and organizational problems. You learn ways of helping others do the same.
Your Program is a must for everyone who is involved in NLP.

Emil Capone
Join this unique LAB Profile 2.0™ training program and transform your life.

Rodger Bailey, MS, has been discovering, developing, and teaching these language and behavior patterns since 1979. He formalized the name (LAB Profile) in 1985. But since 1992 he has only been teaching LAB patterns in his consulting practice.

In 2001, Rodger and his wife, Isabel Aguilar, developed interventions for an urgent and critical problem area of brain function and behavior (successfully recovering children with developmental disorders). Isabel and Rodger continue that important work in their private practice.

In recent years, Rodger has committed himself to fully develop and deliver an online LAB Profile curriculum to teach all these language and behavior patterns that he has discovered and developed over the decades, as a legacy for you. If you studied LAB Profile with Rodger or with any other Trainer, you will find dramatic advancements in what you learned before and you will be delighted with the depth and the power of these new patterns included in LAB Profile 2.0™.
LAB Profile 2.0 program on desktop, laptop, and tablet
Learn your LAB Profile 2.0 program on desktop, laptop, and tablet.
One of the things he has been concerned about is that with intensive LAB Profile training programs, many participants tended to gravitate to only one or two particular patterns and these are the only patterns they can consistently recognize after the program has finished. So, this program provides you with ample recorded interview segments (with transcripts) so you have extensive practice in recognizing LAB patterns.

This LAB Profile 2.0™ program is a self-paced learning experience, which you can complete on your own schedule. If you only want to know the information, you can go through it all in a couple of days, but you will not be accurate in recognizing all the patterns nor in using the motivating and influencing aspects.

For the highest levels of learning of the patterns and incorporating this knowledge, you are strongly urged take your time with each lesson, repeat the practice exercises, and then practice the questions and influencing patterns with friends and family before you start using these patterns in your profession.

Rodger decided to make sure that this LAB Profile 2.0™ program was designed so that participants, like you, became comfortable and competent in the recognition and utilization of all the patterns of the profile. He knew that this competency happens through repetition.
This program takes a deep dive into each pattern and you will be surprised at how each pattern is simple and multifaceted at the same time.
Because of that, he has designed your online training to include repetition. He also recognized that without providing interesting learning activities, you might simply remember a couple of the patterns. So, participants are encouraged to practice, practice, practice, and then to post what they experienced and learned, in that practice, in the Comments section.
One more important point about this program and the LAB Profile in general: Because this is an online evergreen program, you can come back and review or study it again. Those who do this review, learn more deeply those patterns they thought they understood fully from before. This happens because as you use the questions and recognize the patterns, you are growing a new neural network for yourself about your own patterns and about the patterns you observe in others. As you review this program, you will start having a deeper understanding of what Rodger is teaching.

Learn how you can eliminate and avoid those people disasters, which drain success from your business.
I use the learnings from the LAB Profile to help me help my corporate clients in Organisational and Personal Development. A great instrument to help people understand their own, and their colleagues’ motivations and ways of working, with the emphasis that their preferences can and do change depending on the context; and for many, the eye opener that their colleagues may (or may not) well operate within other profiles!

Steve Cowie
Rodger will take time in this course to discuss how and why some of the patterns were developed. He will also describe many LAB consulting projects, so you learn and develop for yourself many different ways you can apply LAB Profile 2.0™ in your work and in your life.

Over the years, Rodger has tweaked and modified many of the original LAB Patterns from the ’80s. So, expect to find that some older definitions and patterns amplified as well as new patterns added in LAB Profile 2.0™.
Rodger has been an inspiration through his work over the years. He has taken theory and applied the 5th level of competence to it which is the capacity to train others effective from the expertise he has gained from his research and practical experiences. Rodger never settles for good enough, and his quest for excellence is obviously demonstrated even years later with his constant analyzing and updating of his system. I was trained over 20 years ago using the LAB and have successfully used it in building profiles of prospective employees, in relationship counseling as a psychologist, and a strong training tool in executive level communication skills. I simply cannot see how we could not have this tool available to us in today’s complex world of communications and I am thankful and most grateful to Rodger for his work and then his continuing contributions to the world of neurosciences. I highly recommend you enroll for these classes and realize that this is the difference that really will make a difference in both your professional and personal life.

D. Robert Holloway, Ph.D.
You will be learning the latest in this technology.
There are video lectures deeply exploring specific LAB Profile 2.0™ patterns and there are lots of pre-recorded pattern examples for teaching and for your practice. So, you learn the patterns and then practice each pattern. You are encouraged to practice the LAB questions you have learned in earlier lessons as you practice the question(s) for this pattern. For each lesson, you are encouraged to practice all the questions before as you practice the question of this pattern. This is the very definition of learning through repetition.

Each Lesson, members will have access to an interview practice form tailored for practicing the LAB patterns.  So, you get comfortable and competent with the tools of the LAB Profile 2.0™ skill set.
Program members will also have access to the Member Forum for interaction with other members in the training program. This way, you can interact with others to exchange ideas which further deepens your understanding of these patterns and how you will apply them. Rodger will be touching base with current program participants in this Forum.
The Member Forum broadens your learning community.
Right now, you have an opportunity to learn how to see through the mist, discover what makes a person ‘tick’, and know the range of responses you can take to help this person to achieve their outcomes AND what you can do to achieve your own outcomes.
I learned the LAB profile ten years ago and have found it to be a powerful tool both in business and in life – with the tools provided by the LAB profile, any kind of communication can be more powerful and targeted. I’m looking forward to learning your new insights!!

Mia C

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Yes, Rodger will gladly cancel your subscription and refund what you have paid if you discover within the first 30 days of your initial payment that this program is not for you.
I met Rodger Bailey many years ago at a junior college in upstate New York. I have memories of warmth and kindness and a person who cared about people. I feel that I know Rodger better for his contribution of the LAB Profile. Rodger was an igniter of the whole world of meta programs taught in most NLP schools today. The LAB Profile is well known and used in many companies and organizations around the world. It is a pleasure to recommend this new offering from Rodger in the digital world. Much gratitude.

Judith DeLozier , NLP University
Learned the LAB profile in 1988 from Rodger. Further developed and adapted it to use in German language, Been teaching LAB since 1990 ,integrated in our government accredited mediation and coaching curriculum. Rodger is a great man!

Peter Schutz
I’m looking forward to the launch of the new material. I already use the 1980s version to help me coach children with behaviour problems and who find it difficult to spell write and read. I’d love to know more.

Mavis Kerrigan
I have been using the LAB Profile for 10 years in organisations, training and with coaching, it has been the most valuable tool for getting results. The videos are excellent for revision, and great introduction for those wanting to learn and understanding the value of the LAB Profile. Thank you Rodger for your great work.

I have been using the LAB Profile in my copywriting business for several years already, with great results. This is why I am so eager to start this training and get to the next level!

Alain Marsol
I have been looking for something comprehensive about meta programs. For what I know of NLP, it is the meat. Jeez, I can’t wait. Thanks a lot Rodger

Other testimonials are in the Comments section at the end of this page.

The Questions For You:
Do you want to learn at the cutting edge of these patterns of language and behavior?
Do you want to learn from the developer of this approach, so that you get the latest concepts and techniques?
Do you want to develop your skill with LAB Profile 2.0™ so that you accurately recognize these patterns without even asking the specific question for the patterns?
If you want these outcomes for yourself, you need to sign up now.

Avoid and eliminate those people disasters, which affect your success.

Sign Up Now and join this program with Rodger Bailey:
2020 –  $815
For a limited time this amazing program is only $815. Can you imagine a 4-day live seminar for only $815?

This version of the LAB Profile includes 17 categories and over 50 unique patterns of thinking and behavior. You will not find this material anywhere else. It is the only program being taught by the original developer of the LAB Profile and now this is his latest version (LAB Profile 2.0™).

This program includes Rodger’s latest developments of LAB Profile information, and includes new patterns and improved ways of understanding the older ones.

Get Rodger Bailey – LAB Profile 2.0  download

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