Roy Dean – Brown Belt Requirements


Roy Dean – Brown Belt Requirements

Roy Dean - Brown Belt Requirements

Roy Dean – Brown Belt Requirements


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Transform your entire game. This is your chance to accelerate your belt progression…

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Roy Dean – Brown Belt Requirements

Roy Dean - Brown Belt Requirements

Learn From One Of The Best Instructors There Is 

  • Roy Dean has long been recognized as one of the best teachers there is
  • This is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know to reach the next belt
  • Learn techniques that have been proven effective time and time again
  • Transform your entire game
  • This is your chance to accelerate your belt progression

Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is not just about being effective. It s about being efficient.

In this 2 hour HD instructional, Roy Dean shows practitioners how to lead the physical debate through pressure and movement options.

A special time in the development of all jiu-jitsu players, brown belt is a rediscovery of the basics, with the aim of perfect execution.

“This is Roy Deans most advanced, most informative and most sophisticated instructional yet. It’s absolutely packed with techniques, combinations and details that will take your techniques, and especially your attacks, to the next level.”

-Stephan Kesting

“‘Brown Belt Requirements: Pressure and Efficiency’ is well balanced between being advanced and being accessible. Although much of it is beyond my current skill level, it provides a reference point of where I would like to get to and how to get there. This set has changed the way I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I’m glad that I purchased it.”

– K. Saiki


This is a digital download at it’s optimal resolution, playable on any computer, tablet, or digital device.


Volume 1

Intro 0
Technical Overview 3:03
Creating Opportunity 6:36
Pressure 8:10
Shoulder Pressure 9:01
Bridging into Pressure 9:36
Low Waist Position 10:10
Pressure from the Guard 10:51
Leg Locks. Strategic Overview 11:51
Straight Footlocks 13:07
Heel Hook 14:33
Leg Entanglement 15:32
Rolling Toe Hold 16:18
Calf Crank 17:22

Volume 2

Top and Bottom Game. Strategic Overview 0
The Top Game 2:09
Deconstructing the Choke 5:28
Knee on Belly Armlocks 6:11
Failed Kimura Options 9:04
Figure 4 Position 10:21
Reverse Knee on Belly 12:55
Knee on Belly Chokes 14:24
Tail Chokes 16:08
Reverse Sidemount 21:04
Positional Transitions with Pressure 23:12
Sit Out Kimura 25:17
Simplicity 26:58
The Bottom Game. The Relson Choke 29:27
Elevator Sweep 30:55
Overhook Series 32:46
Play Your Corner 35:56
Shin Sweep 38:59
Bicep Sweep 40:36
Bicep Slicer 41:47
Adjusting the Armbar 43:51

Volume 3

A Perfect Student 0
Passing the Guard. Scissor Sweep Counter 1:29
Under the Leg 2:15
Z Guard 4:28
Ankle Flare 5:40
Sprawling on the Knee 6:26
Toriani Options 7:33
X-Pass 8:32
Counters and Escapes. Strategic Overview 10:12
Roll Reversal 11:12
Armlock Escapes 12:13
Kneebar Counter 13:48
Ankle Lock Counter 14:54
Sidemount Escape 15:37
Mount Escape 18:19
Kesagatame Counter 20:01
Guard Pass Counter 20:47

Volume 4

Donald Bowerman. Part 1: The Challenge 0
Part 2: The Evaluation 26:19
Positional Escapes 27:01
Guard Control 31:27
Guard Passing 34:36
Sidemount Control 38:14
Mount Control 42:26


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