Sasha Stephens – Sleep for Life – The Ultimate Insomnia Treatment


Sasha Stephens – Sleep for Life – The Ultimate Insomnia Treatment

Sasha Stephens - Sleep for Life - The Ultimate Insomnia Treatment

Sasha Stephens – Sleep for Life – The Ultimate Insomnia Treatment


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What you’ll learn

Completely obliterate insomnia
Overcome early waking
Discover how and why you developed insomnia in the first place

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Sasha Stephens – Sleep for Life – The Ultimate Insomnia Treatment

Sasha Stephens - Sleep for Life - The Ultimate Insomnia Treatment

What you’ll learn

Completely obliterate insomnia
Overcome early waking
Discover how and why you developed insomnia in the first place
Discover a truly permanent solution to sleep problems, even if you have suffered for decades
Deepen the quality of your sleep
Kick the sleeping pills, permanently
Learn what to do about obsessive thoughts
Know how to cope when fear of not sleeping keeps you awake
Finally understand why ‘nothing seems to work’, no matter what you try
Learn the one simple rule which can instantly improve your sleeping
Learn the unexpected ways in which you may be sabotaging your own recovery with everyday talk and activities
How to go from being an ‘okay’ sleeper, to a being really great sleeper
Feel empowered, optimistic, acquire a positive outlook and feel more in control of your life in general
Learn the secret most doctors won’t tell you: Why sleeping pills can make insomnia worse
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The only requirements are open mind, a willingness to learn and a sincere commitment to overcoming your insomnia, once and for all.
This course is for anyone wanting to overcome insomnia or improve sleep



Welcome to the Sleep for Life Ultimate Insomnia Treatment created by internationally-renowned sleep therapist and bestselling author, Sasha Stephens.

You don’t need to go elsewhere, you don’t need to look any further. The answers you seek are here. All of them. If you are an insomniac, you spend your days exhausted and miserable. You feel different and alone. I understand this. You may well be dependent on sleeping pills that leave you groggy and unrefreshed. You may have spent hundreds or even thousands on useless insomnia cures and over the counter sleep aids. You may be worried that your problem is getting worse. You may feel you would give anything to get over your problem, that the usual cures for insomnia ‘never seem to work’. I know why that is.

Your sleeping problems may be affecting your work, your career, your social life and even your relationships. You may spend your days in fear and stress at the thought of the sleep you are going to miss. Your heart may be pounding, right now, at the thought of what tonight will bring. I can take away that fear.

Do you have these sorts of unwanted thoughts about sleep?

‘Lack of sleep is ruining my life‘

‘Sleep aids and sleeping pills don’t work for me’

‘I’ll never get better’

’My sleep mechanism is broken’

‘I’m just a bad sleeper’

‘My insomnia is incurable’

‘Can I die of insomnia?’

Then this course is for you.

Because no matter how long you have suffered, IT STOPS HERE!

In this course, I’m going to take you back to basics, to the beginning, back to the child inside you that sleeps effortlessly, without thinking or worrying or stressing. I’m offering you an easy to follow, yet powerful system that not only allows you to become a better sleeper, it teaches you to become a great sleeper, rediscovering your innate ability to sleep, normally and naturally.

I’ll speak to you on a deep emotional level by changing your core beliefs and feelings about sleep.  This results in a transformation that is long lasting.


We are all born with the ability to sleep, without thinking or wondering or stressing. Where does that ability go?  Did we lose it or outgrow it?  Did the stresses of modern life destroy it?

The truth is, our ability to sleep never leaves us. It’s always inside, safe and secure. We’re going to rekindle your inborn power to sleep. We will take you back to the child inside you that sleeps perfectly, without thinking, without stressing or wondering.

Let’s trigger that falling asleep instinct so that it works perfectly every night.


1. GETTING STARTED – We start by making the proper preparation for good sleep to enter your life once again. This first lesson will provide an introduction to the course and its philosophy and methodology. I’ll give you an outline of how to get the best out of this course and tell you all about my own history with insomnia, and my incredible recovery. This will reassure you that no matter how bad your problem, you can recover.

2. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO YOU? – In this section, I’ll show you the mechanics of the problem, why insomnia occurs in the first place, and how it can escalate. I’ll explain how we often get it wrong without realising. There are certain actions and activities that will always work to keep insomnia firmly wedged in your life. In this section, we’ll begin shaking loose all these destructive influences, eliminating all those things that keep your insomnia locked into your life. I’ll expose some of the myths you may currently believe about sleep and overcoming insomnia. I’ll also explain exactly why nothing seems to work and that sleeping pills, far from helping you to overcome insomnia, often just make the problem worse. And most importantly, I’ll show you how to begin setting things right.

3. PUTTING THING RIGHT – The course really begins to kick off with this powerful and motivating lesson. I’ll explain that good sleep is not something we make happen while lying in bed. You’ll learn that rather than focusing on the bad night itself, we should be more concerned with everything that has led up to it. In this way, when bedtime approaches you will be in the perfect state for sleep to occur. Sleep will then happen automatically, naturally, and without having to do anything at all once we get into bed.

4. THE TWELVE PROMISES – At this stage f the course, your insomnia is already beginning to crumble; its foundations have been weakened and the problem is now on shaky ground. And now, we move onto the real ‘meat’ of the course. In this lesson we begin tackling the sleeping problem head on, with the precise steps necessary to create a new great sleeping habit. Much of this advice will be completely new to you and may even contradict what you have been told in the past. But trust me: follow the easy steps on this lesson and you’ll watch in wonder as insomnia begins to retreat out of your life, allowing deep delicious sleep to re-enter your life.

5. THE FINAL PIECE IN THE JIGSAW – This super-motivational, confidence-boosting lesson ties everything up together and leaves you feeling empowered and optimistic about the future and your ability to sleep. I’ll tell you where to go from here, what to do when the 30 days is up and finally… I reveal to you the last essential step in total insomnia recovery.

6. THE SAFETY BLANKET – Deisigned specifically for the bad nights, I have created a series of 5 videos for those who might be feeling panicky or extra low. Each recording provides comfort with just the right words and advice when you need it the most.

You’ll also get…


These audio recordings were specially created for this program using brain entrainment technology. They are designed to guide your brain into just the right state for sleep. They include

The Sleep Booster Tool. A powerful SMR recording that has the incredible effect of making it easier to sleep in the future.

Sasha’s Sleep Inducer. To guide you all the way down to Delta sleep – the deepest and most refreshing sleep of all

Sasha’s Fantastic Stress Reliever. For a relaxing daytime break.

Plus LOADS more..


Recorded in Sasha’s own voice, you’ll find these techniques quite unlike anything you have heard before and they go way beyond the usual breathing or visualisation methods


Take a break from the outside world. Just put on your headphones, sit back and let the gentle nature sounds work their magic. Choose from gentle rainfall, ocean sounds or a babbling stream.

Note: The techniques, ideas, and opinions here are not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. The information provided here is solely for informational purposes only. Users are not to rely on this information as medical advice and to consult a qualified medical, dietary, fitness or other appropriate professional for their specific needs.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who has started having problems sleeping
Chronic insomniacs
Sleep maintenance insomniacs
Sleep onset insomniacs
Anyone who suffers insomnia and would like a natural and permanent solution to this horrible affliction

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