Sasha – The Direct Dating Academy

Sasha – The Direct Dating Academy

Sasha – The Direct Dating Academy

Sasha – The Direct Dating Academy


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Think about it: What’s the value of having a great dating and sex life to you? To have complete abundance with women. To be able to approach any girl, any time, and know that you’ve got the goods to attract her and bring her into the bedroom for some satisfying sexy times?

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Sasha – The Direct Dating Academy

Sasha – The Direct Dating Academy

Question: If University offered a class in “what to say to make a hot girl so horny she’d slide her soaking panties onto the floor and fuck you right where you stand”…would you take it?

The Closest Thing To “Seduction 101”: How This Revolutionary Online Program Practically Forces You To Create The Dating Life You Want

…Keep reading to discover how you can get a lifetime of seduction secrets from the world’s leading dating experts, all for way less than a year at University!

Whaddup dude!

Sasha Daygame here.

If you’re reading this: it means that you could be part of the elite 3% of men that actually want more out of their lives… and I’d like to invite you into what I personally consider to be the world’s most effective online program that practically handholds you to success with women.

By discovering the specific techniques you’ll discover inside this program, you could get serious results in just a few months, and avoid the majority of problems guys face when trying to learn seduction skills on their own.

This new online program works because you’re given step-by-step what to do, how to do it and when to do it… and it gives you the accountability that almost forces you to take action to get the results that you want.

It’s not a magic pill (because you still have to go out and approach girls, duh!) But with this program, you can have the principles, mindsets and techniques that the world’s top natural seducers have refined over years of trial and error to give you an abundance of women in your life.

Now, if you’re here looking for a magic shortcut, this isn’t for you. But, if you’re willing to take action, implement what you learn, and persist, then this is for you.

However, I’ve got no idea how long I’ll be able to keep this offer up and running before I either increase the price or close the program’s doors for good, so close YouTube, Facebook and put that phone on silent and read this message all the way to the end if you want get in on this deal…

So here’s the crazy-but-true story of how and I created this revolutionary program…

5 years ago, I was in Switzerland…and the chicks were colder than the snow on the ground!

This was a few years into my journey, and I’d been ravenously consuming everything I could about picking up chicks, indirect game, routines, etc.

Imagine me, Sasha Daygame, running around in nightclubs doing OPINION OPENERS!

Obviously, I wasn’t getting much success from that. (But that all changed very soon.)

Back to the cold chicks: I was visiting a friend who lived there, and we decided to head out in the freezing Swiss winter to pick up some girls from the streets.

First of all, Swiss chicks are incredibly conservative and will NOT talk to strangers.

Secondly, every single girl looked at us like we were crazy, and literally ran in the opposite direction as soon as we opened our mouth to say hi!

Needless to say, after a million and one rejections, both me and my friend got fed up and decided to spend the winter chilling out in his warm apartment.

That was when it happened…

I was looking through his bookshelf when suddenly, I saw THIS…

The first thing I thought was: “Is this some magic hypnosis book? Oh well, it might have be worth a quick skim.”

Boy was I WRONG!

The name of the book was Mode One by Alan Roger Currie.

I opened it up, and was instantly captivated.

I read it in ONE SITTING (besides stopping to use the little boy’s room.)

And at the end of it, my entire view of ‘game’, female psychology and relationship dynamics CHANGED FOREVER.

In case you haven’t read it yet (and I encourage you to!), here’s the main message I got out of the book:

There is absolutely no reason to ever hide or apologize for your natural sexual desires

The very next day, I realized I had a perfect opportunity right in front of me…

As soon as I got back to London, I was organising a talk for a guy called David X, who was one of a small minority of guys talking about this whole “being direct” thing, and interacting with women based on principles and mindsets, rather than manipulative techniques and routines.

I thought “wait a minute, imagine if I could convince this published author and radio talk show host Alan Roger Currie to speak at this event as well! That would be the most epic shit anyone’s ever seen!”

So, I went out on a limb, reached out through my contacts and…

The Direct Dating Summit Was Born

Then I remembered, I’d also listened to an audio recording about being ultra-sexually direct and physical in nightclubs. It was so immersive and awesome – the day I listened to it for the first time on my iPod, I managed to walk past the building I was looking for…TWICE!

The audio was by a crazy Croatian dude called Badboy. And that’s when it struck me – this could be more than just a couple of hour lecture. I could make a whole conference out of this stuff, by getting together a group of these “underground” figures in the community, who’d all made a massive impact on me when I’d accidentally stumbled across their amazingly powerful direct mindsets and techniques.

My purpose was clear: I had to help as many guys as possible by giving these speakers as a big a platform as I could. So I worked my ass off to get everybody I knew in the London community to come along and experience these life-changing insights for themselves. Long story short…

We made it happen!

Me and my team somehow put together an incredibly successful event (the first of its kind, and the first big event I’d ever done!) And, the content we shared flew in the face of everything the “mainstream PUA community” was teaching at the time. This was some revolutionary shit!

For over a year after the first Direct Dating Summit, my email inbox was flooded with guys talking about how the stuff they learnt transformed their dating lives permanently.

Even the guys who’d paid $400 just for DVD recordings of the DDS were ranting and raving about the results they got from implementing these direct game principles and techniques.

I continued holding a DDS every year, and got more and more speakers on more areas of being direct. Not just direct game, but being direct for LIFE: success, business relationships, lifestyle design, polyamory… and the list goes on.

There was a DDS Australia, a DDS New York, a DDS Vegas, and soon enough…

I realized I was sitting on over 60 hours of incredible DDS footage…And I had no idea what to do with it!

Now, a few months ago, I was looking at all the footage from all the DDS talks, and thought: “Well, I could just put it all on a bunch of DVDs. I mean, that’s what everyone does, right? Just charge guys like $500 bucks or something and they can get through it all at home in their own time.”

But I didn’t want that. Why? One common feedback from all the Direct Dating Summits from the students was, “Sasha, it was awesome… but my brain is overloaded with so much information and I’m kinda overwhelmed!”

If that was for just ONE DDS… I’d be horrified to think what would happen if I just mailed out a stack of all the DDS talks all at once!

And that’s when it CLICKED…

What if I could rearrange the dozens of talks, and turn them into an immersive online learning experience that wouldn’t overwhelm you with information, but GIVE you a step-by-step process to radically upgrade your dating and social life, one piece at a time?

What if…

  • Instead of the constant information overload of a hundred and one PUA gurus shouting different instructions and just causing more confusion and frustration with women… You could have simple, practical and effective content you could use to go out and attract the women you desire?
  • Instead of fighting tooth and nail to overcome approach anxiety, then muster up the courage to ask for a number, to sending the first text to physically escalating on a date… You could know what to do, step-by-step, in a process that removes all the frustration and anxiety from the approach all the way to the bedroom?
  • Instead of stagnating and hitting a brick wall for months with no one to help you out of your rut… You could have real-world experts giving you simple, effective solutions to your specific sticking points and issues?
  • Instead of having to work on this every day, all by yourself, with nobody else to motivate you and push you out of your comfort zone… You could be surrounded by a group of like-minded guys who are on the same journey as you, know exactly what you’re going through, and want nothing more than to support you and cheer you on to success and a satisfying sex and social life?

So I sat down with my team, went through all the DDS talks, and put together a revolutionary online education programme to give you just enough footage, together with actionable missions, as well as personalised feedback and support, so you’ll never be overwhelmed with too much info or wonder what the next step you need to take is.

And that’s what this program is all about.

It’s the equivalent of a Harvard degree in being direct with women, taking control, and becoming the man you know you can be.


The Direct Dating Academy

…The complete “University Degree” on women, relationships and becoming a man

The Direct Dating Academy is made up of four key components:

Exclusive Component 1: Specific, Tailored Content That’s Designed To Deliver Success With Women On A Silver Platter

Inside your membership area, you’ll get all the best direct dating wisdom over 5 Direct Dating Summits, given to you in an easy-to digest process, so that you run 0% risk of information overload, getting overwhelmed or quitting. You’ll have me and the other DDS speakers practically holding your hand to succeeding with chicks!

Here’s Just A Sneak Peek Of The DDA Schedule:

  • Week 1 – James Marshall: Are you direct for life? The key mindsets to create your jet-set lifestyle, have amazing experiences and date exotic hotties all over the world!
  • Week 3 – Sasha Daygame (ME!): Direct Daygame 101: The basics of approaching and attracting girls anywhere, anytime.
  • Week 5 – Alan Roger Currie: The real definition of rejection, and how to stop being afraid of it! Plus how to use your vocal tonality and body language to get a girl so horny she can’t resist going home with you!
  • Week 8 – Johnny Soporno: How to remove jealously and possessiveness from your life, and date multiple women without lying, cheating or being manipulative!

With the DDA, you’re gonna get access to every single Direct Dating Summit talk ever, in high-quality HD format, all in an easy-to-absorb manner. To put this in perspective, if you wanted to see all this material live, you’d have to pay at least $500 for each DDS (there’s 5, and one more every year!), plus plane tickets and accommodation costs. (That’s at least $5,000 right there!)

For as long as you’re in the program, you’ll always have access to an ever-growing resource of cutting-edge mindsets, principles and techniques, all exclusive to Direct Dating Academy members only.

Exclusive Component 2: Weekly Missions To Trigger Rapid Change

To perfectly compliment each seminar, you get weekly missions that produce extraordinary results, so you are given actionable, step-by-step guidance to actually implement everything you learn. You won’t face nail-biting paralysis when you go out to approach women, because you’ll have your missions telling you exactly what to do!

Here’s a sneak peek of the missions schedule:

  • Week 1&2 – How to project laser-like sexual intent, so you can cut the bullshit small-talk and let her know exactly what’s up, without being creepy. Implement these secrets of seductive leadership and make her work for and crave your attention
  • Week 3 – The little-known principles and techniques for showing persistence without neediness, so you can still get her number, even if she ‘rejects’ you the first time!
  • Week 10 – Implement these ultra-effective tools for rapid sexual escalation so you won’t get caught in the “3 date trap” but can go straight from shaking her hand to having her hand on your dick in a matter of minutes!
  • Week 13 – Discover the sure-fire signs she’s attracted, and what to do with that attraction so she’ll put you in the right category of “fuckable guy” so you’ll never get “friendzoned” again!

This is the closest thing to having a weekly skype coaching session with me where I give you an action plan and exercises for the next week. (Except that would cost you at least $400 per hour!) Plus, I’m booked up for months, so even if you could afford that, it’d still be tough to get a spot! Instead, you’ve got me on your shoulder as you hit the streets to do your missions for the week, and a group of friends and fellow warriors eagerly waiting to hear your results.

Which brings us to…

Exclusive Component 3: The DDA Private Member’s Discussion Group!

As part of your Direct Dating Academy membership, you’ll be invited into the exclusive private members’ Facebook group, where you’ll have me, my entire coaching team as well as other DDS speakers, along with hundreds of your fellow brothers cheering your successes, and giving you specific feedback, advice and guidance any time you’re struggling.

The only other way you’d get camaraderie like this would be on a live bootcamp with me, and that would cost you $3,900 for the weekend. Instead, you’re gonna be able to connect with new wingmen, and other inspired, passionate guys who want to dominate this area of their lives. Plus, you’ll have me, the rest of my coaching team as well as other DDS speakers chiming in when you hit a roadblock or just want some support from a community of action-taking badasses, many of whom are further along in the same journey and can honestly tell you “I’ve been there man, and here’s what you need to do…”

Exclusive Component 4: Monthly Live Webinars Including Q&A With DDS Coaches & Speakers!

As if that wasn’t enough… Every month, you’ll have an exclusive live webinar with a DDS speaker where you’ll get the insider scoop; the newest, most cutting-edge content delivered by a true master of their craft. Plus, at the end of each webinar you’ll be invited to a live Q&A where you can ask the speaker anything under the sun, and get personalized feedback tailored for your specific sticking point, given to you by world experts in direct game, seduction, sexual escalation, polyamory, lifestyle design, and tons more!

Most of these coaches charge at least $300 an hour for their time, and as they’re highly sought after, it was a miracle I could even convince them to do this for me!

Talk about a bargain!

Get Sasha – The Direct Dating Academy at the Course Farm

“So how much does the Direct Dating Academy cost?”

From what I’ve shared with you today, you may be thinking that the Direct Dating Academy is gonna cost you an arm and a leg. After all, you’re literally put on a bullet train to become a rockstar with the ladies, and a rockstar for LIFE. You’ll discover exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do to achieve the results you want.

Luckily for you, instead having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars flying from Las Vegas to Berlin to Australia to attend every Direct Dating Summit, you can skip all the jet lag and travel woes and get the best direct dating wisdom right from the comfort of home…

>>> Value: $500 for each DDS ticket, at least $500 more for travel and accommodation, for all FIVE Direct Dating Summits ($500 + $500) x 5 = $5,000

Instead of figuring it all out by yourself, you’ll have the specific know-how given to you in weekly missions so you can go out on the streets and meet the woman of your dreams…

>>> Value: Weekly skype and email exercises with me at $200/hour  x 4 = $800

Instead of doing it all on your own, you’ll be joining a community of fellow warriors, motivating each other through the ups and downs of the journey to success with women…

>>> Value: How much are close, supportive wingmen worth to you?

Instead of being stuck on sticking points for months and having to figure your way out of your rut by trial-and-error, you can get expert advice from the DDS speakers with monthly webinars to zipline your results to poontang paradise…

>>> Value: 2 hours of private consulting with the world’s best dating coaches = $400/hour x 2 = $800

>>> Total Value = over $6,600+ <<<

…and that’s just the core program!

Plus, you get a complimentary bonus every month you stay in the program!

I’ve formulated the Direct Dating Academy to produce the ONE thing those hypey (“mPUA”) dating marketers can’t produce: REAL RESULTS.

So to keep you on the path to success with women and getting the results you really want, I’ve decided to give you a new bonus every month you stay on the DDA after your first month.

Here’s some examples of the bonuses you’ll get when you stick with the Direct Dating Academy:

Month 2: The Stuttgart Talk That Changes Lives ($50 retail)

When I was in Stuttgart, Germany a few years back, I ended up giving the best of my thoughts on motivation, mindsets, and getting what you want out of life. Originally, I didn’t even plan on selling the talk, but after getting tons of emails from guys all over the world on how they’ve gone on to quit their jobs, travel the world and date hotter women – I’ve realized that the Stuttgart talk could be THE best speech I’ve ever made.

Month 3: Confidential Consult ($125 retail)

In a consult, one of my top coaches gets on the phone or skype with you for around 30-45 minutes, with one goal in mind: figure out what’s holding you back, and give you the action steps you need to get the results you want…fast.

Month 4: The Unbreakable Rules Package ($197 value)

The Unbreakable Rules Package is made up of the Unbreakable Rules PDF and the Unbreakable Rules Video Series. This product is the sum of the rules I’ve discovered that deliver consistent results to ANY guy who follows them. It’s practically impossible for you to follow these rules and NOT get laid.

Month 6: 50% off DDS Ticket

Stick with us through month 6, and you get HALF PRICE off a Direct Dating Summit ticket ($750 retail). So I’m basically handing you $375 cash just to stay along for the ride!

Month 12: ONE DDS Ticket

That’s right: You get a Direct Dating Summit ticket worth $750 retail, on the house!

Month 24: DDA Alumni Graduation – you get lifetime access to all the DDA materials for LIFE, plus any new content we upload, and 2-for-1 ticket to ALL future DDS events, and you never pay a cent more!

So as long as you remain in the Direct Dating Academy you’ll get a series of awesome bonuses every single month, just as a “thank you” for being a committed action taker!

That’s over $7,722 worth of value in the complete Direct Dating Academy program!

Seriously: If you wanted to come on as a private student and learn all this stuff from me, it’d be around $3,000 for a day of private 1:1 coaching, or $3,900 for a 2-on-1 weekend bootcamp.

Now, you could go it alone and figure out “game” for yourself. After all, that’s what I did! But trust me, it took me around 3 years and thousands or approaches before I started seeing consistent results. Do you really wanna struggle that long to get the women you want into your life? Especially when I’m offering you the chance to join the exact program I wish had existed when I started out, designed to cut your learning curve from years to months.

Think about it: What’s the value of having a great dating and sex life to you? To have complete abundance with women. To be able to approach any girl, any time, and know that you’ve got the goods to attract her and bring her into the bedroom for some satisfying sexy times?

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