Scott Greene – Legendary Potency


Scott Greene – Legendary Potency

Scott Greene - Legendary Potency

Scott Greene – Legendary Potency


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I’m about to teach you how to completely annihilate all traces of ED, reclaim your sexual youth and more – using dozens of long forgotten “secrets” just recently being discovered from the most potent men in history. . .

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Scott Greene – Legendary Potency

 Scott Greene - Legendary Potency

Dear Friend,
If you have sex problems, potency problems, or even full blown ED. . .

For any reason. . .

And are tired of all the gimmicks, expensive pills, and supplements that do nothing but prey on your desperation . . . this may well be the most important message you ever read.

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Here’s why:
I’m about to teach you how to completely annihilate all traces of ED, reclaim your sexual youth and more – using dozens of long forgotten “secrets” just recently being discovered from the most potent men in history. . .

Secrets that have actually been banned & labeled demonic & blasphemous by over 3 religions and forbidden to use for over 1,600 years of human history!

But Were Exploited By. . .

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun

Giovanni Casanova

Giovanni Casanova

Emperpr Nero

Emperor Nero

King Tut

Tutankhamen (Pharaoh)

King Leonidas

King Leonidas (Sparta)

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Montezuma II

Montezuma II (Aztec)

King Louis XV

King Louis XV

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great



King Solomon

King Solomon

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali





And not just these men. . .

But the original Olympian athletes of Greece, every Spartan from the famous “Battle of 300,” Chinese Emperors, Egyptian Pharaohs, polygamous Mormons, middle eastern Sultans, and more. . .

And it doesn’t involve any drugs, pills, pumps, exercise, weird psychology, or learning sexual techniques of any kind!

King Leonidas

But before I explain all that, let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Scott Greene and I’m a researcher, historian, & men’s health author (maybe you’ve heard of me).

And when I tell you you I’m going to teach you the biological “cheat codes” of EVERY man I just listed above . . . men like King Leonidas . . . who as 60 years old when he fought alongside his army of 300 Spartans & held off over 20,000 Persians in 480 B.C. . . . I’m not kidding.

But first let me backtrack for a bit.

Because ED is not your fault – nor is this natural!

This Idea That ED Is “Just a Natural Part of Aging” Is Bullshit.
You’re Secretly Being Neutered – Someone Is Literally Waging a
War On the Very Thing That Makes You A Man – & You’re Losing

Listen carefully:
According to the University of Wisconsin . . . right now . . . approximately 20% of western men in their 20s have at least “mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.”

As if that isn’t disturbing enough, that number increases by 10% with each decade – meaning 30% of men in their 30s have or will have some form of ED – as well as 40% of men in their 40s, and 50% of men in their 50s!

And before you ask if that’s normal, get this:
The average man’s sperm count has plummeted to the point where it’s less than half of what it was in 1945 – hell, studies say 20% of young males today have sperm counts so low they’re almost sterile!

And it’s all because. . .

Our Testosterone Has Been Decreasing By a Rate of About 1.2%
Each Year Since at Least 1987 – Meaning It’s Already 36% Below
What It’s Supposed To Be – And is Projected to Hit 50% by 2028

-Travison et al, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Testosterone Decline Chart

Look at this chart. You think this is normal?

Let me answer that for you: NO – it’s absolutely not normal.

Something is killing our testosterone – and almost nobody wants to talk about it.

I don’t know about you . . . but when I see these statistics – I feel like I’ve been robbed!

Think about it . . . if your testosterone levels were as nature intended, you’d not only have zero potency problems. . .

You’d be naturally thin, have the strength of an ox, and probably be making a lot more money. . .

But that’s not the case, because. . .

Western Society – As Well As Its Medicine –
Has Absolutely Failed You As A Man

Just like it failed me.

Don’t tell my friends, but just a few years ago I too had a serious potency problem that nearly destroyed my life. . .

Sad Man

I wasn’t even 45 when it started.

There was nothing different about that night, but for some reason . . . after coming home from a friend’s dinner party . . . when I pulled my wife’s dress off . . . my penis stayed soft.

I waited, but nothing happened. She tried to make it happen, still nothing.

“Guess you must be tired,” she said.

And that’s what I told myself too . . . even when it happened again 3 weeks later . . . and then a week after that. . .

It took 3 months for me to admit I had ED, and by then it was happening every week. Before I knew it, my body had betrayed me in the most humiliating way possible.

I Was Ashamed to Tell Her I Could No Longer Get
an Erection – That I Could No Longer Please Her As a
Man or Fulfill My Duties As a Husband


My confidence plummeted.

And even though I tried to hide it, mentally I was a wreck. . .

I was constantly worried those around me would somehow find out and view me as one of those men who “couldn’t get it up.”

The hardest part was telling my partner.

Months went by without the passionate, “spur of the moment” sex that had defined our relationship previously . . . and my constant excuses to avoid being intimate with her were taking their toll. . .

Eventually I got the courage to seek help and . . . even though I really didn’t want to rely on drugs, I just didn’t know what else to do . . . so I swallowed what was left of my pride along with that first little blue pill. . .

In total I took it on 2 different occasions, & even though it sort of worked I told myself I would never take it again. Because of the side effects. . .

It started with a bad headache, followed by difficulty breathing, chest pain, and really fast irregular heartbeat.

It Was So Bad I Was Going To Call an Ambulance & Go To
the Emergency Room Because I Thought I Was Going
to Die or Get a Stroke or Heart Attack!

Eventually the symptoms went away so I didn’t call the ambulance but then I looked at page 2 of the drug leaflet & I couldn’t believe the list of dangerous side effects that were there!

Side Effects

And that’s not even the whole list. Below it talks about sudden death (!) , loss of blood flow to the heart, seizures!

Note this is the side effect list for “sildanifil,” the active ingredient of ALL oral ED drugs , not just Viagra. I’ve talked to a lot of men over the years and let me tell you, these side effects are FAR more common than this leaflet says.

Unhappy Woman

It was a late Friday night in August when she had finally had enough.

Shortly after we had gone to bed she turned to me and without saying a word . . . started stroking my penis through my clothes. Somehow she managed to make me hard for the first time in months!

I knew I better act fast, so I rolled over to climb on top of her. . .

But by then it was already too late . . . my penis had already gone back to being useless.

“I thought you were hard,” she said. “Why can’t you get it up?”

What Was I Supposed to Say? That it Had Been 8 Months Since
I Had a Natural Erection? That I’ve Been Relying on Drugs to Make
Love to Her? That I Was a Sorry Excuse of a Man?

Game Over

Even through the darkness I could see the look of pity on her face.

From that day on my whole relationship went to shit.

I tried it all, weird herbal pills from China, creams, hypnosis programs, everything but surgery.

Everything went south. She would get angry and scream at me. We stopped kissing, holding hands, even going out to dinner together. It took 4 months for my reality check came in . . . in the form of divorce papers.

And Let Me Tell You Right Now – Having the Woman
You Love Leave You Because of Your ED Is the Worst
Feeling You Can Experience As a Man

Obviously it was my fault, so I gave her the apartment and moved to the suburbs – where I basically gave up.

I got depressed, gained 30 pounds, and nearly lost my job twice. I became so ashamed of my penis I even began to piss sitting down to avoid having to handle it or look at it & the man I had become.

Alone Bear

Eventually my depression and loneliness got to the point where I started to look to religion because I was so desperate for happiness.

That’s when I arranged to have lunch with a “maha-thera,” (a title given to Buddhist monks) from a local temple here in New York. . .

And that’s when I ordered the Turkish Pomegranate Onions – and he dropped the six word bomb!

“You Shouldn’t Eat That, It’s Forbidden

“What do you mean it’s forbidden?” I asked.

I’d never heard this, but according to this monk onions – in particular onion juice – was forbidden to Buddhists because they cause “aggression” when eaten raw & act as “aphrodisiacs” when cooked, each of which “disturbs a peaceful mind” & “interferes with meditation practices.”


I stared at him blankly. “Sounds like an old wives tale to me.”

I honestly thought it was nonsense. I had already tried every popular solution out there, and now this old monk was telling me a vegetable that costs 90 cents a pound could suddenly cure my problem?

No way! If the solution was so simple, I would’ve heard about it!

But his comment stayed with me, so that night I looked it up . . . and wow was I stunned. Not only was the monk right, this onion thing actually had peer-reviewed science behind it! That’s when it dawned one me. . .

What If the Ancients Knew Something About
Combating ED Thousands of Years Ago?

Penis Tree

“Forbidden Tree” from 1265 A.D.

So let me briefly share with you what I learned about onions.

Onions were banned for Buddhist, Hindu & Egyptian monks & priests thousands of years ago & all for the same reason:

They considered onions to be sexually stimulating & feared they would monks to break their vows of celibacy!

And get this:
Onion juice has been proven to increase the size of testes in rats in multiple studies going all the way back to 1967! Heck, one 2009 study conducted at a Persian University found that giving animals just 1 gram of onion juice per kg of body weight boosted testosterone in males by a whopping 314% in just 20 days!

I dug even deeper . . . & found out ancient Roman gladiators used to drink onion juice by the gallon & even rubbed it into their skin between fights to “firm up the muscles.”

Yes, Ancient Gladiators Had a Secret Testosterone Boosting
Technique So Powerful It Made Their Balls Literally

Big Balls

I’m 100% serious about that last part.

Within several weeks of adopting the formulas mentioned on this page you will notice an increase in the size of your balls both physically & mentally.

This is totally normal & nothing to be alarmed about.

Larger testicles are linked to higher testosterone & stronger erections and are a tell-tale sign ED will soon be a thing of the past.

Get immediately download Scott Greene – Legendary Potency

Ancient priests knew about this too – they told men they’d go to HELL for it!

And This is Just One of the 77 Forbidden Virility Secrets
I’ve Managed to Uncover Based on Real Historical Data

old book

“De Animalibus” – one of the actual books I used.

I got so excited when I first stumbled upon this I stopped watching TV and instead spent all my free time going to university libraries to access scientific journals & photograph pages of old books.

I didn’t just read, I interviewed ED sufferers, along with every doctor, herbalist, and historian who’d lend me his time.

And let me tell you – the information I eventually found was shocking!

Not only are there exotic plants that have been scientifically proven by peer-reviewed studies to contain substances that mimic testosterone in the blood , exploit biological loopholes to literally transmutate asexual hormones into sexual ones, and clear out your arteries so that more blood can reach your penis. . .

All with virtually zero side effects. . .

But These Remarkable Substances, Along With Information on Their Use, Were Shunned, Ridiculed, and Classified as Heresy & Witchcraft
by the Catholic Church & Other Religions for Over 1,600 Years


What the Church preached would happen to men who used this. . .

Yet were highly sought-after & prized by men such as those mentioned previously. . .

Heck, some historians even believe the desire for some of these legendary substances contributed to the invasions of countries!

By the end of my research, I had written 250 pages of notes.

That’s when the real fun began. I immediately started experimenting with strange plants from around the world . . . many of which turned out to be much cheaper than I expected. . .

(You’d think a concoction used by men who had literal harems & over 30 wives would be expensive, but I guess not.)

That’s When Everything Changed For Me

Increase Testosterone

Within a few short weeks I went from living nearly 2 years without even a “chemically induced” erection – to waking up with the biggest hard-on of my life!

And I know this sounds weird but. . .

It was almost as if these legendary substances were rewiring my brain!

Everything flipped. I became assertive, dominant, sharp.

Waitresses & casheir women stared flirting with me as if they could smell what I had done . (Apparently it’s true what studies say about a women’s nose being able “sniff-out” high testosterone men).

Even the 30 pounds of fat I had gained while I was depressed began to melt off.

That Friday I Had Sex For the First Time In Nearly 2 Years


And finally experienced why the world’s most powerful men have been using these substances in secret for thousands of years. . .

It was with a waitress I had met at Denny’s several days prior (for those who don’t know, Denny’s is a restaurant chain famous for its pancakes).

Her name was Marisa and she was 10 years younger than me.

Words cannot describe what I experienced that night . . . coming from a world of extreme loneliness, inadequacy and isolation. . .

Trust me, you haven’t seen a woman turned on until you’ve tried this. She kept screaming for more, deeper, harder, faster . . . round after round.


I had defeated ED. My manhood was back.

Now I Know What You’re Thinking – If This Solution Is So
Potent and Effective, Why Isn’t Everyone Using It?

Indian Wall

Here’s the answer:
People simply don’t know this solution exists!

There are almost no modern books about it! Instead the craze is on ED drugs, and that might be fine if drugs were a long term solution. . .

But they’re not.

Because according to a University of Alabama study published by the Journal of Clinical Urology – 48% of men proscribed ED pills discontinue using them in less than 11 months “because of loss of efficiency.”

That means the drugs stopped working!

And listen to this:

At Least 1,824 Deaths Have Been Caused
By Viagra Alone Between 1998 and 2007

-Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2012

Sexy Legs

ED drug companies are as crooked as they come.

Don’t believe me – just look at the New York Times!

And you’ll see Pfizer – the company that invented & owns Viagra . . . plead guilty & paid a $60 million fine in 2012 after being caught red-handed engaging in bribery in over 8 countries worldwide – including China, Russia, and even Kazakhstan!

Not only did they bribe government officials with millions of dollars of free equipment, weekend vacations with a “companion,” and direct cash payments. . .

Box of Cash

But they went to thousands of individual doctors & did the same – and said there’d be more “gifts” if you proscribe loads of Viagra!

And it’s not just them, every big drug company involved in the ED business (Eli Lilly, GlaxosSmithKlein, Bayer) has plead guilty & paid huge fines for the same exact crimes & worse – heck, Bayer’s fine was $257 million!

Suitcases Full of Cash & All-Expenses-Paid Weekend Vacations
With Free $10,000 Hookers – That’s How the Dollar-Crazed
Drug Companies Promising You Help Really Operate

But enough of gloom and doom – I’ve got good news for you.

You’re about to turn the tables on these pill-pushing hucksters . . . because I’ve created a proven system based on my research . . . just for men like you.

Introducing. . .

3 Book Bundle Forbidden Secrets of the Most Potent Men in History

To call this 429 page encyclopedia the ultimate weapon against ED and age or health-related masculine decline ever created would be an understatement.

I’d also like to point out that EVERY man whose image you saw at the top of this page is mentioned in some way in the 3 volume set you’ll get as part of my advanced program.

You’re literally minutes away from having the virility boosting secrets of Bruce Lee, King Leonidas, Alexander the Great, & countless others. . .

Introducing the Real Solution to ED the World’s Most
Powerful Men Have Been Using for Thousands of Years

Legendary Potency

The Forbidden Virility Secrets of Gladiators, Emperors & the Most Potent Men in History

  • The core system of strategies & techniques designed to take you – even from absolute zero where you think you’re old & “past it” – to a sexual state rarely experienced even by men in their early 20s
  • The history of forbidden substances & the legends that caused the Catholic Church and other religions to launch a crusade against them – plus which historically influential men mentioned above used what & why.
  • Meal plans, step-by-step instructions, a list of 77 legendary substances, in-depth explanations of how to use each one, the science behind how they work – plus tips on how to obtain them all at dirt cheap prices…
  • A guide on how to put this massive heap of information together & apply it through my easy-to-follow 6-week program that’ll change your sex life forever (it’s 100% fool-proof)!
  • The 6 things you need to do in order to make it biologically impossible for you not to get your erections back & shock your woman with your newfound youth.

Page 184 – The little known plant used to treat sexual dysfunction since ancient Greece that you’ll never see sold because it’s too cheap – even though studies conducted at the University of Singapore and others have shown men who take it get more frequent erections, higher volumes of ejaculate, improved muscle density, and a 23% boost in lean body mass with no side effects in just 8 weeks!

Page 165 – The food Alexander the Great is said to have included in his soldiers diets to increase their courage and physical endurance. (Muhammad Ali was also a big fan of this & consumed it regularly as part of a special strength boosting formula prepared by his trainer).

Page 197 – The long forgotten flower manufactured into wafers by American Mormons in the 19th century & sold to their polygamous brethren so they could please their many wives. (It was originally used by the ancient Mayans & Aztecs as a sexual stimulant and has recently been clinically shown to counteract testicular atrophy).

Page 170 – Which little known white nut (which you’ve probably never bought yet is found in small jars in most supermarkets) was proscribed thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean for men who wanted to restore their sexual vigor. (It’s rich in a substance revealed in a 1996 study to double testosterone in senior men).

Page 71 – How to identify & eliminate the 15 toxic “virility apocalypse” chemical food additives sapping your masculinity – one of the top root causes of declining testosterone and sperm counts in modern males. (If you’ve never heard of acrylamide, organochlorides, or polychlorinated biphenyls you need to see this ASAP).

Page 111 – The large fruit native to Mexico & the Caribbean considered so sexually potent by native tribes that only men were permitted to eat it. (You’ve most likely never even seen this before but I’ll teach you exactly how to find it).

Page 118 – Which now common dried fruit used to be served in Elizabethan brothels during the 16th century because it was thought to “increase lust” (it was so taboo to eat this for centuries that when rumors went around in the 1930s that it was an ingredient in Dr. Pepper, the soft drink company launched a whole marketing campaign to dispute them).

Page 171 – Which nut was recently shown to significantly lower ED symptoms & boost overall sexual satisfaction in just 3 weeks of daily consumption (the scientists actually used men with ED for their study).

Page 205 – The only root vegetable recommended in the ancient Kama Sutra (the 1800-year-old Hindu love manual) for igniting sexual passion. (It’s recently been shown to boost testosterone production by 17% and was also used by Madame du Barry, chief mistress to King Louis XV, to seduce the king into her personal slave).

Page 120 – Which fruit juice was scientifically proven by the University of Sussex (UK) to make couples kiss more passionately plus boost testosterone by 22%.

Page 76 – Which toxic chemical found in many supermarket foods has been shown to cause shrunken penises, atrophied testicles, and weaker erections. (It’s one of the reasons average penis size has actually decreased in recent decades).

Page 127 – How to use the 11 critical “sex vegetables” to blast your libido into the stratosphere and make heart pounding intimacy last forever (plus ensure you attain the hardest erections of your life) – now and into the future, no matter how old you are now…

Page 74 – The 2 meats you should never eat if you want to restore your sex life because they’re full of estrogen mimickers & lower testosterone.

Page 110 – Which Chinese berry astonished researchers in 2013 with its amazing ability to reverse atrophied testicles in just 7 days. (Other studies have shown it heals human testicles damaged by hypothermia with a 78.6% success rate & even increases the size of testes in rats).

Page 85 – How the way you take your showers can be exacerbating your ED & tanking testosterone. (P.S. It has nothing to do with the temperature of the water).

Page 46 – What to eat to (literally) infuse your blood with natural nitric oxide – the erection signaling molecule bodybuilders artificially dose with to increase recovery rates, boost endurance, & create the huge “muscle pumps” featured on covers of muscle & fitness magazines – to increase blood flow & give you massive rock-hard erections regardless of your age or medical history… (Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe)…

Page 258 – Which popular drink has been shown to shrink testicle size in men (the more of this you consume, the less of a man you become).

Page 212 – How an ancient “longevity herb” popular during the Ming Dynasty of China can (according to the Taoist sage who discovered it) not only treat ED – but reverse male pattern baldness & the graying of hair – and if you think that’s impossible, I’ve got a 2013 study from Chungnam National University (South Korea) & another from 2015 (conducted in Yunnan University, China) confirming all that and more! Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself…

Page 109 – What to have for breakfast, lunch & dinner in order to have explosive sex TONIGHT… with a world-class libido & stamina…

Page 247 – The 3 species of fish highest in two essential nutrients nearly all men with erectile or libido related issues are deficient in (as well as a specific type of fish you should NEVER eat if you want to go back to being king of the bedroom)…

Page 132 – Which ED busting vegetable used to be served to bridegrooms in 19th century France at their per-marital dinner to ensure they would get hard later that night.

Page 77 – Which cooking oil contains a substance that’s been shown to feminize animals & trigger sexual dysfunction if given in high enough doses (what’s amazing is this one is often marketed as being healthy).

Page 82 – The 9 toxic estrogenic chemicals found in skin care products & how your toothpaste, shampoo, and sunscreen can be exacerbating your ED & tanking your testosterone.

Page 221 – A little Peruvian root that grows in the almost inhospitable high altitudes of the Andes Mountains has been shown to be so effective… in completely curing male impotency… that even after a dozen double-blind human studies… scientists to this day still don’t know how just 1.5 grams of this daily skyrockets sperm count, improves sperm mobility, treats erectile dysfunction, or boosts libido in virtually all who take it.. (Hint: Incan warriors use to eat this before conquering cities)…

Page 260 – Which fruit was eaten by religious Spaniards & Italians in the 1600’s to “repress the rage of lust” and lower libido & erection frequency. (Make sure you avoid this).

Page 156 – The one food in nature that contains the same “love chemical” that triggers a dopamine “pleasure spike” in the brain during orgasm (it also gets released when people fall in love & is especially potent on women)…

Page 260 – Which of the top 5 most consumed vegetables in the United States has actually been considered a libido killer & sperm diminisher for hundreds of years.

Page 234 – Which Malaysian plant has actually been shown to QUADRUPLE testosterone production when applied to human testicular tissue under laboratory conditions. (It’s been proven in at least 6 studies, including one conducted in England, to increase muscle mass, enlarge testicle size, & boost semen volume, yet is almost never sold).

Page 215 – The South American plant the Catholic Church tried to eradicate when they reached the New World because it enhanced sexual pleasure. (It’s medically recognized as a mild psychoactive & used to be popular among royal sex parties).

Page 183 – There’s a natural herb studies show increases “penile rigidity” in 64% of men who try it. (It was shown to even work on men who were already taking “hard-on” medications). Scientists at the University of Milan dubbed it a “natural Viagra.”

Page 243 – The forgotten food King Solomon’s harem wives used to prepare for him every night almost 3000 years ago, which, according to legend, imbued him with such virility he was able to have sex for hours and satisfy dozens of women a night. (A recent Lebanese study of 2,722 men showed that 86% of men who took this experienced an “improvement in erectile function”).

Page 191 – The ultrapotent spice Attila the Hun demanded as part of his ransom for the sacking of Rome (I guarantee you’ve never even heard of this one, yet Attila the Hun choose it over gold). Find out why.

Page 194 – How to literally get “HUGE BALLS” using a previously rare spice accidentally discovered by Saudi scientists to cause substantial testicle growth when eaten in high doses. (The researchers were originally testing it for toxicity and instead found it enlarges testes plus dramatically boosts sperm count and sperm mobility). A pound of this used to cost over a year’s salary in ancient Rome, but you can get it dirt cheap today…

Page 99 – Which large tropical berry was dubbed the “testicle fruit” by the Ancient Aztecs & forbidden to eat by Spanish priests due to its aphrodisiac properties. (Young Aztec girls weren’t even allowed to leave their homes when this was being harvested).

Page 91 – How to stop beer consumption from exacerbating your ED. (Nearly all beer contains an estrogen boosting additive that’s been classified as a “quieter of erections” since 1858). Learn how to get around it & enjoy beer anyway.

Page 124 – What fruit, according to researchers at a Texas University, contains an amino acid which has a “viagra-like effect” on blood vessels (scientist’s words, not mine).

Page 13 – Which fat-soluble antioxidant has been dubbed the “sex vitamin” by scientists in Tunisia due to its ability to reboot, regain, & ignite your virility in ways even the most expensive brand-name hard-on pills can never achieve… (plus which foods are packed with it)… P.S. This one also protects your sperm from free radical damage due to aging – meaning you’ll stay potent even into your 70s!

Page 109How to feel 18 again with the #1 ingredient used as a sex tonic in Asia for thousands of years to last longer, have more stamina… and just deliver an all-around, more satisfying bedroom experience for both you and your partner (which according to a 2011 study in Hong Kong has also been shown to significantly increase testosterone levels in the blood)…

Page 107 – Which “holy” stamina boosting & skin rejuvenating fruit was the favorite of history’s most famous seductress – Cleopatra – the Egyptian Queen whose voice “cast a spell over all who heard it” & wrapped whole empires (not to mention Julius Caesar) around her finger. (Hint: most Americans have only consumed this as an ingredient in a candy bar).

Page 51 – The vitamin deficiency you probably have that once addressed will instantly boost testosterone by 20%. (According to Boston’s Mayo clinic, 30 to 40% of the male population is deficient in this).

Page 219 – Which plant contains two compounds that neutralize estrogen and render it inactive – allowing you to hit the testosterone jackpot even more!

Page 101 – How to replace hopeless, life-sucking libido with new, fresh, and overwhelmingly powerful feelings of pleasure and closeness – using a recently discovered enzyme believed by scientists to be the “most effective key” to boosting a man’s sex drive & reversing ED (plus which two cheap easily accessible supermarket foods are packed with it)…

Page 141 & 205 – The 2 foods that most increase blood flow to the genitals – ensuring you start waking up with a “morning wood” each day like you did in your teens.

Page 55 – Which mineral was abundant for thousands of generations in your ancestors diet – but is almost nonexistent in today’s diet (it’s one of the main reasons men today have drastically less testosterone than their grandfathers did at the same age)…

Page 58 – The 2 most common physical causes of ED & how to address both at the same time (they’re not what your doctor told you).

Page 122 – The food European travelers once thought was the secret of the Italian male’s “Casanova-like” nature. (It was quickly shunned & put on the forbidden list for priests, devout Catholics, & English Protestants).

Page 181 – Which herb has recently been proven to boost erection hardness, increase muscle mass, and reduce cholesterol by 26%! (It was also mentioned in the ancient Kama Sutra as a sex stimulant).

Page 203 – Which animal product, according to a study done in Russia, beat out all other known substances in its ability to stimulate sexual behavior in rats. (It contains a precursor to human growth hormone and has also been shown to boost testosterone & long term brain function). It’s not steak.

Page 188 – The desert plant Genghis Khan – the Mongolian warlord who according to geneticists fathered so many children that 16 million people alive today are descendant from him – consumed on a daily basis. (Resent studies have shown it enhances learning, memory, and physical stamina).

Page 217 – Which sweet fleshy root was buried with King Tutankhamen – one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs – for his use in the afterlife. (Over 50 pounds of this was preserved in jewelry in his tomb, and not for sweetening drinks either…).

Page 246 – Which seafood Roman emperors had men carry to them over 3,000 km from the Caspian Sea so it could be eaten fresh in their palace. (Aztec emperors did the same thing & had it prepared for the women of their harems). Not oysters!

Page 261 – The two herbal teas you should never consume if you want to have an active sex life. (Both of these were consumed by monks during the 1600s with the intention of destroying libido & their ability to get erections).

Page 259 – The now popular commodity a group of disgruntled women in 18th century London once petitioned against on the grounds it made their husbands weak and unable to satisfy them. (54% of American men consume this at least 3 times a week).

Page 71 – Which substance (that most Americans consume on a daily basis) was been shown by a Massachusetts General Hospital study to decrease testosterone levels by 25% within 20 minutes of consumption (you may as well buy a bra if you continue putting this into your body). Find out what to use instead.

And For After You’ve Solved Your Virility Problems & Cured All
Traces of Impotency – I’ve Included “Extra” Information To Take
Your Sex Life a Level Most Men Only Dream Of. . .

Page 226 – Which plant contains a unique compound with a chemical structure extremely similar to Ecstasy – the illegal “love drug.” (Its effect was thought of as so powerful that European court documents from 1619 show men who gave this to women would be arrested for witchcraft).

Page 257 – What drink to pour your woman at dinner that’ll (according to Italian researchers) boost her desire to have sex afterwards (you’ll be amazed at how incredibly horny she’ll get…).

Page 278 – The dried flower you can give your woman in “micro-pinches” (the equivalent of about 3 drops of water) to reduce her PMS symptoms by over 50%, boost her mood and significantly decrease her likelihood of getting depression. (Cleopatra used to bathe in this stuff)…

Page 50 – The amino acid combination male adult film stars use to increase ejaculation output & shoot bigger more impressive “loads” (it can also relax your blood vessels, helping you get an erection faster)…

Page 129 – Which vegetable to use as the base of a salad to put your woman into a romantic mood (it’s been used as an aphrodisiac since the ancient Greeks & is now a medically validated arousal aid)…

Page 136 – The bitter green vegetable known to contain one of the most potent male pheromones – androsterone – which gets released in your sweat & has been scientifically proven to play a crucial role in sexually arousing women… Hint: it’s often obsessively consumed by bodybuilders & is the only vegetable Casanova – according to his memoirs – put serious effort into making a regular part of his diet.

Page 134 – Exactly what plant to give a women who’s lost her sexual desire to make her crave wild dirty sex & have her proactively peruse it – through you! (It was used as an aphrodisiac in ancient Rome & has also been shown to also improve the quality of breast milk).

Page 136 – The one vegetable Peter North – one the world’s most successful male porn stars, known for his ability to consistently “drench” women’s faces with almost inhuman “load” volumes – ate religiously every night & credited to being the source of his unique ability… (You’ll see the results yourself after the third night of eating this)…

Page 156 – Which “aphrodisiac food” has been scientifically shown to be the most effective on women – and exactly what herb to combine it with to ensure maximum potency & make her seduce you! (Don’t worry, she’ll gladly eat this without a fuss)…

And In Case That’s Not Enough I’ve Compiled a Recipe Book Featuring
Mythical Concoctions Used in Ancient Harems By Kings & Sultans
Who Had Dozens of Wives to Please . . . All Night Long

The Potent's Man Recipe Book

34 Dirty-licious Dishes, Drinks & Other Concoctions that Make It Insanely Easy to Safely Megadose on the Most Potent Substances on Earth

  • 23 simple recipes (and 11 complex ones) designed to bestow you with the biological “cheat codes” of men like Giovanni Casanova & Genghis Khan.
  • Simple step-by-step recipe guides, ingredient lists, & photos organized by breakfast, lunch, dinner & desserts – ensuring that no matter your taste preference, you’ll be able eat loads of potent aphrodisiac superfoods daily & see results almost instantly. . .
  • How to turn the foods you already eat into testosterone boosting & ED crushing powerhouses using 3 different yet simple ingredient blends you can just sprinkle onto everything from burgers to cheese steaks to bbq wings & more.
  • A list of concoctions originally developed for middle eastern sultans who needed to please dozens of women a night in literal harems & still have the energy to rule empires the next day (I personally reverse engineered these based on ancient texts from the mysterious orient).

Page 68 – The primary meal eaten by the Spartan military during training & the exact dish King Leonidas fed his men before they fought for 3 days in the famous “Battle of 300.” (According to legend, travelers who tasted this bizarre dish would remark “Now I know why the Spartans do not fear death.”)

Page 66 – A libido boosting Incan porridge traditionally prepared for newlywed couples in Peru. (The Spanish conquistadors banned & outlawed one of its main ingredients after colonizing the region).

Page 34 – A dish that was illegal to eat in China (except by the royal family) for hundreds of years because it was thought to promote long life. (Recent studies show it contains unique antioxidants that can help treat ED).

Page 80 – How to make a centuries-old cooking oil so potent the Catholic Church named it after the Devil himself due to the number of forbidden ingredients it was infused with – allowing you to instantly transform any dish into one that provokes rock-hard erections.

Page 72 – The “harem potion” Montezuma II (final emperor of the Aztecs) drank out of a solid gold goblet each day before visiting his harem and having sex with dozens of women a night.

7 recipes that if you showed to a medieval priest, he’d probably get a heart attack (the very name of 2 of these is a mockery to the priesthood who earnestly preached about the sins the ingredients of these dishes made men & women commit – most notably the sin of “abusyen” – having sex for pleasure).

This Is NOT Another Yummy Glitter Topped Pink
Strawberry Smoothie & Green Juice Solution

Bitter Potion

Let me be blunt:
If you’re looking to solve your problems with pink smoothies, herbal pills, or sugar laden powders that taste like strawberry milkshakes – leave this page now!

Many of the foods & recipes here really are delicious and easy to gulp down – but many are not. We’re all men here so I’m gonna skip the sugar coating – some of this stuff tastes plain NASTY!

And that’s because. . .

Giovanni Casanova & other men who used to attract and satisfy women by the horde were eating some potent stuff.

I Know This Sounds Like “Too Much Information” But I’ll
Show You Exactly How to Apply It Easily & Step-By-Step

It’s like following a new health plan but with a twist. . .

No pills, no exercise, no restricted food groups, no dieting & no calorie counting of any kind. The hardest part is gulping down a few bitter drinks in the morning (which of course you can sweeten). It’s just like drinking coffee.

I even reveal the sources where I get my personal supply for some of the “more exotic” items.

Beach Girl

Just imagine . . . finally being free from ED.

No more feelings of shame, embarrassment, frustration. . . No more isolating yourself because you feel inadequate. . .

Trust me I’ve been there.

I know you’re not only reading this because you want sex – this is about restoring your manhood.

It’s about “getting back in the game” – turning back your sexual clock 10, 20, even 30 years – back to when you felt strong, virile – when you felt you could do anything & the romance in your life was at it’s peak.

Think about how that feels . . . because when you order Legendary Potency. . .

You’ll Even Get My Bonus Guide on How to Intoxicate Her With
Your Scent – Allowing You to Control Romantic Moods & Bring
More Intimacy Into Your Relationship Than Ever Before. . .


Sex in a Bottle

11 Sensual Scents Scientifically Proven to Be Arousing to Women & How to Mix Them

  • The shocking truth about most mass market colognes and men’s fragrances & why you need to stop wearing them ASAP if you care about your sexual health.
  • The reason why women in particular are susceptible to sensual scents & how to use it to your advantage to increase your desirability (& if you don’t believe me consider this: 33% of men’s colognes are bought by women to wear themselves).
  • How to make special “niche fragrances” that are 100% natural & much higher quality than those commonly sold in stores (they usually cost $250 a bottle, but I’ll teach you to make them in an afternoon for less than 1/10th the price & be done with it all before your wife comes home). . .
  • The scent combinations used by high class courtesans in ancient Greece then described as being so seductive it “would arouse the desire even in an ancient.”
  • How scents can increase your level of attractiveness, reduce stress levels, boost confidence and alertness, & (according to the University of Cincinnati) even boost work efficiency by 25% (allowing you to have extra free time & more). . .

Page 36 to 45 – A comprehensive step-by-step guide to making two special “men’s only” colognes incorporating essential oils proven to be seductive to women. (It has nothing to do with pheromones, takes 10 minutes to put together, and I’ve even included a guide on how to get all the ingredients). Requires zero special equipment.

Page 29 to 35 – A detailed list of 11 naturally stimulating & arousing scents you can wear on dates, dinner parties, & use to set romantic moods (all of which have been shown to either relax female emotions or ignite sexual desire). . .

Page 26 – How studies have shown essential oils & scents can produce measurable physiological effects even during sleep (meaning this stuff isn’t just placebo). . .

Page 17 – The scent Emperor Nero of Rome payed the modern equivalent of $100,000 to show off to guests at his “Golden House.” (It’s been scientifically proven to relax women & was one of Cleopatra’s favorites).

Page 35 – Which colognes, natural oils and soaps you should NEVER apply to your skin, (as these have been shown to lower testosterone just from topical use).

Page 32 – Which essential oil was discovered in a study conducted in Chicago to instantly boost blood flow to the penis by 19.5% – just through its smell alone!

Page 33 – Which oil (named after an Italian princess) is a natural tranquilizer & has a slightly hypnotic effect on those who inhale it.

Page 30 – The 3 floral scents women find particularly seductive. (Hint: one of them only blooms at night).

This Is Literally the First Time In History This Information Has
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Other men have told me I should be selling this for hundreds of dollars.

So let me ask you:
How much would you really pay for a guaranteed solution to all your sex problems, plus all the strength & virility you had as a young man, without putting dangerous chemicals into your body?

How confident & proud would you feel if suddenly your biological clock was set decades back, yet you were able to keep all the knowledge, life experience, and resources you have right now?

Would you pay $500? $1000?

How about $1,980 . . . the price Pfizer charged for an authentic 90 pill bottle of Viagra.

Let’s Be Honest – Most Men Would Pay Everything
They Got
For a Guaranteed Solution Like This

But you won’t be paying $1,980.

It won’t be $500, or even $250.

Because right now, I’m giving all this away for a measly one-time investment of $47.

It’s crazy, I know. For less than the cost of a Friday night dinner for two, I’m offering to bestow you with the biological “cheat codes” of gladiators, emperors, and the most potent men in history. . .

Here’s the deal. . .

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