The EFT Health Mastery Training with Dawson Church


The EFT Health Mastery Training with Dawson Church

The EFT Health Mastery Training with Dawson Church

The EFT Health Mastery Training with Dawson Church


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“Available”If you’re fascinated by the interface of science, spirituality, health and conscious evolution, The EFT Health Mastery Training will be a mind-expanding adventure at the leading edge of what we know.File Size:828.9 MB


The EFT Health Mastery Training with Dawson Church

The EFT Health Mastery Training with Dawson Church

How Does Epigenetics Apply to You?

In a nutshell, epigenetics illuminates that we can “turn on” disease-preventing genes and “turn off” disease-causing genes.

In other words, by discovering how to control how your genes are expressed, you can actually reprogram your cellular pathways.

The implications of that statement are staggering. Instead of feeling like a helpless victim of your genes, you can apply scientifically supported practices that enable you to activate genes that will increase your energy, reduce stress, repair your cells, and much, much more!

Epigenetic research is pointing us away from being genetically “doomed” by the hand we’re dealt, and empowering us to reshape our bodies and minds with practices that allow us to positively impact genetic expression.

One of the most important issues we can influence is how we deal with stress, which has been shown to shorten lives by up to 14 years. When you discover how to reduce or manage stress more effectively, you can turn off genes that cause your body to age more quickly or become more prone to disease.

Dawson will introduce this new science to you — separating facts from fiction — and explain how epigenetics relates to the transformational practice of tapping. You’ll explore dynamic ways to boost your energy, enhance your health — and even potentially extend your lifespan — by working with your genes.

If you’re fascinated by the interface of science, spirituality, health and conscious evolution, The EFT Health Mastery Training will be a mind-expanding adventure at the leading edge of what we know.

When you say yes to this life-altering journey to the crossroads of science, spirituality, health, and conscious evolution, you’ll:

  • Find out how a 1-hour tapping session — if done correctly — can affect the expression of 72 genes
  • Know how to banish feelings of anxiety
  • Hear case studies demonstrating that tapping can help everything from healing fibromyalgia and resolving trauma to improving athletic performance and putting a halt to food cravings
  • Be empowered to take back control of your emotions
  • FInd out how to improve the quality of your sleep
  • Connect the dots between tapping and enjoying a more positive, healthier life
  • Understand how tapping can scientifically reprogram your genes
  • Be able to improve your relationships on multiple levels
  • Know when to use the simple, 7-point form of EFT and when you need the long-form, 12-point version of EFT
  • Explore the mechanism behind how tapping changes brain function, as well as the expression of key biochemicals such as DHEA, your main rejuvenation hormone
  • Be more likely to avoid expensive medical treatments
  • Discover how to summon the “genie in your genes”
  • Be able to reduce your stress level at will
  • Understand how to combine emotional remedies like EFT with more physical interventions such as diet, exercise or medication

Module 1: The Quick Start Guide (September 21)

We’ll learn EFT fast — aided by the 12-minute video,The EFT Basic Recipe — and start applying it from the beginning of the course! In this first module, we’ll cover the basic acupressure points, and how to formulate the language that works best with your unique brain. You’ll discover how to test your results so you use tapping most efficiently. You’ll tap on one of your actual issues to show you how effectively EFT can work for you from the moment you start!

You’ll discover:

  • Where the key acupressure points are, and what makes the points used in EFT special
  • The 3-part formula that automatically allows you to find the words with the most healing power
  • The essential ingredients in using EFT correctly and immediately
  • How to test EFT’s effects on your emotions and body

Module 2: The Basic Recipe (September 28)

Just like cooking, there are certain essential ingredients that enable you to get the most out of EFT. Here we’ll go deeper into EFT’s “Basic Recipe,” the components you need to combine for success. We’ll explore the science behind each one, and practice putting them all together as we work on boosting both your health and happiness.

You’ll discover:

  • How EFT’s “Basic Recipe” makes constructing a tapping session easy
  • What research tells us about the “why” behind each part of EFT’s formula
  • How to notice both subtle and obvious signs of change
  • How to use EFT proactively to heal your past hurts and disappointments — even the ones you never believed you’d get over

Module 3: Inspiring Stories of Healing & Wellness (October 5)

We’ve collected more than 5,000 case histories written by people who’ve had health breakthroughs with EFT. We’ll share some of these real-life stories, and inspire you with the possibilities that tapping can make in your health. You’ll discover how to reduce stress and how to increase your vitality and wellbeing.

You’ll discover:

  • The remarkable ways that emotional healing can help people with physical health issues like blood sugar problems, chronic pain, the flu and countless more examples
  • The way psychological and physical problems are related, and how tapping can improve both simultaneously
  • How tapping can remove the blocks to your potential and what you believe you can accomplish
  • The positive changes that happen in the body when stress is tapped away

Module 4: The Science Behind EFT (October 12) (Pre-recorded)

Clinical EFT works! It’s evidence-based and backed by over 100 papers published in peer-reviewed journals. What does this science tell us about how it works? We’ll share the fascinating research that shows how EFT works deep in your body as it reduces cortisol, boosts immunity hormones, and shifts the regulations of your genes. We’ll also review the studies showing how EFT has been used to successfully treat a wide range of psychological and physical problems. These range from PTSD, depression and anxiety to pain and autoimmune diseases.

You’ll discover:

  • What research tells us about the effects of EFT on psychological problems like anxiety and depression
  • How even serious conditions like clinical PTSD have been effectively treated with tapping
  • What happens in the body when emotional distress is removed
  • The way in which EFT is an epigenetic intervention, changing your gene expression

Module 5: How to Use EFT for the Big Five Life Areas (October 19)

People typically have their biggest challenges in one of these five life areas:

  • Money
  • Health
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality

Which one do you struggle with the most? And how can you apply EFT to this area most effectively? We’ll look at case histories from each life area and show how people have quickly improved their most challenging areas through tapping. We’ll also explore how you can use tapping to make your most successful life area even better.

Module 6: The Enhanced Recipe for Health (October 26)

One of the hottest new areas of neuroscience is called Memory Reconsolidation and Extinction. Using these techniques, you can literally overwrite patterns that hold you back, just like erasing a dysfunctional hard drive. This module reveals techniques that mimic the way the brain processes information — and how to use them to rewrite your own internal stories around health and your body.

You’ll understand:

  • How the brain uses 6 basic brain waves to process information
  • The way tapping mimics the way your brain naturally releases stress during sleep and meditation
  • The advanced techniques that can erase trauma even when every other method — including regular EFT — has failed
  • The 4-hour neural window during which memory reconsolidation is possible
  • The 3 conditions essential to revising old traumatic memories in the brain

Module 7: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (November 2) (Pre-recorded)

The self we’re accustomed to is often a small fragment of our full potential. We know we can be more, but how do we escape the familiar neurochemicals and behaviors that keep us playing small? This module shows you how to recognize the hormonal signals of limitation, and how to use tapping to transcend the old self as you claim your full potential.

You’ll discover:

  • The way that past conditioning keeps us stuck despite our best intentions
  • Why visualization and affirmations often don’t work, and how tapping turbocharges them
  • The subtle and surprising hormonal signals your body gives you when you hit an unconscious barrier
  • How tapping helps us recover parts of ourselves we had lost

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