Ultimate Man Project – Mastermind [Audios Only]

Ultimate Man Project – Mastermind [Audios Only]

Ultimate Man Project - Mastermind [Audios Only]

Ultimate Man Project – Mastermind [Audios Only]


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The fastest way to get what you want out of life is to hang around men who are committed to mastery. Markus and Alex have been deep in the seduction trenches for over a decade and have steadily built one of the most hyper-engaged peer groups online.

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Ultimate Man Project – Mastermind [Audios Only]

Ultimate Man Project - Mastermind [Audios Only]

Meet The Coaches

The fastest way to get what you want out of life is to hang around men who are committed to mastery. Markus and Alex have been deep in the seduction trenches for over a decade and have steadily built one of the most hyper-engaged peer groups online.

“We have brought this group together for you… All in one place. In our early days, we remember how frustrating it was to constantly hit the same roadblocks over and over again – fumbling for answers we knew would sky-rocket our game. And, more importantly, we also remember how crucial it was when a more advanced mentor or coach unlocked a door in a matter of minutes that would have taken us years to figure out on our own.
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The new UMP Mastermind is our new tribe. It’s the ONLY place where we share with everyone exactly what we are doing right now. And, in the most detail (infield videos, web classes, detailed posts). The privacy of this group allows us to be the most graphic and x-rated with our teachings and advice. We hold nothing back.”
David Swift is joining the UMP as a “Mastermind Consultant.”

No one else touches David’s master level savvy text game. Too many men MURDER their chances of having multiple women in rotation with bad text game!

His style of game revolves very much around creating an emotional rollercoaster and demonstrating sexual authority. He has the uncanny ability to enter the other person’s mind, to see exactly what they’re thinking and feeling in the moment. This gives him close to perfect calibration, at all times.

Contrary to popular belief, he is also one of the best nightgamers in the world, having achieved some incredible feats – such as pulling & closing from his first interaction 14 days in a row.
Once upon a time…
In the early days of pickup, you could travel the web and find treasure troves of game knowledge.

These early forums were exploding with vibrancy, knowledge and battle-tested in-field tactics.

Every forum and every thread was an ever-evolving conversation of what was being used in-field RIGHT NOW.

What worked. What didn’t work.
And the best part?
They were largely shielded from the outside world.

The public – at large – didn’t know they even existed. They were hidden in the dark. Secret. Private.

Not so much now.
What turns up when you search online or join public forums and groups?
A. Bunch.
Of. White.
Filthy advice that only saps your time. Or, worse yet, sends you stumbling needlessly down the wrong path into a head-shaking rut.

The truth is men who find advice that delivers the goods are not seeing them on public forums.

They’re not using search engines. They know better.

Major tech companies masquerade as if they are your mommy and daddy – suppressing certain “sensitive subjects” in search. (And, in case it’s not obvious, they don’t have your best interests at heart.)

It’s becoming harder and harder to find places that tell it to you straight.

Trusted sources that provide you with the knowledge that could transform your game overnight.

Where’s the advice from battle-hardened warriors that bring their knowledge from deep behind enemy lines?
You won’t find it in search.
And remember this…

If you’re not the one curating your own content, someone else is.

But, there is a solution.

Ultimate Man Project is opening its doors to our Inner Circle Mastermind.

Our Mastermind is a private, exclusive online club that only allows a particular type of individual to enter.

We only want men who are serious about self-improvement, improving their choices with women and are determined to live life on their own terms.
Why joining a Mastermind may be what makes it all “click” for you…
When I first began my personal journey into game and success with women, the single most pivotal moment came when I sought out the help of men who were already having the success I wanted.

This decision to connect with “the best” was my first MAJOR breakthrough in game.

I listened. I learned. I asked questions.

And, these men told me precisely what they did to become much more successful than the rest of us.

I’m not sure of the exact number, but…

…the guidance I received cut YEARS off of my learning curve.

If not for them, would I even be here today?

I’m not so sure.

Learning from other men is vital to success.
Here are some of the things you will learninside the Mastermind…
What sets the UMP Mastermind apart from every other private membership?
It’s the content.
This is Social wizardry type of sh@t.

– How to sexualize interactions

– How to frame control and manipulate social dynamics

– How to handle, solve (and, even predict) every single objection with extreme accuracy

We give you the most advanced and high-level content you will find anywhere when it comes to game.

You get instant access to all three coaches – Alex, Markus and David.

We are the coaches who coach other coaches. We are the mentors and high-level resource for most coaches on the market.

The truth is… if you find a coach who is not mentored by us, they are stealing from us.

Get the best directly from the source. We teach you how to f&$k every single girl on the first date. How to make her agree to whatever sexual desire you crave.

Done correctly…this can all be achieved within the first 5-minutes of an interaction.
Infield Video Breakdowns

Are you ready for this one? This feature alone is worth the price of the Mastermind. We give you infield video breakdowns. It’s one thing for you to read how it’s done. It’s a whole other level for to see it in action. (One of the coaches takes 45 to 60-minutes to breakdown each interaction. He’ll explain things like: The girl’s body language, open-to-closes, teasing routines, LMR busting, hoop progression compilations and more…)
Live Q&A streams where we spend hours answering questions and giving you ALL of our premium content.

Didn’t get a chance to catch the last one? No problem. All of our streams are archived for you to watch at your own pace. (And, again, unlike our public group – we hold nothing back!)
BONUS: Student Live Coaching Calls

Every once in a while we give you a special treat by dropping a live call into the Mastermind. This is where one of the coaches will take members of the group on Livestream calls and coach them 1-on-1. You get to sit-in and listen to the exact, step-by-step, personalized action plan we come up with. (What’s so good about this is that most of us have the exact same problems. You will hear actions plans that you can implement yourself immediately.)
Behind the scenes footage of residential program debriefs and individual strategy sessions with our students.

You get a first-hand glimpse into how we help our students blast through plateaus in twice the speed than if they were on their own. (PLUS: We tell you exactly how to implement what you just saw so that you and/or your wing can implement the strategies for yourself in twice the speed as usual.)
Coach Text Game Breakdowns

But as if the student texting wasn’t enough I’ve also convinced our residential texting machine to break down his own text conversations, why he did what he did and what other routes he was choosing between, as well as what they would have meant for his conversations.
No holds barred Premium Webinars where we give you our word-for-word routines and the entire structures we use.

See what we are using in-field RIGHT NOW. We breakdown, piece-by-piece, little known techniques that work. This content is exclusive to you. None of this is shared with the general public.
Premium articles covering in-depth lay reports, guides to dealing with approach anxiety, how to train your woman in bed.

You learn the system we use to develop unshakeable inner confidence. Learn to approach any woman without getting nervous or the fear of rejection.
We don’t usually give away the deepest and darkest secrets of our residential alumni, forobvious reasons, but we decided to get alumnus on a call to share their most important lessons from the program.

They have free range to say whatever they want to say to you, even if it means giving away our most potent formulas. (Note: We might be giving away too much for this one. We might take this away soon, so we reserve the right to remove this part of the subscription. So, I highly recommend you join now and get a quick peek behind the curtain of what it is we actually do.)
Student Text Game Breakdowns

Watch the texting wizard Alexander Lindberg and David Swift break down your own text conversations, word-for-word, sentence-by-sentence, text-by-text. Complete with all the subtle frames, psychology and all alternative routes you could’ve taken and what each route would have meant.
How to Enter Our Mastermind
Upon entry into the group, you will immediately be given access to the entire thread history. Dig in. Start reading the instant you join.

And, of course, with your membership, you can always go at your own pace. Read through the previous threads until your heart’s content.

Watch the videos at your leisure.

You can even use search to find a specific tactic you need in-field, right now. As your skill level progresses, you will run into new and unexpected challenges. Reach out to us. Ask us and/or the group specific questions. We’ll be there every day to help.

The best part about the UMP Mastermind is that you don’t have to wait months or years before kinda, maybe, sorta seeing results. We are so confident this inner circle will radically change your ability and speed of learning that you SHOULD expect to see results immediately.
Running into a common sticking point? See if you can find previous threads with answers to the exact same situation.

Maybe an infield video or two. Or just go in and ask the group or coaches for guidance. Confused on what to say while texting? No problem. Use the shared text threads in the group to fire of text messages known to work.

As long as you’re out there trying to meet the hottest women, chances are you’ll have DOZENS of opportunities over the next month or two to get solid ROI out of the UMP Mastermind. Our inner circle mastermind will continue to bend the dating world to our wills. If you are not prepared to implement what you learn, then you I should not subscribe.

There’s a ton of men in our program using what they’ve learned in the Mastermind and straight crushing it with women. And, there’s more than enough knowledge to go around and help YOU too.
Now it’s time to choose if you want in or not?

Click the “Yes! Let me in now” button below to give it a shot. We promise it will be worth it.

Get Ultimate Man Project – Mastermind [Audios Only] download

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