Under Your Skin AKA Surgical Precision-Rudy Hunter

Under Your Skin AKA Surgical Precision-Rudy Hunter

Under Your Skin AKA Surgical Precision-Rudy Hunter


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Rudy Hunter – Under Your Skin AKA Surgical Precision


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Rudy Hunter – Under Your Skin AKA Surgical Precision

Product Type DVD
Format Type Webrip -1 MP3
Author Rudy Hunter
File Size 4054 MB

Enjoy this FREE AUDIO INTRO that will teach you all about how/why/what’s up with surgery, injections, wounds & more that leave energetic tears in your Aura and have a top-priority
Nervous System Warning Alarm.  

It’s a big deal.  

Then enjoy the first round AS RUDY’S GIFT TO YOU FOR FREE.  

There are 4 more powerful rounds of energetic remedies in this pervasive healing tool.
Whether you’ve needed surgery, monitor blood glucose by finger prick, have had injections for travel
or antibiotics or just suffered from a wound that breaks the skin, Under Your Skin AKA Surgical Precision With Rudy Hunter will help your healing, life force & more.

Listen, enjoy & please share this page with your friends.

Much love,

Want to know what each round tackles?

Sure you do…here they are:

Round One:
Included on the FREE INTRO below – Focusing/The Portal

Round Two:
Objects that cut, slice & penetrate
[Who/what/how object were used inside you–released]

Round Three:
Anesthesia Clearing Reset
[One of the most powerful was to energetically clear residue from
the blood & body gently]

Round Four:
Forgiving The World
[Rudy does all the work for you in this round]

Round Five:
Coming Home Again!

Here is your FREE AUDIO INTRO that includes the FIRST ENERGYWORK ROUND
as Rudy’s gift to you:
Turn up your speakers.  Press the gray play arrow on the left of the audio player above and enjoy!
Can’t see the gray play arrow?  That means it’s time to update your browser and/or use another browser such as FireFox which is free.
Issues playing on your iPhone or iPad?  Blame Apple vs. Adobe.  The above intro is not downloadable.  Return to this page to re-listen to it.
Attempts to personally record the audio will scramble the embedded energetic signal.

Purchase and download your personal copy of the full Under Your Skin
energetic tool mp3 for just $77.00.  

The embedded energetics stay active for life and Rudy wants you to use it
for yourself and for other members of your household who live with you to help
clean up their wound history energetically.CLARIFICATION EXAMPLES:
If your sister lives in Wisconsin and you live in Alaska, she’ll need to buy her own copy.
If your Dad and three kids all live with you in the same house
in Melbourne then you can ALL use your copy.
Okie Dokie?

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