Victoria Gallagher – Attract Good Luck


Victoria Gallagher – Attract Good Luck

Victoria Gallagher - Attract Good Luck

Victoria Gallagher – Attract Good Luck


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You can be born with all the riches in the world and have a horrible life. And you can be born just the opposite, with nothing … and out of nothing create the most magnificent life beyond your wildest dreams.

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Victoria Gallagher – Attract Good Luck

 Victoria Gallagher - Attract Good Luck

Would you consider yourself to be a Lucky Person?
Whether you are lucky or not, you probably learned that luck is just random, that people stumble into good things by accident.
You may even have thoughts that go like this: “I have bad luck” or “Nothing good ever happens to me” or “Good things only happen to other people.”
And the first thing you need to understand about that is what you think about and focus on is what you create.
Let me repeat that
What You Think, You Create!
Your luck is no accident.
There is no such thing as people who are born lucky or born unlucky.
You can be born with all the riches in the world and have a horrible life. And you can be born just the opposite, with nothing … and out of nothing create the most magnificent life beyond your wildest dreams.
And it all really boils down to the beliefs you hold within your subconscious mind.
So … Are you Ready to Change Your Luck?

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I want to share with you some of my strategies that I’ve been using for myself over the years to create luck in every area of my life.

So, who am I and what qualifies me to teach you about luck?

Before we get started learning about my secrets … let me tell you a little about myself.
Hi! I’m Victoria Gallagher

I’m a Certified Master Hypnotist.

I’m a normal person just like you. I grew up in a family that struggled financially.

My parents who fought like cats and dogs, were divorced when I was about 5. As I child I was bullied in elementary school which created a lot of self-esteem issues.

I grew up living in a very dysfunctional environment. The majority of my relatives are morbidly obese; weighing as much as 600 pounds. Others have suffered or still suffer from drug abuse, alcohol abuse, jail time, sexual abuse.

Many people might thing that was not a very lucky start to my life.

But for me, I feel fortunate for it to have been that way … because the issues I had coming out of school led me to personal growth and self-help … and eventually I went into business for myself so that I could help other people turn their lives around.

So I started my hypnotherapy business in 1999. I could go into a lot of details about the misfortunes I had to overcome when first starting out … but the bottom line is I have been very successful at growing a business and I life that I truly love. One that allows me to come and go as I please, work whenever or wherever I want. All of my needs are completely fulfilled. I take lots of fun and adventurous vacations with my wonderful husband all around the world. I maintain a great figure. I live in beautiful, Florida about 4 miles from the beach. I get to spend time volunteering to help the animals. I have a lot to be grateful for and I am so grateful.
Watch Victoria in “Got Luck” ABC’s 20/20 Episode
☺ Make Your Own Luck Video ABC 20/20 News ☺

☺ Make Your Own Luck Video ABC 20/20 News ☺
And I created it, using the Power of my Mind!

I genuinely just FEEL lucky now and it just wasn’t always that way. I made a lot of mistakes along the way and gained insight which shifted my perspective and now I just feel luckier and luckier all the time. It’s contagious. Once you start using the luck techniques, and your life begins to improve, you will want to keep doing more and learning more because you know that it’s leading you to a very good place in your life, where good things start to happen, seemingly out of nowhere … but in reality, you are at the heart of it all.

So, let’s go ahead and get started shall we?
What is Luck?

Let me begin by making a basic distinction between luck and opportunity.

Opportunity is something that is unpredictable; it’s those events that DO just happen at random in the world.
Opportunity (and we’ll use this word synonymously with the word “chance”) is anything that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause.

Luck is when preparedness meet opportunity.

A job suddenly becoming available
A person being at a particular place at a particular time
Money lying on the ground
The lottery numbers coming up a certain way

Opportunities are always available, even though you do not have any control over them becoming available.

What you do have control over is preparing your mind to NOTICE the opportunities.

There was a case study done on luck where people who had an attitude that they just had bad luck, were exposed to things like money lying on the ground and other lucky situations. And they just walked right by without even noticing.

You are exposed to a lot of opportunities.  But, you are really only aware of so much.  Matter of fact, your mind is so good at lining up your experiences in life with your existing beliefs that you typically only see things that validate your current belief system.
Introducing Good Luck Hypnosis
Technique #1
Ready For Luck

In Ready for Luck you will start to prepare yourself to become lucky. By listening to this hypnosis session you will learn to open up your heart and mind to all the things around you. You will open your physical and mental eyes to every situation that surrounds you and soon you begin to see all the possibilities available to improve your luck in your everyday life. Once you begin to see the possibilities it is time to move forward to the second session.
Technique #2
Mental Alertness

In this session you learn to condition your mind to recognize the various opportunities to improve your luck that you encounter every day. You will walk step by step through the tools and thought process you need to naturally and effortlessly recognize the abundance of opportunities you encounter. However the Mental Alertness hypnosis session does not stop there. In this session you will also learn how to utilize each opportunity you are given. If you don’t have the proper level of conscious and subconscious awareness you will not be able to recognize and use these opportunities to their fullest potential in order to Attract Good Luck and become lucky.
Technique #3

In the Generosity hypnosis session you will learn the benefits of passing the luck down the line. Many people discount the power generosity can have in what you attract to your life. Using this session regularly will help you to create a spirit of generosity. This will enable you to Attract Good Luck into your life from new and interesting places. When you learn to be generous without thought, without effort, you will attract even more luck into your life. By helping others become lucky as well you can greatly improve your luck as well.
Technique #4

Get in touch with the things you want most in life. When you listen to Victoria’s soothing assistance you will be able to effortlessly connect with your innermost desires. By making these connections you will be able to better understand yourself and what you most want out of life. When you are in touch with your innermost dreams and desires; when you can see yourself achieving these goals, having the things and lifestyle you have always wanted, you will naturally Attract Good Luck into your life.n.
Technique #5

Learn how to harness one of the most important senses you have naturally within you. It stands to reason the more in touch you are with your inner self, that small voice inside of you that tells you when something is good or bad, the better chance you will have to Attract Good Luck to your life.
Technique #6

In the re-framing hypnosis session, you take the next step forward in your journey to Attract Good Luck to your life. Victoria will calmly lead you through situations in your past that may have had better outcomes if you had made a different choice. You will begin to examine your previous choices while incorporating your new found ability to tune into your natural intuition. Did you follow the path your inner voice was trying to lead you down? How do you feel the outcome related to this decision? How do you think it would have been different if you had made a different choice, followed your true self more carefully..
Technique #7
Luck Anchor

This session will help you change the natural energy and vibrations you send out into the universe. When you change the vibrations you send out it will help improve your luck effortlessly, with no extra effort on your part. By creating your luck anchor you will find you become lucky more and more often.
Technique #8
Morning Luck Meditation

This last hypnosis session is exactly what it seems to be. When you participate in this simple visualization exercise at the start of every day, you will learn to focus your mind and energy in ways that will naturally Attract Good Luck to you throughout your day.
When you combine the Power of Meditation with the Hypnotic Suggestions given throughout each of our Good Luck Hypnosis Sessions, the following techniques, GOOD LUCK becomes a natural part of who you are and guides your everyday thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors which ultimately leads you to the luckier results you long for as a luckier person
It’s never been easier to improve the quality of your life than with step-by-step Attract Good Luck Audio Course, coupled with the 8 Good Luck Hypnosis Sessions.
The Attract Good Luck Audio Course Contains the Following Audio Modules:
Chapter 1:
What is Luck?

What luck really is.
The difference between opportunities (or chance encounters) and luck.
The exact steps you take when opportunities are presented to you.
How to Know when opportunities are presented to you
Learn to hone the opportunities to attract luck, (presented to you more often than you think).
The KEY to being able to pick up on these opportunities.
Learn to be able to modify your behavior to increase your luck.
Increase your chances of attracting good luck!

Chapter 2:
A Good Attitude is Empowering

Learn how to feel confident about your ability to attract luck.
What you can do to improve your attitude and empower yourself to attract good luck.
How to be productive and feel fulfilled.
Improve your outlook and empowered yourself with the possibility of attracting good luck.
Learn the right way to face life’s challenges with an empowered attitude.

Chapter 3:
How to Align Your Mind With Luck

The tools and understanding you need to change your thought patterns so that you can attract good luck.
Learn about direct suggestions that help and hinder your subconscious mind.
How to think that affects how much luck you attract to yourself.
Learn how to change your thought patterns.
Steps you can take to help you adjust the way you think.
No longer think of yourself as the victim, but rather you will be empowered and this thinking will allow you to attract good luck.

Chapter 4:
Create Desire and Luck

The importance of desire, which in turn increases your ability to attract good luck.
How desire is specific to each individual and that it is something instinctual, something you are born with.
Hone specific desires, and learn to focus on them and watch your luck improve.
Know who you are, and what makes you unique.
An Exercise that determines your true desires.

Chapter 5:
Open to New Opportunity

How open are you to new opportunities?
Learn to perceive a new opportunity when it is presented to you.
Make yourself open to new and potential opportunities.
Test your luck IQ by ask yourself these questions about how you react to certain situations or problems.
The Key to overcoming the obstacles to luck.

Chapter 6:
Learning from Your Past

What does de ja vu have to do with luck?
The limiting beliefs created by your past experiences.
How limiting beliefs make us repeat the same behavioral patterns over and over
Fully understand YOUR limiting beliefs so that you can change them.
An exercise to change your limiting beliefs.

Chapter 7:
Acknowledging the Luck in Your Life

How to feel grateful for the luck you do have.
How to Change your mindset.
Use positive energy to attract positive energy back to you.
An exercise in which you will evaluate lucky events that you have experienced.

Chapter 8:
Be Prepared – Are You Ready for Luck?

How to be at the right time or place to take advantage of a lucky opportunity.
Get into position to take advantage of lucky opportunities.
Tools to prepare yourself to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.
Questions to ask yourself that will gauge how ready you are to Attract Good Luck.

Chapter 9:
Waking Up to Opportunities

Sharpen your mental awareness.
Clear your mind.
How to keep see opportunities you couldn’t see before.
Wake up your mind to potential opportunities.
The importance of being mentally alert.
Get in tune with the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of who you are.
What makes you special and unique.

Chapter 10:
Intuition – Taking Chances but Reducing Risk

Get in tune with your intuition.
Trust your intuition which tells you if something is good or bad.
Allow your intuition to help you easily spot potential opportunities.

Chapter 11:

What are beliefs?
How your beliefs control your life.
Find out if your beliefs help or hinder you.
How are your beliefs formed and why they are important?
What you need to do to develop NEW beliefs that attract more luck to you.
Two exercises that will give you the tools you need to dig down deep and determine what your belief system is made up of.

Chapter 12:
Set Your Intention to Attract Good Luck

Learn to stop worrying about bad things you fear will happen.
Negative energy versus positive energy.
How to think positive .
Setting a positive intention.
Feel better about yourself.
Increase your energy.
Be more productive.
Increase your confidence.

Chapter 13:
Take Action

Learn to be active and get moving .
The importance of taking positive actions as well.
Being proactive and making things happen
Experience an increase in confidence that will result in an a surge of opportunities.

Chapter 14:
Other Tips for Creating Good Luck

Additional tips and tools you can use to attract good luck.
The importance of practicing generosity.
How you can incorporate Feng Shui into your life to  improve your luck.
A Morning Luck Meditation you can use to help you attract good luck.
DoGood Luck Charms help you attract good luck?

Chapter 15:
Luck in Specific Areas of Your Life

Luck in Specific Areas in your life.
Learn how to Attract Money.
Attracting Good luck with love.
Attracting Good Luck with your health.
Attracting Good Luck with your career.
Attracting Good Luck with winning.
Learn how to attract your soulmate.

Plus you get an easy to follow Workbook, in a pdf eBook format, $47 Value.

In this 96 Page eWorkBook You’ll Learn:

Everything you Need to Know about Good Luck
Law of Attraction Secrets
Advanced NLP Techniques
Total Immersion into Self-Hypnosis

Attract Good Luck is my life’s work of study on this topic down to a simple step-by-step guide for manifesting Good Luck in your life that anyone of average intelligence can understand and use. It is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use in your life immediately!

Attract Good Luck is FILLED with THE strategies and principals that the absolute most successful people use in their lives daily.

The best part is you can use this formula for literally any area of your life, whether it be your personal life, your relationships, your career, your health or with special experiences you would like to create. You are really only limited by your imagination with where you would like to Attract Good Luck in your life!

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