Dr. Joseph Riggio – MCM1 – Worldview & Reality


Dr. Joseph Riggio – MCM1 – Worldview & Reality

Dr. Joseph Riggio - MCM1 - Worldview & Reality

Dr. Joseph Riggio – MCM1 – Worldview & Reality


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Improving the quality of your thinking is the single most valuable update you can make to improve your performance…

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – MCM1 – Worldview & Reality

Dr. Joseph Riggio - MCM1 - Worldview & Reality

Exploring Worldviews with Joseph Riggio, Ph.D.

“Reality … what a concept!”
– Robin Williams

We don’t experience reality, we experience our perception of reality.

Our perception of reality is formed by the filters of our worldview. Only by understanding how your worldview is organized can you experience clarity about what is possible for you, and what limits you today.

In this webinar I will guide you through the eight worldviews that are organized developmentally in relationship to neurocognitive development.

I’ve built my Cognitive Maturity model over the past seven years, based on the work of the world’s leading developmental scholars and practitioners, and my own proprietary research and work with clients internationally, assisting them in upgrading their minds and elevating their performance.

In this webinar we’ll spend time together organizing an understanding of the eight worldviews I use when I work with my clients …

The Eight Worldviews, we’ll overview the concept of “worldview,” and how each worldview perceives and experiences reality, and most significantly where in your brain each worldview is organized

How Your Worldview Defines Your Reality, I’ll help you recognize the defining characteristics of the worldview you preference most, and what that means in terms of how it shapes your reality, and how it limits and serves you

Shifting The “Reference Point” That’s The Basis Of Your Worldview, your worldview is flexible, rather than being stuck where you are, I’ll show you how to shift your thinking so you can begin using your brain differently to experience reality in a way that serves you best

Master Your Thinking …

Improving the quality of your thinking is the single most valuable update you can make to improve your performance, both on your own and with others.

Over the next 14 months I will lead you step by step to make steady improvement in the way you operate, how you think, and in the level of your thinking processes, this is what I’ve come to think about and call “Cognitive Maturity.”

Simply … most people stopped learning how to think about things better and deeper sometime between beginning secondary school at about the age of 14 or so, and finishing their university study sometime in their early 20s.

Sure, you may have continued learning new things, gathering additional information, even building and refining your expertise, but that’s not the same as improving the quality of how you think or learning to think better.

Developing cognitive maturity gives you the ability to juggle complex ideas, hold diametrically opposing ideas in mind and reconcile seeming paradox.

Employing this kind of high-level thinking frees you from the hesitation and procrastination that comes from indecision and being overwhelmed, as well getting stuck because you can’t yet see the opportunity within the complexity that’s present, or lacking an ability to access the creative breakthrough you need.

This means you will make sense of the world with more clarity and precision, make better and higher quality decisions, and take action with greater certainty … creating more of your intended outcomes with increased ease.

In addition when you’re operating from at fully developed levels of Cognitive Maturity you can and will immediately recognize the levels of thinking that others operate from and through, and you’ll be able to communicate with them more effectively, whether that means sharing information, influencing and persuading them, or when you need to motivate and inspire others.

Within the model I’ve built there are orders of development I’ll expose you to so you will literally feel yourself getting smarter at thinking in virtually every session we’ll be spending together …


    Recognizing That You Are Thinking About Achieving A Specific Outcome And The Specific Action You Plan On Taking To Create The Outcome


    Thinking About And Recognizing That The Action You Are About To Take Has Consequences And Factoring Them Into Your Decision-Making Process


    Knowing Achieving Your Outcome Happens Within A System That Contains You, And That The Action You Take Will Have An Effect On You As Well As On Whatever Or Whomever Is Also Effected By It In The System

As you can see, complexity within this structure as you consider the orders of thinking within the Cognitive Maturity model quickly increase, and developing the ability to hold and manage this complexity is the key to unlocking previously unimagined ways of thinking about yourself, others and the world around you, opening you up to realizing new levels of personal and professional performance.

So, if you run a business, lead a team, sell to others, or you simply have a desire to perform better … in your career, relationships, and your life overall … then committing to developing Cognitive Maturity is a bet that’s likely to pay off big time in ways you cannot even imagine yet …

So Whadda Ya’ Waitin’ For, Huh?


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