Jason and Trav – The 2015 Paradise Pack


Jason and Trav – The 2015 Paradise Pack

Jason and Trav – The 2015 Paradise Pack

Jason and Trav – The 2015 Paradise Pack


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Are you curious to learn what the heck it really takes to create a successful 6 or 7 figure business that you can truly run from anywhere in the world?

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Jason and Trav – The 2015 Paradise Pack

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Ready to travel more, work from anywhere and live your dream lifestyle?

Introducing The Paradise Pack, a bundle of world-class resources from travel and location independent experts. Over $2000 worth of amazing products, available one time for only $197.
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Live rent free (yes free!) in villas and penthouses around the globe?
Fly anywhere in the world for less money than you spend on a tank of gas?
Ditch your job and create a business you can run from anywhere in the world?


The Paradise Pack resources come from proven travel & business gurus who’ve been featured in many national publications.

“Nomadic” Matt Kepnes
Budget Travel Guru

Matthew Kepnes has been roaming the world for over nine years and now runs the award winning budget travel site, Nomadic Matt. His writings and advice have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, The Guardian UK, Lifehacker, Budget Travel, BBC, Time, Yahoo! Finance and countless other publications.
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Benny Lewis
Irish Polyglot

Benny is a “language hacker” and globe-trotter from Ireland who has spent the past decade on a mission to prove that languages can be learned quickly. He speaks 12 himself in varying degrees of fluency and is a National Geographic Traveler of the year, international best selling author, and the writer behind the hugely popular Fluent in 3 Months blog.
Headshot y travel blog
Caz and Craig
Dream Makers

Caz and Craig have been living a travel lifestyle since 1997 and have just completed an 18-month road trip around Australia WITH their kids! They’re on a mission to help people move from travel dream to travel reality and create better memories in the process. No matter your travel style, they can show you HOW, without it costing a fortune. Learn more about Caz and Craig at ytravelblog.com.
Natalie Sisson
Suitcase Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson is a bestselling author, podcaster, speaker and adventurer who believes everybody has the right to choose freedom in business and adventure in life. Over the last 5 years, she’s built her multiple six figure business from her laptop while living out of her suitcase. Now she teaches others to do the same at Suitcase Entrepreneur.com.
Sean Head Shot
Sean Ogle
Location Rebel

Sean Ogle helps people build businesses they can run from anywhere on Earth via his sites Location 180 and Location Rebel. Sustainable location independence is just around the corner. Learn more about Sean at Location 180.
Jason Moore
Travel Ambassador

Has money stopped you from fully living your travel dreams?  After college, Jason had over $20,000 in debt and a dream to see the world. Determined to build his life around travel, he wandering all over the planet for 15+ years in a variety of ways. Now, as host of the the top rated Zero To Travel Podcast  Jason will teach you how to travel the world on your terms.
Brian Moran
Brian Moran
Freedom Engineer

Brian Moran is the founder of 5 Minute Marketing, as well as multiple other businesses including Get 10,000 Fans, 5 Minute Fan Page, and FBConversions. This marketing master will teach you how to create an online business around something you love so you can work from anywhere in the world.
Nat & Jodie PP Headshot
Nat and Jodie
House Sitting Specialists

Nat Smith and Jodie Thompson have been full-time international house sitters since February 2013. Residents of nowhere and dwellers of everywhere, they now run House Sitting World, a website dedicated to helping you stay anywhere in the world for free.
Christine_Headshot (1)
Christine Gilbert
Blogging Superstar

2014 National Geographic Traveler of the Year Christine Gilbert has been teaching bloggers how to meet their goals and build an audience for years. Thanks to her dedicated readership at AlmostFearless she has been able to fund the making of her documentary, The Wireless Generation, and write a book about language learning.
Captain and Clark
Video Whiz Kids

Chris and Tawny (Clark) are leaders in the world of travel video. They met while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and have been filming their adventures around the world ever since. They’ve partnered with Expedia and USA Today through their brand, Captain & Clark.
Tom Ewer
Freelancing Professor

Earn income while you travel! Tom Ewer is a professional blogger and the founder of Leaving Work Behind. He has made it his life’s goal to help you succeed in the world of online business whether that be through blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing, or something else altogether.
Jesse Krieger
The Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Jesse Krieger is the entrepreneurial author’s secret weapon. International best-selling author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur and publisher of books by and for entrepreneurs who pursue a lifestyle of travel, freedom and opportunity. Learn more.
Tim Leffel
Cheap Destinations Expert

Tim Leffel is an award-winning travel writer, editor, and author of five books. His Cheapest Destinations Blog has been running since 2003 and his Perceptive Travel site has been named “Best Online Travel Magazine” and “Best Online Travel Journalism Site” by the top travel writing organizations. Learn more.
Jasper Ribbers
The Traveling Dutchman

Jasper gave up his financial career in 2010 to pursue a life-long dream: to travel the world full-time. To finance his travels, he rents out his apartment in Amsterdam on Airbnb. Now he’ll teach you how to get paid for your pad while you travel.
Sean Keener
Indie Travel Expert

Sean Keener is the co-founder of the BootsnAll Travel Network and CEO of AirTreks. He hopes to see a RTW trip, gap year, and/or career break trip on every human’s resume before he dies.
Sherry Ott
Sherry Ott
Career Break Coach

Sherry Ott is a co-founder of Meet, Plan, Go!, a website and national travel event teaching you how you can take your very own traveling career break or sabbatical. Sherry quit her corporate job in 2006 and has been on the road ever since, circling the globe numerous times and visiting all 7 continents.
Michelle Frost
Digital Marketer Extraordinaire

Michelle Frost and her husband have been travelling around the world full time with 3 of their children for almost a year. In this time their business has grown! Michelle has been involved in digital marketing since before Facebook and now runs a number of online businesses. Follow her family at Up Sticks and Go.
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Emily Utter
Adventurous Entrepreneur

Emily Utter is a business coach for adventurous entrepreneurs – people who want to build location independent businesses and work from anywhere in the world! Emily works with rebels, non-conformists, and adventurers to escape the 9-5 to create more freedom, flexibility, and financial abundance. To learn more, visit emilyutter.com.

What’s in the Pack?

Over $2000 Worth of Incredible Resources for Only $197.

Travel Hacking

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking ($30 value)
by “Nomadic” Matt Kepnes

Imagine being able to fly anywhere as often as you want — for free. In this guide Matt shows you how to take money out of the equation. Find out how to gain hundreds of thousands of points and miles per year without ever stepping foot on an airplane or in a hotel. Learn more.


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Conversation Countdown + ‘Why Spanish, French & German Are Easy’ (value $164)
by Benny Lewis

Want to speak a new language? Conversation Countdown Course will have you chatting in as little as 7 days! In the French, German, and Spanish guides you’ll discover language hacks that will help you focus your efforts for quick results. Learn more.


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Get Jason and Trav – The 2015 Paradise Pack at the Course Farm

How to Create a Travel Life You Love Without Spending a Fortune (value $47)
by Caz and Craig

Want to travel the world without spending a fortune? Caz and Craig take you through the travel planning process with tips, planning guides, and the strategies they’ve used to travel the world for over 17 years. Discover how to dream, plan, save, and budget for your travels. Learn more.


How to Successfully Crowd Fund Your Dream Idea on Kickstarter ($77 value)
by Natalie Sisson

Do you have a dream or grand vision but lack the funds to make it a reality? No problem! Learn the secrets of what it really takes to run a successful Kickstarter or crowd funding campaign from those who’ve collectively raised half a million dollars, and bring your vision to life! Learn more.


Sean Head Shot
Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (value $97)
by Sean Ogle

The easiest way to monetize a blog or website is through the use of affiliate marketing. The Location Rebel Guide to Affiliate Marketing walks you through exactly how to get started with affiliate work on your site. Learn more..


How To Quit Your Job & Travel the World – Location Independence Business Mastery (Value $207)
by Jason Moore

Are you ready to begin a new, adventurous chapter in life? This is the world’s first (and only) audio program designed to help you navigate the tough process of quitting your job and creating a Location Independent lifestyle. Learn more.


Brian Moran
The Freedom Formula Video Series ($97 value)
by Brian Moran

Would you love to quit your job and fire your boss by doing what you love to do? The Freedom Formula Video Series contains 13 Hard-Hitting Videos Outlining How to Start Your 1st Profitable Online Business, Location independence, here you come! Learn more. Learn more.


Nat & Jodie PP Headshot
Housesitting Academy (value $97)
by Nat and Jodie

Want to travel and stay anywhere in the world for FREE? Nat and Jodie have mastered the art of international house sitting. Their Academy will teach you everything you need to know to get started and land the best gigs. Learn more.


Christine_Headshot (1)
Blog Brilliantly (value $249)
by Christine Gilbert

Where do you want your blog to take you? Wherever you’re going, this 52-week course for beginner and intermediate bloggers will help you get there faster. It will support and guide you past the pitfalls and cut your ramp up time in half. Your best blogging year starts now. Learn more.


Videography for Travel Bloggers (value $297)
by Captain and Clark

Do you wish you could capture your travel experiences and share them professionally? Videography for Travel Bloggers is an educational journey through the skills, techniques, and equipment you need to shoot, edit, and publish video content for your travel blog. You’ll be publishing high-quality travel videos in no time! Learn more.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 17.14.55

Paid To Blog (Value $49)
by Tom Ewer

Fancy making $160+ an hour as a freelance blogger? Paid to Blog is a complete 8 module online course for beginner and intermediate freelance bloggers. It covers every aspect of getting paid to blog; from effective writing to negotiating rates, nd communicating with clients. Start earning from the road now! Learn more.

Jesse _productsJPEG

Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Book + Audio Training (value $197)
by Jesse Krieger

‘The Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur’ 6-Part Audio Training Program walks you step-by-step through the process of lifestyle design and entrepreneurship in a fun, engaging way. Get immediate access to this 6-Part Audio Training and best selling book when you buy. Learn more.


A Better Life for Half the Price Committed Package (value $89)
by Tim Leffel

A Better Life for Half the Price Committed Package includes the 300+ page e-book, bonus reports, an insiders newsletter, private Facebook group plus access to Tim via e-mail for custom questions about moving abroad. Learn more.


Get Paid For Your Pad Video Course + Book (value $107)
by Jasper Ribbers

Did you know that many Airbnb hosts cover their mortgage or rent just by renting out a spare room on Airbnb? I’ll show you exactly how you can setup your Airbnb listing and create the income that allows you to pay for medical bills, cover your mortgage or go on that much needed holiday. Learn more.

Family Travel Guide to Long-Term Travel-image

Family Travel Guide to Long-Term Travel (value $49)
by Sean Keener

Taking your family and children around the world for a year is perhaps the best decision you can make regarding your children’s education. Learn from families who have done it, why it’s the new normal, and how to make the “how” of planning a trip like this the easy part.  Learn more.

Take a Career Break and Give Yourself a Raise-image

Sherry Ott
Take a Career Break and Give Yourself a Raise (value $49)
by Sherry Ott

This e-book shares all the nitty-gritty details involved in taking a career break, including budget planning, negotiating a sabbatical, finding the right insurance, marketing your Career Break, and finding a better job when you return! Learn more.

product image - digital how to - michelle frost

Digital “How To” Products to Sell Online (value $147)
by Michelle Frost

This digital product creation course will help you create your own digital “how to” product to sell online. A “how to” product is one of the easiest digital products to create, and it’s perfect for those wishing to travel while running their business because there’s no inventory. Learn more.


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The Adventurous Entrepreneur Training Series (value $97 – BONUS First 1000 People)
by Emily Utter

Are you curious to learn what the heck it really takes to create a successful 6 or 7 figure business that you can truly run from anywhere in the world? In this series, Emily has interviewed more than 25 successful location-independent entrepreneurs who will teach you everything from money mindset, to pricing and packaging your services, to travel hacking your way around the globe.
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